Transcripts: Ravens Tuesday Training Camp Transcripts

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "OK, [it's] good to see everybody. I appreciate everybody being here. [It was] a good day [and] a tough day in pads. [It was] hot, but the guys fought through it. [Their] legs are tired, so that's when you ramp up the focus, paying attention to detail [and] working on your technique – a lot can be gained from that. So, that's what the guys did a good job of. Now, we'll move onto the rest of the afternoon, and then the next day. What questions do you have?"

Of your 12 receivers on the roster, you only had six out there today. How do you think they held up with all those reps? (Jamison Hensley) "They held up very well. We try to get a few reps away from them with the 'DBs' and the look-team stuff. That was your idea. (points to reporter) It's a good idea. (laughter) … So, we helped a little bit with that. That's the biggest challenge we have in camp. We're pretty good in every spot, but that wide receiver spot is very thin with the guys out with the hamstrings. That's been tough all camp." (Reporter: "It's 20 days now until the season opener. Do you think there's still enough time to get the guys back and get them back into their rhythm?") "There has to be."

In the context of him coming back from the knee, and also, he's just missed so much football these last few years … How do you think CB Tavon Young is progressing? (Luke Jones) "He looks good. He's moving around well. He knows what he's doing. He's excited to play. Just the repetitions of strengthening it, getting the time on task and callousing up, so to speak, is what he's working on right now."

On the topic of the wide receivers, I don't know how much you want to get into it, but WR Marquise Brown and WR Miles Boykin look like they're getting closer just from what we see. Is there any update on their progress as they come back? (Ryan Mink) "Not really. [There's] nothing definitive. It's never definitive. I'm not getting definitive updates either. So, we'll see how it goes."

With QB Lamar Jackson in this camp, some people have said he's throwing the ball better than he has in previous camps. Have you noticed? You watch the tape probably closer than we do. (Jamison Hensley) "What kind of question is that? What kind of question is that? (laughter) It's a comparison question." (Reporter: "Even though it's comparing to old Lamar [Jackson]?") "Yes, it's a comparison question. Exactly." (Reporter: "How much do you like comparison questions?") "About 0%. One percent – there are some valuable ones. There are some valuable ones, but that's not one of them though."

How do you think QB Lamar Jackson is throwing the ball? (Jamison Hensley) "He's doing great. He's doing a great job. He looks good. I mean, you see it – you guys are out here every day. You guys know what good throws look like. So, he's had many good throws, and he's had some throws he wants back – just like any quarterback. But he's our quarterback and we have to get everything right. So, we're working on every part of our football – every part of our football. You can't get all bogged down when you go into a game and one thing doesn't work out like you want it to and that's all you think about. There are a lot of things to work on. So, we work on everything every day, try to get as good as we can, as efficient as we can in executing every aspect that goes with it, and I think Lamar [Jackson] is doing a very good job of that. So, he's getting himself ready for the season right now. Especially under the circumstances without those receivers out there, that's part of it. [We] just factor it in and keep going."

You mentioned those circumstances. Do you guys do anything different mentally? Is there anything extra you add in there because those guys can't be out there on the field physically as far as preparing? (Luke Jones) "A lot of those guys are going through the ACT practice in the afternoon, so they get a chance to walkthrough the plays. They get a lot of mental work during all the meetings. Sure, it's not like they're on vacation. They do their rehab work, and then they do all the football work, except for practice."

I know there are only so many hours in the day for football, but you see Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel tested positive for COVID-19 [and] the Pfizer vaccine is approved by the FDA. With time kind of running out for the 53-man roster, is there a time to talk to these guys about the importance of getting vaccinated? Or is it still just a personal decision at this point? (Jonas Shaffer) "As far as the FDA approval and all that, I'm not a doctor – though I play one in press conferences. (laughter) I act like one, but I know absolutely nothing about any of that. So, in that sense, they're getting the best advice … Our players are getting the best advice from doctors that do know, and they're making rational decisions based on what's best for them in their opinion. What else can you do? Am I going to disrespect them by going in there and saying, 'You're making a wrong decision. You're making a bad decision.' I just think that's disrespectful. To someone that's thoughtful about it and has thought about it, they understand the consequences. There are consequences if you get the vaccine. There are consequences in life; nobody gets out of life alive last time I checked. So, our focus is going to be on having a great day today and let the chips fly. … That was kind of deep. Hopefully, you get out of today alive, preferably. We'll shoot for that, how's that? That's probably a good moment to end on." (laughter)

QB Lamar Jackson

On how he feels he's throwing the ball: "I think it's going pretty good right now. My guys are catching balls. They're not complaining, so I think it's going pretty good." (laughter)

On how challenging it is to build team chemistry with WR Marquise Brown, WR Sammy Watkins and WR Rashod Bateman not currently practicing: "I worked with those guys before they went down. So, I think when they come back, we'll be hitting right where we started off at. But we have guys who came in, who have been working very hard and have been doing a tremendous job since those guys have been out. When they get back, we're going to go from there. We're not worried about it, because we know they've been working hard, and we've been working hard as well."

