Transcripts: Ravens-Cardinals Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening Statement: "[That was] just a great football game, first of all. As O.J. [Brigance, senior advisor to player engagement] just quoted, 'It was a fantastic effort by a football team.' And I would echo that. Kudos to the Arizona Cardinals, to 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] and Maxx [Williams] and that football team. They played a great football game. They're going to win a lot of football games this year, and we're very blessed to have come out here with a win. First of all, the crowd was unbelievable, especially in the fourth quarter. They were so loud when they were backed up. We created some penalties, our crowd did. They did a great job. Kevin [Byrne, executive vice president, community & public relations] said in the three red zone stops, three field goals through the first quarter. This team was going to move the ball. They did. But we got the red zone stops through the first three quarters. They got the drive in the fourth quarter. Once they got within three, then we had two three-and-outs, and then we got Lamar [Jackson] to [Marquise] Brown for the game-winner, basically. Of course, Lamar played a great game running the ball, and running the ball effectively. It was probably the difference maker in the game, and very smartly, in terms of getting out of bounds and getting down and all of that kind of stuff. So, I'm happy with all of that." 

(on some of the problems you had in your secondary today) "It's a spread-open offense, and sometimes you get into some zone-coverage situations, and you have to get lined up fast, and you have to communicate fast. The route matches are not simple. They're not simple for any team. And when you have a bunch of receivers on the field, that's what that offense is built to do. Now, can you rely on that all the time to get that done? It caused two or three times in a different zone, calls, and we didn't play them out right. One time, a backer didn't do this. One time, a safety didn't do that. One time, we didn't talk through something. That's where those plays came from. So, as I said last week, we have to keep getting better, keep improving. Those are some things that we'll have to work on. And credit to them with the routes as well." 

(on TE Mark Andrews' ferocious attitude he seems to play with) "The ferocious attitude that Mark [Andrews] is playing with, that's a good quote right there, very descriptive. [He had] huge third-down conversions, third-and-longs a couple of times, if I recall right. Lamar [Jackson] made some great throws. Protection - the offensive line deserves a lot of credit. Our protection was very good. Then, sustaining and extending blocks so Lamar could find room to run. But boy, Mark has a feel for the passing game. He did a great job." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson's runs were scripted today) "There were a number of scripted runs. There were a lot of quarterback-driven runs that he kept on … I'm going to say a lot, what's that, three or four? (Reporter: "RPOs?") "The options and the RPOs. There were probably many more scrambles, to your point, yes." 

(on the dynamic that WR Marquise Brown adds to the offense) "That, too. The deep stuff, obviously. The crossing routes. I felt like he created a pass interference there twice. But that's football. Even the underneath stuff, the quick stuff, where he was able to get up-field, and he seems like he has a really good knack for getting a few yards after the catch as well." 

(on WR Marquise Brown's hands and his ability to be used as an underneath receiver) "No, you haven't, probably. (laughter) But I did. If you remember, I mentioned he had great hands at some point in time, and we saw that right away. I know Lamar [Jackson] would agree with that. He has special hands, there's no doubt about it. He can track really well. It's not just that he can run fast. He's a receiver. He's a young receiver. He knows he has a lot to learn. He works really hard at it. He's very dedicated, and he just needs to keep improving. You take plays, and you make plays. Both of those things happen. When plays are presented to you, you take them, and you take what they give you. You also create plays. In that situation between Lamar Jackson and Marquise Brown, that was pretty good coverage there. They made a big play. They made a play in a critical situation, and that's something that, man, that's pretty special." 

