Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Well, just one thing about Terrell (Suggs): I said this to him coming off the field, 'Great job leading.' When things were tight and things were tough, he was on the sideline, basically letting everybody know what they had to do. And it was basically, 'Do your job and get your job done.' He has just been a great leader all year. Our defense is playing really well and 'Doom' [Elvis Dumervil] is getting a bunch of sacks, and all those guys are leading, and 'Siz' [Terrell Suggs] as much and more than anybody. So, [I'm] proud of them for that. [They have] done a great job. Just a great victory. We didn't play smart all the time. We had too many mistakes, too many errors that kept us off the field or put our defense back on the field, those kind of things. But, I'll tell you what, Jacksonville did a great job. That's a really good football team, a really good, young football team, especially on defense. That defense is salty and talented, and they get after it. We were having a tough time all day with their front. You have to give them credit. And the second thing was Coach [Gus] Bradley and their gameplan. I thought their gameplan was just excellent. The surprise onside kick caught us off guard. The fake punt, we had eight guys in the box, and they still executed and blocked our guys. It was just a really great gameplan all the way around. It's a great victory. It's December football. You take every win you can get, and we're proud of the victory."

(on saying earlier in the week that Jacksonville is a good football team) "I didn't want to be the self-fulfilling prophecy guy. That really wasn't the idea. The idea was to make the point, really to our team, and our team understood it. But, they are a very good football team. They're a lot better than their record indicates, and that's usually when teams take off, in following years and things like that. So, they're doing a good job."

(on how the secondary played in lieu of injuries) "I don't have a final word on Asa [Jackson]. Terrence Brooks does not look good. Terrence Brooks is at least a PCL – it might have been an MCL in there, too, I think. OK. That's right. So, he'll be out for the year. Asa I don't know for sure. But, [Rashaan] Melvin came in there and did a great job and played really well and was excited to get out and get a chance. Like 'Siz' [Terrell Suggs] said, the next guy has to step up, and they will. This is a team sport, and our guys have done a good job with that so far, and they'll keep doing it."

(on the pass rush) "It's incredible, our pass rush has been phenomenal. It has been phenomenal all year, and it has to be. That's football. When you get pressure on the quarterback – it's a passing league – that's the key. And our guys are doing a good job in the back end. I thought our secondary played really, really well. We're in good position, we have eyes on the ball. We had a couple things earlier – they hit us with a couple of routes that they had game-planned on us – and had guys open. But, they didn't connect on them, which helped us. And after that, we really tightened up back there."

(on if there were any differences in today's punt rush) "It was a great scheme by [special teams coordinator/associate head coach] Jerry [Rosburg]. I thought the guys executed really well. That's something they have been working on for about six weeks now – that particular rush. And they just executed to perfection. 'Stew' [Darian Stewart] came through and timed it up perfectly, and then Kamar [Aiken] did a great job. It's not an easy thing, on a run, to scoop that thing up and score. So, it was just a great football play."

(on if he was disappointed in special teams and their play today) "Usually, when you have a close situation like that, and an untangled ball, it takes a while to get the ball, and usually they reset the play clock for you. I think we were all under the assumption that the play clock was reset, and that's on us. It's something I have to notice and call a timeout there, if we have to. But, the guys on the field have to see that as well. But, normally that play clock gets reset, so that's on us. We have to recognize that situation. That hurt us."

(on quarterback keeper play on third-and-5) "Yes, that was a designed keeper play. [Offensive coordinator] Gary [Kubiak] put that in three or four weeks ago. We've been working on it, and the guys did a great job executing it."

(on DT Timmy Jernigan's play today) "It seemed like he did well. I can't single out Timmy in my mind right now, without watching the tape, other than the fact that I saw him in the backfield a few times. He did a really good job on the run defense. Did he have any sacks? He had the one sack early." *(Reporter: "Two.") *"Two sacks? He had two sacks. OK, great. That's awesome. Well, that's your point. *(laughter) *Good for him. He had his first one, and I did notice when he came over, because it has been a while coming. He has had some good pressures, and he and 'CB' [defensive line coach Clarence Brooks] had a good father-son-type hug there. It was big for him."

