Transcripts: Tuesday Availability: Divisional Playoff vs. Titans


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Good to see everybody. I appreciate everybody being here, especially the people that are always here. I really appreciate you guys being here – a little shout out, there you go. We had this conversation before with our guys and gals. (laughter) So, we're very excited. We're playing a very good team. Obviously, congratulations to Coach [Mike] Vrabel, the Titans, Coach [Dean] Pees [defensive coordinator], for what they've accomplished. They've had a great season, and now it's the Divisional Round. So, we're preparing. We've been preparing for the last week, especially starting Sunday morning, for this specific team now. We'll continue that today and through the rest of the week until Saturday night."

What impresses you about the Titans' play-action game? How much synergy does it have with what RB Derrick Henry brings to the table? (Jonas Shaffer) "They're a big play-action, boot, a movement team. Ryan Tannehill has done just an excellent job with that. It's been schemed up really well. It starts with the run game, of course. The run game is what makes all that go. The run game has been really, really good. They run most all of the schemes, but they especially base out of the wide-zone scheme, and that's something that they do exceptionally well. They'll run inside zone. They'll run cutback zone. They'll run counters. They'll run power. They do a little bit of everything. Obviously, No. 22 [Derrick Henry] is about as good as you'll see coming downhill running the ball. The offensive line is moving people off the ball. So, that's where the play-action stuff starts. Ryan has been really good at it. They have good fakes. The line makes it look like run. They have speed outside that can make plays. So, that's what makes it work for them."

You guys have faced some really good running backs this year, some big running backs. Does RB Derrick Henry present different stylistic challenges than anyone that you've faced? (Childs Walker)"He's very unique. You'd be hard-pressed to say who he's like right now. He's kind of his own guy, the way he runs, and does a great job with it."

In your first year as an NFL coach, you were in the playoffs facing a Tennessee team that had the best record in the league. What do you remember about that game, and what can you learn? Can that be a benefit at all?_ (Dave Ginsburg)"That's a long time ago. I remember Jimmy Leonhard getting the turnover inside the 5-yard line toward the end. I remember that vividly. I remember Matt Stover kicking that game-winner right at the end. I remember the locker room celebration like it was yesterday. It was quite a moment. My dad was there. I remember turning around at the end and seeing my dad, and boy, what a big smile. He just gave me the biggest hug. He was proud. What was the rest of the question?" _(laughter) (Reporter: "You went and beat a team that had the best record in the NFL, had homefield advantage, and sort of, situations are reversed here. Anything that can be learned from that that you can share with your players?") "I don't think it goes back to that. That's a long time ago. We're just preparing to play the game on Saturday night that we're going to play against this team who we have great respect for, and we're going to have to play our best football to win it, all three phases, and we understand that."

Most of your guys have playoff experience. For the ones that don't, is there a message for them about how things change once you get to the second season? (Jerry Coleman) "We'll talk about that a little bit. Our guys understand it. I saw Lamar's [Jackson] comments about it, and he's right, spot on. I'll trust our veterans to get a lot of that across. Our focus will be on preparing for the football part of it more than anything."

Do you think QB Lamar Jackson has a bitter taste [in his mouth]? He still reflects on the last year and wants redemption from what happened in the postseason, it sounds like._ (Jerry Coleman)_ "He commented on it. His words stand for what he said."

Obviously, QB Lamar Jackson has been unbelievable in a lot of areas. Going back and watching him in the red zone, how much of what he does there in a tight space just can't be taught? Some of the different arm angles, he seems to have an innate feel for his guys and whatever he has to do to fit the ball wherever it's headed. (Jason La Canfora)"He does, and he can also extend the play, hold the ball, move if he has to, and he's done really well with that. I'd say Ryan Tannehill has probably done that just as well. They're the No. 1 red zone team in the league right now. We might be No. 2, I'm not sure. But Ryan does that. He extends plays. He moves around. Guys do a great job extending to get open. You have to cover those guys for a long time and do a great job with it. So, that's what's successful in the red zone, just what you're talking about."

