Transcripts: Thursday Availability: Week 12 at Los Angeles Rams


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see everybody. I appreciate you guys all being here. [It's a] great day, beautiful day out here. We're excited to get out and practice outside. Our fields are in great shape, credit to our field guys. Don [Follet, head groundskeeper/senior director of fields & grounds] and the crew, Bryan [Filkins, senior manager/assistant head groundskeeper/equipment assistant], do a great job with that. So, we're excited to go to work."

When the Rams were here last summer, you had a chance to scrimmage with them. Is there anything that you can glean from that and carry over to this matchup this week that you saw? (Jerry Coleman) "If there was, I probably wouldn't share it with you. Yes, there's always something. Information is information, but it's not going to be something that's going to determine anything, really. It's just, you get to know a team; you get to know people. That's part of it, but it's not going to be that big of an impact, I don't think."

S Eric Weddle was quoted yesterday saying that he wouldn't give up any Ravens' secrets because of the contribution you guys have made to his career. Is that an unusual stance to take in the NFL? (Peter Schmuck)"I don't know. I don't think it's that big a deal. Everything is on tape. It's not anything that they can't figure out just by watching the tape."

Do you believe S Eric Weddle, that he's not going to share anything? (Jerry Coleman)"I don't really care. Eric [Weddle] is a great guy. Much ado about nothing, to be honest with you. It's more of a story than it is an issue. Eric is a great guy. He knows a lot of football. Just watch him play. That's the thing I look at. I look at the tape. It's really hard to figure out what coverage they're in, I can tell you that. And that's because of Eric. He really does a great job back there of orchestrating. He also plays really well. That's really the thing that we're thinking about. It's not so much the talk and all of that. He and I had a text conversation, maybe it was Monday, and that's it. We said, 'You know what? The partnership is over for a week.' (laughter)But he's a good friend. He's close with people here. He's close with people there. That's how he's been his whole career. That's why he's such a great leader. And the rest of it is just kind of much ado about nothing."

You've talked about game-wreckers in the past. DT Aaron Donald, what kind of challenges does he pose for you guys? (Todd Karpovich) "Game-wrecker, just like you said. There's no doubt about it. He poses major challenges. You better know where he's at. It's not just him. Donte Fowler is pretty good. Michael Brockers is pretty good. And that nose guard [Sebastian Joseph-Day] from Rutgers, he's pretty darn good, too. [No.] 58 [Cory Littleton] is pretty good, too. I see him coming downhill, and he's a really good pass rusher and punt rusher. So, they're really talented, and they do a good job."

When you first traded for CB Marcus Peters, there was a lot of talk about different things you could use. Now that it's been four games, how would you evaluate, not just him, but his effect on the defense? (Aaron Kasinitz)"You can see it. You watch it. You watch what we do with those guys and how we use the personnel, the groupings, how we move guys around in different kinds of matchups and put them in different spots, coverage-wise, blitz different guys. He's part of why we're able to do that. Give Brandon Carr a lot of credit. Brandon Carr is a very versatile piece there. Him being there, Jimmy [Smith] being back, [it] puts Brandon in a unique spot that we can use his skillset. So, it's really added to the whole really well."

How has QB Robert Griffin III fit in here, and what do you like about him and the role that he's in? (Barry Svrluga) "The first thing about Robert [Griffin III] – it's a great question, thanks for asking it – Robert is a really good quarterback. That's where it starts. We see it every day in practice. When you see him go out during the game, it's kind of a little bit of a manager's role at the end of the game. You're really trying to get out of the fourth quarter and burn some time and keep the defense off the field. That's the goal there, and he's playing that role really well. I know that when the role gets expanded in his career, which is going to happen at some point in time because he's working so hard, he's going to play really well. But he's been great as a leader. He's a positive guy. He works hard. He's an energy-adder, big time. He helps our defense tremendously. Those are all the things that he's doing right now at this stage, and he's doing a great job of it. And I'm quite sure that when his role gets expanded, that he'll do a great job with that, too." (Reporter: "He had been out for a year when you brought him in. Were there reservations? What did you see in him right from the get-go?") "No reservations. He was healthy, finally, and he worked out here and he threw really well. That was all we needed to see."

How much does CB Marcus Peters' personality fit in well with this team, how high-energy he is and how he likes to practice, and he likes to be coached and all that stuff about him? (Jeff Zrebiec) "All of that, yes. And that'd be a great question to ask the players, too, but I feel it. He's a joy to be around. He can be very direct, and you can have an honest conversation about whatever it is, coaching-wise. He's willing to listen, and he's been good."