(on the onside kick and the fake punt that the Jaguars threw at them today) "We talked a lot about that. That was going to be something that we felt like they were going to do, and they got us still. It's not like we weren't thinking about those things, but we weren't thinking about them when they happened to us, obviously. So, that's on us. But, that's what they should do. That's the idea there. If they have a little more at stake, maybe they don't risk some of those things. But, that's probably the way football should be played. I was pretty impressed with what they did. I thought [special teams coordinator] Mike Mallory did a good job … They did a great job of scheming that stuff up."

(on WR Torrey Smith's progress through this week) "Just saw the same thing that you saw. Contrary to what was reported, he did look pretty good today, didn't he? So, we're proud of that. And he did a good job coming back. Is that a little shot? Am I taking a little shot there a little bit? Wow. (laughter)"

(on QB Joe Flacco's athleticism in making the QB keeper play) "Great point, Joe can run. I think he has proven that time and time again. Just because he is tall, doesn't mean he can't run. He can run. And that was a play, as I said, that they have been working on a long time. He had too much momentum, I guess, to slide and stay in bounds there." *(QB Joe Flacco: "I was about to get hit.") (laughter) *"So, it was a smart play by Joe, in that case."

(on the persistence of the offense throughout the game) "That's a great point, I think. The fact that we got that drive, and we got that done, and we were a little bit backed up there. Were we on that one? Maybe a little backed up, and that was big for us. That was a difference in the game. So, we had a blocked punt for a touchdown, and we had that drive for a touchdown, and we had the field goal. I think our guys have the ability to overcome adversity. And they have the ability to keep pounding and keep fighting and not let self-inflicted wounds overcome us. But, we had too many that we had to overcome to play the kind of football that we want to play. [We had] too many long-yard situations, too many penalties, too many special teams penalties, again. Things like that, we just have to get cleaned up. And we have to go to work hard on that. And our guys will. We'll go to work on that, and if we want to be the kind of team that we're going to be as we go forward here, those are the kinds of things we need to clean up."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on the eight sacks) "It would have sucked if we lost. It would have been very unfortunate. But you've got to commend this whole team, offense and defense alike for putting it away this time. Last time we were here, we let one get away from us, and we couldn't close it out. Good teams, they don't make the same mistake twice, and we did a good job of finishing in the fourth quarter."

(on the importance of the pass rush and if they shook up QB Blake Bortles) "He's a young kid; I don't think he got shook up. He stayed in there. He still made throws even though we were hitting him. So, I don't think we shook him up. I think our secondary did an outstanding job. Many times they got in the red zone, [and] we didn't give up a single touchdown today. That says volumes. We're just trying to get better. You want to play your best football in December, and it's a good thing that we get all our pieces kind of working."

(on all of the secondary's injuries and how much the pass rush feels they're trying to help them) "We don't. That's our mentality. We've got guys that are going to get after the passer. That's always been our mentality here. But we are Ravens Nation, and we live by the "Next Man Up" kind of motto. Together we stand, divided we fall. We are Ravens Nation; next man up."

(on if he's trying to catch up to Elvis Dumervil with sacks) "Man, let's call a spade a spade. The man is having an outstanding season. If he keeps it up, he's probably going to win the Deacon Jones [Award]. But I'm going to line up every day and try to catch, as you clearly see. We've got two left. But if I don't, I'll take two wins. I guarantee you I'll take two wins, and I will gladly do so and finish 11-5, and that should be enough to get us in [to the postseason]."

(on how much the pass rush is the players' effort and how much is the scheme) "A scheme can only take you so far. We've got a fantastic scheme. Our defensive coordinator Dean Pees, he's calling a phenomenal game. But at the end of the day, the players have got to execute it, and it comes down to sometimes you've got to beat a guy. And we've got guys that are beating a guy. The rook, the champ, you know what I mean? [Defensive tackle] Timmy Jernigan, he's ballin.' [Linebacker] Pernell McPhee, he's ballin.' And of course, Elvis Dumervil, he's ballin.'"

(on not wanting to go through a repeat of the San Diego game) "It's kind of like Baltimore, the name that we do not mention. That game sucked. It just didn't feel good. You're winning with five minutes left in the game, and we just like…it's kind of like an unspoken understanding, we're going to put it away, and we did it. Good teams don't make the same mistake twice, and we did a good job putting them away in the fourth quarter."

(on how much pride the team has in the success of Dumervil) "I think it's more of our [linebackers] coach Ted Monachino, he's got us all ready to change the game, you know, not just Elvis. The other young kid, [linebacker] C.J. [Mosley, also]. I think it's our coach, he's kind of got our mentality that it's going to come down to somebody in this room making a play, and we all work together. Believe it or not, it's more going on than what you guys actually see. Yeah, you see the one guy that kind of makes the play. But it's so much more going on during the play that nobody really ever sees. But it takes all of us."

