Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "AFC North Champions – just what Jimmy [Smith] said – I'll reiterate that. Ingrid [Harbaugh] – first time you've been here in a press conference. Thanks! You've been amazing all year. Thank you for who you are. Congratulations to our players, they deserved it and they earned it. They got the job done. We talked about it, when the season started, that we were going to chase the lion. We made a t-shirt. It wasn't as corny as some people might think. But, it had meaning. We didn't talk about it much after that, I think everyone just understood. I kept the wristband on. It's a story from the book of Samuel, I think it has to do with faith, belief and trust, and I think it has to do with courage. I appreciate the courage of our players. Throughout the course of this season, right up until the last play. I think if you want to write a book about this season, probably no one would believe it. And not just this season, go back a year. The days are long but the years are short. Just a year ago, we were in this exact same place, and our guys fought through all of that. Every single situation, right until the end. And, it wasn't going to be easy, I guess. It wasn't going to be something that was going to fall into our lap. Yes, they were going to get a couple calls; they were going to get right to the edge of field goal range and they were going to get four cracks at it. Our defense was going to step up and make a play. Every single guy. To me, it's just … I told the guys last night: this is the best team I've ever been associated with. Thirty-four years in coaching, and even back to peewee. I think when those guys look back on it, and when they're coaching … When some of those guys are NFL coaches, or coaching their junior high peewee team, look at this team. Look at this bunch of guys. Remember what this is, because this is what a team is. This is what a real team looks like; a bunch of guys that make a team. That's why we are where we're at. That's an ending, and now it's a new beginning. Every ending is a beginning, right? Now, this is our beginning. It starts with playoffs. We'll go to work and we'll be ready to roll. OK, what do you have?"

(on why this is the best team) "Well, it's the best team. T-E-A-M, the best team. The best bunch of guys who understand what it means to have each other's' backs, to fight through adversity, and never be divided by anything … Block out all the outside, turn to each other for strength, and be there for one another. That, to me, is what makes a team. That's the best team I've been around."

(on if there was a time during the bye week where he decided they would change the offense completely due to QB Joe Flacco's hip injury) "Was the bye week after the Pittsburgh game?" (Reporter: "Yes.") "It was circumstances. I've said before, we had the offense in, essentially. So, the basic plays were in the basic principles, so we had been practicing them. I think it's great foresight by our coaches [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg], [assistant head coach/tight ends] Greg Roman, [running backs coach] Thomas Hammock, Joe 'D' [D'Alessandris, offensive line] – the whole coaching staff – James [Urban, quarterbacks], can I name the whole coaching staff? They all did a great job. The point is, the offense, and the foundation of the offense and plays were in. Then, for them to take it one week at a time, put it in in a way that Lamar [Jackson] could handle it, and the guys could handle it … In one week, to the next week, to the next week and then build on what came before it, and create wrinkles and ideas, and creative plays that keep defenses off balance … And not allow them to catch up with us … I just think they deserve a lot of credit. Then the players, too, the fundamentals of the thing is just different. Ball handling mid-season … We didn't have a lot of ball-handling work; not like we had during training camp. It wasn't that many reps like you'll get through training camp and the offseason. You have to credit Lamar [Jackson] and the running backs for the ball handling. It has all been good, but we can get a lot better. We can get a lot better at everything that we're doing. That's what we'll work to do."

(on what he thought when ILB C.J. Mosley caught the game-sealing interception) "I don't know, man. I was spent. I was emotionally spent. I told 'Wink' [Don Martindale, defensive coordinator] I was worthless in the fourth quarter. (laughter) I didn't help anybody. A lot of prayer, that's what I was doing. That's what I'll give credit to – faith. Thanks, God. Thank you, Lord."

(on if he was happy that it was ILB C.J. Mosley that made the final play) "Yes. Heck, absolutely! The way it went … Hallelujah! That's the way it went. Good for it being C.J. [Mosley]. It could have been any one of the guys. It could have been any one of the guys, and no one would have been surprised. And it has been different guys throughout the course of the year. It was two different guys last week out in L.A. That's why I think we have a lot of players on defense. It's a team defense."

(on RB Kenneth Dixon's performance) "Kenny had a great day – all the backs did. Kenny, man, he was romping and stomping, breaking tackles, making them miss. It was fun to watch. The offensive line did a great job. I thought Lamar [Jackson] made some really good reads. So, great effort. That's who we are."