T Orlando Brown Jr.

On his thoughts going into the Rams game on Monday Night Football:"I'm excited. Obviously, to have the opportunity to play primetime football against a top-talent defensive line and defense, it's one of the reasons we all play in the NFL."

On the brotherhood and special vibe around this team:"I think Eric DeCosta and Ozzie Newsome and Coach 'Harbs' [John Harbaugh] have done a really good job of just bringing in a bunch of underdogs, and we've all meshed really well together. We all have a lot of trust in each other, and everyone has very similar personalities and similar want-to's. We all want to win each game. We all want to go out there and dominate our opponents." 

On what he said to QB Lamar Jackson in the viral clip from the preseason game: "Oh, I can't tell you what I said, (laughter) but it was just really funny." (laughter)

On facing that defensive front and DT Aaron Donald, specifically: "Obviously, Aaron Donald is one of the best players in the world. He's very competitive. He makes plays. He's got pressures. He's got sacks, TFLs [tackles for loss] – all those things. I feel like his statistics pretty much speak for itself. He's very dominant and one of the best players in this league. And as far as the other guys, they're really good, too. They have a bunch of seasoned veterans in Dante Fowler, Clay Matthews. Even No. 69, [Sebastian] Joseph [-Day], he's been showing up a lot for them. They have a lot of guys rotating that are really good, really talented, play really hard, really want to win. It's going to be tough for us, but at the end of the day, it's football. Just like they know, we know it's going to be competitive on Monday." 

On what he attributes to the offensive line's success this year: "Just chemistry I think all five of us have, and just the trust we have for one another. I think we're all playing for each other and all playing for each other's families, and like I said, it's just the chemistry, in my opinion, and the love we have for each other." 

On leading the AFC in Pro Bowl voting at his position and what that means to him: "Obviously, it's a blessing, but what's important to me is making it to the Super Bowl. And obviously, that's a long way away. I understand that individual accolades come with winning, but ultimately, I want to do what's best for this franchise and this team and bring home a Super Bowl."

On QB Lamar Jackson's MVP hype: "We've been believing in him since he's been here. He's somebody that comes in every day, works hard at practice, works hard in the film room and goes hard on Sundays. So, to me, his energy is so contagious. It's been one of the reasons we've been able to win."

CB Marlon Humphrey

On if the magnitude of the Rams game is bigger because it is Monday Night Football:"Every game is on TV, so there are always a lot of eyes. So no, I don't think it really is any bigger."

On what it has been like for him personally to bring CB Marcus Peters into the secondary and get to know him on and off the field: "It's been really good. Before he came here, I heard a lot about him. I heard about the things he does on the field. So, for him to be on my team has really been a help. I think he just said something earlier, [that] the game is a lot of mental. I've definitely seen that in his approach and the things he tells me and the things he communicates on the field."

On how much it will help to go against the Rams with CB Marcus Peters' familiarity with the team:"A little bit, but I'm sure they'll change a few things up here and there. But he's definitely really familiar with the players."

On how weird it will be facing former teammate S Eric Weddle and how much Weddle knows about the Ravens: "In football, a lot of pieces move every year, so I don't think it will be too weird with him being on the other team. But [Eric] Weddle has been a big influence on my growth. Even though he's not here, a lot of things he would say, a lot of things he's told me, are things I still try to work on and get better at."

On the biggest thing he took away from S Eric Weddle's advice:"That's between me and him."

On what specifically seems special about the Ravens this season: "I think the biggest thing is probably the unity in the locker room. We sit around after practice and different things, just sitting here. We were supposed to go home an hour ago, and people are still sitting here talking to guys. So, I've always felt like the biggest thing you can do with the team is have that family approach, because it shows on the field. We keep growing as a team and just keep getting to know each other. Marcus [Peters] comes in the first two weeks, he's like, 'We're having a DB dinner. It's on me.' So, stuff like that. We have a lot of guys that just want to be a part of that group, and I think it's showing on the field."

On why the team unity is showing specifically this year:"I think it starts with Coach 'Harbs' [John Harbaugh]. He listens to us with different things. And also, the biggest thing, to me, has been Lamar [Jackson]. In the training room yesterday, Lamar comes in and shakes everybody's hand, trainers, guys in the middle of rehab. Those are little things that … All eyes have been on Lamar in this MVP race, and for him just doing something like that, you look at it like, 'Dang, our starting quarterback, everyone's talking about him, he's just coming in here, not getting treatment, just to say hey to everybody.' So, when your head coach, ball coach, and then your biggest leader, as far as the team, when you have guys doing that, a lot of good things can come out of it."

