Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, you just heard from a guy who played a fantastic game. So, congratulations to Elvis [Dumervil] and to our team. That's a hard-fought game, that's a big win. And kind of a critical time in the season. That's a good football team who came in here, and our guys played really well. Couple things, just a couple notes. We started fast. We got a three-and-out, went down and scored. That's how you want to start the game. We turn it over, but we don't allow any points. Our sudden-change defense has been tremendous all year. Credit Dean Pees, the coaches, the players, guys in the back end, they're doing a great job of getting off the field. Tie that into two fourth-down stops in the third quarter. So, I just think our defense did a tremendous job with that. Offensively, we did a really good job … They threw everything at us, they threw the kitchen sink at us, defensively, scheme wise. We had every blitz and every kind of front coverage. They're disguising really well. Thought Mike Smith and Mike Nolan did a great job with their game plan, and they got us a few times early. But, our coaches and Joe [Flacco] did a great job of figuring out what they were doing. We settled down a little bit and were able to move the ball and make them pay a couple times; that was really important for us. Five sacks. Five sacks and really numerous quarterback hits on a guy that doesn't get hit very often. [Matt Ryan] scooted out of there a few times. That shows you how good Matt Ryan is. Credit our guys for keeping him in there and then for getting him. [It was] just culminated by Terrell Suggs getting the safety. I was looking hard at challenging that [previous play], and we just didn't feel like we had the knee on the ground. We just couldn't see it, and then, heck, 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] made it a moot point very quickly. So, that was good. And then we were 11 out of 15 on defense on third down, getting off the field, which is [a] big shutout after three quarters. So, really a team win. Saw the special teams did a great job with Devin Hester. Jerry [Rosburg] did a great job with getting those guys ready. We had some tremendous schemes on kickoff lined up. We got them at the 15 [yard line] two or three times. We did a great job with that. Had a couple returns, had the return on the punt, which is something we don't work on very often. That was big. We had the muffed punt, which was unfortunate, but our guys bounced back from that as well. So, I just thought all three phases … credit to the coordinators and the coaches. It was really a team win."

(on whether it's hard for offenses to protect against pass rushers like Terrell Suggs, Elvis Dumervil and Pernell McPhee) "Yes, it's very tough. Any time you have a number of guys rushing at the level they're rushing at … It's really not just those guys, because our linebackers … You take [C.J.] Mosley and Daryl Smith, I'll forget a couple guys, but really all of our guys are doing a great job. I think 'C.B.' [Clarence Brooks] and Ted [Monachino] and 'Wink' [Don Martindale] are doing a great job of teaching those guys how to rush the passer in various situations, and it has paid off for us."

(on Morgan Cox's injury) "Morgan has a torn ACL. So, Morgan is going to be out for the year. I'm sorry to report that. Thanks for asking. We'll be looking for a long snapper."

(on whether Haloti Ngata will be the long snapper) "No, but he did a good job. It's funny because … I'll tell you, credit Jerry Rosburg. The headsets weren't working just right, and I'm thinking, 'We have Haloti. We go for two.' I tell Gary [Kubiak], 'Go for two.' And Jerry has the guys out there, 'No, no, we're going to go for two; we don't have a long snapper,' and Jerry's like, 'Let [Haloti] do it. Let's get the rep out here.' And he was exactly right, and he did a great job with it."

(on his perception of Will Hill's first game) "From what I could tell, he played well. He flew around, made a tackle or two, I think that I saw. He eyed a couple things up, timing wise, on some pressures, if I remember right. He continued to work on communication. But for the first game, being kind of out for six weeks, it looks like he played well."

