Transcripts: Ravens Wednesday Transcripts


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Good to see everybody. Beautiful day, a little chill in the air, obviously – so hopefully we won't be too long here outside. But we will be outside practicing. Just a couple things: Happy Thanksgiving to everybody out there. We have much, much to be grateful for. I think we forget sometimes how much we have to be grateful for in this country. Wishing blessings over Thanksgiving to all the Ravens fans, and really everybody everywhere, on behalf of our team."

You talked a little bit about WR Michael Crabtree on Monday. Now that you've been with him for a while, what do you feel that you learned about him as a guy that maybe you didn't know when you were just lining up against him? (Childs Walker)"I don't even think about that stuff. He's a great guy, he's a hard worker. He's really a fun guy to be around. I don't know that I didn't know that about him. I kind of knew him through my brother, so I had really high regard for him anyway going in. I would just say everything I thought, or we thought, has held true. He's a pro in every sense of the word. I just hold him in the highest regard, and I'm really glad he's on our team."

You have the No. 1 defense, giving up the fewest points in the NFL, and there's been a lot of points scored this year. What makes this defense so good? _(David Ginsburg) _"We stop the run most of the time, we cover tight most of the time, and we keep pressure on quarterbacks most of the time. Those are the things that go into getting off the field. We do a good job of getting off the field all in all. There are things we need to work on, obviously. We want to work on one of the biggest stats: turnovers. We want to get more turnovers – that's something we focus on. We want to stop people in the red zone. Historically, we've been very good at both of those. Those are two areas we've been great at in the past that we want to be better at. Really, any other stat defensively, we're right near the top or at the top. Then those are the two things we work to improve on."

Does RB Gus Edward's size disguise how fast he is? (Ed Lee)"I don't think it disguises it. I never thought of it that way, but it's a good combination. Size and speed are a good combination. He definitely has speed. I think he's in the low 4.5s, or something like that. He has good acceleration, he runs hard, he's a north/south guy, and he's 240-plus. Yes, he's doing a good job, and he has that big-back-type build, which is a big plus."

WR John Brown

On QB Lamar Jackson saying he wanted to involve Brown more:"We got the win, and he did a great job for his first start. In the game, we have to be patient, and the time will come. But, the thing that matters [is] we got the win. So, all the other stuff that he's talking about doesn't matter."

On if he appreciated when QB Lamar Jackson apologized for not getting him involved more:"I just want to win. That's the whole thing: win. I try to win, and from here on out, we just want to win, so I'm not worried about the other stuff [Lamar] is apologizing for."

On if he's ever played with a quarterback that runs as much as QB Lamar Jackson:"No, I haven't played with a quarterback that runs that much. But, at the end of the day, that's his style of play, and he's making the plays, and everybody is happy with it."

On if QB Lamar Jackson's ability to throw a deep ball is something he is excited to utilize:"Yes, of course. That's going to come in due time. He can do it all, and we're just thankful to have him, Joe [Flacco] and 'RGIII' [Robert Griffin III]."

On his role as a receiver to keep plays alive downfield when QB Lamar Jackson is evading the defense:"He's a quarterback. He's running. [We're] just thankful that he can move around in the pocket and make guys miss, and we just extend plays and find the open hole, and he's does a great job looking down the field."

On if he has seen teams defending him differently in recent weeks:"Yes. I'm sure you see that, too! (laughter) But yes, I've been seeing it. It's part of the game."

WR Michael Crabtree

On his emotions facing his former team in the Raiders:"[It's the] next game. We're on the end of a stretch right here, so every game counts for us. The next game is the Raiders." (Reporter: "So, no special meaning, even though you were just there?")"Oh, no. [I'm] playing football."

On QB Lamar Jackson wanting to get him more involved:"That's just the way it is on Sunday, especially this past Sunday. It was Lamar's first start – 100 [yards] on the ground, 100 in the air. I guess he's saying he basically wants to throw it a little more and needs to get me involved, so I hear him. That's my guy, man. We won the game, so I told him to not even put too much on getting targets and all of that; just worry about winning. And, we came out with the 'W.' Like I said, I'm excited to go out there this week and see what he's got. This is his second game, so he's just adding on."

On if he has to have patience because it was QB Lamar Jackson's first start:"Of course. [He's] a rookie. Like I said, man, I'm proud of him. [We] got the 'dub.'"