On if that is something QB Lamar Jackson has done for a long time: "Yes, he's always been like that since he's been here. That's the biggest thing that I've said about him. He's one of the most humble guys that I've ever been [around], and as he's been having more and more success, it seems like he's just gotten more and more humble. So, it's always good when those two things are both in line."

On why being close off the field translates to good work on the field: "I just think you start to know each other really well on the field. As soon as you know somebody's game, you know this guy struggles with that, on the field, it all just meshes together. There's never a time when you're like, 'I feel like I can't go talk to this guy about something.' There were a lot of egos in the past, and in the past, I've seen a lot of different confrontations and different things with coaches and players and players and players. And I haven't really seen much of that this year. I think that's been the biggest thing that I've taken away from this year, in particular. There hasn't been a lot of conflict. It's always, 'Hey, man, let's do this.' It's never bad blood, no feelings or egos in between us. It's all just, 'I want to do whatever you can to win.' Even when Marcus [Peters] came in, they bumped me into nickel. I want to do whatever it takes to win. So, when your top guy has that attitude, your head coach has that attitude, [your] owner has that attitude, a lot of good things can come from it. If we keep going, I think it can really [be a] benefit."

On if there are things he has already learned from CB Marcus Peters' intelligence: "Yes, there definitely has been. Since I've come here, I've always had a lot of older guys who have been able to be really good influences on me. Brandon Carr did that really [well], as far as a corner, and then 'Dub' [Eric Weddle] and 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] and C.J. [Mosley] and all those guys. And Marcus Peters, even though he's not really that much older, he's really been a big influence on me, mainly just seeing the game a little bit differently than how I've seen it."

On how important the defense's recent play has been against difficult opponents knowing what is ahead and the bigger goals the team has: "It's been really big. I was just talking to [Anthony] Levine yesterday, and every team makes mistakes on the field. But early in the year when a guy would make a mistake, another guy didn't just fall into that place and cover for him. I think it was new guys and some new spots. It took us a while to gel, but now that we've been gelling. Yes, there have still been some same mistakes, but guys are covering for guys and we're seeing things a little bit differently, just because the communication and knowing each other, really knowing each other, has really helped out. That's really come from 'Wink' [defensive coordinator Don Martindale], too. We put our foot down after those two losses and said, 'Look, if we're going to be a great defense, we have to do some things a little differently.' And what we've been doing, we've just consistently done. And I think the biggest thing that's come from it has really been practice. You think practice is another thing, but we're trying to go out and have a perfect practice on Wednesday, perfect practice on Thursday and a perfect practice on Friday. Trying to win the game during the week has really been a big benefit."

On if it feels good knowing he is on track for his season to end with "Bowls": "I think so. As a team, we've been playing really well. I've always said, most Pro Bowlers come from winning teams. So, as a team keeps winning, people look in and say, 'There has to be certain players that are playing really well.' And I'm trying to be one of those players."

RB Mark Ingram II

On what "Big Truss" means: "It's something that he [Lamar Jackson] says, and I've been saying it to him for a little while. And then y'all just caught it on camera. It's just a little something that we have going. I can't really expand on it, but we know it's love, big love. Something along those lines."

On if anyone has accepted his challenge about seeing him about the MVP from after Sunday's game:"A couple people have been on my social media thinking they want to pull up outside The Bank [M&T Bank Stadium], (laughter) because they have their own little argument on who should be the MVP. But I haven't seen anybody, yet." (laughter)

On the challenges the offense faces going against DT Aaron Donald: "He's a legit monster. You talk about an animal, a game-wrecker, a game-changer, that's who it is. If you don't have the proper gameplan for him, he'll ruin your day, as simple as that. So, we respect him, and we're going to have to know where he's at at all times and be able to neutralize him so he doesn't ruin our game."

On how much confidence it gives the offense that other teams haven't seen anybody like QB Lamar Jackson: "You could always say, 'This defense is good at this or good at that,' but the offense we run is different than what anybody else runs. There might be some similar variations that maybe somebody has seen, like a couple plays that might be similar. But the entirety of the offense is different, and it's one of a kind. That's what we do. We run our offense and we try to be the best at it. We'll see."

