Transcripts: Broncos Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach Vance Joseph

(opening statement) "The only injury is Tremaine Brock, he did not return."

(on the message on penalties) "We can't do that. It probably cost us 20 points today. Just self-inflicted penalties. A lot of the penalties really were guys losing their composure. You're playing a tough Baltimore team on the road, and you have 13 penalties for 120 yards, and it really honestly cost us 20 points out there. So, that obviously killed us today."

(on what he saw on the RB Phillip Lindsay ejection) "I didn't see it. I was told he threw a punch under the pile. I didn't see what happened, but obviously you can't do it. If that's accurate. He's obviously a big part of what we do offensively. He's our double returner today. He was kickoff and punt returns today, and losing him, that's a big deal. Plus, the penalty yards after that. You can't do it."

(on what was going on with the offensive line) "They have good rushers, obviously with [Terrell] Suggs, but we have to block those guys. We have to play tight technique and block those guys. You can't cheat, especially on big plays that we made down the field. They all came back because of holding calls. We have to play better technique and do our jobs."

(on QB Case Keenum against this Ravens' defense) "I can't say without watching the tape. The pass-rush was pretty good today. We had our chances to make plays down the field, and we missed a couple shots. And we made some plays, and they came back because of penalties. So, I can't say until I watch the tape."

(on the Ravens offense in the red zone) "They're pretty good. They scored two touchdowns on half a field. They got it on the 48-yard line. So we gave them a couple of short fields, and they punched it in on us. They've been great in the red zone. They were 9-for-9 coming in to this game. So, it's what we expected."

(on overall thoughts about special teams) "After the first return, we got a 15-yard penalty on the sideline. Someone pushed someone, I'm not sure what happened, but it was someone who was out of the game. So that's 15 tagged on, now they're across the 50, and now that's a problem for us. Again, too many penalties."

(on was it the plan to play ILB Josey Jewell) "That was, because we watched him practice until walk through on Saturday. So, yes, playing Josey in nickel and base, and playing Marshall [Brandon Marshall] in dime. That was the plan."

LB Von Miller

(on how the Broncos' defense played) "We made too many mistakes, and we had too many penalties. As team, we had two sacks, but we needed more than that. Two of those penalties were offsides, they were on me, and they were my fault. I don't understand it. When we practice, we don't have all those penalties. We have to clean that up."

(on how frustrating this loss was) "Penalties will kill you in close games. The Ravens have a great team. We didn't capitalize when we had chances. When you're playing on the road, against a great team, you can't do that."

(on the injuries in the secondary) " Joe Flacco is a great quarterback. He isn't going to hold the ball very long. We couldn't get to him because we weren't firing on all cylinders. When you're facing a quarterback like [Joe] Flacco, you've got to get pressure on him, and we didn't do that. But now, we'll go back and get ready for a very good Kansas City team next week."

QB Case Keenum

(on offensive struggles) "We had a lot of penalties. We've got to look at the film. For me, I've got to do a better job at getting the ball out at the correct time and to the correct receivers. It was a lot of things for us today. I missed some guys, when they were open, and it seemed to me we had a lot of tipped balls."

(on how close the game was) "In the second half, I went out in the huddle, and I said 'We're only down 13 points,' but it did feel like more. We responded with two drives, but we just couldn't finish them. To play as bad as it felt, we were still in the game, so we have to optimistic for the future."

(on the interception by Patrick Onwuasor) "They fell off in the zone, and I thought it was a good pass, but the kid made a great play."

(on how frustrating this loss is) "They have a great defense. But we can't fall behind, like we did, on the road. They capitalized on their chances, and we didn't. That was the difference."

T Jared Veldheer

(on the game after the scuffle) "We just have to do a better job of staying poised, staying calm and just adapting and not hitting those big walls. That's what makes you adapt within the quarter and not have a whole quarter where you are kind of in a funk. That's how it kind of was."

(on the loss) "I think there were a lot of good learning opportunities. I know some technique stuff on my part, wasn't clean. And I think there were just a whole ton of opportunities to get better. We're a good team, we're going to take those opportunities to heart and improve on them."

(on the scuffle) "That whole thing was kind of a debacle. I want to look and see what that's over, so we'll see."

(on the frustration of the loss) "Whenever you lose, it's frustrating. It was tough. It's hard to say anything now, without actually going back and seeing the film. Right now, it's just based on the motion, and it sucks, for losing a game like that. We want to get better and make sure that stuff doesn't happen again."

RB Devontae Booker

(on the offense's play) "I thought we played pretty good today. We just hurt ourselves with penalties. We can't do that when we come into a hostile environment. It's something we need to learn from. We'll fix the mistakes tomorrow, and come back next week ready to roll."

(on the penalties) "Things happen in a game. It's just stuff we shouldn't be doing. It's stuff we know we shouldn't be doing. But we'll watch the film and get better, and come back ready to roll on Monday night."

(on scoring early and not being able to follow through) "It's frustrating. Nobody likes to lose. We have to go back to the film and see our mistakes, correct our mistakes and come back ready to work on Wednesday. Get everything rolling for Monday night."

(on their running backs) "We're very dynamic. We all have a different part of our game that we do good at. Anytime any one of us has the ball, we can make something special happen."

OLB Bradley Chubb

(on the defenses play) "We played pretty well, but we just killed ourselves a couple times. It's just some small things turned into some big plays. So, we have to work on that this week and get ready for Kansas City."

(on the Ravens' offense) "They did the same as what we thought. We came in with a game plan, that when they were in certain formations, they would pass the ball and stuff like that. And that came true. We just needed to do a better job stopping the run and getting to the passer on 3rd-and-long."