QB Joe Flacco

(on the QB keeper that he ran in the fourth quarter; if he was itching to run it) "Not necessarily, but I've seen a couple guys do it. I can remember Alex Smith, like a few years ago – you always see the Niners do it. These guys are probably a little bit faster than me. Alex Smith scored on the Saints, I think, a couple years back in the playoffs. You see those guys do it. When [offensive coordinator] Gary [Kubiak] told me that's what we were going to run, I said, 'all right, cool, first down, I think.' I was happy it was going to the right. I feel like I go better to my right."

(on if there was an uneasiness on the team late in the game when the Jags got the ball back) "I don't know. It's tough to say as a player. Yeah, I've watched games before on TV when you're rooting for somebody, and you have that uneasiness, but it's totally different when you're playing the game. You're part of it, and you're down in the middle of all of it. You're just trying to do what you can do when you go get the ball. So you don't tend to think about that stuff as much as when you're just sitting there watching it. So no, not really. It was a tight game, and we've been in plenty of them, and it was nice to come out with the victory."

(on what was causing some of the offense's problems) "I think we hurt ourselves with some penalties and things like that. I think they played really well up front. I think we got chunks. We hit some chunks at times and had some pretty good plays. For the most part, I think they played pretty well, and we had some self-inflicted wounds."

(on if Jacksonville often put eight in the box as the Ravens didn't get long runs) "I think that was mostly because of the way their front was playing – their front four guys and their linebackers and the way that they were able to penetrate and create some havoc behind the line of scrimmage more so than anything else."

(on his thoughts of where the team's at now) "We can't really worry about too much other than going out and winning next week. We know what's in front of us, and we've just got to make sure we take care of one piece at a time. Nothing is really new this week than last week. We know what we have to do. We've just got to go do it."

RB Justin Forsett

(on Jacksonville's defense) "Their mindset coming in was to stop the run. They were a physical bunch. They've got a great front seven and they did a good job today. Give credit where credit's due. They did a good job."

(on facing his former teammates) "I have a lot of relationships out there, had Red Bryant and Chris Clemons in Seattle, then all the rest of the guys I had last year [in Jacksonville]. There was a lot of talking going on out there and it was fun."

(on what the Jaguars were saying to him) "It was all encouragement. 'We love you, man,' '[We're] proud of you,' even on the field. It was all love."

(on how there are no style points in football) "Yeah, no style points, man. The thing is, we have to win in December. We've been able to do that—we have to keep it going."

(on if the Jaguars' defense focused on stopping the run game) "It looked like it. I'll go back to the film and check it out. The box and safeties were down, but it was a good challenge for us. We have to learn from this and grow as an offense."

(on the Ravens' halftime adjustments) "We just had to get going. We were kind of stagnant at times on offense. I know I have to do a better job. We have to look ourselves in the mirror tomorrow and Tuesday and figure out what we were doing that wasn't working, and figure out how we can move on from that. Hats off to that defense."

(on how records don't define the team you're playing) "Any given Sunday, anything can happen. You can't take any team for granted. You have to respect all. They did a great job coming in today. We have to do better. And I think it'll be a good experience for us to go back to the drawing board and hopefully keep winning games, and get better as an offense."

(on if the Jaguars' front seven was any different from what they saw on tape) "No. Like I said earlier, personally I knew what kind of front they were. I did scout team against them. So I knew they were physical. I knew they weren't going to quit. They have some premier guys on that defensive line."

* *

TE Owen Daniels

(on the long pass from QB Joe Flacco) "They weren't in the ideal defense we wanted but Joe [Flacco] adjusted. To be honest I didn't even see Joe for most of the play. I made my turn and saw the ball in the air and tried to make a play on it. Joe did an awesome job of getting the ball there."

(on the touchdown catch) "That's something we've been looking at all week. We run that play a lot, the little run-play out to the right there with the run-block to the corner. They overcommitted to it and it worked out pretty well."

(on the Ravens' slow start) "They're an NFL football team too. They're probably trying to ruin some people's seasons, at this point, since they're not going to the playoffs. I respect that, I understand that. Obviously, it didn't go as smoothly as we would have liked, but that's the way it is. They pulled out all the stops today and we did just enough to win."

