Transcripts: Postgame Press Conferences

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, good to see everybody. I really appreciate you still being here with us. First of all, to our guys, they did a great job with the interviews. So, they pretty much told the story; I don't know what I could really add to it. But I will say to the Browns; that's a really, really good football team with a lot of heart. They played a very good football game. We played a very good football game. It's a game that's going to go down in history. So, [I'm] just proud to be a part of it, and I'm really proud of our players. All I can say is at the end, I was doing a little bit of praying. I will say what was said earlier, what 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] said; all praise and glory to God. Our guys had faith and trust and belief, and sometimes, that's what it takes. What questions do you have?"

(on when he was aware that QB Lamar Jackson started cramping and if he had any inkling about his return) "No, I really didn't. We were proceeding with Trace [McSorley], and there was no indication that Lamar [Jackson] was coming back at that point. I didn't know he was on the sideline at that point. He'd been out there, but I give our trainers all the credit. They did a great job of getting him back out there. They're not going to come and tell me he's back on the field; They're going to tell me when he's ready to go. So, he must've been getting close at that point. It was just the circumstances. With all the things that went on with this game, the timing like you're talking about of that right there, if you wrote a movie about this, people wouldn't believe it. They would say it could never happen. 'Reality is stranger than fiction,' or whatever that saying is. That's kind of what it is here – it's crazy."

(on if they were able to overcome the challenges the field condition presented) "I think we overcame it. We went to the seven-stud cleat, they call them – the longer cleats. A lot of guys were changing into them even on the sideline. It's just a different type of feel. It's a different type of grass. It's fescue. It's not … What we have [at M&T Bank Stadium] is a Northern Bermuda. So, that's just the way the field is here [in Cleveland] at the end of the year. It was in good shape; it's just a looser field. It was a little moist and everything. We did slip quite a bit."

(on what this night showed him about this team's heart) "It probably showed me what I already knew and believed – I love these guys. I love these guys. And it's not because they're football players or because they play for us. Even being with them every day, it's for who they are. They have the hearts of lions. They really do. I have a lot of respect for football players, especially in the National Football League. It's a tough sport to play, and this league is very competitive. That team [Cleveland] over there is a really good football team. They had great heart, too. So, for our guys to be able to do that and to make those plays at the end when it counted the most, it just says so much about their character and who they are, their trust and their belief … [Their] belief in what they believe in higher, and believing in each other and believing in themselves; all those things that people say, 'Well, what does that mean?' I think we all know. It's kind of what we're all about as people. I think it's great for young people to see, something like that, and hopefully be inspired by. Because I can tell you one thing; I'm inspired by it. I'm inspired by what I just saw."

(on if it hit him on the field that this game is something people will talk about for years, or if it's something he realized after the game is over) "It really only comes after the fact. During it, you just try to help where you can. We had so many guys going down on defense; just trying to get 11 guys on the field was a challenge. I give our defensive coaches all the credit. The guys played … Guys are going out there and playing out of position, especially in the back end trying to find a way. Marcus Peters, he went out there; the trainers didn't even tell him it was OK to run out there. He ran … All of a sudden, I see him running out there, and I say, 'Is Marcus cleared?' Our trainer [head certified athletic trainer] Ron [Medlin] says, 'Marcus is out there?' I was like, 'Yes, he just ran out.' And then he blitzed and almost got a sack. (laughter) It was just one of those wild games that … It's going to be hard to explain and define."

(on what the process was like when QB Lamar Jackson came in on the fourth-and-6 after QB Trace McSorley got hurt) "It happened so fast. As soon as Trace [McSorley] was going down … While he was down, then it became apparent that Lamar [Jackson] was going to be able to play. So, at that point in time, [quarterbacks] Coach [James] Urban and [offensive coordinator] Coach [Greg] Roman talked to Lamar and made their plans for the two-minute period. They did a great job. I have to tell you; I have to give our offensive coaches just a tremendous amount of credit. Coach [Greg] Roman and all the guys, the guys executed … The plays that were made, the Willie Snead [IV] catch to keep the drive alive, the Mark Andrews catches to extend drives and keep us going, the Marquise Brown scramble play for the touchdown … And then the offensive line – that's a heck of a [Browns' defensive] front. For our guys to keep hanging in there, keep fighting and give Lamar a chance to extend those plays … I think everybody deserves a lot of credit. I guess I forgot your question."

