Transcripts: Day Nine of Training Camp

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Thanks for hanging in here. We had the military families out here, and you guys are troopers. I appreciate it. I just spent a bunch of time with the families with pictures and autographs. There is no better group to be with than military families. What they do for us … I think it goes without saying what the men and women who serve do, and what they sacrifice. But what about their families, too? That's worth bearing in mind. It just means so much to us, and it's an honor to have them out here."

How pleased were you with the progress in the passing game in this stretch of practices? (Jeff Zrebiec)"I'm really pleased with the passing game. The offense is always a little bit behind the defense. You can never predict where it's going to go, but it's been really good. You guys have seen it in practice. I don't need to stand up here and tell you what's been going on. You're watching practice, and you're reporting on it. You see it. It's been crisp and sharp. Our defense just says, 'Hey, it's a lot of stuff to defend.' We have a lot of guys out there making plays. As a coach, it makes me happy. I'm excited about it."

What's going on with G Marshal Yanda? Today is the second day without him out there. (Jamison Hensley) "[Marshal] Yanda is not a serious injury. He had a little ankle/foot thing. He wanted to practice today, and I'm like, 'Eh. How about we just take it easy for today?'  And the other guys, we took Mark [Ingram] out, a couple of the guys. Earl [Thomas], Earl got a [rest] day. [It was] mostly all veteran days today."

You've mentioned how pleased you've been with the offense. Just in general, with Jacksonville coming to practice in the next few days, how much are you looking forward to the next step up in the hierarchy of evaluation? (Luke Jones)"Absolutely, [it is] the next step in the evaluation – put on a little more pressure. Now we have another team in front of us, and that poses problems. New schemes, different players, how do you handle that? I'm looking forward to seeing how the guys handle it."

QB Robert Griffin III has been throwing the ball a little bit. (Jamison Hensley)"Yes, he's been throwing it a little bit over the last couple of days."

That's not a problem with the hairline fracture? (Jamison Hensley) "He [Robert Griffin] has a thing on his thumb that protects it, so it's OK. 'RG3' comes out here in full pads, and he goes through every read, every play, the mechanics of it. He's probably getting more work in than if he was playing, in lot of ways. I give him a lot of credit for that. He's a pro, and he's doing a great job."

The joint practice schedule was similar last preseason. Is there something you like about that schedule? (Aaron Kasinitz) "It seemed good last year. I liked it. This year, the Jaguars called. Their GM [David Caldwell] and our GM, Eric [DeCosta], are very close. It felt like maybe something that would work, and it worked out. Of course, with the Eagles, [head coach] Doug Pederson, we have a good relationship with them just like we did with [Colts head coach] Frank Reich last year and the teams last year. So, yes, it's good."

What have you seen from WR Antoine Wesley? (Giana Han)"From Antoine Wesley, I see a lot of completed passes, a lot of catches. He makes plays on the ball, contested catches, and he runs good routes. Last time I checked, that's what receivers are supposed to do. So, he's doing a good job."

ILB Chris Board

On what the start of training camp has been like with the competition at inside linebacker:"It's been really good. It's giving us a good opportunity to compete and come and work every day just to get better. So, it's been really good so far."

On how he thinks he has grown the most from a special-teamer to a possible starting role: "It's definitely been a change. It's definitely been a change, especially playing special teams last year. It's definitely been an adjustment growing, and just really adapting to playing a lot more on defense compared to special teams."

On what about his experience playing multiple roles in college helps him now:"I definitely covered a lot of receivers in college, so coming up here and covering a lot of backs and tight ends is a little easier, but it's definitely really hard. It's the NFL. It's definitely been an adjustment, so now I'm just adjusting and doing my best right now."

On what about his college system resulted in him covering receivers:"It was kind of just the system that we had. I kind of played the nickel, like the bare linebacker, basically out in coverage, covering smaller receivers. It was basically the system."

On if he knew with veterans departing this offseason that he would have a chance to have a bigger role:"We knew for sure that losing C.J. [Mosley] and [Eric] Weddle and 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] and everything, there would be some spots to fill. I knew it was definitely an opportunity. It was definitely a chance for me to come out and compete and earn a spot."

On how good of a fit the Ravens are for him with the history of successful undrafted inside linebackers:"Yes, I know the lineage of all the undrafted free agent linebackers coming through here, so I'm very blessed and fortunate to be in the position I'm in, just to kind of be the next guy up. I'm just competing, coming out here and working hard, and doing whatever I can to make us better."

TE Nick Boyle

On the progress of the pass game:"I think first and foremost, Lamar [Jackson] has done a really good job. I think he's throwing tremendous balls out there, compared to what it was in the spring. You can see his improvement. You can see the timing of the receivers and the tight ends and the whole offense kind of meshing. I was talking to one of the coaches … It's only been a week here so far in training camp, but I think we got better really fast. It's very encouraging."

On having Bobby Engram as the tight ends coach: "It's been awesome. He and Andy [Bischoff, assistant TEs coach] kind of tag-team it, and Bobby was the wide receivers coach, so from the route concept – which we really incorporate our tight ends with in the passing game – he has a great knowledge of it. Anything about a route, Bobby explains it. He kind of does the passing stuff, and Andy kind of does the run stuff."

On the TE group being referred to as "special": "Yes, I call it 'special' right now because of our relationships, actually, off the field. I think we have a really close group, and I don't think that's something you find in the NFL all the time. We hang out with each other all the time. I think it kind of transfers, not always, but transfers to the field a little bit with all our different skill sets, putting us in all different locations and making us do a bunch of different things. So, I think it's special from the standpoint on the field, and I also think it's really special to me off the field."

