Transcripts: Bills Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach Sean McDermott

(on whether this is the poorest performance he has been a part of) "Listen, we didn't intend to come out and play like that and coach like that. We've got a lot to learn, obviously, from the game. And we will look at the tape. We've got a lot of work to do."

(on whether he is surprised at their performance) "I thought the game got away from us early on. From a series of plays, and I give credit to the Ravens' defense and Coach Harbaugh. But the game got away from us because of a series of plays early on, be it the first or second quarter, and then right before the half as well. But we have to go back and look at the film and be critical and be objective about what we were doing. Penalties, you can't have penalties when you have success on first down. Offensively, that was hurting us. And when we did have success, we had penalties, and you can't do that and play winning football."

(on whether he will reevaluate the quarterback situation next week) "I'm going to look at everything. It's too early to go one way or another. When I look at everything, I'm going to be objective and make sure we put ourselves in situations to win games."

(on quarterback Nathan Peterman and how he evaluated his performance) "Overall, I thought we could have been better in a number of positions. I've got to look at the tape to be honest with you, to get a better feel, and making sure we were in the right spots for him as well before I give you a better read out."

(on whether the quarterback needed help, what he saw from the sideline) "There were a lot of different people involved. There were times when I thought we could have been better up front. There were times where we needed to catch the football. There were times where we hurt ourselves with penalties. So, it wasn't just one guy. It was a full, total team effort there."

(on whether he was concerned with how the Ravens were able to move the ball) "Again, we've got to look at some things. Anytime you put up 40-some points, that's concerning. We want to be able to (A) stop the run and (B) be able to get to the quarterback. So, we've got to look at the film and be objective to what happened today. Like I said, I thought the game got away from us early, and they made a big play on second and long. Momentum shifted pretty drastically, and we had a hard time getting back. I thought our defense did show up at times. With a short field and field position got a little out of whack early there. I thought our defense did stand out and do some good things there."

(on how things changed with the injury of safety Siran Neal) "We managed it. I thought Rafael [Bush] came in and did a good job by being ready to go. Obviously, not an ideal situation, but that happens in the course of a game. The next guy has to step in and be ready to go. I thought Rafael did a pretty good job of it."

(on what he saw from quarterback Josh Allen) "Really, I thought he made some decisive throws finding some tight windows. He used his feet at times as well. I thought he had pretty good command of the huddle and the offense at the line of scrimmage. Other than that, generally speaking, we will go back and look at the film and evaluate it."

(on considering starting Josh Allen next week) "I'm going to look at the tape. I'm going to look at every position and myself in having this team ready to go [and] ­doing my job the right way as well. The first person I'm going to look at is myself. I'm going to look at every position making sure we are doing the right thing – (A) we are making sure we are putting the players in the right situations to be successful and (B) that they are doing their jobs."(on whether he considered not playing Josh Allen to protect him) "I consider a lot of things as I make decisions about the team, in particular the quarterback position. So, I'm looking at it from a lot of different angles, not only who is playing the position but who is around them and try to put our football team in position to win games as well."

(on linebacker Tremaine Edmunds) "He looked like he was flying around, making plays. He got us in and out of the huddle on defense. They ran some no-huddle, and it looked like he managed that and communicated well. We've got some young players out there playing, and this is our first taste of a regular season NFL game. So, there's a lot to learn from the film, certainly a lot of room to improve. And we are going to go back over it, like I mentioned, as soon as we leave the locker room."

*QB Josh Allen                                                                     *

(on his first NFL regular season action) "I went in there, and it wasn't the most desirable of situations, but my job was to go out there and make some plays. This is just one game. This is just one loss. We have 15 more of these to play."

(on the way the game started) "Baltimore came out ready to play. You could tell they really wanted it. On their opening drive, they kept the ball for eight minutes and scored a touchdown. That set the tone."

(on possible starting role as Bills' quarterback) "That's not my call. I'm just going to work hard and be ready when they call on me."

