Transcripts: Washington Football Team vs. Baltimore Ravens Postgame Information

Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh


"Great to see everybody, appreciate you guys being here. Good night. Proud of the guys. I thought our guys played really hard. We talked to them about the thing we wanted to see was seven seconds of football – every opportunity, every play. I really think our guys really played that way. That's our launching point. Now it's real and we get to work and get ready for the Raiders. What questions do you have?"

On RB JK Dobbins:

"Yeah, he'll get tested tomorrow and we will see where we are at that point in time."

On his level of concern for Dobbins:

"I don't really make levels or percentages or anything like that. I don't really have a measurement on it."

On what he thought of the confidence that QB Tyler Huntley showed tonight:

"It's been great. He has played at a high level. Couldn't do anymore. He's learned every game. He's drawn every game. The things he didn't do well the first game, he did better the second and did better the third game. Learned from his mistakes. It's been a great preseason for him."

On RB Ty'Son Williams:

"Ty'Son has had a great camp. He has done well. So has [RB] Nate [McCrary]. Those guys have played well. The thing about running backs, a lot of running backs do well in the preseason, but those guys have also stepped up in pass protection. They've done a good job in the pass game. They've really grown. [Running backs coach] Craig [Ver Steeg] has done a really great job with those guys. Yeah, they've done well."

On T Ronnie Stanley getting some game action in the final preseason game:

"It was great. It was really good. It was important. Pretty much the o-line got together just a little bit with seven or eight plays. It's not much. [TE] Mark [Andrews] got out there for seven or eight plays. It's not much, but it's something. At least you get out there for a little bit of work. That's what we were hoping for before they get into the regular season. We knew we weren't going to get a ton of plays, it's just not worth it. But, I'm glad they got something."

On winning his 20*th* consecutive preseason game:

"I just think it's really cool for the guys. I'll tell you this, there's a lot of guys watching on TV with their kids, telling their kids about that accomplishment and the fact that they were a part of that. That's the most meaningful thing. I think there are other aspects of it, but to me, that's the thing that means the most."

QB Lamar Jackson

On if it was important for him to get a few reps during the preseason:

"Yeah, just to get my feet wet for the regular season. I've got to feel that contact, that real contact, because you know guys in practice aren't hitting me or anything like that. It was great to get my feet wet."

On potentially losing RB J.K. Dobbins and his importance to the offense:

"Hopefully we don't miss him. He's a tremendous back. We have Gus [Edwards] and we've got Ty [Ty'son Williams] but hopefully he's good."

On if it was valuable for him to get to play with the first-team offensive line:

"Yeah, for sure. Like I said before, we've just been competing against each other in practice. To get out there and actually feel the presence of the line and know what they are going to be doing, it felt pretty good."

On what it means to win 20-straight preseason games, the longest preseason winning streak in NFL history:

"That's lit. We want to win at the end of the day. I don't care if it's preseason. Like I said before in another interview, we compete against each other in practice and stuff like that. We want to win, so it's good to just keep winning."

On his first-down pass to TE Mark Andrews, their connection and how it felt to do that in a game:

"That was just one of many. We just have to keep going, keep grinding and get ready for Monday's practice. Just get ready for a new one."

On how his focus has changed:

"I've always been focused. My focus was never gone. I want to get better each and every day if I can. Whether it's the mindset of the game or the physical part. I've always been focused."

On how it felt watching QB Tyler Huntley:

"I'm glad I ain't playing against him. I was cheering like a cheerleader. I just didn't have the pom poms. He was getting off. What was it, five touchdowns? Pshhh, we need to keep it going homie, for sure."

On how it felt to see WR James Proche II score a touchdown after a great training camp:

"That was nice. I wish we could have our phones on the sideline because I probably would've been recording or something. That was dope because he snatched the ball off his helmet, you know. It was dope."

QB Tyler Huntley

On his performance:

"It feels good, just a long camp. I think we've been in camp for six weeks. It feels good to end on a good note and get ready for the regular season. It feels like it gave us good momentum to get us ready for the Raiders on Monday Night [Football]."

On if he feels like he's accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish to this point:

"Nah, I don't think so. I still had some mess-ups. I got to play way better in these last few games but it's stacking. Our main goal is to keep stacking each week and getting better. I feel like I did a good job getting better."