(on what opposing defenses can do when QB Lamar Jackson can throw the ball and get around the corner to run the ball) "It's just going to be a real conundrum for them. It's going to be a real challenge for them to figure that out. They're going to have to figure it out for themselves. But this league has a lot of smart people and a lot of great players. As Lamar [Jackson] well knows, they'll be chasing our scheme. We'll play one of the best teams in the league next week in Kansas City. The stadium will be rocking. It'll be deafening. And, we're going to have to be a much better football team next week than we have been last week or this week. That's just the way the league works. I'm sure people will … This is a smart league, and you have to respect what people can do in this league." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson's speed surprises him) "I don't know. I don't think about it. Am I surprised? No, he's really fast. Nobody knows how fast he is because he didn't run at the Combine. (laughter)He's just fast. I think I asked Lamar [Jackson] that, and he said, 'Fast. I'm fast.' Here's the thing. You make too much out of all of that. Players are football players. Lamar is a football player. He has talents. He has abilities. He's out there playing the game. He's applying his gifts. He's applying his football IQ. He's applying his feel for the game. I would say, more than anything, his competitiveness. He's a super competitive person. He wants to win. And he was mad in the third quarter. I just love that about him." 

(on if he was trying to draw the Cardinals offsides when the Ravens were going for it on fourth-and-2) "The delay of game?"(Reporter: "Yes.") "We were going to try to run a play there. We just couldn't get it set up quick enough. That was on me. As a coaching staff, we could've done a better job of getting a quicker play in there, getting it called quicker there. [That wasn't] on the offensive players at all. We just had a play that was a little too hard to get set up in that situation. We were going to go for it." 

(on the pass interference that he challenged and if he is wondering if it would have been called back) "Yes, I am. He had no chance to make that play because of what the defender did. So, yes, I do. But nobody cares what I think."(laughter) (Reporter: "Are there questions that you have about the system, or are you going to try to figure anything else out?") "No, it's not going to be 100 percent. It's a good question; I really appreciate the question. But we look at every single one of those that they do. We try to get a feel for what will get overturned and what won't. There will be a bigger body of work over time. But even with that, it's humans making the decisions. It's never going to be perfect. These are judgment calls that they're making a decision on, and that's why judgment calls and replay are going to be tough. We understand that." 

(on the three short field goals the Cardinals were held to and what worked in those situations) "I'm going to have to watch the tape to be specific. We did a good job of covering them, which we didn't do when they went down there and scored. They had us on the ropes a little bit there. We covered really well, and we presented in fronts that they really couldn't run it in with." 

QB Lamar Jackson

(on how he played in the game) "I feel like it was all right. [I] came out, executed some things. [I] could have been better. There's a lot of passes I want back; some sacks I want back, but we came out with the victory."

(on the delay of game call and how upset he was they didn't get a chance to run that play) "Fourth-and-inches, you know, [we've] got one of the best offensive lines in the league. I like the play that was called. We just have to get lined up faster, and I feel like we didn't, so I was kind of mad. It's my fault. I'm the leader of the offensive unit, so I've got to get my guys set."

(on what was going through his mind before the long pass to WR Marquise Brown late in the fourth quarter) "We've got to get the first down, and there's man coverage on him, no safety help over top, and he ran a great route. I just had to make a great throw. He came down with the catch. I had other options, but that was the best one to go to at the time."

(on if he thinks that call shows how much confidence the coaches have in him as a passer) "Coaches had confidence in me last year. It just put us in the best position to win the game, and that's what it was."

(on the connection he's got with TE Mark Andrews) "We kind of had a chemistry that started last year and during the offseason. Our defense does a great job at placing us. We just have to find ways to get open. I tell Mark all the time, 'We're going to play street ball,' and that's what the case is. It was kind of like street ball, but everyone wants to win."

(on how important he felt it was to establish his running game) "I just had to take what the defense gave me, and sometimes I had to run. Sometimes I had to make scrambles because they had a great coverage, and some of our guys weren't open. I just had to move sticks. Like I said, just take advantage of what the defense gave us, and that's what we did."

(on what's more fun for him, his passing success last week or his running success today) "I'd rather throw. That's what my job is; just get the ball to my guys – the receivers and tight ends. I'd rather throw than run. I'd rather win, too."