You've been to the playoffs seven or eight times in your career. When you get to practicing for the playoff games, can you sense the difference in the team, the intensity of the team? Or, do you want the team to be exactly the same in the practice before those games that it is during the season? (Peter Schmuck) "That's really a good question. Yes and yes. They're locked in. They're focused. They're excited. They understand, this is it. This is what you work for. And it's a new season, and there's an intensity. There's an intensity all the time, but the other part of it is you want to have your best practice every single time out. We always talk about our best Wednesday, our best Thursday, our best Friday, better than anybody else in football, better than anybody in the history of football. And we're chasing all those things every single week. You have to do that to be able to perform at a high level to give yourself a chance. And that is the thing that stays the same. You try to carry that over into the playoffs."

As much of the talk that there is about your offense, you're really playing very good complementary football. Never in short field; your defense is good. How does the balance on this team rank amongst teams that you've had? (Aditi Kinkhabwala)"It's really good. We've always tried to play that way. That's kind of been our goal. We never want to be a lobster. Don't they have one big claw and one little claw? Is that a lobster? (laughter) It's lobsters, right? Or is it some other clawed fish? I don't know. It's a crab? OK. So, that's it. (laughter)Is that an advertisement?" (laughter)

You're in the preferred position of the week off and the home field. Your team is the last one that ever had to play Wild Card Week and made it to the championship game [in 2012]. Is there anything advantageous about playing and then coming right into it and not having time off? (Mark Viviano) "Sure, there is, absolutely. You just keep playing. You keep that edge. You are kind of going week to week. There's not time to breath or think about anything. I absolutely think that that can be a plus. It has been for us in the past. We've been pretty good on the road over the years in the playoff times, historically. So, there's certainly something to that, and we're well aware of that on the other side of it."

I don't think we've talked to you for four days now, so we have to ask you for the update on RB Mark Ingram II. (Jamison Hensley) _"I was going to announce that in my opening statement, but then I decided to wait for the question, because I figured the question was going to come regardless. _(laughter) We're not talking about injuries this week. We'll just wait and see.  You'll know on [Saturday] on all those guys."

I think it's worth pointing out about a Greg Roman offense going against a Dean Pees defense when you guys last won your Super Bowl. Is that something that you guys could look at? Do you look at coordinator matchups when you prepare for a game? (Aaron Kasinitz) "We look at a lot of things. There's a lot of tape to go back and study, and that's a game that we've looked at, and different people have looked at it in the building. I haven't gone back and looked at it, but that's part of our breakdown."

When a team is as fundamentally disciplined as this one, what is the key there?_ (Aditi Kinkhabwala) _"Discipline is a hard thing to achieve, because you have to do it every day. By definition, discipline is having the persistence and relentlessness and endurance to keep stacking a lot of hard work and doing things right, making good choices. That's what discipline is. If it was easy, everybody would have it. That's something you chase as a football team. Hopefully, you chase it as an individual, as a person, too. If you do it every day, it certainly has a chance to show up on Sunday in the way you play, and that's what we try to do."

QB Lamar Jackson turns 23 today. I don't know if you got him a gift or anything. (Jamison Hensley)"We did. We celebrated that a little bit. We always put it up there [on the videoboard], the birthdays, in our team meeting. So, it was Lamar [Jackson], but not just Lamar. [Tight ends coach] Bobby Engram's birthday is today, and Sterling's birthday is today, Sterling Lucas [defensive assistant/Iinebackers coach], who is one of our defensive coaches. So, we have three big birthdays that we're celebrating. We expect guys to be at their best on their birthday and their birthday week."

TE Mark Andrews

On mentality and expectations as the team embarks on the playoffs:"Obviously, we worked so hard to get to this point, and now it's just about narrowing your focus. Coach [John] Harbaugh talks about that. That's so important right now, to be able to focus in, know what's important in your life, and right now it's football. So, just lock in and get ready for the Tennessee Titans."

On if it's a different feeling being the top seed as opposed to the underdog:"I think the chemistry and the culture that's around here right now … This team, it's a hungry team. It doesn't feel like we're top dog. It feels like we're still fighting, still working every day to get better, so there's no complacency on our team. And that's the best part about it. [With] a lot of teams, you win all these games, and you start feeling good about yourselves. There's none of that here."

On what he expects from the Tennessee Titans: "They're going to be well-coached, physical, fast. It's going to be a great game. They're, obviously, hot right now, and we're just preparing as hard as we can to get ready for them. It's going to be a challenge in every area, all facets of the game – offense, defense, special teams. It's going to be a fun one."

