Transcript: Ravens Friday Transcript

FRIDAY MEDIA AVAILABILITY: wild card vs. chargers

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Well, there's no "I" in team, and you see that all the time in the locker room. This team is unselfish. You've said this is the best team you've ever been around, but you meant in an unselfish way, because there's been superstars here, but wow – this is great. (Steve Ash)"That's right. I feel that way about our guys. We do have a lot of stars – we have a bunch of stars. Guys are playing great, making plays. You look at the last drive [vs. Cleveland when] different guys made plays. Anthony Levine [Sr.] broke up two passes in there. We call him the 'Co-Cap' – he's been doing a great job for years here when called upon. That kind of epitomizes our team."

What's the trust that you have to have in your players to call four-straight blitzes in the final moments?_ (Aditi Kinkhabwala)"You do have to trust everybody to do their job, because when you play a defense like that, they're on islands. You have to trust the guys to get there and force a quick outcome. That was the plan; I thought it was a great plan. The defensive coaches put that in place the week before. That's what we were planning on doing if we got in that situation, and you just trust your guys to execute, and they did it." _(Reporter: "But what is it about these guys that you can trust them on an island like that?") "They just work hard. They work hard, and they've proven it. You do it in practice, you do it in games, you work hard in meetings. They've earned that trust. I guess you know it when you see it, right?"

It looked like WR/RS Chris Moore wasn't out there for the part we saw. Did he have any setbacks? (Childs Walker) "He has to deal with a muscle issue, so we'll see where he's at."

How did RB/WR Ty Montgomery and WR/RS Willie Snead IV look returning kicks last week, in case they have to go this week? (Aaron Kasinitz)"They look good. Yes, they'll be ready to go. We'll be fine. We have guys ready to go. I think Chris [Moore] will be out there; I'd be surprised if he wasn't. But in case, just in case, we have guys ready to roll. Yes, we're good."

I know I ask you this question all the time, about the positives you guys always bring to the city. Do you feel good? The city is galvanized. There are a lot of positives [stemming from your team]. Do you feel good about that?_ (Pete O'Neal)_"I do feel good about that. Thanks for asking. It's a great point. To me, it's one of the reasons that you do this job. It's one of the reasons that you love to be a part of something like this, because of the impact you have a chance to have on the community. I've seen a lot of the phone stuff, the [social media] things that are out there, and some of the different things that have happened. Just to see how people are fired up and excited and all the little interactions that take place among fans and all that, to me, that's really what it's all about. It's parents watching with their kids, brothers and sisters, family members talking about things that they can share for the rest of their lives. You know, 'Remember when? Remember when we watched that, saw that? We were there for that.' Those are the kind of moments that do, as you say, galvanize people. This is a great city – great football town, great people in Baltimore or the whole area. It's very meaningful."

How do you feel? You've been here for so long. Does it make a difference for you personally?_ (Pete O'Neal)_"I love it! I love it. It does, because you want to have an impact. My family – my wife and I and our daughter – we know. We have friends here. We' have lots of friends here. Like I've said before, even when things weren't going great, or we had disappointments last year or the year before that, when we were in town – [it's] always 100-percent positive. Never one time did one person say anything that was harsh. These are good people. To be able to have a moment like that, to share with them, means a lot."

K Justin Tucker was named [first-team] All-Pro, and LB C.J. Mosley and G Marshal Yanda were named [second-team] All-Pro. Can you give us a little bit on what they've had to offer this season? (Kyle Andrews)"That's good news! I hadn't been informed of that by our PR staff yet. (laughter) That's great news. Thank you, for letting us know that. That's a great honor. We take great pride in that when guys get individual awards like that – it means much. You feel like it's a group thing. You just feel like you're a part of it. Those guys are most deserving, so I say congrats, and let's keep moving."