(on what Cleveland did to adjust to Baltimore's run game) "I thought they did a really good job of filling up the gaps. They decided they were going to take away some of those inside runs. They played, basically, a gap defense and then brought people off the edges … It was the safeties at times, but more often, the corners. It forced us to throw; we completed some big passes. We had some chances to make some plays in the passing game that we didn't make either – those probably would have broken the game open. Those are things that we'll have to do in the future. They filled in the gaps and brought extra DBs off the edges."

(on how the team has responded to each game) "I think the hardest games to win are the ones you have to win, a lot of times. It seems like, for us, we always have to win. We put ourselves in a little bit of a hole when we lost three games in a row. That was a situation we found ourselves in. Just for the guys not to blink, not to bat an eye … Go to work, compete in games – that's what you're proud of. You look back and look at it now … It looked insurmountable, but it was one game at a time. Now you look back, and it was a heck of an accomplishment; it had to be. If we didn't win six-out-of-seven, we wouldn't be the AFC North Champions. That's how tough it was. Just credit those players. That kind of goes back to Mike [Preston's] question. That's what makes it such a special team. It's not the fact that they did it, it's the fact that they had what it takes to do it."

(on if he could speak on the journey of talking about his job security early in the season to now being AFC North Champions) "I wish I could. I don't really have those words. All I could tell you is just … It's like every guy in that locker room, every coach, player … You just try to do your job. I think C.J. [Mosley] said it so well, 'One play at a time, just do your job. One day at a time, do your job.' Everything else is just outside stuff. It's not something you can control anyway, so you don't worry about it. I love these players, I love these coaches, I love this organization. I love our owner. I love our scouting staff. Top to bottom, I love them all. It's a great team to be a part of. That's what you think about. All this stuff that's written … I mean, most of it is wrong anyway. It's disproven. I wish we could go back and just parse all of that and keep a record of some of that stuff. But, there's always fair evaluations; there are fair observations there, too, and you understand that. You recognize that, whether you're a player or a coach; I think you get it. You just try to do the best job you can and don't worry about it the next day."

(on Browns WR Breshad Perriman's performance in his return to Baltimore) "That's a great question. I'll tell you, he played really well. I'm really proud of him. I told him that after the game. I told him how proud of him I am. That's the guy we always hoped to have here. Injuries were probably the biggest factor, but he's doing it. He was always a hard worker. He has always been a diligent guy who always wanted to do well. I think his dad is probably the happiest guy in the world right now. I remember having a conversation with his dad a few years ago, out at dinner one night … I just happened to run into him … And how much it meant to him. So, congratulations to Breshad and his family."

(on if he has had another season as satisfying as this one) "I don't think so. I mean, the Super Bowl season … You walk together forever. But right here, standing here today, for now … Maybe it's because that one is back in the past … This definitely feels that [it is satisfying]. I just feel good about the guys, the coaches and the players. I feel so good about the guys. That's why you do it, right? That's why you're in coaching, or in sports, or you're part of a team … All the things we all do, that matter to us, our families. I'm just proud of the people. That's what matters the most."

(on the pluses and minuses of playing a team twice in three weeks) "Well, the good thing is, there's not a lot more tape to break down. Maybe both of our coaching staffs will get home a little earlier. I don't know, probably not. We'll probably find something to do. We'll watch our game closely and add it to the scouting report. Then, we'll watch their game today closely and then add it to the scouting report. And then we'll just go play the game. It's a great football team. One thing I would like to mention, even though it wasn't asked, was the Browns. Hats off to the Cleveland Browns, to their team, to their organization, to their coaches. I think their coaching staff did a great job. I think their players have done a great job. They have a great quarterback. That's a darn good football team. That was a fight, and they fought back. We have a lot of respect for those guys."

(on tonight's atmosphere and the fans) "Oh man, the fans … Awesome, the fans were awesome. It was awesome from the beginning to the end. It was fun; it was loud. Couldn't hear anything. It's exactly how we wanted our stadium to be. Thanks for saying that. The fans were great."

