Transcripts: Ravens Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Obviously, congratulations goes to the Steelers. I thought they played a very, very good football game – deserved the win. They did what they had to do to win the game. Congrats to them. We're disappointed with the loss. We'll go into our bye week this week and try to get rested up – get healthy – and try to come out swinging for the last seven games and find a way to make the playoffs. That'll be our goal. OK, what do you have?"

(on having trouble defending the short passes over the middle) "I think they do a lot of … Their offense is built that way. Those high and low routes over the middle – that's what they do. They create a triangle in front of Ben [Roethlisberger]. Their whole offense is built on that. Pretty much any way you can do it, they do it. [They have] different combinations; we're running different coverages. They hit the checkdown a lot with the back – that will be a big part of it at times. We were in about every coverage you can be in at times, and they completed a lot of them. I thought the key was … Two keys: They ran the ball pretty well on first down, so a lot of times, it was second-and-6, and therefore, it's third-and-5, third-and-4. You can drop the ball down and convert the ball. As a result of that, they converted on third down to a great extent. That led to the time of possession difference. We didn't have very many opportunities to score – that was the difference in the game."

(on if personnel/coaching changes need to happen when you're on a three-game losing streak heading into the bye) "I don't think it depends on that; it depends on whether you think there are specific things you need to do differently. I don't see that. We'll look at everything – we always do in the bye week. I think the biggest thing we need to do is get healthy and get fresh. We have one of the later byes. These teams we've played the past couple weeks have come off of byes. As a result, they've been fresh – they've been healthy. That makes a difference. But, you have to find a way to win these games. I just told them, 'You know, we lost three games in a row. What does that mean we need to do?' They all said, 'We need to win three games in a row.' That's what we need to do. There are seven games left in the season – there's a lot of football left to be played. It's not a nine-game season, it's a 16-game season. We'll determine our own fate. So, that's where we're at."

(on how difficult it was wanting to get downfield when you have a struggling offensive line and you have to make quick passes) "Well, that's a good observation. When we did get into the seven-step, or even the five-step stuff, Joe [Flacco] was under duress. We held up in the five-step stuff pretty well. The seven-step stuff cost us a sack. Cost us that … I think it was the second drive of the second half – that sack – [in addition to] a hold. It cost us that whole drive. So, that's because we tried to drop back and do it when we weren't in a position to do it. We were trying to get the ball out quick and run the ball in various formations. Obviously, a lot of the Lamar [Jackson] stuff in the beginning of the game was a big part of what we were doing. We were trying to do everything we could to neutralize that situation."

(on if he received an explanation as to why the play didn't continue when the Steelers were offsides on the final drive) "I think they blew it dead because it was unabated. I didn't see whether it was or not. But, that would be why they would do that. They would blow it dead."

(on the inability to score touchdowns in the red zone) "I didn't get a sense then that it would be a game with a lot of possessions. So, that was really tough. That was disappointing. We talked at halftime … I thought we really were going to need three touchdowns to win, or two touchdowns and a field goal in the second half. We weren't scoring touchdowns, and that really hurt us. They scored touchdowns in the first half, and we didn't – that was pretty much the difference in the first half."

(on if he is happy with the QB Lamar Jackson packages, or if he feels they are counterproductive) "I don't think counterproductive because we're gaining yards and making plays. I would like to find more of it, to be honest with you. I would like to see him out there more and find ways to get him on the field more, if we can. He's a good player. That's not easy to do. The Saints came in here a couple weeks ago and put their two quarterbacks out there 24 times, I think. Whether that's something we do in the future, we'll have to decide. Our offensive coaches do a good job of working through that stuff."