(on if he lost a step running since he put on weight in the offense season) "No, can't lose a step. In college, I had to gain weight. Each and every year, the guys would come faster, try to hit me a little harder. It helped me."

(on if next week's game against the Chiefs in Kansas City means any more as he lost there last year) "I hate losing, period. I lost a playoff game here the last time I played on this field, so I'm ticked off still. I don't plan on losing. You don't get a game to lose. You try to win. That's our job – to score points. I'm just going to take it as it is. You just go in and play with confidence and try to come out with a victory. That's the goal.'

(on what it was like playing against former teammate LB Terrell Suggs) "It was fun. They called [Ravens tackle] Orlando [Brown Jr.] on a hold. I was like, 'Oh, come on, ref.' I'm just talking to the ref, and I'm like, "Sizz, you're faking it.' [He said] 'come on, baby, you know it's me.' It was pretty fun."

(on if the team's offense is more like last week's or what they did this week) "It's the same offense. The penalties killed us. [We] made big runs, have to come back 10 yards on holding call. Illegal formation, which is my fault. We just got to execute better. We can't kill ourselves, and that's what we did today."

(on Arizona QB Kyler Murray) "Great quarterback. I said that earlier this week. Just be [yourself]. Play with confidence, and that's what he did today. He actually did a great job."

S Tony Jefferson

(on the game) "Great win, tough opponent, but you've got to give some credit where it's due. Offense had some good plays in there. They've got some good players over there as well. I'm excited that we came out with a victory. It was good for our defense to see that type of offense, to see how we respond to certain types of plays. But like I said, in the end, we just wanted to win and be 2-0."

(on if anything was said in the huddle before the defense made stands late) "I think the best thing that helps us is that we've rehearsed these scenarios and these predicaments as far as where the ball is and the series of events, how we respond. We've done a great job, I think, throughout training camp, being in those type of positions. So, it wasn't like it was overwhelming for us because we worked through that, and when you see that stuff and then you succeed with it, it makes us feel great as a defense."

(on if he saw anything in common with the plays the Arizona offense succeeded in) "I talked to [WR] Larry [Fitzgerald] after the game, and he told me some stuff. But they did a great job. They watch film, too. When you watch film, they look at bad plays and good plays and how to attack, you know, sometimes you're just caught off-guard with those type of things, but there's some plays, you know, where we could have [been] in better position, communicated better. Those are things that you look back on, and you go to the film session tomorrow and get those fixed."

(on what Fitzgerald told him) "I asked him about a certain play, and since we don't play him. They're in a different division, he let me know what he saw on that play. Thank you, Larry."

(on his thoughts about QB Kyler Murray) "He's got heart, man. He stood in the pocket sometimes and made some good throws. We had some guys contesting's the NFL, that's going to happen. Like I said, there are some plays where obviously where we could have been in better position or communicated better on a particular play, but it's the NFL. Those things are going to happen. Week 2, 2-0, so let's go back, regroup, looks at the plays and try to [build] off on that."

(on the better communication and if it was pre-snap or something else) "Shout-out to our fans. They were extremely loud today. It's like we had 13 guys on the field at times. They couldn't get their communication right, and we've got to be a little better with our communication, too. It's a double-edged sword, but at the end of the day, we always want our fans to be loud. Like I said, they're fixable things, easy fixable things that we can fix."

(on his thoughts on QB Lamar Jackson's long pass to WR Marquise Brown that iced the game) "Florida to Florida conection. I'm starting to like that Hollywood-Lamar connection there. That is a huge play from two young guys in that time of the game. We've got a bunch of clutch players on this team, guys with heart, guys who fight to the end, and when you've got guys like that, it makes looking down the road when the games are tight, [it gives] a little more confidence."