(on the Falcons looking upset about the Ravens throwing a touchdown pass on fourth down) "Well, maybe I have more respect for their team than they do. I mean, it's a 13-point game at that point, with plenty of time left on the clock. We don't have a long snapper, so snapping the ball back there in that situation, that's risking any number of bad things that could happen to us. [To] put them back in the game wouldn't be smart. So, I don't know if we were expecting necessarily to get … We certainly weren't expecting a touchdown, but we get all-press man coverage, and that's what we do. Our guys made a play, so that's just football. And it was big for us because it sealed the game at that point. The game was far from sealed at that point."

(on the importance of the Owen Daniels acquisition this offseason) "We didn't expect him maybe to be this much in the forefront, and yet he has handled it tremendously well. He has had a great season. He blocks, he makes big catches. Just can't say enough about Owen."

(on whether he has noticed the defense clicking in the recent weeks) "I think we have just been building. I think we have been putting one brick on top of the other and going through a process and trying to get better every single day. And when you do that, you can move down the road and improve. And our guys take it seriously. They come to work every day. They bring their lunch box, they bring their blue shirts, and they go to work. And that's how you become a good football team."

(on moving into first place in the AFC North) "Meaningful at Week 7. So, it's good to be there, in that situation, at this time. But, you have to build on it, you have to keep getting better. We're not a good enough team to do the things that we want to do right now, so we have to keep improving. But, huge game this week. Our eyes are on the horizon. We're headed to Cincinnati. It's a very, very tough place to play. They're a very, very good football team. We know each other inside and out, and we're looking forward to the opportunity."

(on whether the secondary is starting to gel as a unit) "They are. They are. They really are coming together. I think [secondary/assistant head coach] Steve [Spagnuolo] has done a phenomenal job, and I'll put [assistant defensive backs coach] Chris Hewitt in it, too. And our guys are very, very coachable. We're playing very good technique. Our spacing is right, our relationships per coverage, as it relates to the route, has been very good. And I sense a little confidence back there, as far as being aggressive and attacking balls. I'd like to catch a few more of those, that'd be good. We tell them one of the key things about being a good defensive back is, 'Catch the ones they throw to you.' So, we have to work on that this week."

(on how Joe Flacco handled the pressure and built on last week's performance) "I thought he did really well. I haven't seen the numbers yet, so I don't even know what his numbers were, but it seemed like they were good. The thing that Joe handled very well in this game was all the looks we were getting. Joe has a lot of responsibility at the line, and they were disguising really well. It was a very creative package, it's a really good coaching staff. And I thought he did a really good job of sorting it out, working with [offensive coordinator] Gary [Kubiak] and with [quarterbacks coach] Rick [Dennison], and getting us operating the way we needed to. He made some big throws as well, good in the pocket. I'm sure there are some plays he wants back, there always will be. But, they presented us with a few problems today."

OLB Elvis Dumervil

(on today's pass rush) "Give God the glory. We just came out, played with a lot of energy. The crowd was awesome. Give them kudos for that. We did some good things. The rush, the coverage was [good], and those type of things happen, good things happen."

(on if Matt Ryan may have thought the pass rush was constantly in his face) "They went 'chip mode' in the second half. When that happens, there's less guys running routes, and that's a win for the defense. Give credit to our offense. They put us in a pass-rush situation; good things happen when that happens."

(on if the pass rushers are in a groove right now) "Our coach, [linebackers coach] Ted Monachino came out with a good speech last night, and the answer to that is we're just getting started. That kind of was the theme of our speech. Good things, great things, are expected from this defense. We work hard all year, from [training] camp, mini-camp, so our motto is, 'we're just getting started.'"

(on how good Pernell McPhee is) "He's our specialist. A guy who's that size, [with] that quickness, to be able to go inside, outside. I mean, he's a special player. I've never been around a guy like that before."

(on almost getting a safety and Terrell Suggs getting it on the next play) "Suggs being who he is, he's a dominant force on the opposite side, so I'm happy for him getting a sack."