(on if he feels more pressure being 4-5 heading into the bye) "You always feel pressure. It's a pressure league – you know, it's the National Football League. I was hoping we'd be 7-2 at this point. That was the goal – that was the idea – and we could be. You just feel disappointed. It has been nothing but a joy and privilege to come to work every day with these coaches and players. It has been one of the best seasons that way, ever. I think you have to look at it that way from a process standpoint and just understand that's what you go work on. You hope the results and the outcome takes care of itself in that sense. So, we're working on doing that. We're going to keep doing that. We're not going to change anything that way and see if we can get good. Now, what plays we run and what defenses we call … Yeah, sure. Who's on the field, and who's not on the field, how long they're on the field – those are all things we have to look at and get ourselves the best chance to win. I think that's a very fair point, and that's something we will look at. It's not like we're going to sit there and not do anything. We're going to look hard at what we can do. We have to score more points, get more yards – especially – score in the red zone. We were scoring in the red zone really well early in the year, and that has dried up. That has really hurt us. We have to find a way to score touchdowns in the red zone. That's huge for us right now. We have to go to work on that and figure out a way to do that."

(on if he prefers waiting until after the two-minute warning to use his timeouts) "We could have done it either way. Once the time went down a little bit, we knew we could call it after the timeout. We'd get the ball back with some amount of time. We just gave up too many first downs there. We needed to get them stopped earlier. I think you can do it either way. We still would have been about the same time. I think it might have been a five-second difference, maybe. I would have to look at it to get a finite answer."

(on if he has theories as to why the red zone scoring has dried up) "No, other than making plays, you know? We had the wrong coverage one time. Early in the game, we wanted to get it out to 'Crab' [Michael Crabtree], and they made a good call, and they had a high-low inside, and they just covered it very well. That kind of stuff happens to you. It helps if you can run it in. We ran it in the second half; we didn't run it in the first half. We were able to run it in a number of times earlier in the season. So, we're just going to have to look at that. It's really play-to-play, series-to-series."

(on if he is concerned about the reports of him being let go over the bye week) "I haven't seen that. I don't know … I've never been someone who's worried about keeping a job. It's always been, for me, [about] doing the job. I've got a bunch of great coaches and a bunch of great players that bust their tails every day to do the best job they can. I feel real good about the way this team has been coached for the last 11 years, and for the last number of weeks we've been in the season. So, there are no regrets. Never been any regrets here with me. We'll keep fighting, and that's what we do."

QB Joe Flacco

(on having to settle for a field goal early in the game) "I think that was kind of the name of the game. We were obviously wanting to get the ball in the end zone, and it wasn't our typical selves in the red zone. We had a couple of opportunities. In these games, they're huge."

(on if he didn't see QB Lamar Jackson open for a touchdown pass) "Yes. If you remember, we were kind of rushing around there. It didn't get off perfect, and he's the last guy out of probably five guys out there anyways. It's one of those where maybe you wish you had extended the play and ended up seeing it late."

(on if taking a hit during the first series affected him) "No."

(on if it's frustrating to struggle in the red zone after the start of the season) "It's frustrating because in these types of games, you don't get that many plays and that many opportunities, and obviously scoring touchdowns is the name of the game. That's how you have to win games in this league, but there are plenty of other things that we can look at that we didn't get done today, and that's what we'll do. We'll go through the whole body of work, obviously. You can pick a couple plays out in this game where it might make a difference down in the end. Like I said, there were plenty of plays that we wanted back."

(on if the goal-line pass to WR Michael Crabtree was tipped) "It just felt like I had to get rid of that ball. Probably, I didn't let him get out of his break and tried kind of floating it out there, but at the end of the day, no, I don't think that ball got tipped. It was just one of those where I didn't really let him get out of his break, and I didn't hit him."

(on how much pressure is on the team) "There's always pressure on every team to go win football games. It doesn't matter what your record is. It comes down to one game for a lot of teams in this league at the end of the day. Obviously, it's not ideal that our record is what it is, but we always talk about, when you're worried about the outcomes of things, and you're looking too far ahead and worrying about things that aren't in our control quite yet, you get yourself in trouble. It's tough to do that, but you have to be mentally strong, and just be able to focus on the task at hand and move on."

(on if there's any concern about personnel changes during the bye) "I don't think that we've thought anything about that besides just how we feel right now about not getting the job done and what we could have done better today."