(on if he has an update on QB Trace McSorley's injury) "I don't yet. I just haven't had a chance to go find out. I don't know yet. I'm sorry."

(on what was the big difference for the Browns from Week 1 to Week 13) "They didn't turn the ball over this game, and they've been playing that way. I don't think Baker [Mayfield] had an interception for, like five games until Tyus [Bowser] made his incredible play on the ball. It took a great play to make it. I think the main thing is he's playing really well. Their offensive line is really good. It's a veteran offensive line. Anytime you have a veteran offensive line that stays healthy, and they've stayed incredibly healthy … So, I think they just had the chance to keep growing as a football team. They're well-coached, and they have a lot of guys who have a lot of experience. So, that's just how it works in football. You keep improving and growing, and that's what they've done."

(on if there was a specific yard line they were willing to send K Justin Tucker out for a field goal try) "I think at that point in the game, we would've sent him out for anything that was within a chance. The story that he didn't tell you was when the chaos was going earlier, he wanted to go out there on the fourth-and-6, was it? Fourth-and-5? He wanted to go out there for the 64-yarder. He thought that gave us the best chance to win. (laughter) So, you appreciate the confidence; that's just how he is. That was a really tough kick, because the field was really soft. Obviously, they were rushing everything they had, so the guys that protected Sam [Koch] and Morgan [Cox] did a great job. But to make that kick, with the crosswind on that field in December in the open end, in the 'Dawg Pound' end, [for] most kickers, that's unmakeable. The only kicker that I know of that you'd feel confident in making that would be Justin Tucker."

TE Mark Andrews

(On when QB Trace McSorley was injured and the thoughts of the players as QB Lamar Jackson re-entered the game) "Obviously, it was sad to see Trace [McSorley] go down like that. So, that was the first thing we thought. Then, you see Willie [Snead IV] taking snaps – 'Steamin' Willie' – he's played quarterback before. If we had to do that, we were going to make it work. Then, Lamar [Jackson] shows up and saves the day."

(on if he could tell if QB Lamar Jackson was cramping in the huddle) "I couldn't tell, I couldn't tell. He told us after the game that he was cramping up pretty bad, but I couldn't tell. Obviously, it was bad. I'm just thankful that we got him back at the end of the game. That was big for us."

(on how he would begin to describe what that game was) "Hectic. My emotions are all over the place right now. I just feel, first of all, blessed to be able to play this game after two weeks of sitting out and watching this team play. So, it was tough for me to do that. It was just so much fun. All the guys competed. Everyone made plays. Everyone stepped up. It was a team win all around. Credit to the Browns – they played a great game as well."

(on what QB Lamar Jackson did by coming back onto the field and finishing the game the way he did) "He's playing at an elite level. You look at his completions and the way he's running the ball, [he's] the complete package. Like I said before, it's a pleasure to be able to play with him. He's so special in everything that he does. He makes everyone else's jobs easier. He had a heck of a game today. I don't know what the stat line was, but he was efficient as heck. We were able to complete drives and be efficient, and everyone was making plays. That's what it's all about. We were clicking today."

(on the mentality of the team to convert on fourth down late in the game) "It's fourth-and-6, and [to] see our leader come back onto the field, and you know he's going to be ready to go. And for him to make that throw, and for 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] to get open like that and get in the end zone … Those two guys have a special connection. That was a big-time play. We needed that, and we were all just ecstatic. People were making plays left and right. It wasn't just one guy. Our defensive guys were making plays. You see Tyus Bowser had a touchdown. It's hard to describe this game, just because everyone was doing their thing. [It was] just a lot of fun."