(on what it's like on defense to see how many offensive play-makers they have) "It's huge. It's huge because at any given point they can score on a single play. The deep ball is available so the defense has got to respect that. So, as a defense, any time your offense is on the field for a period of time giving us rest [it's good]. I mean, last week, they were scoring...but we were being back out there [quickly]. So it good to be able to get a little rest but also to be able to watch our offense roll because we've seen it all training camp and spring so it's good to see Lamar and all the other guys connect."

(on the aggressiveness of the defense) "I think we've always been that way. I know I can speak for the defense that we've always been aggressive. That's just what we do. I don't think we're going to plan on not being aggressive."

(on the long throw from QB Lamar Jackson to WR Marquise Brown and if there wasn't any thought to running the ball and running down the clock instead) "There was, we just decided to go for it and try to get the first down." 

TE Mark Andrews 

(on his back-to-back great performances to start the season) "For me, it's one of those things, if they come, they come. If I get a lot of catches, and I get a lot of yards, it happens. I put in a lot of work in the offseason and had a good training camp. The coaches have great play calls, and Lamar [Jackson] is throwing great balls. It's a team effort." 

(on his touchdown catch) "It was a great play call. That's a schemed-up thing. That was something that we saw that we thought we could try to exploit in their defense. Credit to the coaches for seeing stuff like that. It's not easy to do to create plays like that and just basically walking into the end zone. I'll give them [the coaches] that one." 

(on his great relationship with QB Lamar Jackson) "There's no doubt. The way he plays the game and the way I run routes and the way I see the game is super similar. We just go out there and play ball and take what the defense gives us. Our chemistry has grown a ton just since last year." 

(on scoring the first touchdown of the game) "It felt great. At times, I think we've looked really, really good, but we also left a lot out there. That's the beauty of it. We have practice to go out there and get better, to get ready and to clean up our mistakes. It's a bright future looking ahead." 

(on QB Lamar Jackson's pass to WR Marquise Brown to seal the game) "I think it's a matter of trust. From Coach [John] Harbaugh to 'G-Ro' [offensive coordinator Greg Roman] to having trust in Lamar [Jackson] and the guys around him. For Marquise [Brown] to go up and make that play, incredible. It's a huge play. That can't be overlooked, especially as a rookie going up and making that play and sealing the game for us." 

(on not playing their best football) "I think we do a great job during the week of being prepared and just being super disciplined. We pride ourselves on being one of the most disciplined teams in the NFL week in and week out, especially on the offensive side of the ball. We have to be a little bit better in that area. We will." 

(on being a key target on third down) "That's the money down. I pride myself on being able to get open and make plays. I think they have a lot of trust in me in those situations." 

(on what playing "street ball" means) "It's chemistry. It's the way he [Lamar Jackson] sees the game and the way I see the game. It's very similar. If the defense is giving us a certain thing ... Say I have an out-route, but the guy ends up outside. I'll just sit it or something like that. [It's] just being able to play smart ball." 

RB Mark Ingram II 

(on the Ravens' offense finishing off the game) "Obviously, four-minute is the point of emphasis when you're ahead, and you can try to run the clock out. The offensive line did a great job. We were able to get some movement. We had some different runs and some different calls, and we were able to get positive yards. Gus [Edwards] had some good runs. Obviously, Lamar [Jackson] with the huge throw to 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown]. We were able to make some plays to finish the game." 

(on the diversity of the Ravens' offense) "He's [Lamar Jackson] a real QB. Lamar is a real quarterback. People can say what they want, but he can sit back there and drop dimes. He's going to continue to improve and continue to get better. We have lots of playmakers on the outside – receivers, tight ends. You see fullbacks catching it. You see backs catching it out of the backfield. That's what we want: a versatile offense and an explosive offense. Many moving parts are contributing." 

(on the Ravens' winning without playing their best football) "That's a sign of a great team. A team that's willing to fight. Every game isn't going to be a blowout. You're going to have to fight for it, and you're going to have to earn it. They're a good team over there on that side. Obviously, we felt like we left some plays out there – offensively, defensively, and on special teams. We were still able to come out with a win, so that's huge." 

