Transcripts: Ravens Post Game Quotes

Head Coach John Harbaugh

OPENING STATEMENT: "I appreciate you guys being here. Congratulations to the Chiefs. Big win for them and they played well and they made plays and they won the game. I thought our guys fought like crazy. [I am] always proud of the way they fight. They play hard and if we get a little bit better, we win games like this. That is where we are at."

Q: On defensive back miscommunication…

HARBAUGH: "Some of them were well executed by them. They had some crazy catches, you know tipped balls. The one touchdown was played wrong by a certain player. That happens."

Q: Did you want to set the tone early on that first drive?

HARBAUGH: "I don't know if we were setting any tone. There is no tone to be set. You are trying to do everything you can to win the game. When you get the ball at the one yard line after the penalty, it makes a lot of sense to go for two. Unless you are playing scared, which we are not going to do."

Q: Can you talk about Mark Ingram II and the job he and the offensive line did?

HARBAUGH: "I think it speaks for itself. We ran that ball well. Offensive line played excellent. They played tremendous. I thought everybody played well, but the plays that could be made we did not quite make. Calls could have been made, we did not quite make. We did not have quite enough. That's all."

Q: Did you get an explanation on Gus Edwards' illegal block?

HARBAUGH: "Yeah, he explained it. I disagreed with it. I don't see how you call that. I let him know what I thought about it and he told me what he thought. We will see what the graders think."

Q: How difficult was it to control Patrick Mahomes' pass rush?

HARBAUGH: "I mean how difficult is it for anybody. He moves around really well. That is what he does well. Creates a lot of plays."

Q: The decision to go for two on a third and 19, was the point to get two touchdowns?

HARBAUGH: "The point was to score as many points as we could. Let me just tell you, I do not remember the situation, which one was what. Every one of those was clear analytic decisions to go for two. We had a mindset that we would come in and score as many points as we could. That is what we tried to do. I know we all felt the same way. I know Lamar (Jackson) felt the same way. We all did. We are going to keep playing that way for the record. When you write your articles, just understand that. We will disagree with your criticism. You know we are going after it. That is the way we are going to play all year."

Q: Was there any second thought to that strategy?

HARBAUGH: "No. Absolutely not. Like I said, we don't play scared."

Q: Fourth and short anywhere on the field?

HARBAUGH: "Yep. And I can just tell you analytically like when you look at the numbers, it is not even close. So you understand that in terms of percentages in terms of winning the game. I am just telling you that is what the analytics are. That is what it says in this game. That is how it works, but it wouldn't even matter. We believe in our offense and we are going to try to make as many first downs as we can. I think it led to a touchdown the very first time, did it not? We will keep doing that probably if it suits us. Whatever makes the most sense. We are not going into it blind. We got the numbers. We know what we are doing and that was the plan."

QB Lamar Jackson

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from this?

JACKSON: "Score points, less penalties and finish drives. That's all we can do. We let our defense down on the field. Our offensive line did a great job. I had a lot of throws I should've made. Deep balls. Marquise [Brown] had them, Miles Boykin had them. We need to complete those and we'll have more time on the clock."

Q: What were the Chiefs doing defensively? It seemed like they were dropping more players in coverage in the passing game.

JACKSON: "Yeah, they were doing a lot of mole coverages. Going two-tempo and leading the safety in the middle of the field, trying to cover up the middle. We just have to do a better job of executing. I feel like that's my job, I'm the field general. I need to make my receivers get open and give great balls and we'll have extended drives.

Q: On going for it on fourth and short, and two-point conversions…

JACKSON: It's our job to execute on fourth and short or third and short, we have to get it. We're trying to score points. You know, the Chiefs have a great offense, an explosive offense. Our job is to finish and keep our defense on the sideline as much as we can, and we didn't do that today. We started doing that towards the end, but it was too late.

Q: Looking at the flow of the game, Chiefs won the first half and you guys won the second half. What changed?

JACKSON: "We just played football. We did what we did the prior two weeks before this game. We drove the ball down, we got the ball back and scored. We took it easy on the defense and they just executed. Our job is to extend drives and score points. And we didn't do that until towards the end of the game."

Q: Do you guys feel you left some plays out on the field?

JACKSON: "Definitely. We definitely did. It was a lot of pass plays. We're supposed to make those."


Q: On the way the team fought back today…

INGRAM: "We believe in ourselves. We have a whole bunch of guys on this team that don't quit. We have fighters, guys with chips on their shoulders. We put ourselves in a hole, and we believed we could get ourselves out of that hole give ourselves a chance to win in the second half. Give those guys credit. They made more plays than us. We'll get better from this."