QB Joe Flacco

(on if WR Torrey Smith's fourth-quarter touchdown was a set play) "Yes, we had Michael [Campanaro] in the slot on a little choice route, and we have Steve [Smith Sr.] and Torrey running down the sideline. We obviously didn't have a long snapper, and the priority was getting the first down because either way, throw or pass, the clock was going to stop on the change of possession. We came out, and like I said, our objective was to get the first down, and they gave us a throw, so we took it."

(on the many looks Atlanta's defense gave the Ravens) "I drop back. I go through my reads. I think our guys did a really good job sorting it out. I think they were able to get a little bit of pressure at times, but I think [offensive coordinator] Gary [Kubiak] did good job switching things up and trying to counter it as much as he could. There were a lot of plays that not only pressure-wise and stuff like that, but coverage-wise, they switched it up a lot. They played a lot in multiple coverages and did a lot of different things. A lot of times, they had pretty good coverages, for what we were in, and when we tried to do this, they were in the right thing for it. Things happen like that. That's a lot of the game – the defensive coordinator [and] offensive coordinator going back and forth with each other and trying to scheme each other open, and scheme guys coming free, and stuff like that. I thought the whole team did a really good job adjusting throughout the game and making the plays we had to."

(on he and tight end Owen Daniels being on the same page) "[When] he gets one-on-one or running across the field, he's a nice, big target. He's a good player. He gets himself open. He gets leverage on guys. He knows when to sit in holes, so you can trust when he is doing something that you can put the ball on, and nobody is going to undercut him, or anything like that. And he makes catches in traffic. He obviously has held onto the ball a lot of times while getting hit by two guys, even one in the end zone today. So yes, I have a lot of confidence throwing to him."

(on how good it feels to be in the position that the Ravens are in now) "It feels good anytime you get a win. It's an awesome feeling to get a win in the NFL each week. To get us at 5-2 – a couple games in a row that we've won – it's always big. So now the focus is on next week and what we have to do to get a little better and play a good game."

(on what he and QB Matt Ryan talked about before and after the game) "We don't talk about too much – just asked how each other were doing, how are the families doing. [I] asked him if he had a bunch of people coming down to the game, he said, 'Yes.' After the game, I just said, 'Hey man, good job standing in there. You're doing a hell of a job, and just keep it up.'"

(on if he felt bad for QB Matt Ryan after what the Ravens' pass rush did to him) "No, not at all." [laughter]

(on having many options to give the ball to on offense) "It's huge. We have a lot of guys that are good at doing multiple things. No matter what you do, we're going to have someone that is good at beating it and somewhere to go with the ball. The biggest thing with that is that when teams are doing that to you, and they're trying to give you different looks, you're going to have to get the ball out quickly at times. The fact that guys are getting open quickly is a huge help to that."

(on if the Ravens' defense reminds him of how things used to be) "Well, I watch them. And today, you're right – the last two weeks [the defense has played well]. Our defensive front, man, they're really good. We go against them all of training camp and all of the offseason. We know how good they are, so it's nice to see them really, really get after it. They're giving our DBs chances. There are a lot of chances for some big plays out there for those guys, and we all know how much those kinds of plays turn games and really get you over that next level. It's impressive to watch, and it's a lot of fun for us because we're just sitting over there waiting to get the ball back. And the advantage for us is we get the ball back with good field position, and can strike quickly."

(on how it feels to be standing at 5-2 on the year) "It's tough to not feel good immediately after a win, but obviously, we have everything that we want to do right in front of us. We just have to go out there and continue to play well. We have a tough opponent [in Cincinnati] next week that we didn't play necessarily good against, at least for half of a football [game], in the first game. We have to come back out there and prove ourselves. They're a good football team, and they're going to be hungry, and we're [playing] there. So it's going to be a tough test; [I] can't wait for it."

WR Torrey Smith

(on his touchdown) "We felt like we had to take a shot. They had been playing cover zero on every snap. Honestly, I wanted to do it on first down. But that's probably a sign of disrespect. We really had no choice but to throw the ball and finish with the ball in our hands, instead of giving them a shot."