On if quarterback transitions can be difficult, given his prior experience with a quarterback change in 2012 in San Francisco:"I've been through it before. It ended up good, but it's another situation. Like I said, I'm just going to work with Lamar [Jackson]. Anything [he needs], I'm at his disposal. Whatever he needs from me, I'm just going to do."

On John Harbaugh saying that he likes it when Crabtree asks for the ball during the game:"I don't know. What are you talking about?" (Reporter: "He specifically talked about you and Willie [Snead IV] coming up during the game at various points and talking about wanting the ball, and he liked that. He wants that personality in a wide receiver.") "I guess, I guess. I don't go up to people and say, 'Give me the ball.' We don't do that. We want the ball. We play receiver. We want to catch the ball. We want to catch touchdowns. We want to run. We want to block. We want to do all of that. I guess that's the frustration right there, is us wanting to do more."

QB Lamar Jackson

On if he's getting used to the cold Baltimore weather: "I was in Louisville. I was in Louisville for three years, but I'm still cold. It still gets cold! I'm not used to this yet."

On what the last few days have been like since his performance Sunday:"Coming down off that win … When you're a rookie, and you get your first win as the starting quarterback, it's like … That doesn't happen. I don't know. I can't even explain it. But you know, we have to focus on Oakland now. That's about it."

On pundits emphasizing his 27 carries from Sunday:"'Twenty-seven rushes, 27 rushes!' We won? We won." (Reporter: "How is the body feeling?") "My body is good. We've got great trainers in there. I had to come in, get iced up, but I didn't get banged up, which is cool on that part. But 27 rushes – I didn't know about it until after the game. I was like, 'I ran 27 times?' I was shocked myself. So, I was like, 'Dang, maybe I do have to get down.' They were saying, 'Oh, he's going to get killed,' this and that. Oh man. We won the game – that's all that matters, man!"

On if he has always taken pride in the way that he's able to avoid the bigger hits:"Yes. I got caught sometimes though. I was trying to hit the ground and they caught me sometimes. But yes, I don't like to take big hits – that's not me. I'm not a running back. I'm not getting banged like the linemen are all the time. I try to get down when I can. I try to extend the play, too. We're trying to score every drive [that] we're out there. We're not just trying to get the first down. We're trying to score three points, seven points. That's our job."

On if defenses will test a player to see how tough he is:"I don't know. All I know is [the Bengals players] kept saying, 'We're going to hurt you! We're going to hurt you! This is the NFL!' and this and that. That was a good defense we were playing against, but they're going to do their part, and I'm going to do mine. I'm good right now. We won."

On how he reacts when defenses say things like that:"I was laughing. I was like, 'Alright, alright.' I finally said something back, but I don't remember what I said. I was like, 'Alright.' Then after that they didn't say nothing else – I just start laughing at it. 'Alright.'"

On if defenses go after him because he's a high-profile rookie:"Yes. [They try to] get in my head, talking crap, [but] that's not going to work. I play football – that's what it's all about. It's about winning games, putting your team in great situations. It's not about talking trash, who can talk trash the most. I don't do that – I play ball."

On if QB Robert Griffin III has talked to him about going feet first instead of head first to save the body:"No." (Reporter: "Not sliding where they won't hit you?")"No." (Reporter: "OK.")"We good."(laughter) (Reporter: "Should you?")"Sometimes. Sometimes there could be touchdowns, too, and I'm sliding for no reason. I don't know."

On if he feels the need to feed the veteran wide receivers the ball:"Absolutely. I was ticked off. [Michael] Crabtree was telling me, 'You good?' And I'm like, 'No man, I have to throw you the ball.' I need to get these guys the ball. I don't want them to think I'm just out here and, 'Oh, he's going to run every time he gets a chance.' My eyes are always up the field. I have to get those guys the ball, because they're helping me out. They're not out there to block – that's not their job. Their job is to catch the ball [and] help us win games. That's my job to get the ball to them. Yes, I was mad about that."

On if he takes it personally hearing people criticize him not being a throwing quarterback, and if he wants to show more of that ability to throw:"No, I don't take it personally. I know I can throw. You guys know I can throw. But we won the game, that's what it's about. We have to win the game. I ran 27 times – even though I didn't try to – but we did whatever it took to win. Hopefully, I'm going to start throwing the ball more. The gameplan is coming up, and we're going to be throwing the ball. They're going to see."

