Transcripts: Ravens vs. Eagles Post Game Quotes

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

"We appreciate the game. It was a good game, I thought our guys played well. A really good first half, obviously. We sat down a number of our starters, as you know, on offense. Our defensive starters played two series, so we were going against starters quite a bit out there. Our offense was going against [the Eagles'] starting defense for most of the first half. I thought they did a good job. I thought [Ravens QB] Trace [McSorley] did a heck of a job against [the Eagles' starting defense]. Our defense, I thought, played really well. In the third quarter we didn't do quite as well. I'm a little disappointed with that, but I thought [Eagles QB Josh McCown] – who has been around a little bit – played good. [There were] a couple questionable calls, but it's preseason so we won't worry about that. And that was it, then it started lightning."

On whether safety concerns was the reason for canceling the remainder of the game:

"It was, I mean, [Eagles Head Coach] Doug [Pederson] and I had the exact same feeling and all the players on both sides felt that way. All the coaches felt that way. To send the guys out there after sitting in the air conditioning for – it was going to be a long time – would've just been crazy. I think it would've put them at undue risk for injury, so we all felt the same way about it. It was a good decision. I thought [the National Football League] did a great job. The common sense of it was really good."

On Ravens WR Marquise Brown:

"It seemed like he did okay. He had a hitch and got a couple yards on that. I thought about trying to get him a deep ball in there but it just didn't work out for us, he wasn't in long enough. It was good to see him out there. He didn't really flinch and now he's played a little bit so that's a positive."

On whether it was the plan to rest Brown on Tuesday and have him play Thursday:

"It wasn't really part of the plan, just more of the medical part of it. It was just the way it fell. I would've loved to have practiced him Tuesday, too, but the doctors and trainers felt like it was better to rest him."

On whether Brown will play in the preseason finale next week:

"I don't know yet. Good question."

On whether Ravens OLB Tyus Bowser caught his eye with his performance:

"He did, he did. He was really explosive off the edge and was going against good tackles out there. I think [Eagles RT] Lane [Johnson] was the only one that didn't play. He had some good rushes. We had good pressure on the quarterback. Tyus has had a good camp. He's been an explosive pass-rusher pretty much the whole camp. He should be commended for that."

On who stuck out to him on the Ravens' offensive line:

"Without watching the tape, in all honesty to be fair, I can't really say. I'll know more after watching the tape tomorrow morning."

On his evaluation of Ravens QB Trace McSorley:

"It's way easier to watch the quarterback. I thought he played really well. I thought he was really poised, made a lot of plays on the move and extended some plays and made them. He made some good throws and I thought the offensive line did a good job of protecting him, too. He played really well."

On the progression of McSorley through training camp:

"I mean, you see it. He's gotten better. The same way he got better from game to game is the same way he's been in practice. It's very positive."

On the decision not to play Ravens QB Lamar Jackson:

"I don't want to really touch on any reasons. It's not like he has a major injury or anything like that if that's what you're thinking. There's a lot of reasons for doing stuff like that. We didn't play [Ravens LG] Ronnie [Stanley] – we didn't play a number of guys - [Ravens WR] Willie Snead. We didn't play a number of guys on offense – [Ravens RBs] Mark Ingram, Gus Edwards, Kenneth Dixon – we sat all those guys for various reasons."

On the significance of the Ravens' 16-game preseason win streak:

"I don't know how significant it is. It's significant in the sense that our coaches do a great job of coaching in training camp. We develop players really well. I think we do a really good job as an organization – scouts, coaches and everybody – of bringing in competitive guys and good football players that want to work hard in training camp. Maybe we get out in front just a little bit, maybe, you could say that how we practice and prepare guys. We coach everybody from the top to the bottom of the roster. You could speculate that that has something do with it. We think it does. Other than that, that's probably it.

On the tough roster decisions given the depth of the Ravens roster:

"Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing all the game tape. I've seen the practice tape and that kind of puts you in a frame of mind about certain guys and certain battles. I'm really looking forward to seeing the game tape and talking to [Ravens Executive Vice President and General Manager] Eric [DeCosta] and the coaches and see what everybody thinks to try to narrow it down because we're going to have some tough calls."