(on if as a leader he has to help players not get discouraged or if players will do that themselves) "I definitely have the belief that that will happen. Now, obviously if things happen, and guys are feeling certain ways, then yes. You have to talk to the guy. We're all going to be fighting through some stuff for the next couple of weeks and beyond that, and I think that we've built this team with a bunch of guys that hold their head high in all situations, and I expect that we won't have a problem, but we also have a bunch of guys that hold their teammates accountable. And, if there are any issues, then we'll make sure they're taken care of."

(on if he feels change in personnel is needed) "No, I don't. We have a lot of confidence in what we can do as a team. There are a lot of teams out there that aren't quite in the position that they want to be in; we're just one of them. Obviously, the name of the game in this league is winning football games, and there is always going to be pressure internally and externally when you're not winning games like you want to. We understand that, and we just have to do more."

(on if the team has discussed substituting a wide receiver for him when QB Lamar Jackson is on the field) "No, we haven't talked about that. Maybe they've talked about it, but not with me."

(on if he understands the rationale for how the team uses QB Lamar Jackson) "We have certain plays in our package, and they're really just plays that we run throughout the course of the game depending on the situation. I'm not a part of… I'm on the field, so I'm not a part when they're going to happen, in what order, for how many times. It's just part of our gameplan."

(on if there's a concern that the offense isn't getting into a rhythm when both quarterbacks play) "If I were watching the game on T.V., I could probably have a million opinions, but I'm the one playing in it. I'm taking each play at a time and trying to go down and score a point. And, whatever we decide to call, that's what we decide to call, and I'm all for it. I'm happy when they work, and when they don't work, I move on to the next play. There are a lot of plays out there on every Sunday that do not work, and it's our job as players to move on to the next one, get the next one, move the chains and forget about it. When we get to the sideline, we can talk about it, see what happens, but at the end of the day, we have to move on. I don't concern myself with really any of that during the course of the game."

ILB C.J. Mosley

(on why it was so difficult to stop the Steelers on third down) "Their team scouts just like we scout. They did a good job of making plays, a lot of one-on-one plays in man coverage. They really didn't do too many plays down field, so we had them where we wanted them. We had a lot of third-and-five, six, sevens and just never made plays. So, especially the last two weeks, we weren't able to get off the field."

(on QB Joshua Dobbs' pass completed for a first down in the fourth quarter) "We had it covered perfectly. 'Dub' [Eric Weddle] was right there and just had his back turned. [Dobbs] had one play made, probably the best pass of his career so far in the NFL. This is the NFL, so teams are going to make plays. We had the right call for it, we just didn't make the play."

(on the position of the team after the loss) "It sounds rhetorical, but we have to win more than we lose for the rest of the year. I feel like the bye week came at the right time. Mentally, getting guys healthy, physically, getting guys healthy. The coaches are going to do what they have to do as far as figuring out where we move forward, and as players, we just have to make sure that we come back…We have to be ready for a long November [and] December. It would definitely help to have this win, but with a win or loss, coming down the stretch we still have to try and win out. As a leader, you just have to make sure you keep the guys' heads up. I think with this team, we all fight hard. We all do what we have to do. So, like I said, I think the bye week came at a good time. I think mentally, more than physically, [we want to] make sure we all come back right."

(on the mood of the defense after the last nine quarters) "I feel like every time we have a chance to get a turnover, we're a second late. We bat the ball down; we don't get that. So, I feel like the turnovers aren't going our way. So, from that standpoint, and like I said, these past two weeks, we just have to find a way to get off the field. Like I said, teams are going to scout us. We started off hot as a defense, especially on third down in the red zone. So, as coaches and as players, we have to make sure we come back and just figure out what we did successfully in the past few weeks, what teams have done to us successfully to keep them on the field, and I think that's the big picture."

(on a report that Head Coach John Harbaugh's job is in question) "Let's not worry about that."

WR John Brown

(on turning the season around) "I think we can turn it around. Things happen. We have to find a way to get it right."

(on what Pittsburgh did differently this time around) "One of the things, for me, is I got bracketed a lot. Joe Haden followed me, and they had help over the top. They basically took me out of the gameplan. That's just something we have to figure out and get right."

