Transcripts: Postgame Press Conferences

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Good to see everybody. I appreciate everybody being here. [It was a] great win. [I'm] really proud of the guys. [I'm] really proud of the fact that it's a win that we really, really had to have. It was a must-win. We went out there and got it against a very determined team, a very talented team and a well-coached team who played really hard. I thought we made plays when we had to make plays. We had three big stops to force them to kick field goals. We ended up … It was tough kicking out there, as you saw today. So, I was really proud of that part of it – those stops were big. I thought our defense played exceptionally well. The forced turnover – a batted ball by 'Big Baby' [Brandon Williams] and then the interception by Patrick [Queen] that led to a 'TD' the very next play. I just thought our guys played well. The offensive line deserves a ton of credit, [the] running backs, running game, Lamar [Jackson] … The running game was excellent – that was the key on offense. I thought our special teams played hard. We had the one big kickoff return [against us]. They did a nice job blocking; we did not do a great job covering it. But the rest of the way, I thought our guys played really well. So, [it was] definitely a team win. OK, what questions do you have?"

(on QB Lamar Jackson's performance after coming off the COVID list) "Great question. I think … Well, the one thing you do know about Lamar [Jackson], you're going to get everything he's got – that's really all you can ask for. He's going to give you whatever he has, and it turned out that he had a lot tonight – that was good to see. I don't think you could predict that. He came out to practice. He looked good in practice. He was strong and healthy. I'm just impressed of the fact that he was on top of the gameplan so well. He'd been studying, obviously, through the whole time he was away, and he played a great football game."

(on how WR Dez Bryant's illness impacted the game) "That was a big challenge. The timing of this thing, it's a crazy kind of a deal. But we had already turned in our inactives, and then we were informed. [Executive vice president and general manager] Eric [DeCosta] came down and told me that Dez [Bryant] had an inconclusive test, and they were retesting with one of the quick tests they have, the Mesa test. We had to wait on that. In the meantime, the League told us we would not be allowed to bring a different player up if he tested positive, but if he tested positive, he wasn't going to be allowed to play. My understanding [is that] they did all the contact tracing; all the procedures were followed as far as any other player was concerned. But then they came back out when we were on the field in pre-game warmups and said that he had tested positive. So, he would not be allowed to play, and that's where we were at. So, we played a man short."

(on if he can be confident that no other players were at risk) "Well, you have to trust the science on it. The way they go about doing it, that's what the League does. They put a team into place. I've learned in the last couple of weeks that that team is very extensive, and that's their job. So, that's what they determined."

(on why WR Dez Bryant was allowed to be out there for individual warmups) "That's a question I don't have an answer to. I don't know. I was just told as we were getting ready to go out there for pre-game. So, I don't have an answer for you on that one."

(on how encouraging the offensive line's performance was given the uncertainty leading up to this matchup) "It was very encouraging. I think our guys did a great job. They blocked. They ran. Our wide receivers blocked. The tight ends, the guys that are new to the program, came in and did a good job. It's always a team effort. Obviously, Lamar [Jackson] had a lot to do with that, as well. So, yes; [I'm] very happy with that. That's big for us."

(on if he spoke with WR Dez Bryant after his test result came back) "No, I haven't. It was so late. It's not like we have phones or anything like that at that stage. As soon as I get out of the press conference, I'll give him a call. But I have not had a chance to talk to him yet."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on his COVID-19 symptoms) "I had a little flu-like symptoms. I still can't really taste or smell, but I'm good now. That's an effect [of COVID-19] that comes. I guess my sense of taste and smell are going to come back sooner than later, but I'm good now. I wouldn't wish that on anybody, though. It's not good to have."

(on his touchdown pass to WR Marquise Brown) "The touchdown to Marquise [Brown]? I feel like he did all the work. He had a route, the play broke down in the backfield, he turned up, and he just made a great catch. He got his feet down. That was all him. I'm just grateful we connected on one. We've got to keep it going."