On if there was anything about his performance that surprised him:"That interception. I'm going to always talk about that. My first game and I threw one, so I'm like, 'Dang.' I could have thrown the ball to the flat defender – there was a guy in the flats. I just picked my eyes up early, trying to look downfield instead of taking the checkdown. Those are parts of the game, too. I made a guy miss and threw an interception. I'm just like, 'Man, forget that play.'"

On how his emotions are going to compare from Game 1 to Game 2:"I really didn't think about that. I really don't know. I'm just going in there focused. We're going to try to win that one, too."

On how his self-study has been now that he has full game film:"I'm still going to study the same way – just try to get the ins and outs of the defense, that's about it. My preparation is not going to change at all."

On how defenses are going to change their preparation for him:"I don't know. I really don't know. That's their defensive coordinator's job, the defense's job. My job is my offense – put us in great situations to win. I don't know."

On his upcoming Thanksgiving plans:"After practice, I'm going to eat good! I'm going to eat good! (laughter)I can't wait for Thanksgiving tomorrow and my mom's cooking. I can't wait." (Reporter: "Any special requests from her?")"Sweet potato pie – that's the best, that's the best part. I can't wait to touch that. I can taste it now."(laughter)

On the coolest message he received after his first win:"Not the coolest thing something said to me, but I got texts from Doug Williams and Randall Cunningham congratulating me. That was pretty cool [to hear] from those guys." (Reporter: "Are those guys you have talked to in the past?")"Yes, I did. I talked on the phone with them in the past before, before I even established being the starter or whatever." (Reporter: "Why was that meaningful to you?")"Those are the guys who paved the way for us. Without those guys, we probably wouldn't be in situations that we are [in today]. So, hats off to those guys. Them congratulating me? From the GOATs? I'm like, 'Yes, that's cool.'"

On what their messages were:"They were just congratulating me."

On why RB Gus Edwards makes a good complement to him in the backfield:"'Gus the Bus?' Gus was running the ball so hard, sometimes I didn't even care about my face; I was just watching him. I probably could have saved him some more touchdowns or more yards, but I was just so hyped. I was like, 'Man he's just running through people!' He was breaking tackles. He just wanted to be fed. He's a great running back to have."(Reporter: "Does he have a new name in the locker room now?")"'Gus the Bus.' That's it right there. It rhymes too! We love it. 'Gus the Bus,' baby."

On what he can do to expand the offense downfield:"Get my guys the ball. Like I said before, [Michael] Crabtree, John Brown, Chris Moore, Willie [Snead], my tight ends – Hayden Hurst, we got those guys, and Mark Andrews – we have to get those guys the ball, because that's why they're here. We drafted Hayden and Mark just because of what they did in college. They catch the ball, they make people miss, they score touchdowns. My job is to distribute them the ball, so that's what I have to do."

On if he thinks RB Gus Edwards was more productive on Sunday because defenders were worried about Jackson:"Gus is just a good running back. I'm not taking credit for him. He did his thing out there. He ran for 100-and-some yards; I didn't do that. He broke tackles; I didn't do that. He did. 'Gus the Bus,' man."

ILB C.J. Mosley

On what is behind the Ravens having the top-ranked defense in the league:"Scheme, talent, guys talking and communicating. That's one of the best things you do as a defense, if you want to be one of the top defenses, is communication. You can be any kind of defense, but if you have guys in the wrong spot, it won't work out. So, I think that's been my main focus, especially going into these last few weeks, having 100-percent communication and full effort."

On if there's pride in the tradition of the Ravens having top-ranked defenses:"Yes, as far as the defense, especially with the Ravens, that's always one of our top goals, to lead the defenses. [We] try to lead the defense in the most categories, in being No. 1, but mainly have the rushing defense, total yards and scoring. Those are the top three things that we want."

On if he expects the Raiders' offense to take a similar approach to other teams in terms of getting the ball out quickly:"That's kind of how they are, especially the West Coast offense. They like to have everything on time. [Derek] Carr has been pretty quick to check down, too, if he doesn't see anything he likes, mainly, I think, because he has gotten a lot of pressures this year. I just think with their playmakers, especially with No. 30 [Jalen Richard] and the tight ends, that they can make plays. So, I think we need to try our best to keep [Carr] moving in the pocket and get him scrambling. Let our D-line make plays that way."

On how he feels to have WR Michael Crabtree on his side of the Raiders-Ravens matchup: "Yes, it will definitely be a fun game for him. I hope he draws a lot of plays to get him some big yards and get him some touchdowns. I'm sure in the back of his head, he'll want to make a couple plays going against his former team."

