Transcripts: John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson Post Game Quotes 

Opening statement:
"Appreciate you guys all being here and making the trip over. First of all, I want to salute the Lions on the football game they played. They played a winning football game, they did. They played a really great football game in the second half. They did what they needed to do and I'm very impressed with that football team. I'm very impressed with what Coach (Dan) Campbell is doing with that football team. Secondly, the thing we talked about in the locker room and the thing that I take from this just being honest and as direct as I can be, was how humbling to see something like that is. To be on the sideline for that, with our players—they play their hearts out and they give you everything they've got. The thing that they do, they keep faith. Like most times you just talk about it and dream about it but it's hard to do. I believe because of the perspective that I have, things like that just don't happen. Sometimes, the way God works is he makes it clear to us that it can be no other reason for the things that happen. In other words, he's going to tell you that the glory belongs to him. That's the only place he can go. In a situation like this, it becomes very obvious that that's what happens. That's how I see it and I know many of our players, many of our fans see it that way. There's no question with all the things, all of the adversity, all of the things you're going to ask me about. That happened in the game and leading up to the game in the last month. When you look at it from the perspective that I'm talking about, you see there is no other place that you can give the glory. And for that, all the glory, all the honor, goes to God."

On when he knew he was going to go for the field goal and if he knew the distance initially:"We wanted to get five more yards but the Lions came out, that's why we ran the play we did. Lamar (Jackson) threw the ball away, did the right thing. We wanted to see if we could get at least five more to make it, in what you might say is a little more realistic. But at that point in time, with Justin Tucker, hey, he's the best kicker in history. When you have a kicker like that, you want to give them an opportunity like that. For him to come through like that is just historic. Someone came up to me on the sideline and said, 'I've never seen anything like that before.' It came to me right away, because nobody has ever done anything like that before, the kick and the throw. We were fourth-and-19, backed up in our own end. (Ravens Offensive Coordinator) Greg Roman makes a great call. Our players are great because they're all calling their own shot. A bunch of guys call throw it to you, 'Ah, run this route.' I said to Greg, 'Call the play you want.' Greg had a play, he said 'This play could really hit. I think this is going to hit.' Lamar gave it time. We had great protection, the protection stepped up on that one. Lamar, you gave it time. Offensive line got it done there. Lamar trusted the offensive line, he had faith in the offensive line. He let Sammy (Watkins) get across the field there and Sammy was trying to get as much as he could for the field goal. I wouldn't have minded Sammy going out of bounds right there. Honestly, I asked him about it, but he said he was trying to get in field goal range."

On when he realized the field goal was going in: "Here's the thing, Josh Bynes says to me after the game, 'I said this this week, it's going to take a perfect ball, a perfect snap, a perfect hole and a perfect kick to make this.' He was telling the guys around him that. He feels like he spoke it into existence. You know, we'll give Josh Bynes some credit there too. When it just went across the line of scrimmage and maybe it was 20 yards down the field I thought, 'That's got a chance.' Then I thought it was going to clear it by three yards, then it hit the upright like slow motion, Lamar (Jackson). Then it bounced the right way, it got a little push. A supernatural push right there."

On how much time he saw left on the clock during the speculated missed delay of game call:"That's not going to be a delay of game because of the way they operate. There's always leeway on that. It happens all the time when we're on defense. There's a mechanic that the officials go through. They look to see if the ball is up, then they go to the clock. So, it's not like they're looking at the clock and they can't see both things at once. They've got a way that they do that, and the mechanic would not have made that a delay of game."

On if the defense ran out of gas late in the game:"I don't think they ran out of gas. We were a little challenged and I think the guys that stepped up and played inside did a good job. We just have to get better. We talked about it in the locker room, it's our responsibility. When you're granted that kind of favor, then you're responsible to respond. Our responsibility is to improve. We've got to go to work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and become a better team, defense, offense and special teams. Every area. Blocking, tackling, taking care of the football, route-running, everything. That's what our guys are going to tell you. Our defense is going to be tackling. We've got to become a better tackling team and we know that."