On what he carries forward from his playoff experience last year: "I think last year there were so many young guys on our team that it's hard to be ready for that. It's such a long year, and guys' bodies start getting kind of worn down. There's no sense of that this year. I know everyone has the big picture in mind, but [we] also have that narrow focus to get better each and every week. For us, it's just about knowing what's ahead, knowing that [if] you win, you go on. [If] you lose, you go home. We know what's at stake, and I think there's a different feel than there was last year for us, for sure."

On how he gets open so often: "It's just a little bit of everything. Obviously, [it's] a lot of hard work to get to that point, but, obviously, [it's] great play-calling, too, and Lamar [Jackson] putting the ball where it needs to be. It's kind of just a team thing. I wouldn't be able to get open if the tackles and the guards and the center don't block, so it's a team effort. But just learning how to play with Lamar, talking through everything – we've worked very hard the last two years to get to this point."

On if playing with QB Lamar Jackson is sort of like playing street ball: "Yes, a lot of it is a feel thing. They trust me. The coaches trust me to be able to feel for certain things, and, depending on what the defense is running, to get open and find zones or win on man coverage. So, it's a little bit of street ball, for sure."

On the growth of QB Lamar Jackson from one year ago to today: "The person is still the same, so all the base humility and all that stuff – the leadership and everything like that – that's still pretty much the same. But he's grown as a player, just how much he knows about football and what he's going to see. It's been fun to watch and fun to play with him. Mentally, he's come so far, just learning the game and everything like that. But in terms of the person and leader, he's always had that, and, obviously, we look to him. He's our leader on this team, and we go as he goes."

On how QB Lamar Jackson has shown his mental progression: "He does a great job of bringing guys over. Say we mess up on a play or something isn't quite right, he'll call the guy over, tell him what he sees and get on the same page. So, I think throughout the year, him pulling guys over to the side and seeing how he sees the game, it allows us as receivers and tight ends to play to the ability that he sees. We're able to play in the way that he sees."

On how much QB Lamar Jackson's determination and competitiveness rub off on teammates: "It's infectious, man. I haven't seen anyone that's so hell-bent on winning. It's all he cares about. When he says the only thing he cares about is winning a Super Bowl, he means that. He's been saying that since Day One, and that's rubbed off on everyone in this locker room, everyone in this facility and everyone in this organization and in this city. So, it's been so much fun being around the guy that has that type of 'it' factor about him."

On how important homefield advantage is in the playoffs: "It's going to be awesome. I'm excited to go out there Saturday night. It's going to be packed at 'The Bank' [M&T Bank Stadium], and I just want our fans to get loud and help us win the game."

ILB Josh Bynes

On what he's telling the younger guys on the team about the playoffs:"Right now, it's just about one day at a time. Right now, the only thing I worry about is today – it's Tuesday – a Wednesday practice for us. We just take it one day at a time. Everybody makes it what it is – yes, it's the playoffs, it's for the division, it's for this, it's for that – but you just focus on the one day. Right now, I'm just focused on Tuesday and getting better today. I'm focusing on the things they're doing today, and as the days go on and on, I'll worry about Saturday when it gets here."

On what it was like to join this defense mid-season:"It's been great. It's been great to be a part of. All that is all good and all, but it's all about getting wins right now. All of that can go out the window – those 12 games we played, that's gone. I don't care about any of that. What we did statistically doesn't matter. Only thing that matters is what we put on film on Saturday. I'm looking forward to it. I know the guys on this team are looking forward to it. We had a week off, a week to look at games and look at what's going on, and now it's time to go play. Like I said, we're just looking forward to today and getting better today. It starts with today, making sure we are sound defensively and doing our jobs and getting prepared for the matchups come Saturday."

On how much he relishes the challenge of facing a run-based team:"We're just looking at it as what it is. We have to stop the run. That doesn't change, regardless of who we're playing. We played [Nick] Chubb, we played [Chris] Carson, we've played some really great running backs this year in the league. I'm not saying [Derrick Henry] is the same, because everybody has their own individual thing that makes them great, and he has his things that make him great. But, as long as we do what we're supposed to do, we swarm, get guys to the football and make sure we've got a lot of people making tackles … It's the league, everybody gets paid, so plays are going to be made, but we just have to keep our composure and do our jobs, and at the end of the day, it's all about coming away with a 'W' during playoffs."

