Transcripts: Tylan Wallace Press Conference

Congratulations, Tylan. The Ravens were rumored to really like you heading into this Draft. How good of a fit do you think it is? Is this kind of not surprising to you because you felt the same way that you had a good connection with them? (Jeff Zrebiec) "Yes, definitely. Obviously, the guys of that caliber up there, I think [with] the way that they play and everything, I couldn't be at a better place. Really, I'm just excited to get up there and get to work."

Congratulations, Tylan. Obviously, the Ravens took another wide receiver in this Draft. They took WR Rashod Bateman in the first round. What are your thoughts about teaming up with him as receivers on this team? (Garrett Downing) "I think that will be really great, just to get with him and work together on a few things here and there. Just to go through the process together, I think that will be really great. So, I'm really looking forward to that connection." (Reporter: "Is he somebody that you knew at all? Or met during this process at all?") "No, actually. No, I haven't met him. Obviously, I've heard about him and everything like that, but he's not actually a guy I've met before."

Congrats, Tylan. I'm just wondering, when did you expect to be drafted? You were one of ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr.'s best available for a long time up on that board on ESPN. Did you expect to go a lot earlier? (Ryan Mink) "Going into it, I thought I'd go a lot earlier, but obviously, everything happens for a reason. So, I'm just happy that I got picked by Baltimore, and [I'm] ready to go to work from here."

Congratulations, young man. The word is you're a good route runner, you're strong, [and] you track the deep ball well. What do you hang your hat on? What do you think you do well? What do you bring to the team? (Kirk McEwen) "I think I bring a few aspects. I think a big thing for me is my ball skills – whether it's locating the football, high pointing it, running through it – and also, my physicality. I think that's one thing that separates me in this Draft class, for sure. But yes, I think those are a few things that separate me."

As far as joining a team like the Ravens where there's a lot of young wideouts, what's going to be your approach to try to show that you deserve to be one of the guys on the field coming in next year? (Cliff Brown) "A big thing for me is just coming in and doing what I've been doing – that's what got me here. Just going to work, putting my head down and not doing too much. Obviously, with the guys that are already there, I can go up there and learn from them a lot. So, a big thing for me is just going in and getting straight to work."

What do you prefer to play: inside or outside? What is your preference? (Kevin Richardson) "For me, I think I can play either one. Obviously, I played mainly outside at Oklahoma State, but I could definitely see myself as a slot or playing, actually, both at the next level. So, we'll see what best fits for me."

What are your thoughts about catching passes form QB Lamar Jackson, and how much have you watched him over the last couple years? (Jeff Zrebiec) "It's still crazy to me, it's still surreal to me that I'm going to be actually catching passes from him. He's an inspiration to all the guys, especially young guys like me. So, being able to go up there and being able to just hang out with him, build that chemistry with him, I can't wait for it."

Congratulations. I know you dealt with that ACL injury a couple years ago. This is a weird draft cycle for a lot of teams, so did you get a sense for just how deeply teams were digging into your medical history to make sure that you were all good there? (Jonas Shaffer) "Yes, for sure. Obviously, with going through an injury like that, that's the biggest concern that guys are going to go through, look at, with the X-rays, MRIs and everything. Everything seemed fine to me, but yes. So, obviously that would be a concern, for sure."

Your brother, I read, had knee injuries that kind of forced him out of football. Did you feel like teams were kind of critically looking at the connection with that and you and your knee injury, and that raised some red flags and caused you to slide? Is there any feeling on that from you? (Ryan Mink) "I could see that, for sure. Obviously, I don't know exactly why [or] what happened right there, but I could definitely see that as a reason. But like I was saying. I'm just happy that Baltimore took a chance on me, and I'm just ready."