On how long it takes him to build chemistry with receivers going into Year Four: "Each and every year, it's going to get stronger – the chemistry. But the chemistry is there as long as you guys are working."

On how impressed he's been with RB J.K. Dobbins' catching abilities: "He's been doing a pretty good job. When we worked out in Arizona, he was catching the ball pretty well. He got fatigued when we were in Arizona, and he started dropping a couple passes. I was on him, and I was like, 'You're going to have to catch those in the game [when] you get tired.' He was like, 'You're right,' so we kept running it back. He's been doing a great job in camp, and during OTAs, he was as well."

On what his reaction was to an unnamed team official saying this is the year people are going to figure him out: "I mean, I'm going to keep playing football. We're going to see, but I doubt it. I doubt it. I strongly doubt it. We're going to play ball."

On if he expects to play in the final preseason game Saturday: "That's up to Coach [Harbaugh]. I'd love to play [and] get out there with my guys, but that's Coach's decision. I'm with him, whatever he decides."

On if he prefers Hot Pockets or Pizza Rolls: "Hot Pockets or Pizza Rolls? Both." (Bradley Bozeman: "No, you have to pick one.") "Both." (Bradley Bozeman: "You have to pick one.") "If I can get both, I'm going to go with both." (laughter) (Reporter: "He was grilling you.") "He was. That's my guy though. That's my guy." (laughter)

On his chemistry with C/G Bradley Bozeman: "That's a good question. It's been going great. He's been snapping the ball pretty well. After every snap, he comes to me [and asks,] 'How was it? Where was the ball?' So, he's been on himself harder than I have or any one of the coaches. So, he's been doing a pretty good job."

On winning 19-straight preseason games: "Don't jinx it. Keep it going." (laughter)

On if winning 19-straight preseason games holds any meaning: "We want to win, though. We want to win. We don't care what it is; we want to win. This is a very competitive team. When we're going against each other, we're going to talk trash to each other. Me and 'Co-Cap' [Anthony Levine Sr.] are always going at it. He's trying to pick my passes off; I'm trying to score touchdowns on him with my guys. It's a competitive team, so we always want to win – preseason, regular season, whatever."

On how QB Tyler Huntley has performed: "Now the cat is out the bag. Remember, last time, I was like, 'We're going to keep him under the radar,' but you've been seeing what he's capable of. 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]; that's him. But I'm glad I don't have to go against him. I'm seeing him out there performing, doing what he's been doing all his life, and I love it. I'm going to keep pumping him up, too."

On if he ever thinks to himself that QB Tyler Huntley's performance looks familiar: "Yes, because I've seen him do it in high school. (laughter) For sure."

On where QB Tyler Huntley got his nickname, "Snoop": "You've got to ask 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley]. You've got to ask 'Snoop' that. I don't know. I call him 'Snoop,' D. O. double-G, though. (laughter) 'Snoop the Doop,' 'Snoop the Dude.'" (laughter)

On QB Tyler Huntley in high school: "I don't have to compete against him – that's what I'm saying. I don't have to compete against him or worry about our defense stopping him, because I was getting ticked off [the] last time we played him [in high school]. I was like, 'Man, golly.' He was driving the ball down the field and doing spectacular things, like he's doing now, so I'm used to it."

On fundamentals that have been working for him: "Yes, it's been working. [Quarterbacks] Coach [James] Urban, he's been on us, making us keep doing it over and over in practices, pre-practice and stuff like that, and after practice. So, it's been working, and I hope we keep doing it."

On if he believes he'll have enough chemistry with the injured wide receivers come Week One: "For sure, for sure. Those guys have been working hard. Even though they've been out, they've been working hard to get back with us, and we've been working hard, like I said before. So, we're pros; we should be hitting right off where we started off."

On what this training camp has been like for him: "Man, it's just the growth. It's my fourth year; I know what I'm doing a lot more than I did before, so it just makes my job a lot easier. And these guys, they're working hard, they're working their butt off in this hot sun, this humid heat, and we're just going to keep grinding. We all know, the sky is the limit."

On his expectations for the season: "We're going to have to see. It's still camp. We haven't hit a regular season game; we haven't played five games yet in the regular season. We don't know how it's going to play out. We're just going to keep grinding until the time comes."

T Ronnie Stanley

On how he's feeling: "I feel good. I just really feel blessed to be back out with my brothers and be able to do what I love. It was really close to being all taken away, so I'm really just thankful."