On if there are benefits to having playoff experience:"Oh yes, having experience in the playoffs does matter. So many look at it as, 'Oh, it's the playoffs.' I'm looking at it as everyday work. I know, obviously, the magnitude of it, but if you take your work seriously, you take it personal like I do each and every moment I'm out there on the field … My resume is on my back. It's all going to go and end the way it's supposed to go. Like I said, it starts with today. I'm looking forward to Saturday, but Saturday isn't here. So, all I've got to do is look forward to Tuesday, then Wednesday, then Thursday and so forth, all the way until Saturday, and the big game comes up."

On where is calm demeanor in games comes from:"It's just because I've been there before; I've been in this position already. I know what you need and what it takes to be in this league long enough, so I don't get too hyped off of a bunch of things. I'm always focused on what we need to do and focused on the details and things like that to make us better. I'm always focused on ways for myself to get better – make a tackle or get us in position. That's what it's about. Like right now, I'm focused on today. I can't talk about Saturday – can't talk about anything else until it's here. That's all that matters. Marlon [Humphrey] knows I'm like that all the time, even in practice. I'm the same way, because I'm focused. It's the little details that will make us that much better on Saturday."

On if being calm in a hectic game works:"I guess so. If you notice 'Wink' [defensive coordinator Don Martindale], I don't think you ever see him do too many expressions or too many things like that. He's always super focused and super detailed, just like me. He's probably got 1,000 things running through his head, because you want to be perfect and you chase perfection – that's what you play this game for. You represent what you put out there. We're chasing a championship, but we have to go through Tennessee to get there. That's where it starts today."

QB Lamar Jackson

On if he received any gifts for his birthday: "Just a lot of 'happy birthdays.'"

On how he feels on his 23*rd* birthday: "It's just another year for me. I don't really celebrate. I'd rather just chill, hang out with my family, stuff like that. But the Lord gave me another year, and I'm grateful for it."

On if it feels like he's had a lot of time off: "Yes, it feels like it's been forever. It feels like it's a whole new season already. So, just get ready for the 2020 season, get ready for it early."

On getting a shout-out from Drake on Twitter:"Yes, it was pretty cool. I've been talking to Drake for the longest [time]. You guys don't know that, but I've been talking to him for the longest [time]. So, it was pretty cool. I saw it. Everybody has been telling me, so it's dope. It's great."

On what it means to reach the level of cultural importance and popularity where celebrities like Drake and Al Pacino are talking about him:"It doesn't hit me sometimes, with all those guys knowing me, saying good things about me. I just cherish it. But I'm focused on football, so I don't really try to get caught into it [or] try to meet them, stuff like that."

On if there's any fear when people swarm him in public:"No, no, I'm not scared. I'm never scared. I'm chilling. I'm with the crowd, having fun with the kids. But if I'm shopping and I want to get what I get, I just tell them, 'Wait til next time,' or something."

On how preparation for this playoff game is going: "It's been going good. We're locked in. We know what we're getting ourselves into right now. We know it's a good team. They're hungry just like we are. They've been on a roll, so we just have to do what we do – play ball."

On what he tells himself about the game: "What do I tell myself about the game? Every game is serious. Every game is important. Every regular season game was important, and like I said, every playoff game is the Super Bowl, because it's do or die. You win or go home."

On what he says to his teammates leading up to this game: "I don't say anything. We feed off each other really. It's not really too much said by me. It's other guys talking around in the room and stuff like that, but I just let my play do the talking."

On the biggest lesson he took from the AFC Wild Card loss to the Chargers last season: "Can't start too late. You have to attack fast. It doesn't really matter what quarter it is. First or second [quarter], you have to attack. You just have to finish the game strong. You can't just go into the game playing half-assed. You'll have the same results."

On how the Ravens' players feed off each other: "Say something big happens, like a big play or something like that happens on the field, one of the guys will say, 'Mark Ingram made a big play.' It just turns everybody else up. It gives us a lot of energy and makes everybody else want to make big plays."

On how he will fend off the rust and get off to a fast start after all this time off: "We got that little week bye, got a little maintenance from the training staff. I got Willie Snead – we came in and just threw to just get some more rust off, and we just have to practice and treat it like it's a game, try to get better."

On the picture of him in the green room on draft night in 2018 and what people can learn from his journey since that moment: "That picture that's been going around of when I was in the green room – my mom, her voice was gone that night, and she couldn't speak. So, I was listening to what she was saying to me. So, that's what that was. I don't know where all the other stuff came from. But like I say, I'm bringing a Super Bowl here. That's my goal. That's what I want to do. I've been wanting a Super Bowl ever since I was a kid. That's why I play the game, because I want to win. So, we're just going to approach it just like any other game."

