Transcripts: Training Camp Stadium Practice

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "We had a really good night. We had close to 30,000 people here, which is pretty amazing. They were into it. It was fun coming in. I have to admit, I was running a little late. There was a little traffic on [Interstate] 83 out there. You might have noticed. But, I made it. (laughter) Coming in and seeing the fans, seeing the smiling faces, people from Baltimore, their families, their kids, moms and dads with their kids in their hands walking in … I think back to the first time that my brother and I were taken to, actually, a baseball game – our first pro game. We never went to a pro football game. But, we did go to Major League Baseball. When you walk into that stadium, and you see that green for the first time as a kid, it takes your breath away. These kids that have never been in this stadium here, from Baltimore, they got a chance to be in here and see that. That's what it's all about. That's why we do this. It's a great night for the Ravens, a great night for Baltimore."

You've talked about this being a next-level offense. Did they play next-level practice football tonight? (Mark Viviano) "They did, actually. Guys rose to the occasion. Miles Boykin comes to mind right away. Jaleel Scott, many other guys. Lamar [Jackson] played great. It seems like Lamar loves the stadium and loves this atmosphere. It was fun to watch. They did step up. I told them, 'We have to stack plays here now.' We have a tough environment. We're in pads for the first time. That's all new. They held their poise pretty well. Now, we have practice tomorrow. We have to carry it over, re-focus and build, and get better tomorrow."

Were you OK with some of the defensive hits that were taken tonight? (Jamison Hensley) "Yes, that's football. They were good hits. I talked to Tony [Jefferson] about the one [hit]. It might have been a little high. That's the deal there. You can't go to the head and neck on that. That's a protected receiver. That could have been called. That's football."

It was good to see S Earl Thomas III and see a little bit of that physicality! (Ryan Mink) "I'll tell you what, he did have the one. It got my attention a little bit, and then I went, 'Oh, it's Earl. OK! Good job, Earl. Nice play.'" (laughter)

TE Mark Andrews seems to be catching everything thrown his way. He seems like a special talent. (Rob Carlin) "He does. Mark has a knack in the passing game. I'm not taking anything away from his run-blocking. He didn't do it in college, but he's doing it here. He just has a feel for the pass game. That's what we drafted. Every time he steps on the field, you see it."

OLB Pernell McPhee was getting a lot of action in there. What have you seen from him since he returned to the team? (Bo Smolka) "I was back there with [owner] Steve Bisciotti watching him, and he had a rush on the left side. Steve even commented. People talk about, 'He's getting older,' and, 'He can't move.' He can move. He can run. He looked really explosive. He looks good to me."

You talked about how WR Miles Boykin made strides after the rookies reported. Have you seen him build on that in these first few days of camp? (Jeff Zrebiec) "I have. It's still early, but he gets better every day. If he can keep going on this kind of track, he's going to have a good season. But, it's early. He has a lot of work in front of him. They'll start figuring out where to try to stop him out there. We'll see how he responds."

How important is it for a young quarterback like QB Lamar Jackson to have that, almost "safety valve" connection with TE Mark Andrews? (Rob Carlin) "It has to be good. In any sport, you start feeling comfortable. You start getting the feel for one another. That's what we call chemistry. It's important. It seems like they are developing that."

It looked like QB Robert Griffin III went into the locker room a little early. (Jeff Zrebiec) "He did. He hit his hand on a helmet. We'll see what happened with that. Everybody say a prayer. I don't think it's bad, but say a prayer on that one."

What do you look for in QB Lamar Jackson in practices? You have game film on him now. What are you looking for in his continued development? (Mark Viviano) "It's consistency. Not just with production, but also with fundamentals, techniques, footwork, release. I want to see a good release. Fewer and fewer of the not good releases – we all know what they look like – and more of the solid releases. We're really seeing that. If you watched the practice today, I don't recall a ball coming out that didn't look like it was fundamentally sound."

When you assess when a rookie receiver like WR Miles Boykin is ready to contribute, what are the main factors you're looking for? (Aaron Kasinitz) "Production. We watch the tape. We really do. We grade it, we watch it. Our eye tells us, and our grade tells us. We just add it up at the end."