Q: You had a great day today. Were you feeling it out there, was the offensive line paving the way? What led to your success today?

INGRAM: "There's not a group of five lineman, a group of tight-ends and a full back and the receivers on the perimeter that I wouldn't run behind. They created some seams for us to run through. They dominated all game long and that's a testament to those guys … the attention to detail those guys have in the running game, our tight ends, full back, and receivers, you have to have them on point to have any type of success."

Q: You made some critical third-down plays. What were you feeling out there?

INGRAM: "Just trying to make a play to help my team, that's all. They had some great blocks where I had to capitalize. Sometimes, things won't be block-perfect and you got to find a way to fight and churn out yards and make plays for the team. I was just trying to step up and make plays for us."

Q: How did you feel about the aggressive mindset today (two-point conversions, fourth-down conversions, etc.)?

INGRAM: "I love it. I love it. I love it. Come here into a hostile environment … one of the better teams in the league, everyone says, and we went toe-to-toe with them. We played aggressive. We have to make sure we execute so that we have our coaches back for believing in us. I love the aggressive mindset. We knew we were going to come in here aggressively, offensively and defensively, and we have to make those plays."

Q: After today's game, do you feel like you can beat the elite teams in the league?

INGRAM: "We feel like we could be the best team in this league. We just have to make our plays and not give up plays and obviously I think we're going to respond the right way from this. We have a bunch of guys who have high character, high integrity. A lot of our guys have chips on their shoulders and have that dog mentality. I expect us to bounce back stronger."


OPENING STATEMENT: "This was a tough one. Congratulations to the Chiefs on a good game. Defensively, I thought there were a couple plays that I wish we could have back. A couple penalties that I wish we could have back as well. But at the end of the day, we have to play more together, more sound. We need to be more fundamentally sound. It's week three, so we'll get back to the drawing board. We're 2-1, so I still think we're in great shape. I still have faith in everyone in our locker room. So, we'll just go from there."

Q: I know you want to win every game. A lot of people are saying that the Chiefs are one of the best, so on the road, any consolation that you only lost by five points?

JEFFERSON: "No. We don't think like that. We come here to win, regardless of what ranks have been given to them outside of here. We feel like we can win every game. That's how we practice, that's how we prepare. We didn't do that today and we came up short. We didn't do what we wanted or what we needed to do. But we have a division game next week against the Cleveland Browns, so our main focus is being 1-0 in the division.

Q: That 83-yard touchdown, what do you feel was the biggest problem with that?

JEFFERSON: "It's just easy stuff that we can fix. We fix it. I'll take the blame on that one. Communication needs to be better. I'll take the blame, that's one me. I'm going to work on that this week, even more so. There's really no excuse. I need to play better, be better, and fix it."

Q: On the defensive pass interference call and the explanation that the referee gave…

JEFFERSON: "It sucks anytime we get a turnover and then there's a flag to deflate that. I'm going to do better. There's no point in sitting here and arguing with the ref. It's not going to change the call. As I said, I disagree. Like I said, we just have to play better and do better. But it's still just week three."

Q: On the key to defending a screen…

JEFFERSON: "Anytime you're defending a screen, everybody needs to be alert of the screen. That play is really kind of a play that everybody on the defense is involved in. That's why we say when there's a screen that everyone is kind of responsible for it. So, like I said, we'll go back to the drawing board and look at the things we need to fix. Mahomes did a very good job of extending plays, as we knew. We did do some great things out there defensively. We talked about it going into the game that the offense was going to take some chances on fourth down, so we were ready for it. We agreed with it and we were ready, because we don't back down from anybody or anything. Defense needs to ball up and make plays and hold them to a field goal. We need to do better defensively. But I still have full faith in everybody. Not just defense, offense, special teams, but everybody. No need to panic. Let's go next week and win a divisional game."


Q: What was the difference in this football game?

HUMPHREY: "I think the biggest difference was third down. You really just want to get to third down and have a shot and they bounced back from some of those. Every penalty we had, they capitalized on them. You can't give them second chances because they have the ability to capitalize on them. A field goal and a touchdown is a big win for them, if you can keep it to a field goal."

Q: What jumped out to you today about Mahomes and the Kansas City receiving corps?

HUMPHREY: "I think that that jumped out the most … you can pick any one (receiver). One week Sammy [Watkins] is top target, the next week it's [Demarcus] Robinson. We knew going into the game, who their guys were. It's one thing to say that, but going to the game, they definitely showed that."