(on knowing QB Lamar Jackson could throw the football well) "He's been throwing those all offseason, from OTAs. … Even when he was in college, he could throw the ball, and he had a lot of passing yards. Obviously, he's growing. He's getting better. He's getting more confident, and he's going to continue to improve. Everybody on the offense, our job is to execute our assignments, be where we're supposed to be, so we help him out, and we help him be successful."

OLB Pernell McPhee 

(on the defense getting fourth quarter stops) "It was very important. It just shows our character. After a long day of giving up something like 300 passing yards, we just stuck together, and it was a grind. Like Coach [John Harbaugh] said, 'Just another day at the office.' We kind of started communicating later on at the end, and we came out with the victory." 

(on the importance of the goal line stand) "It was very important. It changed the game tremendously. We were up by a touchdown almost the whole game. It changed the game a lot. It just goes to show you how much we lock in in the red zone and play our defense."  

(on being back in Baltimore) "It feels great. I'm back home in Baltimore. This is the team that raised me. I'm trying to get back to the playoffs and win it all, that's it." 

(on the Cardinals' offense) "We could say it was surprising, but he [Kyler Murray] is a Heisman [Trophy]-winner, drafted No. 1 overall. Look at our quarterback [Lamar Jackson]: Heisman-winner, drafted later, but they're athletes. They're great quarterbacks, and I think they both fit great in their systems. He [Kyler Murray] did a great job of being poised out there and making his throws." 

(on the Ravens' dominant run defense) "I mean, when you have 'Big Mikey' [Michael Pierce] and 'Baby' [Brandon Williams], I mean, who's going to run the ball? I've said, I dare teams to run it." 

(on the Ravens' change of personnel) "I don't think the program has changed. The faces change, but I still think we have this in-house Ravens mentality. A lot of guys have the Ravens mentality. I think that goes a long way. I don't think the mentality has changed." 

(on LB Terrell Suggs) "I seen my dog. I seen 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs]. That's my boy." (Reporter: "What did you say to him?") 'What's up, 'Sizz?' That's it." 

(on his mentality in the Ravens' defense) "I try to be very aggressive against our opponents. I try to make sure everything I put on tape is dominant, so when guys in the meeting room see it, it can trigger in their mind. the more physical I could be, the more dominant I could be. I try to keep that mentality of being very physical and dominant." 

DT Michael Pierce

(on the importance of keeping the Cardinals out of the end zone early in the game) "That determined the game. It was kind of reminiscent of the game [the Cardinals] had last week. They had like nine points going into the end of the third [quarter], and they kind of came back. So, yeah, that's something we've got to work on, but yeah, that was big time for us getting the win today."

(on his impression of QB Kyler Murray) "I mean, if you look at the game last week, he's an amazing athlete. The guy has a rocket arm. Some of those plays – you can't coach the stuff that kid does. He's an amazing athlete and showed it today, and thankfully we did enough to get the win."

(on seeing similar speed in a quarterback every day in practice with QB Lamar Jackson) "You know No. 8 [QB Lamar Jackson]? That's what I would ask you. So yeah, we see Lamar Jackson each and every day, and that kind of helped us. He kind of scrambles and throws, which he did do today, but we did enough to get the win. That's the most important thing." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson was motivated by playing against another mobile quarterback) "I wouldn't say so. Lamar's pretty self-motivated. [Kyler Murray's] an amazing athlete as well, two amazing athletes, but [Lamar's] a self-motivated guy. He's going to do whatever he needs to do to get the win."

S Earl Thomas III

(on the defense coming up big at the end of the game) "Yeah, we've got to get comfortable just dominating those situations, and that's a great way to start that. It won't be the last time we need to close a game out or the game is tight like that, so it was great for us to be in that situation and have some success."

