Transcripts: Joint Practices at Carolina Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "It's great seeing everybody. I appreciate you being here. What questions do you have?"

I guess the obvious one, what can you tell us about the situation with TE Mark Andrews? (Jonas Shaffer) "Mark [Andrews] is cramping. He has some pretty serious cramping going on. So, he has to work through it. The humidity really shot up, and obviously, he's working super hard. [We] just have to get that calmed down a little bit." (Reporter: "Just to rule it out, there's no concern with low blood sugar or anything like that?") "Not that I'm aware of."

How do you assess the two days you had out here? I know you guys were looking forward to it. How do you assess what's happened? (Cliff Brown) "I thought it was excellent. It's good, hard work. Always when you go against another team, it's just different – [the] players don't know each other. There's certainly a level of emotion that gets raised up. They are a real high-emotion [and] high-energy-type team, which is good. It was good for us to deal with. I'm glad we had a chance to do it. It should make us better, and we'll move forward from here. It's just positive."

How was training in these weather conditions? (Ximena Lugo-Latorre) "It's not really super hot. You're just kind of down here in this bowl, and I think the humidity gets packed in here a little bit. So, it's good for us. We get hot weather in Maryland, too, but it's just part of training camp. It seems like every year, you get days like this – it's part of it."

How good was it to get T Ronnie Stanley … It looked like he had the most extensive reps today that he's had, and he looked good doing it. How good was it to see him out here? (Cliff Brown) "It was great to see Ronnie [Stanley] out there. [We're taking it] just kind of step by step; I'm sure he could do more if we wanted to. We're just kind of working him back in at a good, nice pace. He looked good today, and I'm glad to have him out there."

What were your thoughts on coming to Spartanburg, your two days here and getting to participate with the Panthers? (Reporter) "It was great to be here. Spartanburg is great. We've been at the Marriott [Hotel] over there. I'll tell you; the people in the hotel, the people working there and taking care of things for us with the food and all the different things have just been phenomenal. They've just been wonderful. [They're] so nice [and] so welcoming to us. We really appreciate it. There are a lot of great people down here in Spartanburg. It's a great part of the country, so we appreciate it."

These are pretty much as close to game reps as you can get, I imagine. When you have these joint practices, does it impact who you play in the preseason game because they really got the reps? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Of course. Absolutely, that's all part of the formula, for sure."

We saw you talking with one of the players on the Carolina Panthers – No. 17, WR Omar Bayless. He was the one you were speaking with then. I would like to know, what was the conversation with him? (Ximena Lugo-Latorre) "[I] was just thanking him for the good effort [and] good practice. I talked to a lot of their guys after practice and just told them we appreciated it. [It was] a good practice [and] appreciate the competition. Rashaan Melvin, I talked to him, No. 29. He got his start with us, so I had a chance to really talk with him quite a bit. It was great seeing him. [He's] a great guy. [We're] appreciative of him, [and] he's appreciative of us. It was a great moment; just to see his smiling face was so good. Josh Bynes … [It was great] getting a chance to talk with Josh Bynes, who was with us twice. [I] love Josh and seeing him was fun. Haruki Nakamura was out here with his kids – his little kids. Man, they're going to be athletes – those two. So, it was great to see Haruki."

Anything you can share about your plans for QB Lamar Jackson in Saturday's preseason game? (Jonas Shaffer) "That's kind of our thing, just as you know, not to really talk about who's playing and who's not playing. We just kind of take it as it comes and play it out."

Did you like what you saw from QB Lamar Jackson these past two days? (Jonas Shaffer) "Yes, Lamar [Jackson] had a really excellent two days – excellent. I'll tell you; Lamar is going to beat himself up about every play he didn't make, you know? He made a lot of plays. It's just, 'Hey, let's look hard at what we did, and let's try to improve where we can – one day to the next.'"

We didn't see RB Justice Hill out here for a while. Is everything OK with him? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Yes, he has an ankle sprain. So, he was not cleared to practice."

RB J.K. Dobbins

On what the team got out of the joint practices: "We got a lot out of these two practices. [There was] a lot of competition, we got to see other people in different uniforms, and we just got to work on our craft."

On pushing himself after a fumble or bad play: "It's just next play – that's what you've got to do. You can't always be perfect. Nobody is perfect. So, you can try to be perfect, and that's what I'm chasing – perfection – but I'll never be perfect. The only person or higher being that is perfect is God, himself. So, I just chase that, and it didn't go the right day the other day, so I got mad."

On if yesterday's fumble was the first he's lost in camp: "Yes."

On how the rushing game is performing during camp: "I think we're at a good spot. We're working hard – us and the linemen – and I think when the season comes around, we'll be ready to go. We'll always be physical up front. The guys work hard, and we've got some good O-linemen, so we'll be in the right place at the right time."

On how catching passes will help the offense: "Yes, so that's one of the main things I've worked on, because I know it will help the offense tremendously, because you can get a lot of mismatches that way, [and] you can cause a lot of confusion on the defensive side. And so, that was a big point of emphasis this offseason, and I think it's going pretty well."

On practicing through the heat: "Hot? This isn't hot. I'm from Texas. (laughter) It's way hotter there. It gets to about 100 [degrees] and [there is] humidity. But it is pretty humid here, pretty hot, and it's tough. Coming out [for] two days against another team – that's a lot of energy you're putting out there, so you've just got to take care of yourself. It's tough, it's challenging, but that's where you get better."

On his impressions of the Panthers' defense: "I think they're a good defense. They've got some good players back there, some good young players and good vets. So, they're going to be good – I do believe."

G Kevin Zeitler

On his thoughts on seeing TE Mark Andrews go down: "It's always unfortunate. Camp – it's a hard time, and down here in South Carolina, it's hot as heck. But it does show one thing: he worked his ass off down here. He wasn't worried about it, and I trust the doctors and everyone to get him right."

On today's practice: "It was a good day. The Panthers came out firing. They gave us a lot of looks. It was great work, and it's going to be invaluable as the season goes on."

On how he's progressing in training camp: "Yes. [It's] training camp – long, long process – and it's always unfortunate when you miss a little time, but I'm glad to be back. I feel great, and I'm starting to get the grind on and get to where I want to be."

On building chemistry along the offensive line: "Well, for me personally, it's varied quite a bit, but I like this [offensive] line. There are a lot of people who've been here already, there are a lot of veteran players, and I think we all like each other quite a bit, so I'm hoping that speeds it up."

On the size of this offensive line: "I'd definitely say I think this is the biggest line I've ever been on. And it's pretty wild – you see some of the genetic freaks that the league produces, and you're like, 'Geez, why can't I be like that?' But that's exciting. In this league, you need big people who can do crazy, cool, athletic things, and I think we've got that group of people."

On DT Justin Madubuike: "I think his greatest asset is his quickness. He's a good-sized guy, he's got strength, but he has a nice, little twitch to him that a lot of big guys don't have."