(on the win) "This was a great team win all around. We've got some things we've got to clean up. I'm responsible for [QB] Joe [Flacco]'s interception. I have to tackle the guy there. Joe did a great job. Our defense did a great job, and we won the game."

(on the defense's sacks) "It's like that every week. The opposing quarterbacks have to get rid of the ball. They've been working hard, [OLB Pernell] McPhee as well."

(on playing Cincinnati next week) "It's still early. It always comes down to the last few weeks, but this one today was a big one."

(on being a bigger part of the offense) "It's the same as any other thing. I'm still leading at everything out there. That gets overshadowed sometimes, until you make a play, like scoring a touchdown. I'm going to continue to work hard, and things will click."

(on setting up touchdowns) "I should have gotten into the end zone. Steve [Smith Sr.] should have blocked that guy for me. Nah, just kidding. I should have run him over. I'm just doing my job. There's nothing special to it. I can do a better job at doing what I'm supposed to do. That's what I'm working towards."

(on QB Joe Flacco) "Joe did a great job. One of his picks I should have tackled the guy and taken a pass interference penalty. I kind of lost track of the ball myself. So one of those interceptions is my fault. On the other one, he kind of took a chance and didn't see the backside safety, but he still did a great job. He was the leader of the winning team, and he made plenty of big plays to help this team move the chains."

(on offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak) "The ability to run the ball has been huge for us. When you're able to run the ball, and you have a quarterback like Joe Flacco, I'm not going to say it's easy, but it's a lot easier to score points. You can see the past few weeks we've been hot, minus Indianapolis. We're still young in this offense. The best is yet to come."

(on the defense) "They've been playing well all year, and as important as it is to play now, we need to continue to grow and build on these things, and play the same way at the end of the year, and continue the trend going on up."

(on the next two weeks on the road) "We're obviously playing in two tough environments. It's a big one this week against the Bengals. We don't want them to get too far ahead. We know what's on the line with this game. It will be a big one for us. We need this one."

(on the first game against the Bengals) "We [the wide receivers] were the reason why we didn't get it done. We need to go out there and play the game. I'm not saying this is personal, like it's any different than any other game, but it's important for us to show up."

* *

CB Jimmy Smith

(on playing the Falcons) "We have to give all the credit to the front seven. They were back there every single play. It made our job easy today."

(on limiting the Falcons receivers) "It was all about the pressure. The pressure was getting there, and [Matt Ryan] couldn't get the ball to them. And those guys are extremely talented. We won it in the trenches, and that's what slowed down their pass game."

(on the defensive backs dropping the ball) "I'm about to go out and buy a Juggs machine tonight and just sit on it until my hands bleed. I don't want to talk about it."

(on being in first place) "It absolutely feels good, but at the end of the day, it's only 5-2. There's a lot of football season left. On to the next game."

(on Terrell Suggs and the pass rush) "Those dudes are our best friends. They get in there, they disrupt things, they cause havoc, they make quarterbacks panic and throw the ball in the air. And on our end, we have to do a better job of coming up with some more turnovers. We've had a lot of opportunities, and we have a lot of drops."

(on stopping the opponent's run game) "If you play any team, and you can make them one dimensional, then you're playing to the defense and whatever they want to do. Today we limited the run so they were just kind of playing into our hands."

* *

OLB Pernell McPhee

(on his pass rushing moves) "I hit him with everything I had. Should have finished a little bit more, but I thank God for the ones I did get."

(on OLB Elvis Dumervil's speech to the defense) "He asked me if I had gotten started yet, and I said, 'no. I'm just getting started.' He challenged us. He told us, 'We're not playing like a defense that we should be playing for the talent that we have.' I think today we came out and played very well. I think we can play better than that. I think we're going to start shutting out teams."