On the biggest difference he's seen in the Ravens' offense this season: "We do a lot of things. We do a lot of things that puts the defense in a bind. A lot of things that look similar might do something different. You've seen a lot of things on the film the first eight weeks, and we know that, so we'll line up in that formation and give you something else. Our run formations, heavy run formations, we look at that stuff and try to get passes. Heavy pass formations, we try to look at that and get runs. We just try to always be balanced and always keep defenses on their toes."

On what makes QB Lamar Jackson special besides his athleticism: "I just think it's his mindset, his attitude, his focus. You can have the tools and the abilities, but if you don't have the proper mindset, it's really not worth anything. I just think his dedication, his mindset, his competitive nature, that's what separates him."

On what it is about QB Lamar Jackson's competitive nature that separates him from other competitive players:"Everybody is super competitive, but you have to be able to translate it into something positive. You could not like to lose, but if you're not good or if you don't prepare and do things the right way, you're still going to lose. I just think, just all in all, how he handles himself, how he prepares, how he learns, how he wants to be the best, I just think it all goes hand-in-hand into what he is, who he is."

On the historic pace the run game is on, and if this season has gone how he expected it to and what has surprised him: "I had all of these goals in mind. We said that we wanted to change the game. We said we wanted to be explosive. We said we wanted to have a great offense. We're just on page. We're on schedule with it. We're trying to improve. We're trying to get better. That's what it's all about. When I signed here, I wanted to be a part of something special, and I think we have a special team here. We're just working. We're trying to get better and accomplish special things."

On if the Rams look similar on film compared to the last time he faced them in the NFC title game, and what makes them good: "They play hard. They play physical. Their front five is all first-round guys with a lot of experience and a lot of pedigree. The 'backers are fast, athletic. They cover people well in the secondary. They're just a well-coached team. [Sean] McVay does a good job with those guys. They play hard, they play fast, and they're well-coached. So, it's going to be a challenge for us. It's just another challenge, another week, where we have another great opponent, a solid opponent, that we're going to have to get ready for. So, we're going to prepare today and prepare the rest of the week to go out there and put forth our best effort on Monday."

On how encouraged he has been seeing the defense play at the level it has over the last month, considering the opponents Baltimore has faced:"Like I said, I just think our whole team is meshing. And our defense, same thing with them. They're playing lights out. They're running to the ball. They're being relentless with their pursuit and their effort. They're causing turnovers. They're getting pressure on the quarterback. They're covering in the secondary, getting coverage sacks. 'Wink' [defensive coordinator Don Martindale] is doing a great job of making the calls. The whole team is just hitting their stride, and the defense, especially, they're playing so well. They're playing great. When you have a team that could play together and [play] complementary football like that, it's special. We have to continue to improve and continue to be better at it."

On if the offense sees any unique defensive looks from the Rams that aren't as common in the NFL, and how the offense game-plans for when it can't be sure what defenses will throw at it: "We have our looks that we study on tape that they've been showing all year, but each and every week, somebody could try to reinvent some type of defense to stop us or give us some look that we haven't seen them give. So, we prepare for what we see on tape, and we also prepare for ways that we think they might attack us that they're not showing. We just have to be ready to adjust if they're doing something that we haven't seen on the sideline. We have to be able to adjust. We have the players and the coaches that are able to recognize that and make the proper adjustments.

"I have to do my RB room [shoutout]. Gus [Edwards], big, long, run – shoutout to my dog Gus. Pat Ricard, best fullback in the game; make sure y'all Pro Bowl vote for him. And my Coach [Matt] Weiss [running backs coach], always looking out for us, getting us right. I know y'all have seen him turned up on the sideline when Pat ran a guy over, jumped up by the tackle. So, we're holding it down in the RB room. Big Truss." (laughter)

QB Lamar Jackson

On playing with S Eric Weddle last year and the loyalty he is showing by not passing along information about the Ravens to the Rams: "Yes, it definitely is [loyalty]. Eric [Weddle] is a great guy. He brought a lot to the team last year. He's very smart. He put the players in places where they needed to be to help the defense out. He's a great leader. I just can't wait to compete against him."

On if he feels any extra excitement playing on Monday Night Football: "No, it's just a regular game. I'm trying to go in and get a victory."

On how he plans to counter S Eric Weddle's ability to confuse quarterbacks pre-snap: "I just have to play football, be alert at all times on the field, just find 32 [Eric Weddle]."