On how different it will be for the Titans to play the Ravens with him as the starting quarterback this time around: "I really can't call it, because last year I was really [just] getting in for run plays, stuff like that. I really didn't throw the ball – probably just once or twice. But I knew they knew what was coming last year with that same play. We ran it every time I was in. But I really can't call it right now, because we haven't seen them. We haven't played them once, so we'll have to see."

On the team's offensive success in the red zone this year: "We overemphasize that in practice. We make it a key point. Last year, we used to drive the ball down the field and wouldn't score any points in the red zone. We had 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] coming on the field a lot, and [it was] the same thing at the beginning of the season, besides the Miami game. We started doing the same thing from last year, but we got in practice and we were like, 'We have to score in the red zone. We're doing a great job driving the ball down the field, but we have to finish.' And our goal was to finish, and we've just been having a lot of success."

On how the team simulates blitzing defenses in practice: "Coach 'Wink' [Don Martindale] just does a good job of ... He used to disguise crazy blitzes during OTAs and stuff like that, and it just helped me out a lot, knowing where guys would be at and knowing the area of the field. [I just have to] get the ball out where my receiver can get it or no one can."

On playing street ball with TE Mark Andrews and the rapport he's developed with Andrews throughout the season: "Yes, like you said, we've been playing street ball, but not just with Mark [Andrews]; it's all our guys. We've just been getting a lot of chemistry as the season went on. We just got a lot more comfortable for the feel of the game. Mark does a great job of reading the defense and knowing when it's zone and when he has room. And I feel it out, because I'm dropping back and I'm seeing it, so I just throw in a window, and he just does whatever he does."

On what it's meant to have support from RB Mark Ingram II this season: "It means a lot from a player like him, of his status, to come in and treat me just like I was Drew [Brees] or somebody, even though I'm not. I'm a long way from Drew, but it's a family thing. Like I always say, it's a brotherhood here, and it's just great. I love having Mark [Ingram]. I'm glad he's here and not anywhere else."

On if his calculation of when to take hits and when to get out of bounds changes in the playoffs: "No, I'm just going to play ball. I'm not going to overthink it. I'm not going to make it less than … I'm just going to go into the game just like it's any other game, but knowing that it's do or die."

On if there's any concern for him about having rust early in the game against the Titans: "No, no. I'm good. My team is good. We're trying to win it all."

On the Titans' defense: "Yes, their defense is pretty good. The corners do a pretty good job. The secondary is pretty good. They have a safety, No. 24 [Kenny Vaccaro], he's a thumper. He likes to come down. No. 54 [Rashaan Evans] is great, second-year player. He's a great player, Evans. We just have to do us – play football."

On if he feels the team rallying around him: "I don't really look at it like the team is rallying around me. We all want to be great. We all want to win, and I feel like the guys upstairs did a great job of putting us together. We've been having a great season, and we're all chasing that same goal. Nobody is cocky. Everybody comes in the same way we did from OTAs, so that's the thing you want to have around here in this locker room."

On how important his rest has been the last few weeks and how he feels heading into the playoffs: "Very important. It lets our body recover from all those hits and grinding we were doing throughout this whole season. It let us reflect back on ... We get extra time to watch whoever we had to play. It just gives us that comfortability or whatever, so we're good. I'm just ready to play."

S Earl Thomas III

On the key to playing in this portion of the postseason:"It goes back to fundamentals, everybody winning their individual battles and bringing that to the collective group."

On how important the bye week has been for him as a veteran:"It's treating my body really well. I'm going to take a vet day today and get some more recovery, and I'll be ready. This organization has done great all year with that."

On how fun it has been for him coming into the Ravens organization this year and going from 2-2 to 14-2: "It's just the power of belief. When we were 2-2, we still had the belief. We talked about what could be, if we got to this situation now. And we knew we could do it. The guys in that room, 'Wink' [defensive coordinator Don Martindale], all the coaches, we knew we could turn this thing around. And that's what we did."

On how he feels going into this playoff game compared to his past experiences:"Experience is always a great teacher. I have a lot of playoff experience, and I'm just going to use all that and help the guys the best way I can."