(on overcoming the three-game losing streak) "We just have to come back with a different mindset. We have to keep that mindset we had when we first started. We're going to be good. I believe in the guys. We're going to come back and get it done."

TE Mark Andrews

(on being a part of the Ravens' red zone offense) "I'm just trying to get open. I'm trying to go out there and make a play. We left a couple of them out there. We have to work on that. I'm just trying to get better, each and every game, and each and every week, work on my craft and work to get open, which I feel like I'm doing."

(on being 4-5) "This is not a 4-5 team. This is a team that has a ton of potential and a ton of ability. We've shown that. It's a tough loss today. Give credit to the Steelers – they did a good job – especially on third down. They kind of took over the game and time of possession. That's hard to overcome. There's a positive in that there are so many talented guys on this team. Guys that want to fight. We fought to the very end. It was never over for us. That's encouraging."

(on all the red zone targets) "We worked on stuff, but it wasn't like, 'We're in the red zone, throw Mark in.' It just kind of happened that way. We came up short on one, but we got the pass interference on the other one. We need to get those down and make those scores."

(on evaluating himself and the team during the bye) "For me, it's all about contributing. I feel like I'm doing a good job of contributing right now. I feel like I can do more and make more of an impact. Hopefully, moving forward, I will."

(on whether his play this season has gone like he thought it would) "Yes, I've always been kind of a guy that is very good at running routes and getting open. What I'm doing out here, getting open and catching balls, is not surprising. That's one of those things … I was confident in that. But [now I'm] just continuing to work on my whole game and become a complete tight end and help this team out in any way possible, especially after the bye."

(on what his expectations are for the rest of the season) "I want to become a complete tight end. I want to be a guy that's not only in there for pass and some run, but be a guy that can go in there and run power and that good stuff."

(on the rookie class contributing to the team) "I think there are a lot of guys that have stepped up. It doesn't show by our record, but there are a lot of guys that are doing some good things. That's a positive. They've drafted a lot of talented guys around this team. I'm just going to continue to work hard and get better."

DE Brent Urban

(on the loss) "It's tough. They made some good adjustments – you've got to hand it to them. They came with a great gameplan. They dominated the game for the most part, for the majority of the game. It's a tough one. It hurts, but you've got to hand it to them."

(on the Steelers' success on third down) "They kept us on the field for a lot of long drives, just grinding us down. You can't win like that. We need to regroup and play better third-down defense and go from there."

(on his near-blocked field goal) "You know how it goes sometimes. You've just got to keep working and eventually things will go your way. You can't get down on yourself, you've just got to keep chipping away. Eventually, you'll make those plays."

DT Brandon Williams

(on where this team is right now) "Right now, we have some work to do. Whether that's looking at the film or looking at the game today, we just have some work to do."

(on the three-game losing streak) "Right now, we're just worried about getting guys back on offense – getting guys healthy. Coming back and getting back to work. We'll go over this film tomorrow, and we'll make corrections. It's about making corrections and getting better."

(on the defense's struggles of the last three games) "It just seems like people are playing us different. In the beginning, you see them lining up and playing actual football – now they're doing sweeps and screens and all that stuff. They're taking the big guys in the middle out of it. We just have to work on a few things and counter it."

(on not getting off the field on third down) "It's what we do. We have to get off the field on third down. We have to go back to work and look at some things. We have to change some things. We have to go back to work."

(on head coach John Harbaugh's message at the bye) "The biggest thing is getting healthy. Get healthy, get guys back, revitalize and come back to work and get busy."

(on the mental aspect of the game) "You see us running around, you see us hitting, you see us doing everything – we're flying around on defense. We just need to take a step back and reevaluate some things and come back after the bye and get back to work."

(on how much this loss sets the Ravens back) "It always sucks losing to the Steelers. The biggest thing, though, is that we still have a chance. We still have everything in front of us. So, that's what we're worried about right now. This game is over."

G/T Jermaine Eluemunor

(on the disappointment of the loss and being 4-5) "It's hard because we work so hard. This is our livelihood, and we love doing this, and you know, you just have things you have to work on. We're going to watch the tape tomorrow and learn from it and learn from it going to this bye week, recovering and come back to play the Bengals in two weeks."

