Transcript: Marquise Brown Press Conference Transcript


Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, Asst. Head Coach/Pass Coordinator/WRs David Culley & WR Marquise Brown

Greg Roman opening statement:"There was an eerie silence last night right before the pick was made in the draft room, after a ton of buzz, communication by a lot of people who put in a lot of work, and then that eerie silence crept in, and then Eric [DeCosta] made the pick. Then, I was accused of having a beaming smile on my face. (laughter)I don't quite remember, but we're thrilled to have Marquise. He's a dynamic guy. He keeps everybody up at night. That's the vision we have for him – the other team. He's going to keep us up at night, too, because of his versatility. We think, and we were able to talk with him when he visited, about just being in a lot of different roles for us. He has that kind of skill set. We can play him inside, outside, short, deep, all kinds of things, and we're really only limited by our imagination. He brings that kind of versatility to the Ravens. So, [we're] very thrilled. I would just close in saying that on his visit, I got an incredible feel, I think, as did a lot of people, about just the grit and toughness and competitiveness that really emanated from him and what you're looking for. So, we can't wait to get to work with him."

David Culley opening statement:"When you play this position, the first thing you always want, when you're looking for someone to be a wide receiver, is you have to be a playmaker. And, that was the first thing that [we saw] in evaluating him, was that he made plays. He made plays all over the field. He is very fast. I don't know, sometimes when talking to him, I got the feeling that he was a little bit faster than I was talking, which is always a good thing, simply because now I know that he's going to be able to do the things that we need done on the football field. But, he is a tremendous athlete. I'd also like to say that whenever you're coaching any position and happen to be at the wide receiver position, sometimes there's a stereotype put on this position. He knows, as well as I know, that to be a Raven, the first thing he is as a wide receiver for us is he's a football player who happens to be a wide receiver. I got that impression from him. He comes from a tremendous program. He's from a program that has played for National Championships. He knows that this franchise is about winning Super Bowls. One of the reasons that he felt good about being around us after our conversation was the fact that that's our goal, and that he felt like he could be a big part of doing that. We feel the same way, and we're excited to have him."

Marquise Brown opening statement:"First, I would like to thank everybody here, thank Eric [DeCosta], for trusting in me, investing in me. Yes, I've been watching the Ravens growing up. I know the tradition here. I know the standard here, and I'm ready to come in and make a difference right away. Playoff run last year, I'm looking to help this team make it farther than that. So, I'm just glad to be here, glad to be a Raven and glad to get started."

Marquise, obviously people have been asking you questions about your size for your entire life. Have you found a way to make that a positive in your life? (Childs Walker)

Brown:"Yes, I hear it all the time. But when I'm on the football field, there's no more talk. All the talk goes out the window. You just have to go out there and play, and that's what I'm looking to do."

When head coach John Harbaugh was describing the wide receivers they were looking for, a big part of it he talked about was the ability to block as well. As a 5-9, 170-pound receiver, how do you feel about trying to mix it up with a safety or linebacker in the run game? (Pete Gilbert)

Brown:"It's just something you practice on as a receiver. Like [David Culley] said, I'm a football player. I've had to block since I was a young kid. That's just something you have to do, and my coaches at Oklahoma did a good job preparing me. I had to get things done, and I wouldn't be here if I wasn't able to get it done in the run game."

Roman:"I can just add to that, too, when he was in on the visit, I said … I already knew the answer. I had a real vision for what he represented: 'All right, there are 50 guys over here, and you have the big, tall guys, you have these guys, and then you have the guy over here who's not as tall in stature. Why would I want to focus on that guy?' His answer was spot on. He brings toughness that belies any statistic. He's a big little guy, so to speak, as they say, and he plays well beyond those numbers. His answer speaks for itself on the field and what he's put on film, but also I think we saw it. It jumped off the tape at us that he plays big. It's very interesting."

Marquise, have you thought about your role in helping QB Baker Mayfield and QB Kyler Murray win Heisman Trophies, and now you're going to be catching balls from another Heisman Trophy winner? All you do is catch balls from a Heisman trophy winner. (Kirk McEwen)

Brown:"Yes, I've been blessed. I just come in … We all have the same goal in mind when you're on the same team, and that's to win. That's what I'm going to bring here."

Marquise, how close are you to your cousin, WR Antonio Brown, and how influential has he been in your development? What has he said about the Ravens, given that he knows them pretty well? (Mark Viviano)

Brown:"We're pretty close. He just congratulated me. He said this is a great place to be, that I'll love it, and just enjoy the moment and get to work. It's time to become a pro."

Marquise, is there a comfort level having other Oklahoma players here for you to kind of lean on as you learn the ropes? (Todd Karpovich)

Brown:"Yes, for sure. Orlando [Brown Jr.] is somebody who helped me when I first got to Oklahoma, so for him to be here – he called me – I know he's like a big brother to me."