(on his touchdown run) "I'm not going to lie to you; I wasn't even thinking it was a fourth down after the play got called. I'm just like, we've just got to keep it going and convert. But yes, we did a great job. Prior to that, we got stopped, so we had to go put points on the board. We were driving the ball downfield, [and] our defense was playing lights out, like always. We just had to do what we had to do. And Coach [Greg Roman] called that play, the line did great, and I just had to finish it off."

(on WR Miles Boykin's performance) "He did great. I kept apologizing to him about that one I missed. Oh my gosh, that was …That still hurts. When I watch it on film, I'm going to be even madder about it; like, I can't get that back. But he played great. All of our receivers did – tight ends. The whole offense did. I feel like the whole team just played lights out tonight."

(on losing WR Dez Bryant prior to the game) "We found out when we were on the field warming up, and we only had like four receivers out there. We were looking around for him, then he told us. It was like, we're just going to have to pull the game for him; we've got to win that game for him, because we know how much it meant to him. He's been talking about it for a minute now since he's been here. So, I don't like what happened, but it is what it is. We got the victory for him. I'm feeling for him, though, because I know this is a game he wanted to be in."

(on how the team will build off this win) "Just keep building [and] staying focused on our craft. Everyone just has to do their assignments. I feel we could pull it off. We've got the Browns right now – a great time. We've got to come to play. We're going to Cleveland, [and] we've just got to be ready to play football."

(on what things have been like since he tested positive for COVID-19) "I was asleep most of the time, but when I was up, I was just studying film for the Cowboys, because I know I couldn't play [against] Pittsburgh. But when I found out I had [COVID-19], I was ticked off, because it was a big game. We had to go to Pittsburgh and play them, and we lost to them prior to that. I was just going through a lot of emotions, like, 'How the heck did it come now? Why did I have to get sick now?' But it is what it is. I feel like my guys fought that game. I'm here now, [my] sickness is gone, [and] I'm not going to get it anymore. We've just got to keep rocking. We played a great game tonight – just got to keep it going. We've got four more to go."

(on how much fun he had tonight) "Ahh, it felt like I didn't play [for] a whole season. I was like, 'It feels good to be back with my guys.' Even in practice, walking into the locker room and stuff, I was like, 'Man, I couldn't wait to see you, your faces.' It was like two weeks that I didn't see those guys. I couldn't wait to get out there and perform for those guys, because I know how much it would mean for us to win games – for sure."

DE Derek Wolfe

(on his reaction to WR Dez Bryant having a positive COVID-19 test prior to kickoff) "That's the year that we're dealing with, right? 2020 is on odd year. Everything is different. A guy can have the sniffles, and next thing you know … It happened to me – I had the sniffles, I had a little cold earlier in the season, and I couldn't play. You never know when somebody is going to test positive, or when they're going to be inconclusive, or when it's going to be a false positive. You just never know what's going to happen. So, you just have to handle the series of events. And that's something that – around the building – we're always talking about. Whatever comes our way, we've got to be able to handle it like men and rise to the occasion. It is what it is. I feel for Dez [Bryant]. I know he wanted to play this game bad. He had a good week of practice. He was a great leader all week. It's just sad that he didn't get a chance to come out here and play against his old team on primetime football on Tuesday night. I feel for him, and I hope he's doing alright. I hope he's healthy. I wish the best for the guy."

(on stepping up while DE Calais Campbell and DT Brandon Williams were out for a few games) "I'm just doing what I do. I didn't feel any pressure to step up. I just felt like, 'Hey, I've got to go do my job.' And this is my job, and I love my job, thankfully. I love playing physical. I love when teams try to run the ball right at me. To me, it's like it's a great challenge. We had the young guys out there playing in the last couple of weeks, and they did a great job. We did a great job as a defense. Just like I said, rising to the occasion and handling the series of events that come at us. Because you never know what's going to happen. This year has been wild, and you never know what's going to happen. I'm going to keep being me. I appreciate the fans for all the love that they've shown me. I appreciate the recognition for playing hard. But, that's just what I do. I don't know anything different. I just try to play as hard as I possibly can every snap. I play every snap like it's my last."