On if he plans on picking CB Marcus Peters' brain about the Rams' defense: "No, no, we don't ... No, I don't ... I haven't thought about it, but I just watched film on those guys. I'll go from there, but since you said it, I will now. (laughter) I wasn't thinking about it, but yes, I need to." 

On what he's seen on film from the Rams' defense: "Oh man, the front four are crazy explosive. Aaron Donald, the name speaks for itself. [He was] the No. 1 D-tackle last year, so yes, we have to deal with him. [Dante] Fowler [and] those guys ... We just have to play ball, get ready to play ball. And they have Jalen Ramsey, a new addition to that team, a great corner, so we have to be prepared to play football."

On what the team needs to do to minimize DT Aaron Donald's impact on Monday:"Protect. Just play ball, like I said before. I don't know." 

On if his mobile style of play can keep DT Aaron Donald on edge a little bit: "I guess so, but like I said, I don't worry about it. We have a great offensive line. I believe in them. Those guys are going to handle it and do what they're supposed to do like they've been doing all year. I just have to do my job." 

On traveling across the country to LA and if that changes his routine: "No, it won't change at all. Like I said before, we just have to do us. We did a great job going into Seattle, West Coast. We did it last year with the Chargers, so it's not a big difference." 

On what WR Seth Roberts brings to this offense: "Leadership. I'd say leadership. Yes, he's a great leader. He's a vet. He knows what to do when he's out there on the field. He's a cool guy, laid back guy. I love being around him. He's a great teammate." 

On what it's like to hear praise from his teammates:"It means a lot. You don't want to be in a building where guys hate you, (laughter) grown men at that. It's a family thing going on here. I love my guys. We go to war with each other. It's been going on [since] camp, since I've been in the building. I love being around here, and I cherish my guys, because you never know what could happen. So, when those guys say that, I just cherish them."

On what "Big Truss" means: "'Big Truss.' Insider [knowledge]. You don't need to talk about it." (laughter)

On how much the defense has improved over the past month: "Go back to the Seahawks game. They got that turnover, and they gave us a boost. We started off here slow, and we needed that edge from our defense, and those guys showed it. And they've been proving it each and every week, and it just helps us, relying on those guys to stop offenses, great offenses at that. We just have to do our job. It means a lot to us. It helps us out a lot."

On leading the NFL in Pro Bowl votes: "Yes, I've seen it, but I'm not really worried about the Pro Bowl voting or Pro Bowl. I'm trying to win games. That's all I can say. I'm trying to win, trying to get to the Super Bowl. Pro Bowl, if it comes, it comes, but I want to go to the Super Bowl. That's my goal."

On why it was important to him to start his own clothing line and brand: "It's great to have that out. We build a lot of fan bases around the country. A lot of people start tagging on. They see us doing great, winning games. They want to be a part of it. They want to be a part of what's going on with the culture, so having that, I just felt like I'm helping a lot of people out."

On if it's meaningful to him that it's his brand that he's representing it and not a national brand: "No, it's all good. I just appreciate everybody buying it, wearing it and showing it off for other people to go along and get it. So, it's pretty cool." 

On if he could see himself representing one of the big national brands someday in the future: "Yes, if they come to me correct and we talk the right numbers and stuff like that, I do see myself with it. But for now, it's Wild Dog, Era 8 Apparel, and we're going to keep it going as that."

On if he can promise his fans that he won't appear on the cover of Madden NFL 20: "I can't promise that. (laughter) I can't promise that. I don't believe in any curse. I play football. If it comes, it comes, but I'm playing football at the end of the day. Tom Brady was on the cover at one point. He still won Super Bowls."

On if he's thought about being on the cover of Madden: "No, I didn't think about it. I'm just telling you." (laughter)

On the clip of him talking with and reacting to T Orlando Brown Jr. on the sideline during the preseason: "Oh, my God. (laughter) I don't even remember what he told me, to be exact. Oh, my God. Everybody has been tagging me in that, and I've been seeing it everywhere. That's crazy. I don't even remember what he told me. It was that Redskins game. He said something crazy, so I was like, 'What?' (laughter) You guys can see that. I know you guys caught it, and then you happened to catch my facial expression. I can't tell y'all what he said." (laughter)

On what he thinks about the "Freaky-L" nickname: "'Freaky-L.' (laughter) Marquise [Brown] started that name, and then Seth [Roberts] ran with it. So, they've just been calling me 'Freaky-L.' I guess from the stuff I do on the field, it's crazy I guess, but that's how that name came along." 