On if Ravens WR Michael Floyd has come on strong in the last couple weeks:

"He has. Yeah, he's really had a couple of good weeks. I think he got his legs kind of going the first week and he plays kind of angry. He does, and I say it in a good way. He plays with aggressiveness and tempo and physicality. He had some big catches for us today and he's done a great job. I mean, he's a former first-round pick. He's had a heck of a career and obviously he's still got a lot left. He's in the running. He's got to be in the conversation with those other guys the way that he's played."

On the progress the Ravens made during the week in Philadelphia:

"[I'm] very pleased. You have to give the Eagles a lot of credit, [Eagles Head Coach] Doug Pederson is a great coach and they have a good staff. They're run the right way. They're first class. They wanted to come out and work on football – that's what they were about, it was all business. Good spirit. Jacksonville is the same way. I will say what we're most pleased with right now is getting on that bus and getting back home. We're looking forward to that because we've been away for a little while. It'll be nice to get back to the home confines."

Ravens QB Trace McSorley

On how he feels he did tonight:

"I thought it was a good night just being able to come out and move the ball efficiently, take care of the football and play winning football. That was just the goal. I talked with [offensive coordinator] Coach [Greg] Roman and [head coach John] Harbaugh to just get back to play winning football, protect the football, and being efficient. We were able to score points and put points on the board so I think it was a good outing."

On how beneficial the reps have been for him over the past three weeks and playing a lot of football:

"I think it's been extremely beneficial just being able to get in and really see things in there live. It's a big difference than watching film or standing back and getting the mental reps. You can do all that but once you get in there and see it live it's different. Really having to deal with the ups and downs of the game and those kinds of things. It's been extremely beneficial I think getting all these reps."

On whether starting helps him get into a rhythm better than coming off the bench cold:

"Honestly, I look at it kind of the same. You're really coming into it, even if you're not starting you come in and you know when you're going to be up so you're getting the juices flowing and getting yourself ready. So I think tonight as a team we were able to just come in and play really good offensively."

On when he was told he'd be starting tonight:

"It was earlier today before we had our team meal. I got a call from Coach Harbaugh and from [quarterbacks] Coach [James] Urban. I wasn't at my phone and I got two missed calls from them and I was like, 'Uh oh, what's going on?'"

On whether this is the best he's been so far:

"Yeah I think so far. I think we made some progress from the first couple games. That has just been the goal really, from Week 1 to Week 2 to Week 3, just making that progress. That's something that Coach Harbaugh talks about and we were able to do that again as an offense again tonight."

On the late picks in Tuesday's practice leaving a bitter taste and wanting to get that taste out of his mouth tonight:

"Just wanting to bounce back from practice. As a team and as an offense, we didn't feel great how that practice ended. So I think we just talked about getting back to playing winning football. That was a big conversation and just protecting the football. I think that was a big deal coming into this week so I think it was good that really as an entire group we were able to bounce back."

On the effort of getting WR Marquise Brown involved early and seeing him get going in a game:

"I think it's definitely good to see him get going. It's awesome for him to be out there. It adds another element, a guy with that kind of speed and what he can do. It just helps our offense the more you can get guys like him the ball and get the ball in space and let them use their natural God given ability the better."

On getting excited to play with players like Brown and WR Miles Boykin:

"It definitely is when you get guys like that on the outside. All of our guys really you get excited about. All of them, even guys on the offensive line. It's pretty cool with those guys. We have a lot of talent on offense really all across the board, so it's just exciting."

On his progress in understanding the pass rush and side-stepping a few times this game:

"We do a bunch of work just with movement, being able to move and throw, with Coach Urban during our individual drills. All of that was coming in and taking it from practice to a game. We do a bunch of drilling on that. In practice we get a really good look from our defense every day. Coach Urban is always telling us to practice like it's a game and do the exact thing you would do so I think it's just starting to carry over."