On last Sunday being the first final-possession game that the Ravens had won this season:"I think just how it happened, and who it was against, it made it feel a little bit more special. But at that moment, no matter who we played, we needed that. We needed that play, no matter who it would have been. But, it was definitely nice for it to be against the Bengals, because they definitely had their chances on us the last few games we've played them. So, we finally got that monkey off our back with that one, but we're going to need a lot of plays like that going down the stretch, going against some tough offenses. I think as a team, we're going to have to have each other's backs. There were a couple series where they got plays on us, but the offense kept us in the game, had the big touchdown, the two-point conversion, special teams always doing great, and 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] making a big field goal as he did. I think for us to pull out these last few games, we're going to have to have a full team effort like that."

On how he would describe WR Michael Crabtree in the locker room: "He's a very humble guy. On the field, he doesn't say a lot. All he does is make plays, does as he's supposed to do. But in the locker room, he's just like a brother, like anybody else that comes in to become a Raven, and you can tell by the way he plays. Some guys … Usually, when guys leave or they finish their career, they always end up saying, 'I feel like I've always been a Raven,' once they come here. I think his pride and the way he works, his work ethic, that proves the way he plays."

OLB Terrell Suggs

On if he watched the Week 11 Monday Night Football game between the Rams and Chiefs:"No. It was late."

On what he thinks as a defensive player when he sees the high score of the Chiefs-Rams game and hears people praise the game:"I have no comment. It must have been a high-flying, explosive game, really fun to watch, but I was probably asleep, to be completely honest with you."

On the mindset of the team going into Week 12 at 5-5:"Be 1-0. Be 1-0 this week, win a game on your home field. We have a team coming off a very emotional win, and momentum is contagious. And, it's dangerous, so we understand that."

On how much more difficult it is to play good defense in today's league:"It's a little bit harder than it used to be, but it's still fun. We still have pleasure in playing defense out there. But, everybody wants to see touchdowns. Everybody wants to see scores, so it's just our job to stop it, to kind of spoil everybody's day, so to say."

On how QB Lamar Jackson has handled himself in the locker room after his first start:"How has he handled it?" (Reporter: "With a win.") "Well, that counts. I haven't really seen his interviews, but I'll watch some game tape on that, give him some pointers and let him know. But, I think he's handled himself pretty well, like a professional. He's been pretty good, especially for a rookie."

On what he expects from WR Michael Crabtree as he competes against his former team in the Raiders:"I don't know. You have to ask him that 'Michael Crabtree' question. I think he's approaching it like it's any other game, just kind of like the rest of us. It's just our opponent this week."

G Marshal Yanda

Opening statement:"You guys all know why I'm here. [I'm] just going to address the incident on last Sunday. Just for the record, I was accused of spitting on a player. I take a lot of pride in my character and how I was raised and the things that I do day-in and day-out. I would never ever spit on another man, another person, individual, ever – on the field, off the field, never. That's not the way I was raised; that's not the way I raise my kids. The video shows … I mean, some people are taking it crazy. But, all I was doing was wiping the spit off my helmet away from the ground. I swiped at it to make sure that it didn't land on anybody. I don't know if you guys know, but during the course of a game, I'm a heavy spitter. The adrenaline is fired up, but I'm always spitting all the time – sideline, on the field, obviously not on anyone, ever. But it's just unfortunate that got twisted, and my integrity and my character is being called in question, because that does really matter to me. It's really unfortunate, but that went down. Like I said, I just want to put that out there. That would never be anything that would even be fathomed in my mind. That's just not the player that I am. I just want to put that out there."

On his reaction to hearing about the accusation: "So I heard about it in the morning, like 9 a.m. I was headed down to [senior security manager] Craig Singleterry's coat drive, and someone sent me a text. I was just like, 'Wow.' I was just blown away that somebody would just automatically put that out there, with no … That spit hit the ground, 100 percent. It did not hit anybody. It was frustrating because, like I said, this is my 12th year in the league. If I was a man of that character, that would've come out by now if I was that type of guy. It was frustrating to have to deal with that. That made national media attention. I mean, I'm up here talking about it right now – which I shouldn't have to be – but that's just the world that we live in. It is what it is, but it's frustrating."