(on the game) "It was just a physical game. The Steelers are a real physical team. We're a real physical team. This rivalry is a real physical rivalry, so we just thought we had really good match-ups, and we just go back to the drawing board, watch film and go on from this game and prepare for the Bengals."

(on if the bye week comes at the right time) "I guess it's good because we get to recover and the extra week to prepare for the Bengals. It sucks to lose, and I hate it. I know me personally, there's a lot of things I could have done better. There's definitely a lot of things I could have done better. I'm going to go back into this week, watch tape, go from this, work on [some more] things. I got to talk to [Steelers OT Alejandro] Villanueva after the game. That was real beneificial for me. This bye week, we're just going to take it one day at a time and prepare and get our bodies ready to play in two Sundays."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on the game) "We lost; it's not good at all. My overall is coming out with a 'W,' and we didn't. We've just got to get back in two weeks and get ready for the Bengals."

(on the game and where the team's at) "We've got to come out with a W, that's all. We lost three straight; that's not good for us. We've got to move on and get ready for the Bengals. [Just need] to relax, get our bodies back together, regroup and get ready for the Bengals."

(on how he feels about the team trying to find more opportunities for him) "I'm just pretty cool. We're just going to get better, regroup, come together and just stay focused. There's a lot of season left to play, so all we're worrying about is winning."

(on the play in the first half where he went out for the pass and was open) "In practice, I wasn't open on it. It wasn't designed for me. [QB Joe Flacco] was going through his reads. [I was] a late option, last resort. I tried to [jump up and down]. I couldn't call his name—the crowd was loud."

(on how much he's enjoyed having more of a role on offense) "It's very cool, but I feel like I need to do more. We need to score more points. That's all; I've got to help my team move the ball."

(on if the completed pass to WR Michael Crabtree boosted his confidence) "Oh, my confidence wasn't down at all. Anything to move the ball."

DB/LB Anthony Levine Sr.

(on the defense and playing better) "That's not up to our standard. We know what our standard is, and that wasn't it. We know what we've got to do."

(on being 4-5 heading into the break) "We've got to get healthy. We had both of our starting tackles. That's no excuse. We've got to get healthy, and we've got come back and we've got to go on a run. A lot of magical things happen around here. Ain't nobody down. We know what we've got to do. We're going to go. We're going to get healthy, and we're going to come back and we're going to fight."

(on what they need to do from here) "I've seen stuff that happens around here that's crazy. I mean, we're the Baltimore Ravens. We know what [the guys] are going to do. At the end of the day, we never like to quit anyway. Every time, we go in the playoffs, it happens like that. If we've got to go on the ground, we got to go on the ground. This is what it is – the Baltimore Ravens. It is what it is."

S Tony Jefferson

(on if he's surprised the Ravens are in the spot they're in right now) "It is what it is. It's the NFL. It doesn't matter unless you win the Super Bowl. So, you've just got to keep getting and go from there, [and] correct our mistakes."

(on how frustrating it was not to be able to stop the Steelers on third down) "You're not going to win much football if you're not getting off the field on third down like that. So, [we have] got to do better."

(on if the team needs a bit of a mental break) "Agree. It's the NFL, got a bye week right here, so I guess get the guys who aren't healthy back. Just try and fight, keep fighting, and we'll go from there."

(on the top priority in the bye week) "Just to get guys healthy, really study ourselves, study yourself for the first half of the season, and we've got to get some wins in the win column. The only way we're going to do that is if we don't repeat mistakes, and if we get some wins."

(on his thoughts on how things can change) "Anything can happen. I mean, we lost [three] in a row. We could win the rest in a row. You never know in this league. As long as we keep fighting, I have the utmost faith in our coaches, our staff, front office and players, so I believe with the guys we have in our room, we can turn it around."

CB Jimmy Smith

(on the struggles getting Pittsburgh off the field on third down) "They kept getting third downs. They converted, we couldn't get off the field, and that hurt us today."