On if he said anything to K Justin Tucker before or after the field goal kick: "Way after on the field, I just said 'Hey, you know, we're going to remember this for the rest of our lives.' It's the only thing I could think to say, and we will."

On his feelings after missed opportunities left on the field:"It's all I was thinking about. But I was also thinking, 'We're not done yet.' There are opportunities here. That's the thing, you can't look back until you start watching the tape. You just have to look forward to the next play. That's what I love about Lamar Jackson, Marlon Humphrey, Mark Andrews, (Justin) Tucker. They're always looking for the next opportunity and that's what faith is. That's what you love them for. But yeah, we missed a lot of opportunities."

On why he challenged WR Kalif Raymond's catch late in the game: "We challenged that because we saw an angle where the point of the ball hit the ground and the ball moved. We felt like as important as that play was, it was worth getting a look at it. Because if we hadn't challenged it, we wouldn't have known what they were going to do with it. They kept it up, you know. But we had something we thought we had a good chance of getting over turned and it didn't."

On the significance of two comebacks in a row for QB Lamar Jackson: "It's the type of thing that will be remembered forever. That's what you do, you build these things. It's not what you say, it's what you do. That's how you're remembered, by what you do. Lamar (Jackson) and the whole team, they're doing that. But we know we've got to go to Denver. So, if they win, they'll be undefeated. We're going to a hostile environment. It's going to be crazy. We have another huge challenge in front of us. That's what we're going to be thinking about, the next opportunity."

On if he said anything to WR Marquise Brown after his dropped catches:"I told him, 'You're writing the rest of this story, nobody else is. When you're looking back on your career and you've had the great career that you're going to have, this is going to be part of the story. This is going to be part of your testimony. You're going to be able to talk to people about what you went through and what you overcame here. So, let's go to work on that starting Wednesday."

On his reaction to Ravens K Justin Tucker's game-winning field goal:
"I threw my hands up on the sideline, I'm looking to see how many yards it is, I'm like, 'Dang, it's different right here. I've never seen him in this predicament.' I was hoping to get him a little closer, but it was like if he got enough air, I knew he was going to make it. He came through."

On if he said a prayer before the game-winning field goal: "No, I just thanked God. Every situation in the game I just thank God, he's just preparing us for something else that's coming. He's not going to put his toughest soldiers through anything that we can't handle, and that's what that was. One of his soldiers came through for us."

On what he threw up in the air after the made field goal:"Gatorade. I threw my Gatorade up."

On if it felt like he watched the field goal in slow motion:"Oh my God, it was going, I was like 'Woah.' It kept going, when it was spinning forward, I saw our equipment guy going, 'Ah,' and I knew we got them. It was tough because I knew he made a 61-yarder the last time we played the Lions and for him to break the record and have the longest field goal in history, man, that's amazing. That's amazing."

On what it means to have Ravens K Justin Tucker on the team:"No doubt, no doubt. He's a huge part of our game. If we're not getting it done, he's going to come through and give us three points here, three points there. He did throughout the game, he missed one early on and came back and won us the game. That's legendary right there. Can't take nothing from that guy."

On what was going through his mind on the last drive:"I think I got sacked every play on the drive. I'm like, 'Dang, I'm trying to buy time.' They went three-down, gave us a lot of time, double-teamed our guys. Sammy (Watkins) running full speed, those guys did their thing on the post and Sammy just came open. I just tried giving him a playable ball and he came through. I was hoping he'd go out of bounds though to get Tucker a little closer. I knew he was going for the field goal because the defense held their own."

On how the Lions' timeout before the last drive helped them down the stretch:"Because Coach changed the play. He went to another play, and that's what helped us get that field goal drive going. I was happy for that timeout because we needed a little breather. Our linemen needed a little breather. The crowd went rocking, I don't know where that crowd came from. We weren't hearing it all game, and they just came out of nowhere. It was tough to play in Detroit today, for sure."

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