Transcripts: Ravens Friday Transcript


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"OK, great to see everybody here. We appreciate it. That pretty much wraps up the preparations, although we'll still continue to prepare until Sunday. I told [the team], I said, 'You never stop preparing up to the game, through the game and then beyond the game.' And this is our beginning. This is where we start. We're ready to get started. It's been awhile, and we're looking forward to the game on Sunday and beyond. What do you have?"

Do you have any update on how P/K Kaare Vedvik is recovering? I know, I think he was at the facility yesterday. (Childs Walker)"Jerry [Rosburg, who is walking nearby], I haven't seen him. How's Vedvik doing? How's Kaare doing?" (Rosburg gives thumbs up.)"He's fine. All right, there you have it. He's OK." (Rosburg: "That's my medical report.")"Jerry did this." (gives thumbs up)

Former WR Anquan Boldin is going to be at Sunday's game as the Legend of the Game. I'm not sure how much you'll have a chance to talk with him or not, but what will it mean to have him back and share that moment? (Garrett Downing)"It will mean a lot. Anquan Boldin was a key factor in our success when he was here. It will be just really exciting have him back here. I like to say, it's with all of our guys, when our guys come back, so much of their energy rubs off on our guys, because there's such great tradition here. And, it's tradition that's pretty recent. We're talking about the last 20 or so years. In Anquan's case, what, five years ago, six years ago? I'll never forget the game against Arizona his first year. I think we go down 21-0 in the first half, and he comes to me at halftime. He says, 'Just throw me the football!' I said, 'Ok!'" (laughter) "Well, I told Joe [Flacco]. I didn't do it. I told Joe, 'Joe, throw him the football.' It worked out well, as you might recall! I love the guy. I love Anquan. He's a true Raven. He'll be a Raven for life, and I'm glad he's coming back."

Given what he did for you last year and the versatility that he can play outside or inside, how valuable is it having CB Maurice Canady back in the picture and that he's on track? _(Luke Jones) _"Maurice is a very valuable player. I'm excited about him. He looks good in practice, so it looks like he'll be out there. I haven't gotten the OK on that finally from the trainer, but that's my diagnosis. I'm planning on having him, unless something changes between now and then. He can play inside. He can play outside. He can play special teams. [He is a] good player. It's good to have him back."

There's a report that FB Christopher Ezeala was out with P/K Kaare Vedvik the night of the incident. Can you comment on that? _(Aaron Kasinitz) _"I'm really not interested in commenting on any of it. You can go ask Chris. He's probably right in there. That doesn't really matter anymore. Kaare is OK. The police have it. If there's anything that happens beyond that, then I'll get interested again, but I just think Kaare made a really bad decision. He stayed out too late, by himself especially, and you just don't do that. Hopefully, he'll learn from it and never let it happen again. And, I hope the rest of our guys learn from it as well, and anybody else out there. Kids out there, hey, you're a young person. You have a lot at stake in life. Be smart. Know your surroundings. Know where you're at. Why are you there at that time? Doing what? Nothing good ever happens after midnight. Parents back here, you guys putting your thumbs up. It's true. It continues to be true."

ILB C.J. Mosley doesn't have a new contract at this point, but what does it say that he has never let that becomes a distraction?_ (Jamison Hensley)_ "Why would it be a distraction? Why would it? He's going to get a big contract – there's no question about it. That's for all these guys. As coaches, you root for your players to sign big deals. That's what you want – you want to see them prosper. You want to be a part of that. And when they do, you're thrilled for them. So, C.J. Mosley: Take care of business. Take care of what's important. What matters to you and what can you control? That's what he's doing a great job of, and I think he has great parents that influence him in a really good way. He's just a fine young man, and you wouldn't expect anything else."

With the presence of WR/RS Janarion Grant, LB Chris Board and CB Darious Williams on the 53-man roster, what does that say about the talent from undrafted rookie class?_ (Ed Lee)_ "I don't know. It says it was good enough to have three guys make it. I guess that's what it says. What else would it say? If you want me to pump up the scouts, I'm all for it! The scouts do a great job and our coaches do, too. They do a great job of finding those guys, and we had a lot of competition. That's what you want as a coach – more competition means better practices. To see those guys make it is a real positive thing."

Any particular method to defend Bills' RB LeSean McCoy that you prefer?_ (Aaron Kasinitz) _"All hands on deck, public enemy No. 1. He knows that. That's how it's always been for him. We'll always be aware of where he's at. What we can do about it, we'll find out on Sunday. He's a super talented guy, and they're going to get the ball in his hands, I'm sure. But I'm also sure they're going to use him as a decoy. You have to be aware of that as well. We just have to play good, sound defense."

When is the decision made by you guys whether or not to keep three quarterbacks active?_ (Bo Smolka)_"It's made throughout the game-planning process. That decision has been made at this point. But it's part of the game-planning process. When you look at the team you're playing on Monday, Tuesday – you put a game plan together, see what you're going to need, and figure out who's going to be active. Of course, that depends on who's healthy sometimes. Special teams need factor in; the other side of the ball factors in. As the head coach, that's your job to try to balance those things out, listen to what everybody needs, and make a decision as early as you can so people can prepare accordingly."

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