(on the lack of turnovers) "We just have to get the ball out. The second guy in has to punch the ball out. You know how that goes. We've just got to get the ball out and get to the quarterback a little bit faster, and try to get some strip sacks. We've got to get better week-to-week."

CB Chris Harris Jr.

(on the fast start) "We felt good. We had some unfortunate penalties. We have to play with more composure. We have to be smarter. We needed 30 [RB Phillip Lindsay]. He's one of our best players on offense, him going out kind of hurt us today, but everyone's got to play smarter."

(on the defense) "We've got to disguise better as a team. Try to confuse them. Try not to give them easy looks. So, we've got to move around and try to do whatever we can to disguise them."

(on playing on the road) "We can't beat ourselves. That's what it takes. We have to be disciplined on the road. We made plays, but it's just unfortunate. Unfortunate that we had penalties that killed us."

RB Royce Freeman

(on the offense) "We were just trying to get something going, and stay with it. It's going to be tough sometimes. But, we can't go out there and beat ourselves. We have to finish drives for our defense."

(on the running game) "The offensive line is what makes us go. Those guys went out there and blocked their butts off. I really appreciate running behind those guys. We've just got to make things happen."

(on being a rookie in the NFL) "You've just got to go out there every game. You can't think about it too much. You just go out there and execute like you do in practice. We have a lot of veterans on this team who do a good job of coaching us. They've seen a lot. It's good to have them as leaders."

S Darian Stewart

(on the defense) "I think we kind of made it easy for them. We gave them a lot of stuff. We've just got to be better. We've got a divisional game coming up, and we've got to get that win."

(on the pass-rush) "I thought those boys did a good job. We kept them to about 50 yards rushing, and they did their job up front. Overall, as a defense, we just have to execute better."

(on playing on the road) "It was the first road test. We've got to execute better. When you play on the road, you need a run game and a defense. That's what's going to get us over the hump and get us a victory. We just have to be better on the road."

ILB Josey Jewell

(on the defensive performance in the loss) "Well, it's fundamental football. When it comes down to it, you've got to beat your man. Man or zone coverage, you've got to be technically sound. We saw a lot of penalties. Those are some of the details that you can change quickly and get cleaned up."

RB Phillip Lindsay

(on the play in which he got ejected) "Yeah, so the ball ended up squirting back out. Another Raven dude jumped on the pile, so I went there. You're just trying to make a play for your team. We were trying to get the ball out. It looked like I was swinging at somebody."

(on getting ejected and watching the team lose) "I feel horrible. I feel horrible, because I wasn't out there for my team, and that's my fault. I definitely feel like I let my team down today."

(on the instruction from the coaching staff after leaving the field) "They told me, 'I am a rookie and I need to understand that it's bigger than myself.' It's true."

ILB Todd Davis

(on responding to adversity after a road loss) "You just have to keep playing. Things are going to happen in football and life and you've got to fight through it. You've got to know that your next play is your best play. Put your best foot forward. It's a long game, you know? Four quarters and you've got to play all the way through."

(on all the penalties) "We lost our composure a little bit. Coach [Vance] Joseph talked about the brand of football we play and this wasn't it. At times, we put ourselves in bad situations based on our lack of composure and we're going to get that cleaned up. We're going to be a more composed team and be ready to go come Monday night."

(on the communication with ILB Josey Jewell) "It was great. He came in and did a really good job for us. He played really well. It got me excited about the way he played. He's a young kid, with a lot of talent, so I am really excited for him."

S Justin Simmons

(on the play of the pass defense) "They only had 80 rushing yards, so all the other yards came in the pass game. That's not just on the secondary. It's a collective effort, but we do have to start with ourselves. We've got to go back to the film and fix it for Monday night."

(on the punt block) "That was something we had worked on all week. We knew it was going to be there. We put it in our back pocket and we were going to call it when we needed it. It was a gap that was open. We just executed it. The big thing was, we wanted to be able to score off of it. The penalty behind it hurt, but as for the execution of the block, it was really good."

WR Demaryius Thomas

(on starting strong and not finishing) "I think there were some things we did that hurt ourselves. Hats off to the Baltimore Ravens. They're a great team. They threw some things at us, that we hadn't seen this season, especially on the offensive side of the ball. The main thing is, of course, taking care of the ball. As an offense, we needed to do better at it. When the defense gets us the ball, we've got to do more with it and get points on the board."

(on losing eight of the last nine on the road) "I have no idea. That's a good question. Our main thing is doing what we can control. We can control the penalties. We can control the turnovers. All those games we lost away probably had something to do with penalties and turning the ball over."

WR Emmanuel Sanders

(on what happened after the quick start and early lead) "We blew it. Plain and simple. We blew it. A lot of penalties we can't have. At the end of the day, we lost one game after winning the first two. We get back to work, that's all we can do."

(on eliminating all the penalties) "We watch the film, and we get better. If we don't grow from it, the same thing is going to happen over and over. We have to learn from our mistakes. We have guys in here that can do that and we have guys here that will hold guys accountable in making sure that won't happen again."

(on being held under 200 yards passing) "They run a lot of different coverages and mix it up really well. Ever since I've played Baltimore, even when I started with the Steelers, they've always had a good defense. They've got [Terrell] Suggs on that side of the ball and he wreaks havoc. They're a good football team. It's a tough crowd. At the end of the day, they beat us fair and square."

(on his touchdown) "It was fun. It was one of those things that I wasn't too happy about. You put seven points on the board but I am not a running back, I am a wide receiver. But thank you coach [Bill] Musgrave for allowing me to get my first rushing touchdown. It's the same play we ran against the Redskins, so we're 2-for-2 on that one. [Andy Janovich] 'Jano' and Cortland [Sutton] had amazing blocks, so that was fun. It was wide open. They made it so easy for me. I just had to show him my speed and get the ball into the end zone.