(on what this comeback effort says about QB Lamar Jackson) "He's resilient. He's resilient in everything he does. He works hard. I think the proof is in the pudding – I think when you see everything that he's done, and how he plays, and the way the team fought. We're not a team that gets down and come back. I think we've shown that this year. We've shown time and time again that we could come back from being down in deficits. Obviously, this was a great game, and he showed it again."

(on if he had any ill effects from COVID-19 and if he thought both teams would combine for 89 points heading into the game) "The COVID-[19] – I was, kind of, laid up for about 8 days. Just aches all over my body, tiredness, headache, all that stuff with COVID-[19]. It was definitely humbling going through that. It was good that I was able to get a week of practice, get my lungs right, get my body right before this game – and I felt good. But, no, I didn't expect this game to be the way it was. And that's the beauty about football. You never know what to expect. You've just got to go out there and handle the punches – and that's what this team did. This is going to make us stronger down the road."

(on if I win like this can serve as inspiration moving forward) "No doubt, no doubt. I think this was, obviously, a huge win for us. All these games coming up are playoff games. That's the type of mindset we had today. We can't let one slip, and it started with the Cleveland Browns. We're looking to next week and to get better against the Jacksonville Jaguars."

(on his post-game exchange with his fellow college teammate Browns QB Baker Mayfield) "It was just good to see him. Obviously, he's playing at a very, very high level. Obviously, I didn't like to see him doing that to our defense at times. But it's good to see him doing well and throwing the ball around. That's my buddy, so it was good."

WR Marquise Brown

(on his late touchdown catch and run) "I just saw everybody come down in a Cover Zero-type look, and I just tried to beat my man. They came up, they got aggressive at the line, but I was able to shake loose, and Lamar [Jackson] … [he's] always extending the play, and he made a great throw. God put us in a great position."

(on how he can sum up what QB Lamar Jackson did tonight, especially after battling cramps late in the game) "He's a special individual. The way he's able to take control of games and use his legs, use his arm to the way that nobody can, he's very special."

(on if there was ever any doubt in how the game would end when he came back onto the field) "There was no doubt. There was no doubt. We know we have a chance whenever we get the ball with Lamar, so we just had to go out there and make a play."

(on what this win says about the Baltimore Ravens) "It says we have no quit. I think we've shown that the last few weeks – we have no quit. We're going to fight until the end, and that's what we did."

S Chuck Clark

(on what the sideline was going through during the game-winning field goal attempt) "It was like, we all know we've got trust in him [Justin Tucker], [and] the entire 'Wolfpack' – him, Morgan [Cox], Sam [Koch] – to do their job and get it through. So, it's definitely a moment like, 'What's about to happen?' But we knew they were going to come through and get the job done."

(on TE Mark Andrews saying that WR Willie Snead IV was their emergency QB after QB Trace McSorley got hurt and QB Lamar Jackson had yet to return from the locker room) "I don't too much about what goes on with the depth on offense, but I'm sure they trust him if they were going to throw him out there."

(on the communication on the back end given the injuries) "We're just trying to get guys lined up. As long as we've got the call, we can go from there, [and] anything can happen. So, that's the main thing – let's line up, let's trust each other, and let's go make plays – at that point."

(on his thoughts when he saw QB Trace McSorley go down with an injury) "When I saw him go down, I didn't know how serious it was at the moment, but then I realized, he was actually down there for a nice little while. So, I was like, 'Hey, what's about to happen?' I saw different guys over there getting ready to go in there and get warmed up. What type of play the offense was going to run being that it was fourth down – I didn't know. But seeing 'L.J.' [Lamar Jackson] run back out there, that was a sigh of relief."

(on if the sideline was wondering what was going on with QB Lamar Jackson) "Yes, kind of. Things happen throughout the course of a game. It's a physical game, and guys get dinged up; nicks, bruises, cramps. So, things happen."

(on the Browns' second-half adjustments on offense) "They kind of tried to get into the run game. They've got two good running backs. They tried to go to that in the second half on one of the drives and get it moving, the ball. But at the end, we were able to stop them."