On if people attacking his integrity is what hit home the most:"Yes, because the person that put that out there has no idea who I am. Then he puts a video out there that can be judged on what happened and what didn't happen, and obviously, I'm the person that has to deal with that. Obviously, we're talking about it right now, but the original article that's going to be put out there … Most people aren't even going to see me talking about it right now, and they're just going to think, 'Oh, Marshal Yanda. I heard that guy spit on somebody.' That fires me up for sure. That's my character, that's my integrity, that's everything that I live for day-in and day-out as a person, as a father, everything. So yes. That's wrong. That's 110-percent wrong. They shouldn't be able to have that much power."

On if he had heard from other people around the league: "Not too much. But that's the thing, too – I'm not active in social media. I'm not active. So, I necessarily didn't defend myself [on social media], just because I'm not active on the social media accounts. But obviously, yes – the people that know me, the people that know the man I am and how I go about my business and how I treat people – [know] that I would never do that. Right? Anybody that has known me and has been around here in this building [knows] that couldn't be further from the person that I am and the guy that I am."

On if he expects to hear from the league:"I have no idea. Obviously, we'll deal with it if they decide that that was a flagrant, and if they want to fine me. We'll just … We don't know. We don't know, and we'll find out what happens. But the video shows … It doesn't show if it landed on him or not, but it shows me literally just swiping at it to make sure it doesn't hit on anybody, and it hits the ground. Now, if I was going … And obviously – I don't know. I haven't watched any videos of anyone spitting on somebody, but if you're going to do that, you would think that you would just go up and spit. Like I said, it's a terrible deal. I'm definitely upset about it for sure."

On the video showing there was no retaliation from the players: "Yeah, and in retaliation or not, obviously it is what it is. I agree – that's another point – but you can't … I can't control how they react. I just know in my heart that I didn't spit on anybody. That hit the ground." (Reporter: "Nobody even reacted.") "Exactly, yes. We went about our business. You would think that there would be an eruption or a fight if that happened. But like I said, I can't control that. Yes, there was no reaction."

On what he's expecting from QB Lamar Jackson in his second start: "Oh yes, let's get on to something that's important, right? On to the Raiders! We're excited. We got a win last week, that was the No. 1 thing. We had to right the ship and get back on track. The win last Sunday was [great]. All three phases played well and complemented each other. We had to fight back into it when we turned the ball over and stuff like that. Now we just need to build on that this week. We need to maybe put some more things in the gameplan, hone up on the stuff that we didn't do so well. There were definitely some miscommunication issues out there, but for the most part, I think we minimized the damage. We moved on to the next play and made a lot of good plays. The Raiders are coming in. We understand that they can come in here and beat our butts. We understand that and we're not overlooking them. We don't care about their records. This is the NFL, and those guys get paid and they have families and they've got pride. They're 2-8. I don't care if they're 8-2, we're approaching them the same exact way. We will respect them, watch all the film on them and be ready. We're just focused on what happens in this building, putting the gameplan in, [with] obviously a new quarterback, and keep growing."

On how different it is for an offensive line working with a traditional vs. RPO-based gameplan:"Even at the start of training camp, we had those RPOs in the gameplan. We're just running more of that stuff. That was in one chunk of the gameplan, and it's just doing different types of the run game. It's not something that we haven't done. We've done that throughout training camp. We're just doing it more."

On the younger offensive linemen being accustomed to RPOs compared to veteran offensive linemen:"No doubt. Obviously, adapt or die, right? That's what they tell you. We roll. We're still going to have runs that are not RPOs, and we're still going to keep him honest with the runs that aren't RPOs. Obviously ,that would get too hard on everybody if we were that predictable. We're still going to do a lot of other stuff that's our stuff, that's our base stuff. The RPOs are a big emphasis in that as well. We're still going to get our chance … In RPOs, you have a chance to get after them as well. I'm a team guy, and we're going to roll with what's called."

On if good pass-blocking and run-blocking is applicable, no matter the scheme:"Yes, it's going to be different with Joe [Flacco] and Lamar [Jackson]. They're just two different quarterbacks. We're going to play to each quarterback's strengths, and that's what we're going to do. We probably move Lamar around a little bit more, but we're just fighting it out a lot, too. It's early in this thing, and we're just trying to run the best play that's called and focus on our job blocking our guys as long as we can and give them a chance to make a play." (Reporter: "But from a fundamental level, you're not changing anything?")"No. When it's two jet, it's two jet. When it's a bootleg, it's a bootleg. That's the same. Obviously, we understand that maybe the play could be extended longer – but that's still every single play. I'm going to try to block them as long as I can."


