Transcripts: Friday Availability: Week 10 at Cincinnati

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see you guys. I appreciate you being here. An announcement: L.J. Fort, as you probably know, was extended. Last night, I believe, they came to an agreement. So, we're really happy about that. Congratulations to L.J. and to us. We're excited to have him going forward."

What have you especially liked about LB L.J. Fort in a relatively short period? (Jeff Zrebiec)"He has played well. That's probably what you look at more than anything. He has played well in everything we've asked him to do. He has been out there a lot on defense [in] different packages and special teams, as well. He has just proven to be a good player, a good fit for us, and we're excited to have him going forward."

I think LB L.J. Fort is maybe the fifth pending 2020 free agent that you guys have extended. I'm sure this is a practice you could get used to. How nice is it to get some of these guys extended before you get to free agency, where you never know once guys hit the open market? (Jeff Zrebiec) "It is really good. It's a big plus. You think [about] the short term, obviously, and we've made some really strong moves. He was part of the short-term moves, as well. Now, obviously, we do a great job thinking about the long term as well. Those are definitely two things that are parallel tracks that you have to be thinking about all the time."

Is QB Lamar Jackson feeling better? _(Jamison Hensley) _"Yes. Yes, he looked good. He looked fine."

In the portion of practice we saw, we didn't see CB Jimmy Smith or S Earl Thomas III out there. Do you expect them to play on Sunday? (Ken Weinman)"Yes, we do."

ILB L.J. Fort

On his reaction to his contract extension with the Ravens: "I'm grateful, blessed, and I'm glad to be here."

On if he thought a contract extension would be an option when he signed with the Ravens: "Yes, going into it, that's the main goal."

On if the extension came together quickly or had it been in discussion for a while: "We've been talking about it for about a week now, so I'm glad to get things done and move forward."

On what it was about the Ravens that made him want to extend his contract: "How authentic it is. Everything is real. The coaches are real about everything. You don't have to wonder what's going on, what people are thinking. That's probably my favorite part about being here, just how real everybody is."

On how pleased he is with how he has been able to come to the Ravens and play at a high level:"That starts with the coaches believing in you, and when that happens, you can reach your potential. So, I think that's what's happening."

On if he takes pride in his ability to solidify the Ravens' defense when it was going through a rough patch: "Oh yes, for sure. Just putting the work in and being able to communicate and have everybody on the same gameplan, that's something that we work for and strive for. So, to be able to make it happen, [I] definitely take pride in it."