(on if this win can give them momentum moving forward) "Definitely – a lot of momentum. But like you said, all our games are must wins, at this point, to get to that ultimate goal where we want to go. So, we're locked in, and we know what time it is."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on what it means to him to have set the Ravens' single-season franchise record in forced fumbles, surpassing Terrell Suggs) "That's a big accomplishment for me. When I was a rookie, before I had even played a game, 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] had told me I was the future of this franchise. So, from pretty early on and to him really not being able to see me get to play in a game, it seemed like he had some respect for me. So, to be mentioned in his name with anything is definitely an honor."

(on QB Lamar Jackson coming back into the game on fourth down and converting it to a touchdown) "That was a true movie, Hollywood script, and it seemed like earlier this week, I just had a feeling … Lamar [Jackson] has a unique way of being able to lead guys without having to say much. This week he was a little more vocal, and I felt like he was going to bring his best game tonight. It just matched up all so well with how the week went, with him being a little more vocal as far as addressing the whole team on Zoom calls. It just all went together, and I was super pumped when that happened. It was just crazy."

(on the resiliency this team has showed over the last few weeks) "It definitely was nowhere near perfect, defensively. But, sometimes you're going to have to have these games where the offense has to bail you out a little bit. We just kept fighting, and it seemed like there were several times where you just could have gotten down and been like, 'Man, it's over.' But we made them earn it, and they moved the ball on the defense at times, but we just kept fighting, and the offense bailed us out. That's how the game goes; it's complementary football sometimes. It might be one-sided, but as long as one side is going, you can always have a good ending."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on why he went to the locker room) "I started cramping on the field. Right before those two passes I threw to Willie [Snead IV] and Mark [Andrews] – the overthrow – I was cramping in my forearm. And I was telling Coach, 'I need to get some salt in my system really quick.' We punted the ball, I was on the sideline, Tyus [Bowser] ended up catching the pick – the interception – we go down and score. And right after that, I gave the ball to J.K. [Dobbins], and my legs just started cramping. I'm like, 'I need something now to help me get better really quick, because this is a crucial game, right here. Both teams are playing their hearts out.' And we went to the back. Dr. [Andrew] Tucker, he was helping me out a lot, and [assistant certified athletic trainer] Kevin [Domboski] came back and started stretching me. Trace [McSorley] was doing a great job driving the ball down the field, then I saw my guy go down. And as I'm seeing him go down, I was still stretching. I was catching an attitude, because it wasn't going the way we wanted it to. And then I saw him go down, and I was like, 'We've got to start now. We've just got to go out there now.' And I started running out there – 'Kev' [Kevin Domboski] was running with me. It was fourth down, the offensive line blocked their tail off, and our guys just made great catches, and we came out with the victory."

(on if he thought about the magnitude of the game) "I didn't put that in my mind at all. It's crucial games for us right now. All I'm thinking about is winning that game. We had enough time on the clock, and I was like, 'Man, it's Go Time.' It was just 'Go Time' for us, and it was our time, I feel. Our team fought hard. The offense played great today. We still have little things to clean up – we didn't play a perfect game. But we're where we want to be right now. We're excelling right now."

(on what he was doing in the locker room) "I was cramping. I didn't pull a Paul Pierce. I didn't pull a Paul Pierce. I was cramping."

(on what was going on with his cleats in the first half) "I changed them after halftime. We had a long sack, and I tried to make something happen, [and] I ended up slipping. It wasn't the perfect cleats for the grass. I made a change, put on some better cleats, and I didn't have that problem anymore. That was it."

(on his TD pass to WR Marquise Brown) "We had a great play called, I dropped back, it looked like they were in man [coverage], the corner [inaudible] Marquise [Brown], and I was making a scramble to my right, and Marquise just came open. I just had to give him a playable ball, and he just did the rest."

(on what was going through his mind when he started cramping, if he was nervous it was something more serious and how he's feeling now) "No, not at all. I knew I was cramping. I just wanted it to go away as soon as possible. Like I said, it was a crucial game. We were playing against a great team. We had to come out with the victory, and I was just cramping at the wrong time. And right now, I'm hungry. I had too much salt [laughter]. I'm hungry, now."