(on his two running plays after he entered the game) "With the defense they were playing at the time, there were some lanes open for the quarterback to run. I just took advantage of them."

(on first-and-goal at the Baltimore 3-yard line) "On the first play, I made a poor decision. I had the option of giving the ball to 'Shady' [LeSean McCoy] or keeping it myself. I kept the ball, and I was tackled right away. If I gave 'Shady' the ball, he probably could've walked into the end zone."

(on facing the Ravens' defense) "Baltimore has a really good defense. I was fortunate to see some things I had never seen before, so I learned some lessons from them. They're going to give a lot of teams a very hard time."

(on how this loss will affect the Bills) "This is a resilient team. We'll learn what we can and move forward. I will continue to do what I can to get better and be as ready as possible."

*RB LeSean McCoy                                                               *

(on the Bills' struggling with their running game) "We got off to a very bad start. It seemed like we came out flat. Collectively, we didn't play well. It wasn't one guy's fault, it was all of us."

(on how he will react in his role as captain) "The first thing I will tell everyone is that there is no finger-pointing around here. We will look at the film and make corrections. It's early in the season. We only lost one game. We've got a lot of games remaining."

(on Josh Allen at quarterback) "By the time he got into the game, it was way out of wack. But, he's a smart player, and I have a lot of confidence in him. He can run the ball and throws it well."

(on the Bills' uncertainty at quarterback and how it impacted the team) "We can't use that as an excuse. Our offense was ready to go. In the preseason, each quarterback had his fair share of snaps. We should've been prepared, no matter who was playing quarterback."

QB Nathan Peterman

(on concerns if he won't be starting next week) "I'm not sure. I'm going to take the same approach I did all of camp, the offseason and my whole life, which is to control what I can control, stay in my lane and try to be the best I can for this team. Whatever happens, I'm going to work hard."

WR Zay Jones

(on the offense) "Obviously it wasn't a good performance on our part. We got to do better, we got to go back and see what it looks like on the film, correct the things we did wrong and come out next week."

(on the weather) "I've played in rain games before, but this one turned out not the way we expected. We just have to go back to the drawing board and figure out what we did wrong. We need to be hard critics of ourselves."

(on QB Josh Allen) "I love Josh – he plays hard. He did some good things when he came in there in the second half. He came in there and gave us a little bit of a run, but we need to focus more on the entire team – not just the quarterback. [We need to focus on the] offensive line, running backs, wide receivers, as a whole defense. We didn't get the outcome that we wanted today so we have to come out and do better."

(on the Ravens defense) "They're a great team. We knew that they were well coached. They have great talent on their side. We came out and hurt ourselves in a lot of situations. We didn't put ourselves in the best situations with the penalties, turnover and things like that. We've got to do a better job of taking care of the football, not shooting ourselves in the foot, because when you're going against a team like that, you can't hurt yourself."

DE Trent Murphy

(on the defense) "You just have to give respect to Baltimore because they came out ready and executed their game plan."

(on the wide spread in score) "It's tough and disappointing. We have a lot of faith in ourselves and we've been working hard, so we just have to work a little bit harder and find a way to put that on the field."

(on the Ravens' gameplan) "We thought they were going to try and run the ball more than they did, especially with the weather conditions. That was the biggest surprise. The weather conditions are one of those factors you really can't control, so we really can't focus on things we can control like penalties, ball security; things like that you can control. So we let that one get away from us."

(on the rest of the season) "It's still the same goal: 1-0 every week. That was just one game. You never want that to happen but we'll move on, watch the tape, get better and move on to next week."

LB Matt Milano

(on the defense) "We didn't play well – nobody played well overall so we just have to get back to work on Monday."

(on the weather being part of the problem) "No. Everybody wasn't doing their job – myself included. We just have to get ready and come back to sack our next opponent."