On how important it is to him to keep this winning streak alive going into the season with 16 straight preseason games:

"It means a lot. You talk to guys and they're well aware that that's what's been going on the last couple of preseasons. I think at the end of the day winning is what matters so I think if you're able to come in and get a win, everybody is going to be real happy at the end of it. Hopefully it was pretty – ugly, whatever – if you get a win everybody is going to feel good about it and be able to learn from it. That's just something that Coach Harbaugh does - he preaches winning all the time and the Ravens organization. That's what they preach."

On playing in Pennsylvania after attending a state school for four years:

"It was cool coming in and trying to do whatever I could - be efficient and help our offense and help our team win the game. It was cool being here. Obviously there was a ton of Penn State [University] out there. It was cool being able to come back and play in Pennsylvania."

Ravens RB Justice Hill

On what it's like to be out on the field with five rookies:

"We came in with the mindset we were going to come in and work hard, so being able to go out there and move the ball effectively and score points… it's fun."

On if he got a sense Ravens WR Marquise Brown was fired up to make his debut tonight:

"For sure. We talked about it all week. He wanted to go out there and make some big plays. I'm pretty sure he wanted some bigger plays, but he was still able to get the ball."

On where he feels like his development is heading into Week 1:

"I feel like I'm getting better every day, and I contribute that to the coaches; everybody has been teaching me a little bit every day so I have been trying to learn the most that I can. I just get more prepared every single day."

On helping WR Marquise Brown this last week of practice:

"He knows it's a process and he doesn't want to rush that. I mean, he's been out for seven months, so he's just building his confidence right now. Today was a good step for him [knowing] he could go out there with live contact and it can be fun."

On the importance of continuing to win and keep their win streak:

"We just try to get better every day. The objective of every game is to win it, so we go in there and want to win the game, and that's what we do."

On the relationship with Ravens QB Trace McSorley:

"Trace has been my roommate since I first got here back in May, so we've just been developing every day, try to get better, learn the offense and executing."

Ravens WR Marquise Brown

On his emotions getting back on the field tonight:

"I think it was very emotional during the pregame. Just knowing that I'm finally able to play. So once I got there, it was just back to football."

On his talk with Ravens QB Lamar Jackson on the field before the game:

"He just said be safe – go out there and be safe, be smart and catch everything that comes your way."

On how his two touches early on in the game helped him settle in:

"Yes, most definitely. Just being able to catch the ball in a live setting felt good."

On if he knew whether or not the first play of the game was coming to him:

"No – I knew the route, but I didn't know it was getting thrown to me."

On Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman talking about the chemistry between him and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson and if he is concerned:

"No because that's where practice comes in. There's a lot of practice left until Week One. So that's why we have to get together and make sure we get everything squared away."

On his process and how he feels physically at this point of the season:

"Each week I feel better and better. I always joke around with the trainers just thanking them because it's been a long process."

On the Eagles showing him a lot of respect on the line of scrimmage tonight:

"Yes, coming in I knew from the joint practices that they were probably going to back off during the game. That opens up things for everyone else and I just do my job."

Ravens LB Tyus Bowser

On if this was an exclamation point to put on what he's been able to do in camp:

"I mean, well, not really. But just coming out here, trying to go out there and make plays. That was my mindset coming into this week. Just going out there and taking that opportunity and taking advantage of it. Going out there and doing what I have to do to show the coaches that I can go out there and play."

On what has been his mindset going into training camp this year:

"Really just my mindset overall has just been focusing on me. There is always going to be competition each year. All you can do is control what you can control. That's what I've been doing. Just staying in the playbook, going out there practicing hard, fixing whatever mistakes I've made. That's just been my mindset throughout the whole camp."

On if he has felt this is a make or break summer for him:

"No. I deal with a lot of pressure. I've been through a lot. I always think back to the tough times to put my name out there and be in this position. When you talk about make or break, all you can do is just go out there and do what you do. For me, I'm a real believer in Christ. So I just let Him handle the rest. Whatever happens, happens. I will go out there and control me and I will let Him do the rest."