(on what it's like to have Justin Tucker) "It makes my job a lot easier and the offense's job a lot easier; we didn't have to score a touchdown. Some coaches don't trust their kicker; we trust ours. We put all our faith in ours. And we just had to get him in great position to kick the field goal. And 'Automatic Tuck' – he did the rest."

(on if he's ever cramped like that and if he ran out of the locker when he saw QB Trace McSorley got hurt) "As soon as I saw him go down, I started running out of the locker room. And yes, I've [cramped] before, but it was my fault that I was cramping that time. But this time, I don't know what was going on; I thought I did everything right."

K Justin Tucker

(on his game-winning 55-yard FG kick) "The wind was definitely whipping around in there going towards the "Dawg Pound" end pretty consistent right to left, and then of course, left to right the other way. I'm not trying to talk about how hard the kick was to make it seem like it was way sweeter or anything, but the field was definitely chewed up by that point in the game. So, more than anything, it's just about getting studs in the ground with my plant, seeing the ball spotted – which, of course, is much easier when you have Morgan Cox throwing it back there, and Sam Koch spotting it quickly and efficiently. I've said this before – the ball kicks itself when everything is working the way we expect it. And the ball was trailing right to left pretty significantly throughout the flight path, so I was just glad it stayed, and we were able to make the play to win the game."

(on his mindset when preparing for the kick) "I'll sound like a broken record, but it's, 'See the ball, kick the ball, wide plant, get downfield.' Of course, there's a lot of emotion, [and] there's a lot of feeling that goes into any field goal, but especially one that is going to be the difference in the game. And the only thing that you really can do and should do – just based on my experience playing in this league now for nine years … Your feelings are unimportant; you have to focus on the action of kicking the ball, not the consequence, and we've been able to do that really well for a long time. And tonight, we were able to do just that."

(on the magnitude of the kick) "I suppose … you're brining up a lot of the stuff that I'm not thinking about when I'm taking the field to try to put us ahead late in the game. So, all the stuff that you just said makes me way more nervous now after the fact. And yes, after hearing all that, it's definitely good that we made that kick given everything that this team is going through right now, given the tumultuous nature of this particular game, but also keeping us in the playoff picture – all of those things. We definitely needed to have this one. And ultimately, what the world saw on Monday Night Football was a Ravens' team that played with faith and guts – faith in each other, faith in God and faith in ourselves."

(on if he expects the opposing coach to call a timeout in game-winning situations and how that affects him) "No, that's not for me to concern myself with. We have a plan for when the opposing team does call a timeout. It's usually a 30-second timeout; they're not going to go to break and play a bunch of Taco Bell commercials – they're just going to keep it right there on the game. I'll march over to the numbers, take a practice swing, and then, by the time I jog back to the hashes, the officials are blowing the whistle ready for play. So, I'm not thinking about it, but we have a plan for if that does happen."

(on if he felt there was enough time to score after Cleveland tied the game with 1:04 remaining) "Of course. Of course, that's plenty of time. We've got Lamar Jackson, Trace McSorley. If they were going to have to put Sam Koch in at quarterback, I would have faith in my teammates to get us in position to win the game – no matter what the personnel, no matter what the circumstance. That all said, a minute is better than 30 seconds, is better than 10 seconds. It was interesting how it all played out. It was very exciting for everybody watching at home, and I'm sure for you guys, as well. But again, it's very important … I'm a pretty emotional type of person – I kind of wear my emotions on my sleeve – except for when there are like two minutes left in a football game. I don't have the time or the energy for that. I don't think anybody really needs me to be emotional. They need me to be poised [and] stoic. My teammates and everybody in this organization just needs me to do my job in that moment."

OLB Matthew Judon and OLB Tyus Bowser

(on the emotions of the final two minutes)

Judon: "Lamar [Jackson] came back out and got us the touchdown, got us the go-ahead two-point [conversion], and then it was on us to stop them. Obviously, we didn't get that done, but there was a lot of time left on the clock. I think it was 1:05. Shoot – at that point, it's just watching the offense. We couldn't do anything more or anything less. We were just watching them march the ball. That's why we got 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker], man. 'Tuck' comes up in those clutch moments. Cold games … I think that was his first field goal attempt, if I'm not mistaken, and he drills it. All glory to God. That's why we practice, and that's why we're a team."