On if there's a nickname out there that he likes or prefers: "Whatever. It doesn't really matter to me. Just don't call me anything crazy or anything bad, (laughter) because that'll be a problem." (laughter)

On what QB Robert Griffin III brings to the quarterback room: "Knowledge, knowledge. He's very smart. He's been in the game seven, eight years. He knows what he's doing. He's very smart. Like, the man can tell you ... [He can] just pinpoint the coverage real fast. When I first got here and I tagged along with that, I'm like, 'Man, I have to get where he's at.' He's very smart, and he brings a lot to the table."

On if QB Robert Griffin III still tells him to get down [while running with the ball]: "No. Everybody else is trying to tell me, but I'm going to play football. I've seen quarterbacks in the pocket get hurt, so you can't really say, 'Oh, running will do that.' So, it's whatever. I just play ball."

CB Marcus Peters

On his matchup and verbal exchanges with WR DeAndre Hopkins on Sunday: "We battled for three years in a row when I was in K.C. [Kansas City]. We played them three years in a row, and it was just fun battling. I like to play against that man. He's an excellent competitor, and he knows how to play football." 

On if this game against the Rams means anything more significant to him: "Yes, the football game does. [The] football game means a lot to me. That's why I play it."

On if he, like S Eric Weddle, has decided to not share any information with the Ravens about the Rams, his former team: "I'm just focused on us. We're going to go down there. We have a game to play on Monday night, and we're just going to go out there and do our best."

On if he has a chip on shoulder from the way things ended between him and the Rams: "No, I don't have a chip on my shoulder. How did it end? I got traded, and I'm liking the situation I'm in right now. And I just keep moving forward. I don't need any other stuff like that to be ... I understand the business of football."

On what he likes best about his situation in Baltimore: "This situation? I get to play football." 

On what kind of advantage he has going against the Rams from his time practicing against their offense: "We're going to see. Sean [McVay] is an excellent offensive coordinator, so he's going to come out with some different stuff. And we just have to be prepared to match it up. It's going to be a fun game, though. It's going to be good to see the guys out there and good to compete against them, and it'll be a fun day."

On what he knows about WR Brandin Cooks:"What are you talking about?" (Reporter: "Do you have an advantage against WR Brandin Cooks since you played against him in practice?") "I've been playing against Brandin [Cooks] since we were in college, so the biggest thing to me is just go out there and compete against whoever's out there. I'm not worried about anybody else. I'm worried about me and the Ravens. We have a job to go take care of, and it's going to be us versus them." 

On what his impact has been on the defense over the past four games since he arrived in Baltimore:"[I'm] just doing my job. I came into an organization and a team that had just recently ... What was it? Was it two games before I got here? Or one? Or something like that – two games before I got here … Like I said, I'm just here to do my part [to] add on to whatever we can be doing this season." 

On what it's been like joining this secondary and getting to know CB Marlon Humphrey, CB Jimmy Smith and the other guys: "I think it's been fun. Since I've been here, we've just been sitting down together as a group and just talking with each other, trying to get to know each other a lot more. It's all about getting it to mesh and gel together. For us to be able to try to do something special that we want to do, we have to get it to mesh and gel together and communicate, and that's on and off the field. We have to know how each other are feeling, so we can just play fast." 

On what types of things the guys are doing together off the field: "That's our business." (laughter)

On how much flexibility this veteran secondary has when it comes to schemes and different packages: "I think y'all have been seeing it. We just have to keep doing what we can do and make our plays when they come our way and just keep playing fast and keep playing our brand of Raven football. We'll be alright."

On if his perceptions of QB Lamar Jackson have changed now that he is a teammate: "No, I always thought he was a great quarterback. I always thought he was a great player. I just respect it even more just being in the same building as him." 

On how much he prides himself on the mental side of the game: "Football is 90-percent mental and 10-percent physical. I learned that from the 'Little Giants.' (laughter) I just handle my part. Football is what I do. I get paid to do it, so I have to be tapped in." 

On how QB Lamar Jackson matches up against the Rams' defense and their defensive line, specifically: "We're going to see. We know they have four ultimate, dominant pass rushers. We have to bring our 'A' game. We're going to see though."

On how much he enjoys baiting quarterbacks into throws: "I don't really bait anybody. I just play my game." 

On how he learned to play his style of football: "I've been [playing] football since I was five, so I guess I have a whole lot of experience."