(on the sputtering offense) "There are no excuses for that, but obviously, we were standing on the sideline for a little while, waiting to go out for our first drive. That kind of put us in a little lull. But, hey, they have a good defense. We've got to give them credit for that. They played really hard, and they did a really good job against us today."

DT Timmy Jernigan

(on the eight sacks of the defense) "Just a great performance from our defense all around today. We really wanted to come out and make some plays and establish a tone. I think we did that today and shutting them out in the second-half was huge."

(on his two sacks) "We were doing some things in there, some stunting. But I was able to beat my guy a couple of times up the gut, and make a play. It feels real good to be able to contribute to this defense."

(on taking over for Haloti Ngata) "That's what I've been preparing for all season because you never know where and when something might happen. I feel better prepared to play now at this time of year, and I have to give all my credit to my coaches and my teammates. This is crucial now with two games to play, and I feel we're in a really good place."

WR Steve Smith Sr.

(on today's win) "Hey look, nine wins. That's good. This helps us get closer to where we want to go. Obviously, there are things we need to clean up, get better at. But you can't upset yourself over that, especially with a win. Every week there's always something you need to improve on, and hey, those guys get paid, too. Nobody's going to come in here and lay down. You don't expect that from anybody. Those guys came in here and played their heart out. They wanted to win, their coaches wanted to win. When a team has no possibility of making the playoffs, they're a very dangerous team because they have nothing to lose. They were trying to win."

(on feeling a little bit under the weather) "Yeah, I was feeling a little congested. But that didn't affect my hands. It didn't affect my feet. How many balls did I drop today? None, right? I caught everything Joe [Flacco] threw, and he threw them well. I was able to run routes, so I'm not sure how my congestion affected anything. If you're trying to say that it affected my performance, I mean, I caught everything Joe threw today. My stamina was fine. I played 50-60 plays."

(on the lift the special teams gave) "You know, we had to have all three phases today. Special teams started off well, defense played well. On offense, we sputtered. We didn't play very well. I guess we were all congested."

(on the blocked punt) "Oh absolutely, yeah. They haven't blocked one here since 1950. (laughter) So that was really good; that was exciting."

(on the team's mindset at 9-5) "Every game is the most important game moving forward. Obviously, we let one slip away against San Diego. Every game after that, we can't afford to let down. Whether it's an ugly win or not, we've got to go in there and get a win. If we win, we keep playing. If we lose, change is going to happen."

S Darian Stewart

(on the punt block) "It was a call just for me and [Anthony] Levine, and whichever one of us got there first, it was just, 'Make the play.'"

(on if it was unusual to come free up the middle on that play) "Right, and my eyes got so big. *(laughter) *But I was able to get there fast and just make the play, and Kamar [Aiken] was able to pick it up and go with it. So, it was definitely a big play in the game."

(on if it turned out to be a bigger play than he might have thought at the time it happened) "Yes, most definitely, man. But we made it, and I'm just thankful for it being made. It's part of the game at this time of the season."

(on what he was thinking when he saw he had a free lane to the punter) "Just get the ball, man. If anything, just make sure the ball is behind the line of scrimmage. That's one thing I wanted to make sure, and coach [special teams coordinator/associate head coach Jerry Rosburg] called it at the right time."

(on if it was kind of a crazy special teams game) "Oh yeah, the fake punt was crazy, man. I came off the ball … It was good, it was a good play, man. They definitely schemed us up right there."

WR Kamar Aiken

(on the punt block) "My job on that one was to put pressure and then look for the block. So, when I saw 'Stew' [Darian Stewart] pop open, I was just like, 'He's going to get this one.' And then he got it, and I'm thinking, 'This can't be – this is a layup.' It was just going back to the basics; scoop and score."

(on his play in the last few weeks) "This is around the time of year when you really want to start getting hot. Week to week, you just gradually want to keep getting better and better. So, I've been doing that, trying to correct my mistakes from the last week and just make them better this week."

WR Torrey Smith

(on today's game) "It felt great to be back out there. At first it was tough to get in the flow of the game, and I am a rhythm guy, but particularly in the second half, I started to feel more comfortable. The knee felt great, and it feels good to get a team victory."