(on the offensive line formations) "We've actually been doing that a little bit. We've done it where we've brought Willie Snead [IV] off the back side and made him an arc blocker off the back side of that play. We've read the back side of that play when we've pulled both of those guys with nothing back there; read the defensive end with Lamar [Jackson]. That's just, again, credit to [assistant head coach/tight ends] Greg Roman. You're going back in time there, right? You probably ran that at Towson a few times. Did they let you pull on that?" (Reporter: "No, I was too slow.") (laughter)

QB Lamar Jackson

(on how it feels to win the division) "Amazing. Our defense came out with that victory. We should have finished it, but it was an all-around team game. We did our part sometimes, but we need to finish in the red zone. Yes, it was a good team win."

(on the atmosphere in the locker room) "It was crazy! I couldn't get out. I was supposed to be in here, and guys were stopping me, congratulating me; I was congratulating them. It's fun. We just have to keep it going."

(on how quickly he has been embraced by the fans) "It means a lot to me. Coming to a new city, a new town, you have to win the fans over. It's really their stadium; they're the ones filling up the seats, coming and supporting us, so anytime can interact with them, I'm going to do it every time."

(on if he felt helpless on the sideline in the last two minutes) "Yes, because we should have finished the game off. Like I said before, we weren't helping our defense. We put them right back out there on the field with a lot of time left, and Baker [Mayfield] was doing a great job. He completed passes and stuff like that, all the receivers catching the balls. We shouldn't have even put our defense in that situation, so I was ticked off. Not at coaches or players; I feel like we should have done more, myself, too."

(on his touchdown run that was called back) "[We had] six. I can't say anything about the refs, but…(laughter) Did you all see that on replay? That wasn't a hold! That was a good block by Maxx [Williams], man. That was six. We need that back. The game was over."

(on if he felt that he had momentum in the first half) "I felt like we were rolling, and then penalties kept getting called, and the touchdown got called back. I guess that stalled the momentum a little bit, but we shouldn't let anything like that stop us. We have to keep it going and keep our guys on the field."

(on the change in the feeling of the team since the bye week) "I feel like our team just woke up, got hungry. We knew what we were fighting for. The guys that haven't been there in awhile, they're AFC North Champs. Our defense, our offense, everyone just joined together, and we just kept working day in and day out, practices. We're just trying to grind. It's showing out on the field."

(on if his life is working out) "It's been working out ever since I came here. I fell in love with it. You just keep going forward. God blessed me."

(on if he thought he scored on the goal-line fumble) "I thought I did, to be honest, and the ball came out. I fumbled again! I have to do something. I might get on the JUGS machine, [get] catches. (laughter) That's ridiculous. I'm ticked off."

(on what adjustments Cleveland made in the second half to slow the Ravens down) "We slowed ourselves down. It wasn't really their defense. They were calling the same things, cover zero, blitzing. We just stopped ourselves with those penalties and stuff like that. That was really what it was."

(on the team's ability to keep the momentum going into the playoffs) "We're not going to get on our high horse. We're just trying to fight for the championship. In the playoffs, we just have to keep going. We'll start with practice. We have to practice hard, and we'll go from there."

(on if he was surprised that the Browns covered the run so heavily at the beginning of the game) "Yes, a little bit. Our guys were just doing what they were supposed to do, and it's just us having success."

(on RB Kenneth Dixon's performance) "He's always run like that. It wasn't surprising me. I told him one time he should have scored on that screen play. I got on him about that. (laughter) I was feeling some type of way about that one. That's another one – you're costing yourself, not the team, yourself. He was like, 'Yes, I got you.' Then, he made another big run, so that's just Kenneth."

(on if he's going to have Kodak Black come to every game) "He came to the Bills game. He came to this game. We're winning, so you have to talk to [Steve] Bisciotti [owner] about that one. (laughter) Not me."

ILB C.J. Mosley

(on making the final play) "Right place at the right time. I can't tell you how many times we ran that play and I dropped back looking for that quick checkdown. I finally got it. First pick of the season, and it was that one. This league is humbling. It's been a long time since we've been in the playoffs. For the defense, three years in a row it came down to the last play. We stayed aggressive that second half, and we stayed resilient as a team. The offense did a great job, always keeping the clock [running], keeping us on the sideline, and making plays when they had to. Special teams with punts with Sam [Koch] and field goals with [Justin] Tucker. So, it was just a great team win."

(on how he felt in the aftermath of the last play) "Yeah man, when you do something great, and the whole city and the whole team is behind you, there's no better feeling. At the end of the day, we deserved it. All the things we've been through all year, the ups and downs of the season, the naysayers out there, all the people on social media that said I can't cover… I won't say too much about that, people are going to talk, but look at it now. We're in there. Like I always said, we just needed a chance to get in the playoffs. We're in there, so let's keep rolling."

