Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "OK, thanks for being here. Great day. Great day for Ray Lewis, great day to be a Raven. To honor Ray and to see Ray out there do the dance, I know one thing, I got excited. It was great to see that. And Ray being there the whole time, it inspired our guys. I think the story of this game was basically resilience. Relentlessness, character, heart … And I'm proud of the players for what they did. Our coaches stayed aggressive the whole game – both sides of the ball – which is something that we wanted to do. But, our players are special guys. I think our fans should be very proud of the men who are playing for the Ravens."

(on if he could describe the plan for the pass rush and how it was executed) "I thought we did a great job of mixing it up. With Marty [Mornhinweg, offensive coordinator], Joe 'D' [D'Alessandris, offensive line], [assistant head coach/TEs] Greg Roman and all the coaches did … I thought Joe [Flacco] did a good job of changing the protections at the line. We had a little bit of a 'check-with-me-system' to keep [Broncos OLB Von Miller] off balance. You can't block this defense or Von Miller the standard way. You have to do it in ways that are unconventional and keep his head on a swivel a little bit. I thought we did a good job of that – run and pass. That's a stout run defense. We kept hammering in there and bled some yards, but our pass protection really stepped up and did a great job."

(on how QB Joe Flacco's strong arm maintains the game plan despite the elements) "That's a great point. We talked about it before the game, decided it was the same game plan. You always feel that Joe gives you a bit of an advantage in the elements, depending on who you're playing against. Now, the quarterback that we're playing against next week is the same way, but, that never really affects Joe too much. That's a big strength of his."

(on if the blocked field goal was called correctly) "Right, we don't know. We thought it was leverage. We didn't think you could jump over the line there. The official had an explanation for it. It's a new one – I hadn't heard it. I understood what he was saying, so we'll just check that out and see what the rule is on that. Maybe we'll learn something on it. But, that's what we thought, yes." (Reporter: "But, the rule is you can't leap over … And that's what he did. I don't know what the explanation would be.") (laughter) "When I'm on the sideline, they're respectful, and they communicate well with me, but they really don't care about my interpretation of the rule, or yours. But, we'll ask about it for sure." (Reporter: "So, you could see that one without your glasses?") "Yes, I did see that."

(on the rotation of the three inside linebackers, and if he can assess their performance) "It wasn't so much a game plan. We had them in some personnel groups. It was really more just … I think Albert [McClellan] was in there more in the base stuff than some of the run stuff. And those other guys were playing run- and pass-type situations. We also played Anthony Levine [Sr.] at the dime 'backer quite a bit. We had a number of players in at linebacker to make up for the shortfall of [not having] C.J. [Mosley]. All of those guys seem like they did a really good job."

(on ILB Patrick Onwuasor's athletic interception) "Wow, what a play. We have him the game ball. Just because we told the guys, we've been in these situations before, where it gets tense in the end and tight at the end, and someone has to step up and make a play. He did that there. We would have taken the house call. That would have been awesome, but we didn't get it, and we had to go finish it. That was a huge stop right there, and he made the play. Very proud of him."

(on if TE Mark Andrews has more confidence with QB Joe Flacco) "I would. I just think he has a real knack for the passing game. And that's a big guy. Some of the older guys on the sideline were calling him 'Bavaro.' And then [Mark] asked me, 'What's that mean?' (laughter) And I'm like, 'You've never heard of Mark Bavaro?' I told him to Google Mark Bavaro tonight. Hayden Hurst hadn't heard of him either, so what can you say?"

(on the Ravens' pass rush) I was happy with the pass rush. I thought that was a really good pass-protecting offensive line. They also have a quarterback that can move in the pocket and can get away. They latch onto you pretty good – they're strong. A couple calls got made, which was good for us. That backed them up a few times. I thought we pressured them a number of times. The other part of it was the coverage in the back end was just phenomenal. He was holding it back there sometimes for … How many seconds? Many seconds. Our coverage held up a number of times, too. That's kind of the combination that you chase."