OLB Elvis Dumervil

(on the Ravens defensive line) "Last year we got banged up. Toward the end of last year, I told him [Terrell Suggs] then, we should be a top duo in sacks in this league. To see that come to fruition this year is huge. We're doing what we just do best, knocking down quarterbacks."

(on having 17 sacks) "Life is good. We're getting a win, the sacks are coming, but you just have to keep working. The more that you do, the harder it gets. Teams start to scheme for you and chip you. To see other guys getting stats and reaping the benefits of that is huge. Now, going into the next game, you can't keep sliding to me or try to take me away. You've got Terrell [Suggs], [Pernell] McPhee, and Timmy [Jernigan] so it's great, man."

(on playing the Jaguars close) "It's the NFL, man. Everybody gets paid. They get paid too. We'll take it."

(on the snowball effect of multiple sacks) "Sacks come in bunches, every sack man knows that. So when you get an opportunity, you just  have to take full advantage of it. Guys were having fun today. Give credit to [Pernell] McPhee, Pernell had a great game today."

(on eight sacks) "Everyone's taking advantage of each other and taking advantage of the one-on-ones. When a team slides to the outside chip, the inside guys are making the sacks. If guys are getting double-teamed inside, the guys on the outside are making the sacks. Those things are working hand in hand and the coverage is getting the job done. It's giving us a chance."

(on Rashaan Melvin) "How big is that, right? You've got guys ready to roll, they're preparing all week and that's what it's about. You come in, you practice, you focus in on your assignment and when you're number is called, you come out and help the team make plays."

CB Rashaan Melvin

(on his first NFL game) "It's a blessing. I pray every day and I ask God just to let me be great. My first career game, I played a little in the preseason, but after two years, it's my first career game. I'm just so happy that we got the win. All of our goals are still in front of us and as a team, the win went to the offensive and defensive sides of the ball."

(on his mindset entering the game) "I've been sitting there for a while watching. I believe in myself. I was happy that the coaches allowed me to have an opportunity to go out there and show what I could do and contribute to the team. I just took it in stride. I'm blessed and I'm a confident guy. There was no pressure, it was just great."

(on his near interception) "It went the opposite way. I wanted the interception. I thought that I had the ball in my hands, but obviously the referees decided to go a different route. It was a good play. It was a third down stop and we got off the field with that play. So we got the ball back to our offense and they went down and did what they needed to do."

(on the front seven) "There's nothing like that front seven. Of all the places I've been to, this place here, their front seven, those guys are some ballers. They're leaders and definitely great football players. In the back end we did a good job. It was hand in hand, they pressed, they got the rush and we covered. So we got the job done on defense."

* *

LB C.J. Mosley

(on the Ravens eight sacks) "When we can make teams one-dimensional, it helps us out on the front line to get back to him [QB Blake Bortles]."

(on his sack) "We all tried to get back there. It's kind of hard to get a solo sack. So when you get a chance, you have to make it."

(on QB Blake Bortles getting sacked eight times) "That's pro football. They knew what was coming, especially with our two guys off the edge and our four guys in the middle. We just have to take what happened today, work hard and get better."

(on Jacksonville being a tough opponent) "Their record didn't show how good they really are. That's a tough football team. They have a lot of pride too. They did a great job playing the game."

(on trying to make the playoffs) "We have to win out. Everybody talks about who has to win and who has to lose, but we have to win the next two games to give ourselves a chance."

(on wearing the Jaguars down) "Once we get some confidence to our defense, it makes us want to pressure more. Even though he's [QB Blake Bortles] a great quarterback, a first round pick, when you get tackled and get hit every play, it's going to be in the back of your mind. If we get pressure, it makes him think about it more and makes him throw the ball. We did a great job calling the right plays and getting pressure on the quarterback."

(on Rashaan Melvin) "He definitely did a great job. They got a few plays in the first half, which forced Rashaan [Melvin] and the rest of the secondary to step up and that's what we did."

(on the competition for sacks) "I think guys are competing more for who has the sack than how many sacks we get. It's hard, especially with our guys on the edge, for our defensive lineman to get a sack. So we have to try to get in there as fast as we can."

(on the defensive mentality of pass rushing) "When we try to make a team one-dimensional and we do a good job stopping the run, we get good first down and second-down scenarios—second-and-10, third-and-11, things like that—it gives us a chance to peel back and get the quarterback."

(on the blocked punt) "That was our thing. We wanted to start fast in the game. Special teams did a good job, our defense did a good job, and the offense went out and made plays."

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