On expressing that playing football was almost taken away from him: "I mean, that injury, it's not an easy thing to come [back from], especially [at] my position, needing all the flexibility I can get. Anything could have happened. Something [could not] have healed right. Just being able to play the game again and play at a high level, I'm thankful for [that]."

On how close he is to being back to what he was prior to the injury: "I think I'm pretty close. I'm just building up that flexibility – it's just taking some time – but other than that, I feel really good. My technique feels good. Everything still feels kind of slow, vision-wise, so I still can see everything."

On how experiencing a serious injury and fighting his way back gave him a new perspective: "Yes, I definitely feel more appreciative than ever – just being able to be back, like I said, and be with my guys again."

On if he's reflected on the timing of his injury, given that it occurred shortly after signing an extension: "Oh, yes, I've had a lot of time to reflect. (laughter) I've been reflecting in my little game room all season, so I'm very, very appreciative. Yes, the timing … I couldn't have asked for anything different, and [I] definitely felt blessed, and I'm just trying to make the most out of the opportunity that I have to be back."

On if he believes he'll be fully ready to go by Week One: "Yes, I do believe I'll be full-go by that point."

On his impressions of the offensive line: "I like what I see. I think we've got a good mix between young guys and vets. The guys on the right side, I'm not worried about; those guys have been through it. They're just going to find that chemistry together. And then, whoever I'm playing next to, I know it's going to take some time, but we're going to figure it out, and we're going to work through it, and I'm always going to be there. I'm happy I can still be there to help guide whoever is playing there."

On if he established a benchmark in his non-football life to gauge how his ankle was feeling: "I think [in] normal, everyday life, I probably could do everything, but I was definitely more focused on pushing it and trying to be in a position that I'm going to be playing football [in]. I think that really helped kind of speed up the recovery to where I am now."

On what it felt like to take the field for the first time since his injury: "Yes, it was really weird, because last time I was on the field, it was the same place that I originally had my injury. So, it was weird, but at the same time, it was a relief to be in a completely different state than I was the last time I was on the field, and just reminding me of how far I came from that last time I was on the field and everything that has happened in-between that time."

On what went through his mind after the injury and during his recovery process: "Yes, it was rough. I know when the injury first happened, I didn't really think much. I just thought, 'My season is over. I'm not going to be there for my guys,' and that was the biggest thing. It was really hard to just think about football after that and to even watch it. I would really only watch Ravens games and support my guys. But it was hard to think about something that you know you could play [and] do at a high level and then now it's just, all of a sudden, you can't do anything. It was a lot of days just trying to get my mind off that."

On if he also watched Notre Dame football during his recovery process: "Oh, yes, I'd watch Notre Dame games, for sure. But honestly, the more football I watched, the more I [thought] about it and the more upset I ended up getting, so it was better for me to just probably stay away and focus on Ravens games. But I always had to sneak in some Notre Dame games."

On what he did to get his mind off of football during his recovery process: "I really played a lot of video games. I spent a lot of time with my dogs. I tried to spend some time outside – just sitting outside. I couldn't do a lot of moving around, but I did some meditating. I think meditation really helped me a lot. I definitely just formed, like I said, a new appreciation for just being able to get another chance to play at a high level again."

On what video games he played during his time away from football: "Strictly Apex Legends [is what] I play right now, so I'm kind of addicted to that game."

On meditating: "Yes, I usually meditate before games or any time, really, where I'm just feeling like I just need to clear my mind. It definitely helps when you're trying to get something off your mind, especially going through an injury."

On his expectations for the team this season: "Yes, I think this team is going to do some really great things. I really have a great feeling [about] just all the different parts we have. [We had] a lot of different free agents come in from a lot of different parts, and I feel like we all really mesh together really well. So, I think it's going to be a really good year for us."

On any differences he's seen in QB Lamar Jackson: "I just notice his improvement, and to me, I've always thought that he's always taken his approach to his technique more serious than a lot of people thought. So, I definitely see all the improvement he's made in his passing game, and whatever it is – footwork, arm-angle, whatever – but I know he's taken the steps to take his game to another level. Overall, he's still the same – same great person."

On if he believes he can get back to being a dominant left tackle: "Yes, and I think that's a big thing for me – is not just coming back to football but coming back at an elite level and playing to the level that I know I can play at."

On if he has any doubt about his ability to keep up with QB Lamar Jackson when a play breaks down, and if he might have lost a step since the injury: "Probably at the beginning, but now that I'm working through it in practice, I feel as if that stuff is going to come back naturally. I feel a little bit better every day I come back on the field."

On if he was looking forward to the moment when he lost his footing and got back up in practice: "Yes, I know it's going to happen. It's a physical game, and there are going to be piles. Someone is going to fall eventually, and you definitely have got to be ready for that. So, I'm glad [that] the first time it happened [was] in practice."

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