Transcripts: Ravens Friday Zoom Availability

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see everybody. I appreciate you being here. What questions do you have?"

It's the first time we're talking to you since CB Marlon Humphrey signed his big deal yesterday. He's excited to continue to be in a Ravens uniform. How exciting is it for you to have him in the mix for years to come? (Todd Karpovich) "Just as excited. Just as excited. Absolutely. He's a special guy – a great player. He does all the things the way we want to play in our defense. He's a perfect fit for us. That's why we drafted him all those years ago, and it's worked out really well for us, and we're very happy about that. I know as coaches, we're really happy about it."

T Ronnie Stanley did not practice the past two days. Is there any insight on his status for Sunday? (Jamison Hensley) "No, no insight on anybody's status."

The league just announced the Ravens-Steelers game will be moved and your Bye Week will be moved up a week. Was that something you kind of expected the last couple of days just looking at how the schedule is going to fall and the need to be flexible? (Luke Jones) "Right. Yes, I haven't given it too much thought, but that's exactly right. I definitely agree. The need to be flexible; this is the year for that. That's kind of important every year, but, man, this is the year of flexibility. And we kind of had that; if you go back to 2008, Houston had a hurricane, and we found out on Friday that we weren't going to play. I think we had a 'Bye Day' on Saturday and played the rest of the way through, and it worked out well for us. So, you just don't worry about it. You go out and play it out however it plays out. And I do believe and understand that the league has the best interest at heart, and everybody will just do what they have to do."

I know you were previously asked about pulling down the neck gaiter when you voiced your displeasure on a tripping penalty. There was a report that the ref's union [NFLRA] sent a complaint to the league office. With it being a couple days later, have you heard anything from them? And if so, do you have any comment? (Daniel Oyefusi) "I haven't. I understand. We're all chasing perfection; we're trying to be as perfect as we can. It's a pretty hard standard to hold other people to, but you try to do the best you can. That's really all I have to say about it."

I know you guys trained G D.J. Fluker a little bit at guard, but how has he looked at tackle, and why is he a guy who at this point in his career can still play both? (Aaron Kasinitz) "He's a guy who's played both. He was a high pick – a first round pick at tackle coming out. He plays both sides at tackle. He plays both guards. [He's] a veteran player. [Those are] probably the biggest reasons. He's a heck of a football player. He's done well for us. We're happy. He has a great attitude, he's worked so hard, and if he's called upon, he'll be ready to go."

I'm just wondering, with QB Lamar Jackson – because those of us who don't get to see him every day have so much curiosity about him and all of his football gifts and his great leadership – after a loss, during a week of practice like this, is he any different? Do you notice any changes in his temperament? (Kim Jones) "It's not really something that … I understand the interest in it, but it's not something that we really take interest in. I don't think it's really something we think about as coaches or players. We just have a responsibility; we all have jobs to do. Lamar [Jackson] is certainly a guy who does his job. He comes to work; he's focused, he's locked-in, and he's that way every week. So, how we're feeling, we talk about it some – maybe, not really. We really can't worry about it too much. What matters is how we handle our business, and how we work, and how we come back the next day, the next week – whatever. So, that's just one of the great things about football and about sports. So, we haven't really delved into too much about that. I do appreciate the question though."

The Washington front; I certainly know that DE Chase Young is hurt, and DT Matt Ioannidis is now out. But is that one where – just as a football person – you look at that front and kind of say, "Wow?" (Kim Jones) "Certainly. Absolutely. You just have great respect for that front. They have a lot of good players, and they play really well, and they're coached really well. And the front four; they're basically a four-man front, and they're very deep. They're about seven players, eight players deep there. They're very good players. And then, I really like their inside linebackers. [They're] guys who have been around. They play really hard. They know what they're doing. They really fit the front four very well. And then even in the back end, they have one of the best safeties in football, a young safety from Penn State [Troy Apke] who's coming on – is very talented – and some very experienced corners. So, it's a defense that we are very aware of, and we're going to have to play our best football in order to move the ball and score points."