(on if there was any frustration about not getting to Cowboys QB Andy Dalton as often as the defense would've liked) "Hats off to Andy Dalton and that offense. They were doing a good job of getting the ball off quick. And his receivers … they've got a great receiving corps over there – an All-Pro receiving crew, obviously. That's a tough receiving crew to play against. And Andy Dalton isn't just some scrub-off-the-street quarterback. Andy Dalton is a former first-round pick, $100 million quarterback. He's played in playoff games and won a lot of games when he was in Cincinnati. So, you have to take him very seriously. He did a good job tonight, hats off to him." 

(on the importance of the DT Brandon Williams deflection which led to the ILB Patrick Queen interception) "It was huge, huge. You can't put a price on the momentum-changers like that. 'Big Baby' [Brandon Williams] – his ankle was hurting him, and he went out there and grinded it out, made some big plays, played great in the run – gets his hand up, bats the ball, [Patrick Queen] gets an interception. Are you kidding me? That's exactly what we needed. It was perfect timing. I'm happy for him, I really am."

(on if there was any concern regarding the safety of playing this game in light of what happened to WR Dez Bryant prior to kickoff) "Well, we didn't find out until … I was in full pads, taped up, eye black on, ready to go. Then, they came in the locker room and [said], 'Hey, Dez [Bryant] can't go.' Then, we were like, 'The NFL made us play a guy short. The League made us play a guy short.' They wouldn't let us bring another guy up, which is … I think we need to, maybe, look at that rule and maybe change it. But, that's the rule, so we've got to play by the rules. With COVID, I think we need to have some new way to change that. But, as far as safety goes, they said there was no close contact. We've done a great job of being apart in the building. We've done Zoom meetings all week. We come in, we practice, and we get out. We've got masks on at all times. We're following the protocols as strict as possible, doing everything right. We'll see tomorrow. As long as we don't have any more positive tests, that means that the protocols are working."

(on the Ravens getting back to a strong run game and a dominating defense moving forward) "We've got to take it day-by-day. We've got to keep winning games – that's it. We've got to worry about Cleveland now, and that's it. That's all that matters. We've got to beat Cleveland. That's all that really matters. I'm not worried about anything else, other than beating the next team, and winning the day and winning that day at practice. And then put that all together and make sure we get to the games, and we come out there and play a full complete game – four quarters."

ILB Patrick Queen

(on his interception and how critical this win was for the team) "I just … [It was a] simple play; took my drop and did the simple things right. The quarterback looked one way, and I pushed back on the quarterback. 'Big Baby' [Brandon Williams] got his hand on the ball, and I made a pick. So, I really … On the sideline, I went and thanked 'Big Baby,' because without him, I wouldn't have made that play, and we wouldn't have had that momentum that we had. So, it all started up front with him. It just gave us a lot of momentum going into the rest of the game." 

(on if this was the kind of win that can get the team rolling heading into the last month of the schedule) "Any win is a big win for us; It was just the next game that we needed. We still didn't play how we wanted to play, but we got the win, and that's what we were happy and excited about. So, we're going to celebrate this win, but we know at the end of the day, there's some stuff that we have to clean up on the field." 

(on if this felt like more of a complete team with the players coming off of the COVID-19 list) "Yes; it's like when you go on a family vacation, and one of your family members gets sick, and now you can't bring them. That's how we all feel; We're down in the dumps and stuff. It's hard to go through it without them, but we were really excited to have those guys back. We're just thankful that they'll be able to push through those injuries [and illnesses]." 

(on what he expected from QB Lamar Jackson after coming off the COVID-19 list) "I expected exactly what he did. He came out there and played a complete game. He gave us his all – that's the stuff you expect from Lamar [Jackson]. He's a great quarterback, a great guy [and] a great leader. We just have to follow behind him and push him to be the best he can be every day and just have his back no matter what." 