(on what has contributed to the success in the red zone this year) "You have to give the players credit. Joe [Flacco] has done a great job – I think he has extended some plays. We've run the ball down there very well. It doesn't always show up on the stats, but you have to be able to run the ball in the red zone. I think guys have made catches. Guys have made some really great catches. Without short-changing the players in any way, I thought some of the plays have been really brilliant. We've have some play-action plays, where some guys have been wide open, some easy throws, stuff like that. How about [Javorius] 'Buck' Allen? How about that play he made down near the sideline, reached for it and got the pylon? That's NFL football at its best. I think 'Buck' Allen has become one of the real legitimate players in this league – kind of quietly. He's become a top-level player. Really, really happy for him."

(on what it's like when OC Marty Morhinweg is on a roll) "His personality doesn't change. He might get a couple inches taller. (laughter) But, he's enthusiastic, positive – an upbeat guy – as you know. What you see is what you get with Marty. That personality is pretty much the way he always is. He likes to win, man. He likes to score points. He likes to be aggressive. You just have to keep going for it. Just let Marty be Marty. Let it rip."

(on what he saw from the defense after the Broncos' first drive and what adjustments were made) "It was probably just [that they] settled down. They ran a certain play – a certain cut-back play – it took a couple of different ways, but they ran it really well, and we struggled with it. They kind of get you going, they kind of hold onto you on the backside, and don't let you fall back. The linebackers can get caught in a bind where they should fall back or attack. Sometimes it goes back inside the end, sometimes it goes all the way outside the end. The play was giving us a lot of trouble, really that whole game, even at the end, they were running it. We had it slowed down at the end, stopped it for, I think, a three-yard gain, on one of the last first downs. I have to give them a lot of credit – that's a very good football team. The two front lines we played are some of the best lines in football. Of course, the quarterback – everybody knows how he's been playing. They have three tremendous receivers. They have good, young backs. Von Miller, I mean, you know … I had to search him out after the game. You know, you build your game plan around him. He can rush the passer … I just think it's a good football team. For our guys to come out and get this win, at home, in this kind of situation, speaks very well to our players and their toughness and their resilience, and really, what type of team we're capable of being."

(on if he has any birthday plans) "Happy! Smile! I texted my brother last night, 'Congrats.' And he said, 'Hey, a few hours of joy, a few hours of bliss. That's a coach's life.' Players, too. We get a few hours. Players get a little more time, but they get banged up. We just get mentally abused. The players take a physical beating out there. It'll be a very nice evening with Ingrid, Alison and I. I can't wait to get there."

QB Joe Flacco

(on the emotion at the end) "It was one of those games that you want to put away a little bit earlier, but we just didn't, and so when you're sure you put it away there at the end…you know, you try to be a little bit of a fan on the couch. Your nerves start running a little high, and you just want to get the game over with. I thought we returned that pick for a touchdown, and that didn't go our way. You just get excited when things happen."

(on if he changes anything that he does when the weather isn't great) "I don't pay any attention to it, and [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] doesn't either. That's what great. [We went] out there and threw the ball all around the yard in the first half even though we were trying to establish [the run] and get some of those things done, too. I think in the pre-game, you can over-think it, and what are you really going to do though? By the time the game comes around, you're just trying to execute the play."

(on the job the offensive line did to slow OLB Von Miller) "We've got a lot of tough guys up front. When you play a team like we did last week, and then you play a team like we did this week, and those guys holding up the way they did – it's impressive. You give a lot of credit to Von. He's able to get in there and make the kind of plays that change the game when you look at him on film. That was the biggest thing, just not letting him be a factor, and we had a plan for that, obviously, but at the end of the day, it's really just up to those guys up front."

(on what he thought this morning when he saw the rain again) "Well, we all knew it was raining. I think they're pretty decent with the forecast these days. The second half, honestly, it didn't really come down too bad. The one thing I would say is I can count on a couple fingers how many rain games I've played at home in 10, 11 years. So to have two of them in the first two home games of this year is definitely a little bit uncharacteristic of Baltimore weather, I guess, for this time of the year. It just is what it is."