(on the Ravens' defense) "We're dangerous, and we're real serious. We're coming out playing with an attitude. Our backend needs us, and I know we need them. I think Coach Dean Pees is doing a great job of calling the plays and setting us up to get the sacks. We're just focusing in and trying to play ball."

(on his play) "I just want to thank God for being healthy. The rest is going to handle itself. I watch film, and I watch my opponents. I just go out and let my technique and my athleticism take over."

(on the Ravens' pressure) "It affects every quarterback, but we knew we had some really good, talented receivers coming in. So we knew we had to show up as a front seven so our DBs didn't have to cover all day."

(on who is going to win the sack competition) "I hope it's me. [laughter] You know how it is with this gig. If you are never selfish, you will never be great. Right now I'm selfish when it comes to pass rush."

(on eliminating the opponent's run game) "That's our main focus. We want to make a team beat us passing the ball, not running the ball. That's what we focus on every week. After that, our pass rush and our pass defense are going to handle themselves. Our main focus every week- stop the run and make the team one dimensional."

WR Steve Smith Sr.

(on the team's offensive performance) "I felt [like] we did a good job today. They threw in a lot of various coverages, and we just had to adapt. It took us a little bit of time to figure it out, but we ran the ball well, took our shots, and did a lot of things in between passes that opened it up for us. I thought we adjusted well."

(on the Ravens running backs in the fourth quarter) "They did a great job. When you're in the fourth quarter and you basically run it out and put the pressure on their D-line, it just wears them down. That's what you need in the fourth quarter when you have the lead. You have to be able to run the ball, and we did that."

(on his 49-yard catch and run) "I mean, you just take your opportunities and go with them, you know? I just go with it."

(on being "chippy" from time to time) "I mean, football is a physical game. We play in the AFC North – a physical division. That's just football."

(on comparing the AFC North to the NFC South in terms of style of play) "[The] NFC South is a finesse division. The AFC North is a physical, downhill, blue-collar football [division]."

(on the two road games coming up) "These games are very important. I love going on the road with this team."

* *

RB Justin Forsett

(on being able to run the ball in the fourth quarter) "It's been great being able to dominate up front. It starts with the offensive line. They were opening up lanes for us, and we were able to have success."

(on his season so far) "I just go out there and try to make plays, and the offensive line is doing [their] job. They're opening up lanes for me. The rest is just God-given."

(on the Ravens' defensive performance) "They went out there, dominated, and put us in great field position."

(on getting the lead in the fourth quarter and running) "That was our mindset: Run the ball, control the clock. Our offensive line did a great job making lanes for us, and we had success."

(on the Ravens overcoming penalties in the first half) "Yeah, I mean it's all about adjustments. We had a little adversity to overcome in the first half, and we adjusted."

(on the Ravens' defense) "Yeah, that was fun to watch. They were pressuring the quarterback, getting sacks and turnovers. That was amazing to watch."

(on the team being 5-2 and going on the road) "This is a special team. This atmosphere is different from any place I've ever been, and the sky is the limit for us. Man, offense, defense, special teams – I think we're clicking right now."

* *

DT Timmy Jernigan

(on how he felt in his first game back) "Man, it was so great to be out there. It's so competitive in practice with [Terrell] Suggs, [Elvis] Dumervil and [Haloti] Ngata. It really prepares you for the game, but there's nothing like the game. I love playing with these guys. They can just flat-out get to the quarterback. It makes it so competitive and makes you really sharpen your game. I had to go out there and make the plays."

(on smothering Atlanta's offense) "That's just the nature of the beast around here – dominant defense. When you think of Ravens football, you think of dominant defense. What's even better for us is our offense getting it done to go along with it. [The] offense is doing its job putting points on the board, and the defense is doing our job, keeping points off of it."

(on the Ravens' safety in the fourth quarter) "I was actually not on the field for that play, but I was on the sideline watching the whole series. I knew we were fixing to get that safety. It was really exciting to see."