On his comfort level with the offense:

"Pretty pretty comfortable in there. Just cause it's good in the game for more than just practice. Just getting those reps in the game and that gives you the comfort that you need."

LB Patrick Queen

On how it feels to wrap up the preseason with a win:

"It feels great."

On the performance from the defense and on how much momentum that creates for the unit heading into the regular season:

"A lot. It is the foundation of what we are trying to build. This is just another brick in the building and we are just trying to stack them and build them to become the defense that we want to be."

On the depth on the defensive side of the ball:

"Yes, this team is bringing in ballers. [Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh] Harbs knows what he is doing, all of the coaches know what they are doing. We have the team, we have the coaches, we have everything that we need. So, it is up to us to do what we need to do, put those type of numbers up and shut people out."

On how his training camp and preseason went:

"Yeah, I am good. I am very confident in where I'm at. I just can't wait until the first game. We have one more week of practice, stuff that we need to sharpen up and thing we have to correct and it will be on."

On how close he was to getting the sack:

"Very close. He got the ball and I was probably a step too late. I was coming. He felt me for sure."

On his emotions when he saw RB JK Dobbins leave the field on a cart:

"Of course. That is my guy. I felt bad. At first, I was hoping for nothing, but I know he is going to be fine regardless of what happens or whatever it may be, whatever the outcome is. We just have to pray for our teammate."

WR James Proche II

On ending the preseason on a positive note:

"It always feels good to end on a win. That is why we practice like we practice and why we grind hard all summer to win. This was just a great team win."

On what it means to have success in a preseason game and how that builds on his confidence heading into the regular season:

"I am just doing my job. That is the route I had, I ran it, he threw me the ball, and I caught it. It is just a part of me doing my job."

On what the emotions were like on the sideline when RB JK Dobbins exited the filed on the cart:

"I am hurt because I know how much work he put in and the type of guy that he is. He is a real solid dude and he loves the game. Anytime the game is taken away from you like that, you really feel for him."

WR Devin Duvernay

On how the offense, specifically the young players, performed tonight:

"I felt good. I think 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] controlled everything well. We just went in and made plays."

On what impressed him about QB Tyler Huntley's performance:

"He's been doing it all camp [and] all preseason, just making plays, extending plays [and] making the right throws. It's been exciting to watch him play. I'm super excited for his future."

On if having a preseason helped him better prepare for the regular season:

"Most definitely. I would have killed to have a preseason last year. But I'm glad to have a preseason under my belt. I learned from it. I got to learn a lot of things about it, about the game, about yourself [and] about the team. I look forward to keep pressing into the season."

On how valuable the last six weeks have been for the offense:

"[It's been] real valuable. Working [on] timing, working [on our] whole scheme and making sure we're on point for Week 1 is very vital. I think these past six weeks have been really good, and the preseason definitely helps."

WR Binjimen Victor

On the victory:

"I think we were ready for the moment. Our coaches stressed being prepared, taking care of ourselves and getting mentally and physically ready. I feel like the young guys were ready, including myself, and we did what we had to do out there."

On his performance:

"Man, it was my first touchdown; it felt great. Everybody rallied around me, and I'm making the best of my opportunity. It just felt good – being on this team and getting the 'dub.'"

On his touchdown reception:

"We called a 'Go' route; I beat my guy, and the ball was perfectly placed by Tyler Huntley, and we made it happen."

On QB Tyler Huntley:

"He was amazing. He did an amazing job. He's one of the guys who gave us the lead, and he led the offense to victory."

S Nigel Warrior

On the defense:

"As a whole, we flew around to the ball. We played how we're supposed to. We came out strong, and we finished strong. We did what we were supposed to do, and it showed."

On players taking advantage of their opportunity and the depth on the team:

"The guys that got to play today, they showed out in every opportunity that they could, and they just made the best plays happen. We got out there, and we did what we're supposed to do. It's nothing different from practice. This is just a glorified practice for us. Our practices are hard, so when we come out here, it's a little bit easier. We're happy to go out there and play."

On all three units feeding off of each other:

"It felt good to go out there and fly around with my guys. They keep me going. They give me energy. The offense gives me energy. We're playing off of each other. The special teams plays off the defense; the offense plays off of the defense and special teams. It just feels good to be out there and playing. We're all locked in."

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