(on if the team did a good job getting pressure on QB Kyler Murray and making him uncomfortable) "We were, especially late in the third [quarter] when 'Wink' [defensive coordinator Don Martindale] cranked it up with a twister, and he called that a sack. That kind of started the momentum shifting back in our favor. But overall, they had some great concepts. It was schemed up, concept plays, and they took advantage of it. A couple of them, we just didn't have zone eyes, and it was just little areas or simple mistakes that if we were on our stuff, you never would have seen that. So, stuff that we've got to clean up, but other than that, they had some great concepts."

(on how impressed he was with how both quarterbacks played today) "Lamar, they gave us a great lead, and as a defense you never want that lead to diminish. Then, even at the end, they closed it out when we needed them. Lamar is an outstanding quarterback; I can't say enough about him. He's probably even upset that we didn't blow them out; that's the type of competitor he is. We've just got to get back to practice, the drawing board and get ready for [Kansas City]."

DT Brandon Williams

(on watching QB Lamar Jackson connect with WR Marquise Brown to seal the game as a defensive player) "It was a beautiful sight. It's like poetry in motion, man. Just seeing the ball go up and seeing him [WR Marquise Brown) come down with it, it was amazing. I love that dude, definitely."

(on the emotions of playing against former teammate LB Terrell Suggs) "He's Suggs. He's an X-factor. He's always a brother. I love him death no matter where he is or what jersey he's wearing. He'll always be a brother."

CB Anthony Averett

(on what's been the biggest challenge stepping into a bigger role on defense) "I'm preparing to be a starter. It's different from last year. I wasn't playing as much as now, but every game I'll get better."

(on getting stops in the red zone in the first half) "That's something we practice a lot, red zone. Red zone defense is one of our key goals. Don't let them score, hold them to 3, 3 at the most."

(on some of the breakdowns in the secondary) "I think it was certain things. We were in zone for a lot of them. With some things, I think they just schemed it up. It was something they saw on film and just schemed us up on it. But after that, I feel like we just put pressure on him and didn't give him any time to get the ball out."

OLB Matthew Judon 

(on how the big the win is) "We have gotten off to a good start. We defended the home turf today. We are going to enjoy this one, and then it is on to Kansas City." 

(on the home atmosphere today) "It was rocking today. I think the home fans wanted to see what we've got. They wanted to see Earl [Thomas III] out there, wanted to see Marlon [Humphrey], and they wanted to see 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] and the chemistry he has with Lamar [Jackson]. I think we put on a good show. [The Cardinals] have a good defense. They have got some good players. We came out with the "dub," and that is all that really matters.  

(on how challenging Arizona's offense is) "They are a good team. They schemed up some good stuff, throws and looks, and I am glad we got to see them early in the season. But we have some 'dawgs' in the back end, and we were able to handle them."  

(on the play of QB Kyler Murray) "He hit some throws and did what he had to do for his team." 

(on if it helps practicing against Lamar Jackson when facing Kyler Murrary) "They're two different animals there. I will not compare anybody to Lamar [Jackson]. Lamar [Jackson] is special, not to diminish anything from Kyler Murray, not what he has done or what he will do. I just think he has got to get some more games under his belt. His first two have been pretty good." 

(on Lamar closing out the game for the Ravens with the third-down throw) "You need a closer. You need someone to go out there and do the dirty work and get it done. And do not overlook the couple of runs from Mark [Ingram II]. Everybody did it, but that third-down throw was a huge throw, and Lamar [Jackson], he had 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] one on one, and he took advantage of it, period."  

T Orlando Brown Jr.  

(on the team's offensive performance through two weeks) "Obviously we have been able to score points and make the plays of twenty plus yard. I feel like we are pretty balanced in our approach and our execution in the passing game has been amazing."  

(on Lamar Jackson) "His commitment to the game, his commitment to the team, and his commitment to making himself the best he can is the reason we have been able to come out and do this for the first two games. He is a leader, and he is the captain of this team. He has got us, and we are all behind him."  