(on if he likes playing in the rain or bad weather) "I think that's always one of the things that when you take into account guys that are going to be on this team is the fact that you have to play in Cincinnati, you have to play in Cleveland, you have to play in Pittsburgh, and you have to play in Baltimore. Grass fields, for the most part, and you can always be [dealing] with some weather, so you've got to be able to step up to the plate and do it, and it's just part of playing football."

(on the early bad start and how they could rally) "It's early, man. You have 58 ½ minutes to get back in the game, and it's 7-0. I mean, at some point during the course of the 16-game season, obviously we're already lost one, and we're already behind a little bit, there's nothing you can do about it. You've just got to go out there and continue to execute and just let the game come to you, and that's what we were able to do. Special teams kind of got to us a little bit; defense really settled down after the second score. The first one, they had to go four yards. You know, what are you going to do? But they really settled down and played a really good game. We were able to get some points on the board in the first half and move the ball, so that helped."

(on going 12-for-12 in the red zone so far this season and the key) "We've had a good mix. I think we've probably thrown the ball in six times and run the ball in six times. If you can do both of those things, especially when you get down tight inside the 5-yard line…that helps a lot. It takes a lot of pressure off your offense. We've got good playmakers, and we put a lot of pressure on the defense with the guys that we have out there."

(on how much it helps to have an effective running game as opposed to throwing it a lot) "It's just the kind of game that you're in. Honestly, if you want to really say it, this game, we could have thrown the ball 55 times, and I think it probably would have been to our advantage. We tried to run the ball out there in the second half, and that's what we had to do, and that's exactly what we should have done. Look how the game turned out. I just want to see us do a better job of it. We have to, really, when we decide to come out in the second half, and after I think we probably threw the ball for over [200 yards] in the first half, obviously only 40-50 yards in the second half. I think that was more determined by how [things went] in the second half. But I definitely want to see us become a little bit better at running games out and being able to win. But that's a tough thing to do against a good defense that's going to load the box and do those things. It's just situational. It definitely makes it a lot easier as a team when you can run the ball, but running the ball in those situations ain't easy. There's a bunch of physical, tough guys out there, and it's an uphill battle, but I think as the year goes on, and the more plays we can run on offense, the more we'll wear those guys out, and late in the game, those situations, we'll be able to do exactly what we want to do."

(on how much of a threat TE Mark Andrews was and has been) "It was awesome. I think we had a decent third-down day. I don't know how it ended up [overall]. That was a really good third-down defense, and I think Mark's a huge [threat]. He can be a difference-maker down the middle of the field on things like that. He's a big body. He can run well. The play before, I hit him down the middle, I kind of missed him up the sideline a little bit. Wasn't too bad covering, but I thought like I [missed] him a little bit. He came right back and just went to the next play, and so did I. It's huge how a guy like that runs down the middle of the field."

S Eric Weddle

(Opening statement) "Woo! Talk about a resilient group. Holy smokes! We started bad. Bad, bad, bad. (laughter) But shoot man, it was huge for our offense to answer. We got down 7-0 and by an uncharacteristic block. The offense answered, and really, that was the tone setter for us as a team, to have them answer for us and really get us back to even. And, once we settled down, shoot, defense played lights out. Huge stops in the red zone, made them work for everything they got. It was a lot of running out there, but shoot, what a great team win in all three phases. To shut them out after the first quarter and where we stood, it did look bleak. And, I am sure the outside looking in, we were like, 'uh-oh, the same old Ravens,' right? It ain't the same Ravens! I am telling you that right now. Fire away."

(on wearing the headset in his helmet) "It's awesome. It was like I've been doing it my whole career. It was in and out. We got in a good rhythm, 'Wink' [Don Martindale] and I. There were, I think, one or two times where they were up-tempo on us, and I had to make a call and roll with it, and 'Wink' and I are on the same page with what he likes in that situation, so I am not just calling some 'B.S' play. It's within the system. Other than that, we communicated. We relayed the calls. Outstanding team defense. Those were two amazing wideouts [Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas] that we went against today, and to keep them corralled for the most part and have those game-defining plays in the fourth quarter, in the red zone, with 'Peanut's [Patrick Onwuasor] pick and then 'T.J' [Tony Jefferson] covering that guy on fourth down, that's huge. That's huge for our defense. Just coming back from last week, to build off the second half of last week and to show what we are. This was a two-note team coming in to face us, a defense that we felt they hadn't seen yet. We showed them today."