(on the takeaways from this game) "We have a lot to learn. A lot of things didn't go our way today so we'll watch the film and get it corrected. This is the first game, it's a long season, and there's a long way to go."

WR Kelvin Benjamin

(on the offense) "We just didn't execute. I had a couple passes that I felt I should've come down with. There was one in the end-zone, the conditions were crazy out there but there's no excuses. I feel good but you really can't feel good about the outcome. It sucks so we really just have to correct the mistakes and push on."

(on his seven targets but only one catch) "Everything was off, the weather was crazy so I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

(on the contested catch in the first half which he wasn't able to come down with) "I had it. It just seemed like once I hit the ground, the impact bounced the ball off the ground. It was so slippery and wet. The weather played a big part in the game but you can't use that as an excuse. We had a lot of stuff we messed up on as an offense."

(on the start of the season) "This is the first time really that I've had a loss like this. I don't even know how to act. We just kind of have to push through it."

S Jordan Poyer

(on the defensive lapses in the passing game) "We've got to watch the film. We felt like we were playing decent. It was a couple of plays here, and a couple of third-and-longs when we needed to get off the field. They were more prepared. They were a better team than us today. We've got to watch the film and get better."

(on getting it turned around) "I don't see any concern at all. We're professionals; you win and you lose. We've got to continue to grow. We know we're better than what we were out there today."

(on the WR John Brown TD) "They ran a solid route. I think John Brown ran a post corner with [QB Joe] Flacco rolling out to his right. It was just one of those plays they were able to get. Those type of plays we will learn from. There's no concern. They beat the hell out of us today. It is what it is."

DE Jerry Hughes

(on what happened in the game) "Today just wasn't our day. Baltimore came out and they out-executed us. They scored more points than us. We couldn't get to Joe [Flacco] in enough time to create havoc on their gameplan and cause a stir back there. We tip our hats to them because they came out and played better than we did."

(on QB Joe Flacco having a lot of time in the pocket) "You've got to get pressure on a quarterback like that if you want to win football games. We understand that. We didn't do it today and fell short."

(on QB Joe Flacco's mobility and the offensive play-calling) "They had a couple new wrinkles but it's Week 1. You expect that to happen. We just need to answer better. We didn't. We've got a lot to focus on on our part. We'll address it now, so we can nip it in the bud."

S Micah Hyde

(on the disappointment of today's outcome) "At first, running the ball was tough for them. On the outside and in the back end, they were play-action passing and getting some guys open. The few times [QB Joe Flacco] got some time, he seemed like he had six, seven, eight seconds to throw the ball across the field. Those plays are going to happen. Their first 15 plays that they scripted, especially that first drive, they earned a lot of it. They had the sticks moving. Give the credit to them today. They did their thing today and knew how to beat us."

DT Kyle Williams

(on the poor start to the game) "We got behind the eight ball, and it really snowballed on us. You turn the ball over, and you don't get turnovers. It got out of hand early. There is nowhere to go but up from here."

(on whether the defense feels a burden to perform due to inexperience at quarterback) "I don't think it's a burden because I think…we want to do well and put our team in a position to win. My way of thinking about how I want to play and how we should perform on defense isn't predicated on who's playing quarterback or what they're doing offensively."

(on his message to the team as a leader of the team) "I think you can allow this to define you. Everybody has to look in the mirror and ask what can I do better and make that choice. We all have to make that decision. The only way we're going to get better is to go back and learn from it and go to work. I think we've got a group of guys that aren't going to shy away from work. They're going to tackle the day and challenge themselves, and we're going to get better."

(on letting QB Joe Flacco get a lot of time in the pocket) "A lot of the times, you're getting play-action, you're getting some different things on early downs. You've got to take advantage of protections. When you get one-on-ones, you have to win, no matter who they may be. There's a lot of different things that go into it. I know that the better we rush, the better guys cover – and vice-versa. We all have to work together for that to work."

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