Thursday Press Conference - 12/22


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "OK, a couple things. First of all, we had Jamal Lewis here as you guys noticed. He's here doing some business with the Ravens. He had a chance to talk to our team a little bit there briefly at the end of practice. That was very positive. On an injury note, Anquan Boldin is getting surgery this afternoon. He's got a slight tear in his meniscus. It flapped up on him, I think Tuesday night after the walk-thru. He's going to have to get that repaired. It's a two week deal. He's seeing Dr. Andrews this afternoon, and he'll be back in two weeks. So, he'll be back for the playoffs, whichever round we happen to play in. It'll be a little bit tighter if we have to play in the first round. Any other injury questions? There's nothing really going on injury-wise other than that. Oh, Billy Cundiff… We anticipate Shayne [Graham] being the kicker this week. Billy with his calf, and Shayne's had the practice, so even if Billy was ready to go – which I still think he's nursing that thing back, he's still not 100% – Shayne got the week of practice, so we're going to go with Shayne."

Cory Redding is fine like last week? (Jason Butt) "Cory Redding is… I think he's very similar to last week. It went to game day last week, so we'll see where he's at. But he's progressing."

What about Greg Little? He was pretty involved last week in that game plan and he's had a pretty good season. (Jason Butt) "Greg Little is a guy obviously that they're… They've been really pushing the ball to Greg. They've got a number of guys that are really emerging, young wide receivers. Greg is a guy we thought a lot of, talent-wise, in the draft and everything. So, he's definitely a factor."

Can you talk about the opportunity that this opens up for guys, maybe younger wide receivers like LaQuan Williams or Tandon Doss, now that Anquan Boldin is sidelined for a couple weeks? (Ed Lee) "Well, definitely it does. That's something that you want; to get your young guys out there on the field as much as you can. You never want to do it before they're ready to have some success, you know? I think those guys are very much ready to have some success, between LaQuan and Tandon, and obviously the tight ends play a role in that as well. It'll be very interesting to see how they do, but we anticipate them doing real well."

Is there any concern that when Anquan does come back after two weeks, there might be a little rust? Or is he in such good shape with conditioning, like he always is, that it wouldn't be a big factor? (Ed Lee) "Always a concern, but probably not as much with Anquan. It's only two weeks, so I would think he'll be ok."

Saw your brother incorporate "The Honey Badger" into his postgame thing. Did you see that? (Aaron Wilson) "I did not see that. What was the context? (Reporter: "The honey badger doesn't care about the lights…") I completely missed that. I'm not even familiar with the whole jingle. (laughter) I know who 'The Honey Badger' is. He plays for LSU, right? He's a punt returner? We've got our eye on him. (laughter) That's all I know. (Reporter: "Have you seen 'The Honey Badger' YouTube clip?") I have not. (Reporter: "I guess Google it") Google, 'Honey Badger YouTube clip'? I haven't been on YouTube too much lately. (laughter) I need to find some YouTube time. I'm going to get right up there and pull that up." (laughter)

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