(on the performances of ILB Patrick Onwuasor and LB Kenny Young) "Kenny was flying around the first few series, making TFL's. It was good. I think those guys could just settle down and not worry about the responsibilities that C.J [Mosley] usually has on his plate. With everything involved, it's a lot on that individual player, so those guys can just go out there and focus on their job and lining up, getting the checks to the D-Line and playing fast. You can tell the difference. Those guys were flying around, making plays, tackles [and] big plays. It was fun to watch. From my point of view, I get to see everything happen. It was good."

(on the defense's mood after the Broncos' first touchdown) "We played that play horribly. Guys didn't…as a team, we didn't play it right. So that, we come back to the sideline, and it's just settle down, right? We had a punt blocked, which we never have had happen – never usually happens, ever – and then they stuff it down our throats first play. So, we're all looking at each other like, 'All right, we have to get going.' And then, the next drive, they drive down. But, it was big for our offense to answer. It's a much different mentality when it's 7-7 than 14-0, like last week. And then, you're just like, you have to play perfect the rest of the game, where this game it was, 'Let's settle down, do our job, get the ball back.' And once we get in the rhythm, actually had a full field to work with, we kept getting the ball back to the offense, and it was alright from there."

OLB Za'Darius Smith

(on how good it feels to get this win) "It feels great. Last week was a rough one, but we came back this week stronger than ever and we pulled it off."

(on how fired up he was with Ray Lewis here and doing his dance after his sack) "Just knowing him and watching him [growing] up [he] always [inspired me]. So, to be able to get a chance to do that and see it live when he came out of the tunnel, that was my first time. I said, 'When I get my first sack today, I'm going to do it also.' "That's the reason why I did it."

(on bouncing back from last week's loss and being able to get QB pressure) "It feels great. Going through this past week, a lot of our leaders talked to us about just being consistent and rotating, and that's something that we worked on this past week, and you could see in the game how it worked for our defense."

(on the importance of the pass rush in a game like today's) "It's very important. Basically, we did that early, and that's a good thing that we got to do that early. We got after it. We had like four sacks. I'm just glad we're winning right now, and the defense is doing what it's supposed to, and the offense is doing what they're supposed to – and special teams."

(on how he's started the season individually on the pass rush) "It's contract year. (laughter) A lot of people talk about following in the footsteps of [former Raven] Pernell [McPhee], and like I said, it's all from training camp, when we first started with training camp. [I said,] 'Z's going to be great, and this is your year.' I'm going out there to try to do the best I can."

(on if the game's slowing down for him now that he's in his fourth year) "Going into Year Four, it's big. The last past two years weren't good for me. I wanted to make a change, and Year Four's here, and it's time for me to go get it."

RB Javorius Allen

(on the extra rest between games) "It helped a lot. It helped guys recover and get back right. And, it gave us more time to prepare for a good football team. We were able to attack them and make plays, both passing and running the football."

(on bouncing back from Cincinnati) "We'd like to have that one back, of course, but that's not the way this works. This gives us confidence moving on to Pittsburgh. And, we all know what that's going to be about. We're going to enjoy this one tonight and get ready for the Steelers."

(on his touchdown run) "I knew it was a touchdown right away. There was no doubt in my mind. I knew all I had to do."

(on the offensive line) "They were awesome. Those guys deserve all the credit. They kept Joe [Flacco] clean all game. They gave us running lanes to run. Those guys are great, starting with Marshal Yanda and the rest of the O-Line. Marshal's the general, and the rest of them follow. I take my hat off to them every day, and I love seeing them out there bringing that energy. If I got the game ball today, I would have given it to them because they deserve it."

(on the two-headed backfield with RB Alex Collins) "You see what it can do. You never know who's getting the ball, where it's going, run, pass, we can do it all. As long as they keep drawing up plays for us to make, we're going to make them."

