Transcripts: Friday Media Availability: Browns- Week 3


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement: "OK, good to see you guys here. As we were just talking about, we've got the core group here – core group of media. (Reporter: "The starters.") The starters are here, that's right. (laughter) *When I was in college, we put black shirts on the starters. We called them, 'The Black Shirts.' You guys are 'The Black Shirts.' (Reporter: "QB 1, right there.") QB? That's our starting QB, Joe Platania? Come out of the tunnel with the smoke. *(laughter) (Reporter: "Shortest quarterback in the league.") Why not?

"OK, [we] had a good day again today. Guys are in great spirits, and we're really excited to go play in a great environment against a very good football team. We have a lot of respect for everything we're about to get into, their crowd and everything else, their football team. So, it's going to be, really, what it's all about in football, and we're looking forward to it."

CB Joe Haden, what have you seen from him and his progression as a corner? (Aaron Wilson) "Joe Haden is as good as there is. We've played him every year, and I don't hear a lot about him, except for the fact when I watch him play, he speaks volumes in terms of the way he plays. If you want an evaluation, he's quick, he's athletic [and] he has ball skills. He's a stick-to-your-cover corner. He's a very good player."

With LB [Paul] Kruger, are they doing anything differently – he's off to a good start – are they doing anything differently with him? (Clifton Brown) "[The Browns] are running the defense that he grew up in, basically. It's not the exact same defense that we run here, but there are a lot of similarities, and he's playing two positions. Now he's playing both sides. We call it the 'Sam' and we call it the 'Rush,' and I assume they call it the same, probably. So, he knows what he's doing. [He's got a] tremendous motor. [He is] really playing in all three phases; he's playing run, he's rushing the passer and he's dropping in the coverage well. So, he's doing a great job."

You guys brought in DT Christo Bilukidi last week – I don't think we've ever asked you about him. Just wondering what your early impressions were of him and what he brings to the defensive line? (Luke Jones) "Christo Bilukidi is a guy we were able to sign, I guess a week ago, or so, now. Cincinnati put him on waivers before the game. We tried to make a roster move, and I thought our pro department and our scouts did a great job. We were prepared for that. We scouted the whole league, and we know the guys we're interested in and they did a nice job with that. We'll just see how he does. In practice so far, he has done a great job. [He's a] hard worker, great attitude [and] seems like he has played some football. So, he's a young guy, and he gives us some depth on the 'D' line."

Coach, I don't know if anybody asked you this on Wednesday, but did you see the Orioles celebration after they won the AL East Division title? (Eric Scott) "Thank you. I did not see the celebration with the Orioles, but I heard about it. As a matter of fact, a couple media guys that were present told me they got soaked. Were there pies involved? Or was it just soaking? (Reporter: "There were pies involved.") Not for the media? (Reporter: "They pied a few fans, actually.") Pied a few fans? I like the pie tradition. I'm thinking, maybe that's something we ought to bring to football. We win the AFC North, we might have to get some pies in the locker room. (laughter) I like it.

"You want me to comment on injuries, Aaron? Is that what you're looking for? I appreciate your discipline. (laughter) (Reporter: "I'll take that as a compliment.") Well, my comment would be, 'Thanks for not asking, but the injury report will be coming out later.' (laughter) That's the one question that [Senior Director of Public Relations] Chad [Steele] prepped me on here before this. (Reporter: "Chad will email us.") Chad will email you the injury report. (Reporter: "I'll look forward to that.") *Good. Thanks." *(laughter)

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