(on what the team does these next two weeks to try to salvage the season) "Take one day at a time, obviously. I could sit here and say the corny lines that we always say, but our backs are to the wall now. There's no room for error at all. We had to win this game, and we didn't, so Bengals is a must-win, obviously. Every game is a must-win. The feeling that we have is disgusting. We should have come out here and performed better."

TE Hayden Hurst

(on defining his role in this offense) "Whatever the coaches dial up, I'm going to do 100 miles per hour. If it's blocking 60 times in a game, I'm going to go block defensive ends 60 times in a game. If I'm going to run routes, I'm going to do that at 100 miles per hour as well. So, it's whatever the coaches want me to do, I'm going to go do it to the best of my ability."

(on how he feels the rookie class has played thus far) "Really good. I think a lot of us are contributing and helping this team win. I see Kenny [Young] out there on defense making plays, myself and Mark [Andrews]. Orlando [Brown Jr.] is stepping in. There are guys all over the place that are trying to help this team."

(on if he is growing confidence in his role in the passing game) "I think so. I think that's where my skillset is best; I'm able to outrun linebackers and get over top of them when Joe [Flacco] throws the ball up, and I go catch it. It's pretty simple, and I just want to do my job at a high rate. When Joe sees me, he's going to throw it to me, and I'm going to come down with it."

(on what they look at in the next two weeks to try to turn things around) "I think the Bye Week is going to be good for us. We're going to get everybody back healthy and kind of regroup a little bit and then go on in the second half of the season. I think we're going to be fine. We're going to come out swinging."

T Orlando Brown Jr.

(on how the offensive line injuries have hampered communication) "I wouldn't say it hampers anything at all. We're a group, and I think as an offensive line this is pretty much everybody who has been here since I got here in minicamp and all of those things. We've all had a ton of reps together in some way, some sort, so I don't really think the communication was affected at all."

(on blocking Steelers OLB T.J. Watt and the one body-slam play) "Yeah, I've got to see the film, but the body-slam block, I was just trying to set the tone for whenever I'm out there, and he's out there. He's a great player, [but] I don't back down from any fights. He's a guy who is really good at what he does. I want to be one of the greats, and it basically starts by dominating guys like that."

(on if he enjoyed the feel of this rivalry) "Absolutely. I just think it was a little more physical than most. The fight is a little bit more than most just because of the rivalry and all of those things. This game just makes or breaks the conference in a way. We're both top teams, typically, and Pittsburgh is really good. It was very physical and a lot of fun."

S Eric Weddle

(on what the big difference was this week as opposed to the last game against Pittsburgh) "Third downs. Red zone. Control of the clock. It's hard to come back when they convert so many third downs and score touchdowns in the red zone. That's where we held them last time, and stopped their run the first game as well. We knew they were going to come back and play a little better, but [we] just didn't play good enough to win."

(on how he feels after three losses in a row) "We've got to get healed up. A lot of guys are banged up. Get some guys back on offense, and obviously, defensively, we've got a lot of guys who are hurting. We've got seven games left. There's still an opportunity, and nobody knows what's going to happen, right? I know this team, this coaching staff, we're going to continue to work and strive to win games. That's why we're here, that's why we play is for a chance at the playoffs, and we're not eliminated yet. We're in a hole, but we've got to dig ourselves out, and over the past few years we do play great in November and December. So, we've just got to heal up. Heal up and have a great off-week. Get our minds refreshed and refocused. Come back and get after it."

(on not being able to stop them on a lot of third-and-short situations) "When they're running the ball fairly well – I don't know what their yards per carry were – but it just seemed like they had third-and-5, third-and-4, third-and-6… I don't know if we got them in a third-and-8-plus where we could really dial up some things. So, that makes you somewhat generic on defense. You can try to play zone, but there are so many holes in the zone that a guy like Ben [Roethlisberger] can just pop it over there for a first down. So, now they've predetermined that we're most likely going to be in one, which is man, and then you've got to deal with the pick-routes and the unders and the over-routes. It's tough to do that type of stuff. Give credit, they played an outstanding game today on the road. We had a couple of chances to make some plays, and they're a good team, and they made them."