(on what happened on the last play) "It was zone coverage." (laughter) (Reporter: "From your eyes, how did the play unfold?") "I thought I saw a check in the zone coverage. I was about to get ready to rush, then I saw him pass and just dropped back to my zone, and right place at the right time."

(on what he was thinking when the ball was in the air) "That was the longest one-, two-yard pass. It felt like it was in the air forever, but shout out to my brother. Alabama, they won the championship. He got me a pair of Alabama gloves. I wore them all game, and you know what? That last play, we became the champions. So, shout out to my brother, Jamey Mosley. I appreciate you."

(on why comments on social media drive him) "At the end of the day, you need something to drive you, whether it's naysayers, whether you want to excel at something you're good at, that you're not good at. But, at the end of the day, to be great, you have to have something that drives you. Being one of the middle guys on this defense, being one of the leaders on this team, and trying to get your team to the Super Bowl is always going to drive me. Just that stuff, and just negativity outside our locker room, that's always fuel to the fire. So, like I said man, we just needed that ticket and we got it."

(on the significance of defensive coordinator Don Martindale) "When he was a linebackers coach for the four years I've been here, he's always been a player's coach. You could always come to him and talk about anything, whether off the field, on the field, and he's a coach that will listen. He's always asking us, 'What do you see? What do you want to do? How do you see this playing out?' So, we're making adjustments every series, and, like I said, give credit to the offense, just staying on the field and giving us time to make our adjustments, to stay aggressive and be a top defense."

(on the change in the feeling of the team since the bye week) "I think overall, the whole team just got aggressive. We started off hot at the beginning of the season. We had some tough battles midway through, going into the bye week. Joe [Flacco] got hurt, unfortunately. Kudos to Lamar [Jackson] for stepping up and now taking on the rookie quarterback role and just doing his job. He exceeded [expectations] and excelled, and he made us believers. You can't sit there and say… When you're on the sidelines seeing him make the plays he makes, extending plays, running the ball, making the whole offensive team better, you don't see that a lot from a rookie quarterback. He took it in stride and he ran with it. He got us to where we are now."

(on if anyone mentioned the two previous chances to make the playoffs in the huddle) "No, all we were saying was, 'just one play and do our job.' At the end of the day, when we do things right and we don't have many errors, nine times out of 10, it's going to work out. Give credit to the Browns. They fought the whole way through. They stayed resilient. They fought back. They made some great plays, too, but at the end of the day, it's always who makes the last play. Thankfully, that was us."

OLB Terrell Suggs

(on what was different this year) "[Defensive coordinator] Don Martindale. It wasn't perfect. It hardly ever is. It wasn't pretty, but it was 'The Raven Way.' It was a good finish and a way to punch our ticket."

(on the C.J. Mosley interception) "I didn't actually see the ball go in his hands. I had to watch it on the Jumbotron. I heard the crowd yell, and that means something great was happening. We needed a big play, and we got it."

(on if he can enjoy the moment) "Absolutely. You can't take getting into the second season and playing in January for granted. We are definitely going to relish this moment tonight. We're one of the last 12 teams playing, and we're going to do something great. This team's kind of writing its own story."

(on the second-half tension) "Well, we're a very resilient team. This beautiful sport that we get to play is definitely about momentum. [Cleveland] had some big plays in the second half, big momentum plays. But we as a defense made some plays, too. We've been very resilient all season with our calls. The offense gave us enough, and we gave them enough, and we have each other's backs. Now it's time to play some playoff football."

(on the two rookie QBs) "I'm usually not impressed with rookies, but you saw two rookies out there today that showed that this is their league. It was impressive. Everybody knows the history of football in Cleveland, and that guy [Baker Mayfield] is going to be something for years to come."

(on the impact of the Ravens' rookies) "We've got to get them to play even greater. We have to keep them humble, even Marlon Humphrey. It's like, 'Hold on, little whipper snapper. Now it's the second season, and we need you to play even better.' We love our young guys, Lamar [Jackson], [second-year player Marlon] Humphrey … This is a special team this year."

(on if he had faith when the team had a 4-5 record) "We know the road. We just had to get rolling. Listen, only playoff teams get in the playoffs, and that's what we are. We did it as a team."