ILB Patrick Onwuasor

(on his interception) "I broke on the ball, and I saw the play in front of me. I saw [Matthew] Judon put a great block out there in front of me on the return, but it got called back. Judon may owe me some food or something."

(on the momentum the interception provided) "Yeah, it was late in the game, but it was key. We had to make a play right there, and the transition and momentum we got from it was huge."

(on the mindset of the linebackers) "Our mindset was, we had to come in and fight. We play special teams as well, so [linebackers coach] Mike [Macdonald] put us in a great rotation to keep us fresh."

(on the team's resilience after Cincinnati) "Effort, effort. We dug deep, got a bunch of three-and-outs, and everybody just came to play ball."

(on getting the game ball) "It means a lot to me. I didn't think I was going to get it, but it means a lot. The defense knew they needed to make a play right there, and I'm thankful I was able to get it done."

(on having LB Albert McClellan back) "It means so much, especially from a mental standpoint. He's a great leader on and off the field, as well. He keeps us in line. His leadership and the fact that he plays all kinds of positions is huge for us."

(on coming back from Cincinnati) "Our goal was to play dominant and physical, and that's what we did."

(on the difficult catch of the interception) "Well, I used to play safety, so I'm kind of used to that."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on shutting the Broncos down after the first drive) "Our goal was to give them nothing after that. They came out in attack mode. They got us on a punt, and then scored on the next drive. They went no-huddle, up-tempo. But then, we came to the sideline, settled down and buckled down."

(on the pass rush opposite Terrell Suggs) "Who questioned the pass rush? I want to know who said it. You all don't know who we have. So, it's up to us to go out there and show and continue to prove that myself, Za'Darius [Smith], Tyus [Bowser], Tim [Williams] and whoever else we put out there have what it takes to make this thing happen. Don't take away anything from us, and don't take anything away from our D-Line. We've got some stuff to us. We run some blitzes that are hard to pick up. But, I think that's just the media talking about us. We'll do the real talking."

(on having extra days to prepare) "It really helped us. We had, what, three more days to prepare for them? So, we had a little extra juice for them, got a little healthier. It may not have looked like that the first couple plays, but we did a good job of settling down."

(on Pittsburgh) "It's Pittsburgh. That's all you really need to say. It's Pittsburgh, and they're not going to take it light on us, and we're not going to take it light on them. So, we've got to enjoy this one tonight, and get back to it."

LB Albert McClellan

(on coming back to the fold) "I can't tell you how great it was. I had a little rust to shake off, a couple of those plays in the beginning, but it all worked out well."

(on what the last couple of weeks were like without football) "I was just trying to get back on the ground. I kept working out, staying in shape and waiting for that next phone call. Like I always say, as an undrafted guy, you have to be ready. There's no time to sit around and pout. Just be ready and wait for that next phone call."

(on the linebacker rotation to keep fresh) "I thought it worked out pretty good, considering we play special teams, too. But, it's going to be that way even when C.J. [Mosley] comes back. The rotation is just smart and shows how deep we can go in our depth at linebacker. It's good to have as a team. It makes the team better."

(on being named captain for the game) "It was one of those things. I'm glad I was the captain. It meant a lot to me. It meant a lot to me to be captain for this game."

(on the defense coming back from a slow start in the game) "It was just a matter of us settling down and relaxing. It's what you call a heavyweight fight, and we knew it was going to go round after round. Basically, you can't flinch. Just sit there, throw your shots, take your shots, and they throw it back at us. We go from there and see who can last the longest. Some of these games are just going to be like that, back and forth, back and forth. Let's just see who can keep their composure and stick to the game plan."

*LB Kenny Young                                                                                       *

(on the win) "It felt good. We had a few challenges to start. Our starting middle linebacker was out and we had bad weather conditions. We just had to go out and execute. Our coaches made the game plan simple: go out and play fast, dominate and just play hard for four quarters."

(on the Ravens resilience) "We just have to fight. You can't focus on the big picture when you're in the middle of the game. You just have to take it one play at a time. I think the defense did a terrific job of communicating. The game slowed down for us and we just went out there and executed. The offense was able to get the ball in the end zone. It was a great day for us."