On if he was familiar with rookie TE Charles Scarff from Delaware:"Yes, I heard we were maybe getting a Delaware tight end. That was pretty exciting. I wasn't there [when he played in college]. I think he transferred from Rutgers, so I wasn't there at that time." (Reporter: "How does he look to you?") "He looks good. He looks really good. I think both rookie tight ends have been doing a really good job. I think it's a mental thing, from a rookie's standpoint, especially this offense and the movements, the motions – everything we have. They handle that really well."

On if his role on the team feels different as a five-year veteran and if he is expected to be a leader:"Yes, it felt kind of weird starting this year without Maxx [Williams] here, because he was my age. I'm the oldest one there, which feels weird, because I still feel like I'm 22. I don't think there's really much of an expectation. The way you really hold yourself in the meeting room, the way you hold yourself and how you practice, you know what you're doing out there. You're making plays, and I think that kind of just sets the standard for our group and wanting to go out there, just be great and compete with each other. Our group does a really good job of that."

On what FB/DL Patrick Ricard brings to the offense: "Pat brings a whole ton of physicality, him being a D-lineman. He's like a secret agent on both sides. He tells us what the defense is doing, and I'm sure he tells the defense what we're doing. (laughter) That's kind of funny, from that standpoint, but Pat is one of the most physical guys on the team, with him blocking the 'F.' He can also do different things. He can still motion and move around, but he can just really lay people out and really stick people to blocks like I haven't really seen before. He brings that nastiness."

On what can be gained schematically from the upcoming Jacksonville joint practices:"Schematically, I think it's more your technique. Naturally, your energy is probably going to be higher, I think, and it's also nice to go against someone else, someone you don't know, because you kind of feel bad. You don't want to tee off on your own teammates out here, so you kind of hold back a little bit, but you also need to get better. I think practicing against another team, naturally, your energy is going to rise. The competition is going to rise, and then you really want to hone in and focus on your technique, because you're probably going to be so ramped up, you really need to focus on that stuff to get better. We really don't need to scheme teams up. We just want to run our plays to the best of our technique and make those work.

On TE Hayden Hurst's and TE Mark Andrews' progress entering their second season: "I think it's night and day [from 2018]. I think about that a lot. Hayden [Hurst] has made big strides – both of them. First, with the offense and the calls and stuff, it does get confusing. We do move ourselves around a lot on different plays, so sometimes in the huddle, the play may not be called right, and you're like 'Wait, where am I going?' From this standpoint, you can kind of plug yourself in even if the call is not right, because you know what it is. From that standpoint, they've been great, and you see them out there making plays all the time. I think they're more confident players, they're stronger players, and they always make plays." (Reporter: "How do you know where to go if the play isn't called right?") "Study. You know what he's going to say. You should know it from your book enough. If you don't, shame on you."

ILB Kenny Young

On if his second training camp feels different than his first training camp: "It's a huge difference. Honestly, from a mental standpoint, I feel like I have five years' worth of knowledge in my head. It's just not physically showing yet. I tip my hat over, the credit goes to the veteran guys last year, the coaches preparing me well, preparing me to get to that next level. That's the expectation that I have for myself. Every day is a battle – to take it to the next level, to battle this heat, to battle being tired, sore. When the lights come on, I plan on being a different monster. You guys got an intro to that last year, but I plan on taking it to a whole other level. What a great organization and defense to do it in."

On what the defensive and linebacker meetings are like without veterans like LB C.J. Mosley:"It's different. C.J. [Mosley] was the type of guy that led by example. He was the quietest guy in the room. He didn't really say much at all, but when he put pads on, he spoke volumes. So, really, learning from C.J. just taught me how to play the game one way – fast and physical – and [to] be the best playmaker on the defense. He stepped up when we needed him, and that's what I'm working on. Like I said, it's hot. It's tiring right now in camp. Camp is a great time to, when you're uncomfortable, to push the buttons for those tough times in the game when we need to go out and come out with a win. That's what I learned from him. 'Peanut' [Patrick Onwuasor], we still have 'Peanut,' who leads in different ways as well. He's taken great strides in this camp. Guys like Chris Board are taking great strides. Some of the younger guys are learning from us. What I appreciate the most about the linebacker room is that we know how to push each other, and we want to see each other succeed. We actually coach each other on things that we might have messed up on, or we're trying to excel at, to the younger guys. We gel very well in the linebacker room."

On his next step to take his play to another level:"Personally, I feel like I know what I'm doing and what the defense is doing around me. You look at the guys like Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu, I could go down the list of great guys who just studied their opponent and the rest of the guys. For me, it's just getting in the head of the offense, understanding and breaking down concepts, route matchups, how they're trying to attack us, what's our weak spot. I just try to get myself a platform to go into a game so I can play loose and fast, I can communicate at a high level, and just run sideline to sideline and do what the Ravens [do, which is] why they brought me here and why they drafted me here is to make plays."

On if there is excitement amongst the team to practice against the Jaguars: "I'm very excited. I'm tired of hitting the same guys. It gets boring very fast. (laughter) We have Jacksonville rolling through here in the next few days. I'm looking forward to competing against Myles Jack, who I played at UCLA with, and really was one of the main reasons I went to UCLA for what he was doing in the PAC-12 and for the UCLA Bruins. So, really just chopping it up, getting better. Leonard Fournette, I played against him in high school. That was probably the only game where I had 25 tackles, when we played him. They have loaded competition, and it's [going to be] good to see new faces roll in here in the next few days and competing and getting after it a little bit, because I miss playing ball."

On his impressive 25 tackles against a high school team with RB Leonard Fournette:"Yes, yes, that was 'The Game of the South.' That's what they called it. He was the No. 1 recruit, and when I was coming out, I was the No. 1 linebacker in the state coming out, so it was pretty fun, pretty good."