(with Baltimore media)

Head Coach Jon Gruden

What did you think of QB Lamar Jackson's debut as a starter last week, and how difficult is he to prepare for? (Jeff Zrebiec) "It was obviously pretty impressive to come in there at that point in the season, in a must-win situation, and find a way to get it done. That's a great job by their coaching staff, and by Lamar, and by their team, and they played a different style of football. They were able to adapt, and it's a real credit to all those Ravens, but [Jackson] is tough to prepare for. You don't know what plays they're running. You don't know what he's going to do, but you do know what he's capable of doing, and it's scary."

Was it a difficult decision for you guys to move on from WR Michael Crabtree in the spring, and can you speak to the logic behind that decision? (Childs Walker) "It was a lot of tough decisions that we had to make here, but we felt, in the best interest of, I think, the Raiders and Michael Crabtree, it was probably better that both parties moved on, and it was good to see Crabtree playing well. I really wanted to coach him, but we chose to go in a different direction, and Jordy Nelson has come aboard here and played really well when he's been healthy."

The term John Harbaugh used with QB Joe Flacco was that it was going to be "tough" for him to play. Are you assuming that Joe Flacco is not going to play, or are you also preparing in case he does? (Aaron Kasinitz) "We're going to prepare for both quarterbacks. You don't know if he's going to be active, inactive, start or not start, so you have to do your preparation and get ready for two quarterbacks, so that's what we'll do."

QB Lamar Jackson ran quite a bit last week. What are your thoughts about him throwing the football? What have you seen from him? (Jordan Schatz) "You go through his Louisville tape. He won the Heisman trophy because of his dual-threat ability. He can throw. The college tape proves it. He threw it pretty well at times in the preseason. You've already mentioned [Michael] Crabtree, and we have a lot of respect for their receivers, their tight ends, John Brown. And, their backs can catch, too. So, you have to prepare for Lamar Jackson, the complete body of work that he put on tape at Louisville, or you're making a big mistake."

You guys have dealt with a lot of negativity and adversity. How much does a win like last week kind of give you a boost? _(Jeff Zrebiec) _"I don't know about all the negativity. We have a great group of guys. We're building our team, and we're laying the foundation. It's been really fun, exciting. There has been a lot of, probably, negativity in the press, but we're really happy to have won a game. We have a long way to go, but I think we played 13 rookies last week. We're making some progress, and I'm really proud of the effort that our guys put on tape last week, particularly."

John Harbaugh mentioned the U.S.O. tour that you guys had in 2009. Do you have any special memories with him? (Jamison Hensley)"We had a great time. I'll tell you, it was great to see the troops, honestly. It was the thrill of a lifetime to just see, behind the scenes, how our military operates. It's awesome. And, to spend time with [Tom] Coughlin and [John] Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher… Me and Bill Cowher were bunk-bed mates, and we had to listen to Tom Coughlin's stories until about 11 o'clock at night. It was awesome. (laughter) We had a great time."

John Harbaugh also mentioned the time, I think it was around 2012, when you were with Monday Night Football, and you came into town, and you couldn't come in the facility. Did that tick you off at all, that you had to hold those meetings out in the bus? (Jamison Hensley) "Not really. I could care less, really. I have a lot of respect for the preparation that goes into a game. My brother [Jay Gruden] was offensive coordinator, I think at the time, of the Bengals, and I think [the Ravens] won 42-13, so [Harbaugh] probably did the right thing."

What do you think of the Ravens' defense? [They're] ranked No. 1 in the league. What impresses you about them? _(David Ginsburg) _"I really like the way they play. They have so much to prepare for. You have to really credit [Don] Martindale and the scheme that they run. They have multiple fronts, multiple pressures and multiple coverages, and they have a lot of really good players. They're hard to run against, and they're hard to throw against, and they're really hard to prepare for. This is a must-win game for them, so we're expecting a real, real difficult challenge."

What's your impression of RB Gus Edwards, the rookie running back who had 115 yards and a touchdown on Sunday? (Ed Lee) "I think what you're seeing is the beginning of something that's really exciting if you're a Ravens fan. I think Lamar Jackson going one way and this back [Edwards] going the other way is going to be a problem for defenses, and once they get their passing game going, watch out. But, [Edwards] is a hard runner, and he has some burst. He has some elusiveness, and he has, I think, the ability to make long runs."

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