TE Owen Daniels

(on how today's win feels) "All wins feel really good. Today felt good to continue what we were doing last week. Obviously, our defense played outstanding [and] the offense did a pretty good job in the first half and scored when we needed to in the second half. It's nice to get a little winning streak going for sure."

(on if he felt in sync with QB Joe Flacco) "Yeah, I always feel like we're in sync. We got a lot of work in, and Atlanta was playing a lot of man coverage and Joe was able to find me and we were able to make some plays and keep drives alive. That's what I try to do when I'm out there."

(on if they saw anything they could exploit from Atlanta's defense) "In third down situations we knew they liked to play a lot of man coverage. Whether it was a linebacker or a safety, we had confidence in us being able to get ourselves open, myself included, and we got a lot of those looks today."

(on how big the first touchdown was to score on the opening drive) "Defense gets us a stop right away, and for us to go down and get six, that always puts the other team in a hole a little bit and gives us confidence as an offense that we're able to put a big drive together and get points. It's always great to start fast like that."

(on if this is the kind of season he expected to have when he decided to sign with Baltimore) "Yeah, I feel like I trained hard in the offseason, feel really good, there wasn't a lot of tread off the tires last year and I'm just trying to help out any way that I can. Obviously, my role has increased a little bit with Dennis [Pitta] being injured, but I'm just trying to do what I can do to help the team."

S Will Hill

(on being back in a regular season football game) "It was good to be back out there. Just the feeling, the energy that this stadium has with the fans; it was just a good feeling for me to be out there."

(on the coaching staff giving him a chance to play this week) "I know they have a great deal of confidence in me now. My coaches kept coming to me after every drive I was in there and let me know if I did something wrong, and they were pretty satisfied with my play."

(on if this is just the start for him right now) "Oh yeah, just the start. This is my first game. We've got a half in now – nine more to go – so it's time to get ready to step up the level each game."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on all of the pressure they were able to get today) "Yeah, the defense is clicking, and when you've got a defense that's playing together now, I think everything is starting to come along and a lot of good things are starting to happen. Jimmy [Smith] dropped a pick, and we had a lot more sacks out there. It feels good though. We're 5-2 and on to the next challenge."

(on finishing the game strong with WR Torrey Smith's touchdown) "You've got to love that Gary Kubiak, don't you? You love an offensive coordinator that really wants to put points on the board – it's good for Torrey [Smith], it's good for Joe [Flacco]. And when things like that happen, it starts the momentum, so that's always pretty good."

(on holding first place in the AFC North going into Cincinnati next week) "It's a long season. We're in a good spot, but we're always striving to do better and we're going to continue to work."

(on if the pass rush is in a groove right now) "It still doesn't feel like it. Like last year, we felt like we were in a groove, and then everybody knows about the skid down the stretch. You want to keep going, you always want to keep the momentum going, and like I said, we're 5-2 right now and that's a great thing and we want to work on being 6-2."

(on OLB Pernell McPhee and how good he has been) "Tell me about it – he's just dominating on the inside. Whenever you've got an outside linebacker than can play all the spots on the front seven, that's a special thing. He's clicking right now, and we're just getting started."

(on S Will Hill jumping right into the mix today) "Definitely, everybody was really excited when we got him and we couldn't wait for him to get out on the field. A lot of us just wanted to see him play, and he got out there and made some plays today, so it feels really good."

(on if he felt like they shook QB Matt Ryan up with all the pressure) "Matt Ryan is a great quarterback – let's not take anything away from that. I don't think we shook him; I think he stayed in there and tried to make some plays, but I think our defense just did a good job of playing fast and executing today." (on how pleased he is with this defensive performance today) "It just shows what we can do. Like I said, it's on film now and everybody is seeing how our defense can kind of control games, and that's going to be the standard from now on. We're 5-2, we had a good game today, but we don't want to stop there. We want to kind of get this thing snowballing and keep going."

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