TE Mark Andrews

(on how it feels to make the playoffs) "It's an incredible feeling. It's really been a privilege to play with this team this year. We've been so resilient to get to this point, have our destiny in our own hands. To get the win today, it's such a great feeling. We have a really good group of guys here, and we're ready to go."

(on going six-and-one in the last seven weeks) "It's impressive. It's about a lot of guys being able to adapt on the go, on the fly with such drastic changes at quarterback. We put in a ton of hours to make sure we got everything down. The defense had our back and we had their backs."

(on the difference between the first and second halves) "To be honest, we kind of did what we wanted in the first half. But Baker [Mayfield] had a great second half. He's really good, but we just outlasted him, made that final play, and grinded out the win."

G/T Marshal Yanda

(on making the playoffs) "Really grateful we came through at the end, and got that stop. To have a chance to win the division and make it happen when we needed to, this stuff doesn't always work out this way. We know that first hand. You play hard, let the chips fall where they fall, and this time it worked out for us. It's really exciting."

(on the last seven weeks) "We love this kind of football. It's ground and pound, smash-mouth football. We get stronger as the game gets longer, and we relish that. To see [Ronnie] Stanley and [James] Hurst pull like that and make things happen, for a lineman that's what it's all about."

WR/RS Willie Snead IV

(on making the playoffs) "We're ready. We're battle-tested, and we've been battle-tested for the last seven weeks. It's one step at a time, but we are ready to take on this challenge."

(on the two rookie quarterbacks) "Baker [Mayfield] and Lamar [Jackson] are two helluva a young quarterbacks. This was the first chapter of what will probably be many between these two guys. I think for years to come this will be a nice little battle."

(on the last seven weeks) "It's been a journey, but we have a lot of unselfish players in the locker room, on both offense and defense. On offense that running game is unbelievable. On defense we have guys that can fly around and make plays. We're playing great defense. It's been a struggle but at this point it's all worth it."

(on the unselfishness of the wide receivers) "As receivers it's challenge. You want the ball but at this point in the season, it was all about the team. We had a chance to win the division and so you have to do the things that work. I think as Lamar [Jackson] grows in the passing game and matures we'll have more opportunities to take shots down the field. But right now we're playing very good complementary football. And that's what it took to win the AFC North and that's what's going to help us in the playoffs."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on what it feels like to win the AFC North) "Tremendous fight by our team. Tremendous fight by the Cleveland Browns. It feels good to be victorious. It feels good to have our defense out there on fourth-and-10 in the same situation, with everything on the line, and come up with the play, an interception, of all things. It's just tremendous by the team."

(on if it takes a weight off team's back to make a play in that situation) "This week it does. Next week is different. I…just talked to a guy over there, and he said we had like seven opportunities on fourth down to finish a game, and we've done five [at] the end of the game. So, it's not 100 percent, but five out of seven is pretty good."

(on if he has more of an appreciation of winning something this big now since it's been six years) "It's definitely changed. When I first got here, first couple of years, we were really good. We got there quickly, and I guess kind of took for granted how hard it is to come by wins in this league. To have six years before we win another championship – at least [in the] division, you kind of really appreciate it even more now."

(on getting two interceptions in this game) "It was great. I caught up to [CB] Brandon [Carr] and [CB] Marlon [Humphrey]. I told them that before the game. I was like 'I have to get two this game to even catch up to you guys.' So I'm happy that I got a couple in that column before our season ends."

(on what the huddle was like during the final Cleveland drive) "You could barely hear. Did you hear how loud it was? That was probably the loudest I've heard the stadium in a long time. We've been in the situation…seven times this year. We knew coming down somebody [would be] making a play, and [ILB] C.J. [Mosley] made it."

TE Hayden Hurst

(on how the win felt) "It felt good. To win the [AFC] North, overcome the obstacle here, it's been in the way for a few years. It's awesome. I'm just happy to be a part of it."

(on how he's been getting more chances in games) "For me, it's just proving to [offensive coordinator] Marty [Mornhinweg] that I can get the job done. The more confidence he has in me in those crucial situations, throwing me the ball, it just helps my confidence as well. You've just got to build off of that."

(on winning the AFC North) "It's awesome. Haven't been able to do it in a few years here, but got over the hump today, and I'm just happy to be a part of this team."

(on what the fourth quarter was like) "A lot of emotions today, and [we were] finally able to do it."