(on the difference between this year and last year on Lamar) "I just think he understands the system better this year. If you look at his game and all phases, from high school to college to the pros, he gets better every year. He won the Heisman in his sophomore year and then gained more yards in his junior year. He will continue to get better with reps and continue to learn the system." 

(on his battle against OLB Chandler Jones) "It is all business when I am out there. We actually have the same agent, but it is all business when I am out there. I do not have any friends when I am out there, whether it is blood or not. If you are not wearing purple, I am not messing with you."  

(on if it was weird lining up against Terrell Suggs) "He is one of the greatest to ever do it. He has done a lot for this town, a lot for this team. I did not really talk to him much during the game, because it is all business. Post-game, I did talk to him." 

WR Marquise Brown 

(on how confident he was that the offense would convert on third-and-11 on his late 41-yard reception) "[I was] very confident from the time I saw the ball in the air. [Lamar] threw a great pass, and all I had to do was make a play." 

(on if that is the called play coming out of the huddle) "No, coming out of the huddle, you don't know exactly who [Lamar] is going to go to until you see the coverage. Once I saw the coverage, I had a pretty good understanding that it might be coming to me." 

(on if that was a perfect ball) "Yes, he couldn't have thrown it any better than that. He put it in a great spot, and all I had to do, like I said, was hold my line." 

(on if QB Lamar Jackson is putting to rest some of the questions about his ability to play quarterback) "Yeah, he's going to keep doing it, and he's been doing it since I got here. He's been a wonderful passer. I know he's going to keep doing it each week."  

(on a big game coming up at Kansas City) "We've got to have a great week, starting from the off day tomorrow and just going into the week. We need to focus and go in prepared." 

G/T Marshal Yanda 

(on Lamar Jackson's play) "I think for me, it is his composure right down to the end of the game. That big play, that big pass in the fourth quarter at the end of the game. It was not pretty at times, but we just kept at it, and in the fourth quarter he made the big play."  

(on Lamar's progress from Year 1 to Year 2) "He is doing a good job of just keeping his head down. He still has things he needs to work on like we all do, but we are 2-0, and we have earned those wins. We are excited about it, but we also understand it is a long season. Arizona was not going to lay down. They had to make an east coast trip and play at 1 o'clock to win a football game. Never easy, but they played tough."  

(on lining up against Terrell Suggs) "It was definitely different, but that is the NFL. He is one of the guys I most respect, and I played alongside him for many years. He has done things the right way, but again, that is part of the NFL, and he understood once we started playing, it was game on. After the game, I had a chance to say hi to him. Just nothing but respect for Terrell."  

(on this year's different offense from years passed) "Yeah, I mean it is exciting, with Marquise [Brown] having that ability to run by a guy and be able to throw the ball up and get it to him is important for an offense. It keeps the defense honest. They always want to stop the run, so if you go one on one with a guy like Marquise [Brown], sooner or later, he is going to run by that guy. It is exciting, guys are making plays. But like I said, it has only been two games. It is a long season, but we are excited." 

RB Justice Hill 

(on the multiple weapons of the offense) "We have a lot of guys that can do a lot of special things in executing everything we do. We are excited about our potential." 

(on if he has he ever played with a quarterback like Lamar) "No, I have never played with anybody quite like Lamar [Jackson]. I have watched him over the last couple of years in college and in the pros, and now to be in the same backfield with him is a blessing. He is just spectacular. He can do it all. He can make plays whenever it counts. That big throw at the end, he put it perfectly to Hollywood [Marquise Brown]."  

(on the Ravens' offense in general) "We are just trying to do as much as possible to put up points and win the game. Our plan is to take the stress off the defense and balance things out." 

(on what he has learned from Mark Ingram II) "He has taught me to be patient and take what the defense gives you. Being able to play with him and learn from him and learn patience is really going to help my game. I know it is going to work out great."