(on his interception and the athleticism required)

Bowser: "The play was called for me to drop." (Matthew Judon: "Speak up. Speak up")(laughter) "The call was there for me to drop. [I was] just going through my reads, and I saw him turn toward the receiver. Once I see that, I just try to do my job flat. Once I saw him throw the ball, I just put my timing out there to go and make a play – and that's what I did. Just whatever I have to do to help the team win, whether it's catching balls … I tried to get in the end zone. I thought I did, but I guess not. But we scored on that, so that's all that mattered to me. I was just happy to get the ball into our offense's hands and put some points on the board."

Judon: "Honestly, Tyus [Bowser] deserves a lot more credit, man. It's hard. You've seen people dropping balls in the cold, and he came up with it one-handed. That's his third pick in four weeks. So, he's been working hard behind the scenes. He catches and throws almost every day. You all have to respect … You all have to respect this man in coverage, man. Respect him – he can rush, and he can cover. He does both, and he's an extremely hard worker."

(on CB Marlon Humphrey setting the record of the most forced fumbles in team history)

Judon: "Is it for the season or all-time?"(Reporter: "This season.")"In the season? That's who Marlon [Humphrey] is, man. He covers. He blitzes. I think he has two sacks on the season. He has a couple TFLs [tackles for loss] out of the nickel [cornerback position]. Whatever you need Marlon to do, he does. And when he tackles you, he's going for the ball. So, he does over and beyond his job. That's why he got [his contract] extended. That's why he got the payday that he got, and it's well-deserved."

(on if they've ever had cramps so badly that they need to leave the game)

Bowser: "Shoot. If you've ever had a cramp, you know what I'm saying, that stuff isn't easy."(Matthew Judon: "You know Aaron isn't an athlete. Come on, now. [He] hasn't ever had a cramp sitting on the couch." (laughter) "He fought through it, and he was able to come back on the field and help us come out with the win, especially when [Trace] McSorley went down. That just shows you the fight that he has in him, the leadership he has. Whatever he's going through, he's going to find a way to come out here and help us [however] he can to come out and get a win. That's what he did; he went out there through what he was going through, made big plays down the field [and] scored to put Justin Tucker in a good position to get that game-winning field goal. That's just the player that he is. That's why he's that guy. So, [I'm] just proud of what he did, and I'm happy to come out with a win."

(on if he thought coming into the year that he would make a big leap in making plays in coverage)

Bowser: "I look at myself as just a football player, man. Whatever I have to do, whether that is dropping in coverage or rushing, I'm just there to do it. That was one of my goals coming in, just to get an interception; I got three. So, me, I just try to do whatever I can to help the team, but just don't look at me as just a coverage guy. I can actually get to the quarterback. Overall, I'm just a football player."

(on if the team has any concerns about the defense allowing 42 points moving forward)

Judon: "You know, every game is a game-by-game basis. If we shut a team out, you all aren't going to say, 'You're the best defense.' If we give up 42 [points], we're not the worst defense. It was just this game. They exploited some stuff. We have to go to the film, and we have to correct that stuff. But everybody isn't going to jump off the ship over here – at least we're not. So, we're going to go to work, like we always do. We're going to correct it. We're going to come back next week, and we're going to fight."

(on if they consider the Browns' final touchdown a blessing in disguise that it happened so quickly and left time on the clock)

Judon: "No. If the defense … We could've put our offense back out there, and they could've then taken a knee. We would've loved that. But that's how football is, man. You leave enough time [against] a good offense, and they go right back and score. So, that's how the game goes. It's all clock management. Our staff and our coaches do a great job of clock management, and our offense did a great job. We had that one timeout left, and we knew we could work the middle of the field while they were playing outside leverage. We got … I believe Mark [Andrews] got 40 yards on two plays. Then we hit Willie Snead [IV] on an out [route], and it just set us up."