(on ILB Patrick Onwuasor) "That was awesome, honestly it was good. Anytime you have a play that's going to get them back into the game, it's always huge to have a turnover like that. But that's what 'Peanut' [Patrick Onwuasor] does. The coaches expect him to make plays. He expects himself to make plays. He trusted his technique and he did what he had to do today."

(on bouncing back from a slow start) "The game is just like life; you find a point to start at. The first quarter was pretty rough. We didn't start the way we wanted but we just kept battling, fighting and kept believing. We really believe in each other – coaches and players. We never flinch or think to flinch. We keep pounding, keep working on it and things worked in our favor."

(on starting for ILB C.J. Mosley) "It was a good thing that I was able to get 10.5 hours of sleep last night. It's such a big roll – me thinking about my checks, my technique, what I'm supposed to do. I calmed down emotionally. I'm a rookie, so there's so many things. The fans are crazy and the energy they bring can be overwhelming. The main thing is that I calmed down, played the game within itself and tried not to do too much. Let the plays come to you and just take it a play at a time. If you play hard and make the plays that come to you, everything else will take care of itself. I learned that from C.J. [Mosley]. I've only been here for a few months, but if you watch him [C.J. Mosley], he really doesn't get too wound up or too excited. He just stays calm and plays ball – he trusts his instincts."

WR John Brown

(on the win) "It was great. We got off to slow start but we kept fighting and we believed. It was a great team win overall."

(on making tough, contested catches) "Looking at this league, there's a lot of tough defensive backs. It's going to come down to those tough catches – I focus on it a lot and try to continue to make plays so that Joe [Flacco] can continue to trust me."

(on battling the weather) "It's been playing out in our favor – it's good. It doesn't matter what the weather is, we have to play. You might as well give your best effort and continue to play."

(on building chemistry with QB Joe Flacco) "I'm just blessed to be here, to get another opportunity and to be with another great quarterback. I know how to work with quarterbacks, and it's not just me. All the receivers have a good chemistry with him [Joe Flacco]. It's all about trust. Starting with practice and talking with him to see if we're seeing the same thing – that plays a big part of it."

(on the Broncos' physical secondary) "I wasn't backing down – I never back down. You have a Pro Bowler over there and they've had that secondary for a while. Those guys are great, but I just knew what today was going to be. It was going to be tough and we had to keep fighting, so that's what I did."

TE Mark Andrews

(on being the seen receiver) "It's huge. Making those big chunks plays, just being able to move the ball and get the defense off guard. It's so hard to game plan for tight ends, so if you have a tight end that makes a couple of big plays like that, it makes it harder for a defense."

(on run blocking) "My whole goal is to be a complete tight end. I'm nowhere near that but I'm able to learn from Nick Boyle and Maxx Williams. I'm just trying to be well balanced. Again, it's all about throwing the defense off. When I add that to my game, it's going to be scary."

(on building chemistry with QB Joe Flacco) "Joe [Flacco] is one of the first quarterbacks that I've played with that you need chemistry with. He's always looking for the quick throw and the eyes early. Just being able to get a couple of balls in these last couple of games – that chemistry is just starting to get going. He's one of those guys that when you get chemistry, it can be scary.

(on seizing the opportunity to play) "It's a bummer that Hayden [Hurst] went down, but at the same time, I didn't come here to sit on the bench the whole time. I'm excited with what I've done. There's obviously been more opportunities with [Hayden Hurst] being down. I'm just trying to take advantage of that. I'm extremely excited for him to get back. He's incredible and a very dangerous player. He's going to do a lot for this offense."

(on being a playmaker) "I feel good about it but it's just not me – it's also the offensive line blocking and Joe [Flacco] putting the ball where it needs to be. I'm just blessed to be put in this position and have the opportunities to make plays."

(on his first couple games as a Raven) "I think I've played pretty well. Obviously, there's things I have to grow on and get better at, but I'm excited for Hayden [Hurst] to get back because he's a dangerous player. He's going to do a lot for this offense and all of us together as tight ends are going to do some big things."