(on what it felt like watching the final plays when the Browns had the ball) "You know, some nerves. But I have full confidence in our defense to get the job done. I knew, at some point, one of those guys was going to make a big play, and sure enough [ILB] C.J. [Mosley] did."

RB Gus Edwards

(on being AFC North Champions) "It's a great feeling. Our defense came up big. It was a great finish, a great team win."

(on being the featured back for this team) "I have a great team. I have a great offensive line. RB Kenneth Dixon comes in and does his thing. There is no slack out there. I owe it all to the people around me. I owe it to my coaches."

(on his confidence level heading into the playoffs) "It all comes down to preparation. We need to prepare well and be ready."

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "It's exciting watching him play. He's a leader now. He makes plays when we need him to. He's out there doing a great job running the offense and making plays in crucial times."

(on what was going through his mind on the fourth-and-10 play) "They're the No. 1 defense for a reason. I already knew what time it was."

CB Marlon Humphrey

(on the Browns attacking him) "They definitely were coming at me. My man was open a lot. Baker [Mayfield] was finding my man."

(on the Ravens streaking to the playoffs) "It's been a rollercoaster ride. I think when we were 4-5, we talked about getting here, but hard to really see it. After that Bye week, we came in and said, 'We did what we did in the past, let's leave that in the past, and let's move onto the future. 'Now we're here, AFC North Champs."

(on what was going through his mind on the Browns' last drive) "To me, it was like, 'This is too familiar.' That's how it felt to me. We had been here before and mainly had let the team down as a secondary. It was really good we were able to get off the field, get four stops in a row, and win the ball game. We weren't really thinking about last year. 'E-Dub' [Eric Weddle] got us up on the sideline and said, 'The game is going to be on us,' talking about specifically the defensive backs. They're not going to run the ball anymore. They're going to throw the ball.' We all said right then, we knew what we had to do. We managed to get four stops in a row. We were able to do that to win the game."

(on if he takes the Browns attacking him personally) "I don't really take that as a personal challenge. I just try to do my job. Sometimes you just have bad games. Every time you line back up, no matter how bad you've done, you have to treat every play as its own. Try to play your game, that's the key."

(on the outcome of winning today) "It definitely feels good. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. It would have been great if we had blown them out. For us to win on defense like that, the pressure and all that, it was good. The crowd was loud, it was just meant for us."

(on making the playoffs) "It feels good, a home playoff game. Somehow it happened, and it feels good. I am excited about it."

(on seeing the Steelers watching the game) "Some of the other guys and I were talking about it. We were thinking they were probably feeding off of our energy. We kept going back and forth, and everyone was looking up at the score board. Saying, 'Come on, come on. We've got to win this.' I am sure they were, but it doesn't really matter because we won. That's it."

(on his confidence level in the playoffs) "Confident, confident, confident. The secondary didn't play our best ball today, especially me. We saw some looks we haven't seen before, so there are some things we can fix. We can build off our mistakes and make them better for the next game."

S Eric Weddle

(on fourth-and-10) "The last two years I've been here flashed before my eyes. It's what has driven us since I've been here, like failures and the tough losses. It's been the driving force, all season, training camp, every game this season. We get to this moment, it's our time to rise up. Holy smokes. I mean that's a good team, playing really good football. And they kept coming back. We didn't play very well on the backend, but when the game was on the line, we counted on our rush and our cover guys to go win the game. And that's what we did. C.J. Mosley made an incredible play. We were cover zero four plays in a row, that's unheard of. What a win, AFC North Division Champs."

(on the second half anxiety) "We kept our composure. When I say we prepared ourselves for this moment, that's all we've talked about for 365 days. Since last year, we were composed, we were in the moment. We felt like we left some points off the board. The QB sneak and the touchdown that was later called back. But hey, that stuff happens. That's happened to us before, and we haven't recovered. So we just had to go out there and say, 'Look, we need to make one play, to win this game and be division champs and continue this season.' They made some great plays that last series. Baker [Mayfield] was running around, doing what he does. He made some incredible throws. But when we needed four plays in a row, we made them, and that was huge."

(on the celebration after the fourth down) "It's hard to explain how much work and time and sacrifice goes into what we do. Time away from our families and friends. This is my family. My real family gets the backseat. It's a lot of time to get back into this position. It doesn't happen often that you get to go to the playoffs. I went to the playoffs in my first three years in the league, and then I didn't go. I haven't won in six years. But now I am back. It's incredible. This group is special. It's just the beginning for us. This isn't the end. We're excited to be division champs, but we have a lot of football left.

