Transcripts: Redskins Post-Game Quotes

Head Coach Jay Gruden

(on back-up players hoping to make the roster) "We have to look at a lot of them, actually. We have a lot of work to do yet on evaluation, however, some of our core back-ups got some quality work. We talk about [Deshazor] Everett, who wished he had some tackles back. He did a nice job for the most part from where I was standing. I think Fabian [Moreau] did some nice things defensively. I thought [Tim] Settle was solid tonight. I thought Petey [Pete Robertson] did some nice things on the outside. Offensively, I think [Kevin] Hogan did some good things with his legs. I think a lot of people showed up and made some plays. Obviously, we have some things to clean up. Overall, I'm happy with the way we competed."

(on an injury update on G Tyler Catalina) "No, not yet. Nothing official."

(on an injury update on WR Maurice Harris) "Nothing major. He should be fine."

(on how worried he is about RB Samaje Perine putting the ball on the ground) "He didn't get many carries this preseason. He put the ball on the ground twice. That is an issue for me. This definitely has to be cleaned up. I thought Rob [Kelley] ran the ball very well today. I thought [De'Veon] Smith ran the ball well today. It was great to see them get some work, but you are correct, fumbling issue is an issue."

(on RB Kapri Bibbs and his preseason performance) "Kapri at times gets forgotten about, but he had a very solid preseason. He does a good job blocking and in the routes and has carried the ball effectively also. He's a guy that warrants major consideration because of his versatility."

(on running back separation with preseason competition) "It's very tight, and it's going to depend on how many we keep and which type we're going to keep. It's going to come down to first-, second-down backs versus third-down backs. We will have major discussion about that, as we will about linebackers, safeties and all of our positions. There's a lot of work for us to do."

(on play of QB Kevin Hogan) "I think Hogan did some good things, I think he did. He moved the ball in the heat of pressure and made some nice throws. We'll evaluate it, but I think he did good."

(on accomplishing everything he wanted to in the preseason and practices) "Yeah, I think so, for the most part. I feel really good about where we're at as a football team, and the evaluation process is not over yet. We as coaches have to get together, as well as personnel, in making our decision. We're confident we got looks at everyone who needed to get looked at. I think everybody had a fair shot, and I think everybody had a shot to make this football team. In return, we're going to have to have some tough decisions because of that."

(on clarity at the wide receiver position) "Yeah, that's a tough one. I think Trey Quinn had a really nice day, not only as a receiver but as a returner, and after that, we're going to have to figure out how many we are going to keep."

(on the battle between keeping Kapri and RB Byron Marshall) "It's going to come down to how long, we don't know what [Marshall's] injury is just yet. I'm going to have to talk to [head athletic trainer] Larry [Hess] about that. That will have some bearing on how many we keep. However, he was doing well until his injury. Kapri has done a nice job in that role, also. There's three guys that are pretty good at that position."

RB De'Veon Smith

(on the game) "Overall, I think the team had a pretty good game, but, overall, we have to finish better. Overall, I think everybody did good. The O-line, the wide receivers, everybody across the board did good, but we still need to do better."

(on preparing for the first regular season game) "I was just focusing on the Ravens because this was my first preseason game. Right now, I'm trying to soak that in, and tomorrow we'll start to evaluate the Cardinals. Hopefully, I made the team. God-willing, tomorrow I'll start looking at the Cardinals."

(on his position in the offense) "I feel real confident right now in the offense. I've got AP [Adrian Peterson] in front of me. You've got to learn from him, and all I'm going to do is take every little thing he does, take it with a grain of salt, just watch him and add that to my game."

LB Pete Robertson

(on the defense) "We started off kind of shaky, but toward the end of the first half, we stepped up a little bit. But most importantly, we have to tackle. That's the most important thing in this game – tackling. You've got to get the guy down with the ball."

(on the defense coming together) "I feel like we're all on the same page communication-wise, scheme-wise. We all know the plays that the coaches call. I feel like everyone is playing good. As far as communication-wise, we're all on the same page. Defense has to be on the same page."

(on going into the first game of the season) "I've got to play my role. I've got to step up and be a big-time guy on special teams and helping the team out on that end. We need to be prepared for the first game of the season."

QB Kevin Hogan

(on playing the whole game) "I fought my butt off. I played as hard as I could. I thought I made some plays. Some things didn't go as well. I would've liked to have had them back. Tough game when you lose. You play to win. We weren't able to get it done, but I thought there were a lot of good things out there."

(on the touchdowns) "I thought they were all good calls, and it was just fun out there, seeing everything. The guys made great plays. The first [touchdown], Brian Quick slipped the defender, and it was an easy one to him. Then J.P Holtz on a stick route, and then De'Veon Smith on a screen pass, he looked unbelievable taking that to the house. Really it was big plays by all those guys."

(on playing in Baltimore) "They are a rival – beltway rival. I played in the AFC North the past two years. They were a rival back there, so I know Baltimore well. They're a team known for their defense, creating chaos. It's about managing that, being efficient and scoring more points than they do."

RB Kapri Bibbs

(on how he feels about making the team) "I'm proud of the way I performed in the preseason. And not just the games, I did well in the OTAs and everything else. It's all about making the most of your opportunities. I was just out there 'balling' as well as I could."

(on the Redskins' final preseason game) "It's no different than any of the other games. It's not about one game. It's all about everything I've done."

(on the offensive unit) "This is a fantastic group. We have some amazing players on this team. The offensive line is great. I love them all."

WR Darvin Kidsy

(on how tonight's game went) "I thought I did well. I had to overcome some adversity early on, but I learned how to fight through it."

(on what it's like to come from a small school [Texas Southern] into an NFL camp) "I learned so much here. I learned that the pace is much faster at this level. I did my best learning from others and taking advantage of my opportunities. I just took it day by day. I appreciate the opportunity I received."

RB Rob Kelley

(on whether he made the team) "I believe I'll make this team. I am confident, but I have a little nervousness with it. It's up to the people upstairs so it is what it is. I think I can play here. I wanted to prove to everyone that I can play, but it never gets easier."

(on the similarities with 2016 when he made the team on the last cut) "It was kind of nerve-wracking. Nobody called me to tell me I made the team. I just showed up at the locker room, and I didn't make eye contact with anyone. When I saw my name over my locker, I relaxed."

WR Trey Quinn

(on his demonstrative first-down gesture that went all over Twitter) "I heard that happened. I'm kind of a weird guy. So, now the word is out on me."

(on how he played tonight) "I just went out there and had fun tonight. Playing in the NFL has been a great opportunity for me. Hopefully, I put enough good stuff on tape to impress the coaching staff."

(on getting in a rhythm) "Once I get my first catch, it relaxes me. Everything flows from that. I feel like I'm in a rhythm, and I love that."

(on whether he will make the team) "I think I have adapted to the NFL pretty well. As a wide receiver, I think I am a complete player. I have everything any other wide receiver has. I've gotten better in this preseason camp working with techniques with the coaches and other players."