Transcripts: Ravens Training Camp Day 23

Head Coach John Harbaugh

How would you assess the three days now that they're over? (Jamison Hensley)"It was a success. I definitely want to thank the Luries ­– Jeff and Christina – and the whole Eagles organization. [It is a] great organization – great people, first-class all the way. They treated us very well, and we had three really good practices with a good football team, and we felt like we've improved."

What is the biggest benefit of having these three days away? Breaking up the monotony of camp, how important was that? (Pete Gilbert) "That's a part of it for sure. The other part of it is you see schemes you don't normally see, the way routes are run or different types of plays on both sides of the ball that you don't normally see. It's great to get a chance to expose yourself to some different schemes."

How do you think practicing against them for three days will affect the preseason game? How does it change knowing that you practiced against them leading up to a game like that? (Ryan Mink) "I don't think it changes anything. You know them better than you would, and they know us better than you would. [It is] just familiarity. I'm talking to a lot of their players out here and getting to know them a little better. You know them from the Draft and things like that, so I know them a little better. That's probably the biggest difference."

You do play the Eagles next year, but do you think there could be a possibility of this happening again, because of the proximity between the two teams? (Jamison Hensley)"I would think so. Jeffrey [Lurie] mentioned to me that maybe we do it again in two years when we're not playing each other. It's definitely a possibility."

I was just going to ask you, John – not specifics, not on anyone specific – but is your offensive line sort of challenged with a bunch of those guys down tomorrow night, or you still feel like you have plenty enough guys? (Jeff Zrebiec)"The guys who are going to play have to play, and that's the way it works. We'll have the guys in there that are healthy."

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