(on QB Lamar Jackson) "Lamar [Jackson] is a special, special person. Not just a football player, just a human being. He's very genuine, he's loyal, he's humble, and he's passionate. Those are qualities in such a young kid you don't ever see. He's all about team. He's all about getting better and trying to lead us. I tip my hat off to him. I look forward to not just being on the same team as him, but being a fan of him, and supporting him for the rest of his career, because he's going to do some special things."

(on the celebration tonight) "As everyone knows, victory ice cream is happening, and as everyone knows, I get a little bonus for making the playoffs. I am excited to do something nice for my teammates, and my coaches. Without them, this would have never happened. I've got something brewing, but I am not going to tell. You'll find out when I make it happen. Amazing season, it all cumulated with this right here, and we're going to keep it rolling."

(on this not being the same old Ravens) "This ain't the same Ravens. Everyone thought I was crazy back early in the season, and we had a rough patch, but shoot, the game was on the line and we did it. The old Ravens may not have. It's been a drive for us the entire year."

(on his confidence level heading to the playoffs) "We're extremely confident. I think this team is built for playoff football, and I think we're mentally tougher than anyone out there, with what we've been through. Not just this season, but past seasons. I feel like we can go into any situation and battle our tails off and have a chance to win. This group is a special group, we play for each other. We play for our coaches and our coaches play for us. We win as a team and lose as a team, and when you have that bond, anything is possible."

(on why he thought they weren't the same old Ravens) "We have the pieces, we have the coaches, we have the drive. We've worked harder than we ever had this past offseason. When you have a group that plays for each other…People look at our defense and our team, and there's a lot of other more talented teams out there. But, you look at our team, and we're the best team. Because that's what we are. We play for each other, we rely on each other, we have each other's back. It's not always the most talented team that wins, it's the best team. It's the best team that wins. We're out to prove that this year."

RB Kenneth Dixon

(on being AFC North Champs) "It feels great, that's what we set out to be way back out in the summer. That was one of our goals. One of our goals was accomplished."

(on his journey back to the team) "It was a great journey. I am thankful for everything that happened. It absolutely grew me up as a man. I am grateful for the team sticking beside me through everything. The injuries, the off-the-field issues. I am just happy to be here."

(on the Ravens backfield) "Our backfield is very dangerous. It's what we practice every week and that's what we want to present on Saturday or Sunday. We're trying to stay ready so we don't have to get ready."

(on his confidence level in the playoffs) "Very, very confident. But it all starts with your preparation. We've got to go pull up the film on the Chargers, look at some of our miscues, and get after them."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on the moment LB C.J. Mosley intercepted the ball and the Ravens won the AFC North) "That's why he's our captain [and] that's why he's a Pro Bowler, man. Big players make big plays, and we were kind of in the same situation as last year and we came up with the play this time. Fourth down, we pulled off all the marbles and we're in the dance and we've got a chance now."

(on what is going through his mind when some of the calls didn't seem to be going the Ravens way today) "Good. Let us be out there. Put that pressure on us. That's what we want, and to come up with the win that way… We didn't get a lot of calls to go our way, and we kept fighting. That's the resiliency of this team and that shows the growth. The growth from year to year."

(on if it stills seems remarkable what this team can do on offense) "No. They practice it. That's what they come out in practice and do, and then they execute in the game. That's what they're supposed to do. They're supposed to march the ball down the field whenever they get the chance and put pressure on opposing defenses."

(on not getting some of the calls to go their way and if it was frustrating) "Would it not be us if we didn't end it that way? Last year, the fourth-and-12, that's all we see and that's all we remember. And then we come down fourth-and-10, and [Anthony] Levine made two hell of a plays on man-coverage, tight coverage. And then that fourth down, C.J. [Mosley], man you can't say enough about that guy. He's out there and he goes to work, week-to-week. He doesn't really say a lot – he doesn't really say much at all – but when we need a play we turn to him, and he came up with it."

(on the Los Angeles Chargers coming to Baltimore for another matchup this season) "Good. Good! This is what you play for. This is what you ask for. It doesn't matter who is coming in here; we've got a home playoff game. We've got to defend our turf and then see what happens from there."

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