(on how if the team felt down after losing three straight games) "It hurts, [but] it's something you have to get used to. It sounds weird saying that, but we're not really down or anything about it. We just came back to work, and we're just going to try to prevail against this team. Every week is an opportunity to get better and to win. That's what our focus is; moving on to next week and beating Cleveland, just doing that and so forth. Shoutout to the guys. They know … I never saw them put their head down, not one time during these last few losses. So, just shoutout to them for keeping my hopes up, too." 

(on if he could tell QB Lamar Jackson was eager to get back out on the field) "Lamar [Jackson] is always happy, so it's kind of hard to tell. But I know he was excited to be out there, and we were excited for him. He's always energetic. That's one thing you love about Lamar – he's going to bring the energy. So, it's like I said, we just have to get behind him and play our best football these next few games." 

RB Gus Edwards

(on rushing for nearly 300 yards as a team tonight and having so many different players contribute) "It was fun out there, man. I'm really proud of the offense. I'm proud of the O-line; they were able to get us going and get the 'backs' started. It starts with them, and they did a great job today."

(on him personally rushing for 100 yards today and his mentality as the season goes along) "I just try to go out there and do what I can to help our team win. Things were clicking this week on offense, and I think it shows what we're capable of; it shows a lot of potential, and we just have to keep building off of it."

(on if this win could be a springboard for the team) "It has to be. It has to be a spark. We've got all of our goals ahead of us, and for us to keep them there, we have to keep winning. Winning every game and playing winning football – not making mistakes. We made very few mistakes today, but we've got to cancel those, too." 

WR Miles Boykin

(on his touchdown reception today) "It was a great scheme. They put me one on one with the safety, and the safety had to choose between me or Marquise [Brown]. He picked Marquise, and it left me open, and [I] just had to make a catch – Lamar [Jackson] made a great throw. It's huge. The way this team has been playing, we've been playing so hard with no results. All that matters is winning in the NFL, so these past couple of weeks, it doesn't matter how hard we've been playing, but to finally just get over that hump and get a win feels great for this team." 

(on if this win can be a springboard for the team) "Absolutely. Absolutely, and that's what we're banking on. We know we've got to take it one week at a time. Our goal is still to make the playoffs and beat everybody who is in front of us." 

RB J.K. Dobbins

(on how good it felt to be back on the field today) "It felt great to be back out there. You know, just to practice felt great. To be back around my teammates felt amazing. So, I'm glad we're back."

(on if this game can help provide momentum for the team going forward) "Oh yes. This gives us momentum right here. This is what we need, and I feel like we're ready to go now."

(on the entire run game tonight) "I'm glad to see my guys – everyone – everyone that touched the ball did something great with it. That's what we want to see every week, so we're just going to keep demanding excellence from the group and keep going."

WR Marquise Brown

(on how excited QB Lamar Jackson was when he re-joined the team) "Yes, he was very excited. You could just feel the excitement. As soon as he got on the field, he basically hugged everyone in the huddle. [He was] happy to be back, and we went from there."

(on if his touchdown reception could lead to more big plays for the rest of the season) "Yes, we've just got to keep executing in practice, basically. We execute in practice, and in the game, when he throws a great ball like that, I've got to come down with it – bottom line."

(on learning that WR Dez Bryant wouldn't be available) "I feel for Dez [Bryant]. I didn't hear the news until I was warming up for the game. So, I was like, 'Man, that's crazy,' but I was getting ready for the game, so I couldn't put too much thought into it. Now, after the game, just thinking about it, I'm just praying for him, [and] I hope he's in good spirits. I'm pretty sure the organization is going to handle it the way they always do."

(on his touchdown reception) "I had just a simple hitch route – first-read type route. I saw [Lamar] go right, then he scrambled left; that's when we get in scramble mode. And like I said, he delivered a great pass. Really, if you don't come down with that one, you can't really say too much."

(on his emotions after he scored) "[Cowboys defensive back] Rashard Robinson, that's our boy. He's from Broward County, [Florida]. So, we were just fired up. We were just talking to each other the whole game. So, we were just having fun out there."

(on his eye black that read "RIP Pat") "RIP to my cousin. He just passed away two days ago, so I just had to go out there and play for him. Hopefully, I made him proud."