Throwback Thursday: Joe Flacco Dominates Long-Toss Challenge


Joe Flacco showed how big his arm is in the 2012 divisional playoffs in Denver when he hit Jacoby Jones on that game-tying 70-yard touchdown catch.

What you perhaps didn't know is he can throw even further.

In a college football challenge on ESPN before he was drafted in 2008, Flacco showed he can fling the ball a staggering 74 yards.

He crushed the rest of the competition as Chad Henne finished second with a 67-yard toss and Matt Ryan, who was drafted ahead of Flacco by the Falcons, threw it 62 yards for third place.

Flacco threw it 71 yards on his first attempt, then got it up to 74 on the second try. Maybe he was just warming up, because he feels he could have thrown even farther.

"I was disappointed [in 74 yards] because I didn't get a spiral," Flacco said after beating his competition. "If I got a spiral, I was trying to get it close up to 80."

In Throwback Thursday spirit, here's the video (mobile users click "View in browser" above):

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