Marquise, going back to WR Antonio Brown, what did he tell you about the Ravens-Steelers rivalry? Obviously, he was on the other side of this thing, but what did he tell you about that? (Garrett Downing)

Brown:"He just said that it's a crazy game. We didn't really talk about it since I've been here, but before, when he played Ravens-Steelers games, it gets pretty intense."

Marquise, you told us yesterday about how you worked at Six Flags when you were out in California at junior college. What did you do when you were at junior college that allowed you to develop into this Division-I proven NFL prospect? (Aaron Kasinitz)

Brown:"Just from my time from working, I would go to the field, do drills, coaches would open up the weight room for me, and I just started to develop myself and set that standard for myself and help myself to a different standard so I could get to where I needed to be."

Marquise, when we saw that wave of emotion kind of hit you last night, was that kind of the whole journey hitting you, from growing up with your mom and your sister, then walking to work, was it sort of all of that hitting you at once? (Childs Walker)

Brown:"Yes, it was really crazy. I told myself, 'I'm not going to cry up there,' but I don't know how that happened. (laughter) It's just a testament to everything I've been through and just all the hard work. But I know it's just the beginning."

Greg, you guys have been very open about how you're building the offense and you're redesigning it and starting in a different way. How important is the speed element and having that home-run hitter on the outside to what you're building? (Jeff Zrebiec)

Roman:"It changes everything. It really does. It really changes math, it changes angles, it changes what we can do. We can kind of hit the defense at every level, and it definitely … It's going to bring an element where we'll be adding and developing things that we'll focus on Marquise as we go. So, we'll have our system, obviously, but there will be things that grow off of that as well – down the field, everywhere, behind the line of scrimmage and behind the defense."

Marquise, when you've worked out with WR Antonio Brown in the summer, what's the best advice he's given you on the details of playing the position at this level? (Childs Walker)

Brown:"Just knowing what you're up against. When you're facing the defenses, always have different releases in your toolbox, knowing how to attack the coverages, knowing what the defense is trying to do to you."

Can you talk about what number you'll wear as a pro? (Kirk McEwen)

Brown:"No, not yet. I haven't really processed it all yet."

Would you rather us call you Hollywood or Marquise? (Kirk McEwen)

Brown:"Hollywood." (laughter)

Even though people talk about your size, when we watch you play, you will go over the middle, and you don't have too much hesitation. What kind of mentality does it take for you to go over the middle, knowing you can take those hard hits if you get the ball? (Jamison Hensley)

Brown:"It's because there aren't that many people that when you go across the middle at my speed that are really going to come up and hit you that hard. So, that's my mindset. I'm going to come across real fast, and if you take that shot on me, then you're a man. So, I'm going to test you out."

Roman:"You better make it, though – better make the play." (laughter)

David, what was your first impression when you started doing your homework on the wide receiver class, and you saw WR Marquise Brown? What kind of stood out to you immediately? (Jeff Zrebiec)

Culley:"As I mentioned first, playmaking ability, and I felt like after watching all the guys in the draft, the one thing that really stood out about him, as opposed to some of the other guys, was that when the ball was in his hands, there was always a chance for a touchdown to be scored. Greg talked earlier about what he brings to us is that [versatile ability]. The other thing about his speed, forgetting about his size, is that he puts you on the defensive right away, because anytime the ball is in his hands, there is a chance that there is a touchdown, whether it's a one-yard route, a 10-yard route or a route down the field. He gives you that ability to be able to do that."

Marquise, how well do you know QB Lamar Jackson? (Childs Walker)

Brown:"I know him pretty well. We weren't close growing up, but playing football in South Florida, you know guys, and you communicate through social media, so it's been cool."

You were the first receiver taken off the board. What did that mean to you? (Garrett Downing)

Brown:"I just found out that I was the first one. I wasn't really paying attention, but it's all about schemes. It's about fits. I don't really get in too much to it."

Do you have a target date for when you'll be fully back from your foot injury and able to go? (Aaron Kasinitz)

Brown:"I don't have an exact date, but I should be ready to go by camp."

David, for having a rookie wide receiver who maybe can't participate in rookie minicamp and minicamp, how can you make sure WR Marquise Brown is still involved and learning before he's 100-percent?(Aaron Kasinitz)

Culley:"He'll still be with us doing everything that we do in the classroom. He'll be on the field watching and watching our guys that are already here doing certain things, and just learning the playbook. I have no doubt that when it comes time for him to be ready to go, he'll be ready to go."

Greg, will WR Marquise Brown allow the run game to open up because the safety can't sit in the box any longer? (Kevin Richardson)

Roman:"Maybe. That's going to happen sometimes, without question. You can control two defenders with one offensive player at times when that happens, so there's no question. I'm sure that will happen at times. And, if they choose to do that, then that's going to open up a lot of opportunities elsewhere. We want to be that kind of offense."