On how difficult it is for opposing teams to defend QB Lamar Jackson's success in the red zone: "The new era that we're in right now in the NFL, he knows his matchups. He uses the big tight ends, where only they can catch the ball, and we all know what he can do once he starts to run. You see it more and more around the league. You saw Deshaun Watson pull some magician stuff out of his hat at the end of the game, too. So, quarterbacks these days, they're elite."

On if he cherishes this playoff run more than he did others when he was younger:"I just put that in the box of experience, just calling on all those past experiences and learning from them. But I'm definitely confident in what we're doing here going into the playoffs."

On if he feels the need to talk to teammates about what the focus needs to be in the playoffs:"We're locked in. I don't think we need to do too much talking. I think we already understand what our goal is. We've been talking about it all year. We've been playing lights out. No reason to change now. Just lock in and fine tune what we've been messing up on, and I think we'll be really good."

On how long it took to build a rapport with defensive coordinator Don Martindale and how much Martindale's open communication style helped in that process: "The communication is great. He just lets us know what's on his mind, how he sees things and how he's going to call things. That gives us a mind frame of how he thinks. So, when we're out there, we kind of know what he's thinking, and we're able to play a little bit faster."

On the key to defending QB Ryan Tannehill's play-action passes and what he sees in Tannehill: "The key to stopping play-action is stopping the run game. I think when the run game gets going, that's when the play-action shot is available, because the defense is so aggressive trying to stop the run. So, if we knock that out from the start, I think we'll be fine. If [Ryan] Tannehill tries to pass on us, I don't think that will go in their favor. We know they're going to try to run the ball. But we just have to stop the run and play sound on the back end. I think that will take care of the play-action pass."

On if there is any concern about being rusty at the beginning of the game: "That's what practice is for. You get the rust out at practice. You get your eyes right. You get your technique, your alignments and all that stuff right. And then in the game, it's muscle memory. You sharpen all your tools, and you're going to be ready when the game comes."

On if he noticed any increase in practice intensity last week: "Practice is as fun, as it usually is. We make it fun. We're talking noise to the offense, Lamar [Jackson], trying to stir a little something up to make it competitive. But other than that, we're just having fun with it."

On how difficult it is to bring down RB Derrick Henry: "I think [Ryan] Tannehill probably threw like 17 times last game for like 75 yards in a playoff game, and they still won. That's a credit to how hard he is running and their O-line. He's a cutback runner. He's very patient. He'll find creases. And guys didn't seem like they were too interested in tackling him. So, our mindset is a little different. I think we're going to try to tackle him and try to swarm, and we're going to see how it plays out."

DT Brandon Williams

On what makes RB Derrick Henry so difficult to defend: "The way he runs behind his pads. The way once he gets started, he's hard to stop, especially when he has the weapon of a stiff-arm he likes to use a lot. I would say, once he gets started, he runs behind his pads, and he's a really good running back."

On if he feels extra responsibility to stop the run this week: "I mean, yes. We're playing for more this week. It's a playoff week. Stopping the run is more important, because that's what they do a lot more. For us, on me, on the whole defensive line, that's what we're prepared and ready to do. That's what we hang our hat on day-in and day-out throughout the whole season, so we're definitely prepared."

On what the team does to help veterans like him stay healthy through a full season: "[They] just give us some time, some of the older guys, give us our time to get our legs back [to] kind of get in there and rejuvenate, recharge our batteries to get back out there and be the best we can on Saturday."

On the key to staying sharp during a long break between games: "Just honing in, pretty much, on your fundamentals. Honing in on your fundamentals, staying sharp, sticking with your technique, because when bows start flying and things start getting really hot, that's what you fall back on. So, really, [it's about] diving into those fundamentals and just working on your cardio, working on your conditioning, because we didn't, obviously, play a game last week. So, we have to stay ready."

On what makes RB Mark Ingram II so effective running the ball: "He can do almost anything. He can catch out of the backfield. He can run it up the middle, off the sides. He's a shifty guy. He can run through you. The guy's a joystick. You can pretty much throw anything at him, and he can take it."

On if he led the singing of "Happy Birthday" to QB Lamar Jackson today:"No, we didn't sing 'Happy Birthday,' but we did slap him across the back of the head a couple times. (laughter)No, we didn't, but we did tell him 'happy birthday,' gave him big praise and all that stuff, and [he'll] just blow the candles out this weekend. You know what I'm saying?" (laughter)

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