I know you guys take things week-by-week, day-by-day even, so does moving that Steelers game up by a week change anything for you in the big picture? (Jonas Shaffer) "No, it's so far out; it really doesn't. It really doesn't. We'll just take them as they come. Good question, but I haven't given it really any thought at all. We don't care. (laughter) I appreciated that quote from [Steelers head] Coach [Mike] Tomlin. I thought that was well put."

WR Devin Duvernay

Just wondering, how much does the kickoff return for a touchdown kind of boost your confidence and tell you, 'Hey, I can make big plays in this league?' (Ryan Mink) "Yes, it was definitely a confidence booster – not that I was lacking any. That was fun to do; I'm happy that I got the chance and opportunity to return one. That was just me trying to take advantage of my opportunities."

This week, head coach John Harbaugh and offensive coordinator Greg Roman both talked about the possibility that you would have a bigger offensive role moving forward – that you've been playing well on offense and special teams. What's your take hearing that from your coaches? (Ryan Mink) "Every time I get in, I'm just trying to take advantage of my opportunities. I'm just trying to keep earning my coaches' trust day-in and day-out, and just let the rest speak for itself." (Reporter: "You feel like you're ready for a big role?") "Yes, I think I am. I think I've had good practices and I think I'm up for the challenge. I'm ready to get some shots to take advantage of my opportunities."

Given the limited offseason reps that everybody got, but especially as a rookie, are you feeling more comfortable? Are you able to get a better feel for what it will take to be a part of this offense more regularly as a receiver? (Mark Viviano) "Yes, for sure. I'm getting better every day; I'm still not at my peak. I'm still learning and getting the hang of things. Every chance and every practice, like I said, I'm just learning new things every day. Yes, it's all coming together, though."

Along those lines, making the transition from college to an NFL offense – the Ravens offense – what has been the biggest challenge in terms of the learning curve? (Luke Jones) "I guess I'd say just the verbiage. Just getting used to that and knowing terminology and things like that, because football is football at the end of the day. It's just communicating with everybody and the different terms that we use here than we did in college that you have to get used to."

Head coach John Harbaugh was telling us the other day that he came up to you before Monday's game and said he thought you were going to make a big play, and then you were really excited. How did those conversations go from your perspective? (Aaron Kasinitz) "Yes, that's exactly right. He came up to me right before kickoff and said he could see me having a big play and impacting this game in a big way, because plays have already been made in practice many times. I did, and that was something really exciting to see. The fact that he called it was pretty special."

That Kansas City team that you guys played, there's so much talk about their team's speed, and obviously, that's your game. Can you describe what you bring to this team, relative to if and when you get the ball in your hands, as you showed on Monday night? What speed can do for an offense or for special teams? (Mark Viviano) "Yes, just speed [and] run after catch; I feel like those are some of the strong suits I bring. Being able to get yards when you have the ball in your hands and make the most of it when you get the ball. Pretty much [with me] being a possession guy and whatnot, eating up ground and getting YAC [yards after catch]."

Do you know where you rate among your teammates as the fastest? Might you be the fastest? (Mark Viviano) "I'm not sure what my teammates think. We haven't really had that conversation."

How much does WR James Proche II and you two, kind of bouncing back and forth in practice, how much do you two push each other to make each other better? (Ryan Mink) "We always do. It's a whole group effort; we're always pushing each other to get better. We're always trying to one-up somebody, but that's just the love we have for the game and the drive we have just for getting better and winning."

Are you friends with Matthew McConaughey, because he called you the steal of the draft on Twitter? I don't know if you saw that. (Ryan Mink) "I talked to him a couple times back in college, because he was around a lot. So, we had our fair share of conversations."

What have people said to you after your big play? (Ximena Lugo Latorre) "Just that they're happy for me. Just [give] credit to all the hard work I've put in and just keep going, just keep working and keep getting better. This is a start and that they're proud of me."

I know it's a lot of changing plans and everything with COVID-19. I think the NFL announced today that guys basically aren't allowed to travel during their Bye Week. You guys just had your game rescheduled. Has this been any change in how you go about your daily business? Or changed anything about the months ahead? (Jonas Shaffer) "No, honestly. I'm just sticking with it day-by-day and taking it one step at a time. I haven't, honestly, looked too far into that."