Q: Is this a special team?

HUMPHREY: "I really think so. I think this was a really good test. Their resume speaks for itself. They were one play away from going to the Super Bowl last year. To go against them … we were right there in the game. Even though we lost, it's still encouraging to know that we can be right there with them, one to two plays away from being right where we want to be."


Q: What was the difference between the two teams today?

THOMAS: "It came down to a lot of things. A series of events happened. Some big plays were made on both ends. Like the screen game with the sauce added to us got them in the red zone and the game-winning score. But I got to get the tape. I feel like we fell hard on both sides of the ball. Our running game came alive. I just got to get the tape and see what happened."

Q: What are your thoughts on Mahomes and this Kansas City receiving corps?

THOMAS: "Very fast. Mahomes is a great competitor. He made some great plays today, but we gave them some big play as well, they were just mental errors."

Q: On the penalty that resulted in the negation of a Mahomes interception…

THOMAS: "There were a couple of those, we caught a pick one time and they called it back, on that series of events, there was a roughing-the-passer penalty. That hurt. When you give that offense opportunities, eventually, they are going to capitalize and they did."

Q: How much do you feel that penalties affected the outcome of the game today?

THOMAS: "When we get turnovers taken away from us, that definitely affects the game tremendously, in my eyes. Any chance we get some momentum and an opportunity to capitalize and then have it taken away from us, whether it's our fault or not, it hurts. Flags can play a big part of the game."

Q: Were you able to diagnose what happened on that 83-yard touchdown catch? Was that communication?

THOMAS: "I think it was communication. We got to chalk it up to communication. We never let that happen. We relax for one moment and boom, they hit us. It was a quick strike. We knew that speed was right there, he [Mecole Hardman] was on the trips side. We just have to have eyes on him."


Q: How was it to comeback to play in Kansas City?

CARR: "You know, it's always good to comeback to where it all started. This [Chiefs] organization gave me my first chance to make a name in the NFL. So, I'm always blessed for that. This was a business trip. We came with a goal in hand and that was to win the football game. We just came up short. Kuddos to those guys who made a lot of plays in the field. It was a dogfight. We expected that and we just came up on the short end this time."

Q: At the end of the day, what do you think was the difference in the game?

CARR: "They kept us offbeat for the most part. They had some success moving the chains, keeping the ball going, time of possession, and they got some deep balls on us. They kind of stretched us a little bit as a defense. There are some things for us to clean up. We're happy it happened in week three so we can go back to the drawing board as a unit so we can get better as a team."

Q: You've been around this league a long time. What do you think of [Patrick] Mahomes and this receiving corps?

CARR: "He's legit. You [all] know who he is. He's an MVP all-pro for a reason. He leads that team. He makes all the throws. He's confident. He gets the ball up and down the field. And, he can extend plays with his legs. He's an elite quarterback. Unfortunately, we came up on the short end of the stick this time once again. It was a hard-fought game. He made some plays. He got those guys the victory."


Q: On Coach Harbaugh going for two…

ANDREWS: "It's aggressive. It's an aggressive mindset. When you play an offense like that, that's so explosive, [you have to do things like that] and if those things would have went our way, it would have been a little different. You can look at it either way. They obviously didn't go our way today and that's tough. But, we've got to execute better. I love the aggressive mindset."

Q: Any reasons why the two-point conversions didn't work?

ANDREWS: "No. We were close on most of them. It's just about executing better – as an offense. We'll get them. We're going to get back to practice on Tuesday and get after it."

Q: Do you take any solace in the way you guys kept fighting when you guys were down pretty big at one point? You guys rallied and were in a position to win it.

ANDREWS: "I think we came out in the second half and really started strong. This team grinds. We've worked hard all throughout training camp and everything we've done. We're not a team that's going to give up. There were a lot of encouraging things. But again, we left a lot out on the table that I think we're going to look back and wished we hadn't [left on the table].

Q: What did you see in Lamar [Jackson]? Did he say anything to the guys at halftime? How is he handling it?

ANDREWS: "Just to keep going. Everything was right there. I think, in the first half, we were so close to hitting some things and we just didn't. The second half came around and that kind of happened [the touchdown to open the second half]. Lamar, in the locker room, was just encouraging and getting our guys to rally together."

Q: How much of a challenge was it for you to push through because you're obviously not 100 percent?

ANDREWS: "The training staff did a great job of getting me ready for this game. My foot's getting better and better. I'll be alright."