(on getting the win vs. Denver) "They are a good team. Coming in, we knew that. They played hard, and they played physical. We knew it wasn't going to be a quick game – it was going to be a full 60 minutes. I'm extremely proud of this team for playing the whole 60 minutes, and I'm extremely proud of this team for being resilient and never giving up."

G Marshal Yanda

(on how important it was to come back home and get a win today) "We just try to get the win on Sunday. They're all important, win or loss. It's Week Three and we're just trying to put our best foot forward and get the win. We definitely did that and overcame some stuff, and just proud of the team. Everybody fought hard."

(on how pleased he is with the play of the offensive line) "We went out there and just fought hard. Everybody put their best foot forward, everybody fought hard and just happy. Happy that we got the win. No matter how it happens, run [or] pass, it doesn't matter. In the heat of the moment, we're just trying to block our guys up to help the team win. That's our job, so we're trying to do that at the highest level we can do it."

(on the key to neutralizing Broncos OLB Von Miller) "Just the whole game plan, and not just one person doing it. Whether it's James [Hurst] blocking him one-on-one, or me helping James a little bit on a play here or a play there, or the tight ends or the backs chipping. It just takes everybody. It takes all 11 guys on offense, Joe [Flacco] getting the ball out on time, everybody. It's all in sync, it all matters and it was good to do that."

(on seeing QB Joe Flacco get fired up at the end of the game) "Yeah, it's exciting. Most of us play this game because we love it. It's an exciting game and you've just got to stay resilient. You make those big plays in the heat of the moment and you're fired up. It takes all 11 of us, and to see Joe fired up is great."

K Justin Tucker

(on what he saw on the blocked kick) "I didn't really see much of anything, because my job is to just look at the ball and kick it and expect it to go through. We'll have to look at it a little bit more with a wider lens here, look at that particular play tomorrow, but at the end of the day we won the game, so we'll chalk it up to a learning experience down the line I'm sure."

(on if he thinks it's against the rules for a player to jump over opposing players on the line) "That's going to be one of those things that I would like to delve a little more deeply into the rule book before I give you an answer one way or another. To my understanding as of right now, no it's not legal, but I don't want to say that with 100 percent certainty in the event that I'm wrong. At the end of the day, we won the game, we made our other kicks and that's all that really matters."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on what adjustments were made on defense to turn the game around after the Broncos' opening drvie) "I don't think we made any adjustments at that point. We just did some stuff … We just did some uncharacteristic stuff – but you move on. We understood that it was long game ahead – it was the first quarter. We weren't too worried about it."

(on if the gold gloves were for a gold jacket halftime ceremony) "Sure. I wasn't thinking about that at all. I just thought it went good with our purple unis. So me and C.J. [Mosley] and the rest of the guys, we like to swag our uniforms. But yeah – it was a good day to bring the gold gloves out [with] having our gold jacket guys in the building."

(on how pleased he was with the ability as a team to get pressure on QB Case Keenum) "We just played good Ravens football, good defensive football, on another rainy day. You just have to go back and play football. It's the NFL, man. Different coordinators are going to have different kinds of schemes. So that's why I say you just have to play football."

(on how well the team responded without having ILB C.J. Mosley or CB Jimmy Smith) "We'll continue to get better. We need those guys out there. They're big pieces of our team, big pieces of our defense. So whenever we can get those guys back the better."

(on not recovering the ball on his strip sack) "Yeah, I thought I had it. [It's] a rainy day, man. I have to be better. I have to recover it. The standard is pretty high around here, so I have to do better and not let some guy take it from me under the pile. Don't worry about it though – I'm going to the weight room right now." (laughter)

(on how big it was for the offense to respond after the blocked punt) "That's pretty good. It's a good day when your offense is scoring points. They were very confident. We had guys making plays. Our guy under center played really good football today. We're proud of him. So, we have to stack our days now. We're going back to work."

(on what he remembers from the big fourth-down stop in the fourth quarter) "I don't really remember too much of it. Just play football – play Raven football. Bend, but don't break."