Transcripts: Wednesday Availability: Week 16 at Browns


Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement: "Good to see everybody here. I appreciate you being here. A couple transactions we had: We added wide receiver Sean Modster to the practice roster as a result of Marcus Applefield going on IR with a back issue. So, that's really all we've done, as far as the roster stuff."

What does it mean to you to have 12 players in the Pro Bowl this time? (David Andrade) "We're very proud of it. I talked to the guys about it yesterday, and it's like all these individual awards in the ultimate team sport – it really is a team honor. I know our guys feel that way about it. I know I feel that way about it. You take pride in it as a coach, and I know the teammates take pride in it because it's football, and everybody works together. So, we feel good about that. High-five to those guys, and we're moving forward."

I guess you got your order in early because those [QB Lamar Jackson's Era 8 Apparel sweatshirts] are sold out now. (Kevin Richardson) "Oh yes, thank you. Lamar [Jackson] got me that, so I appreciate it. He got us all that. That was way back when. It also is the warmest sweatshirt that we have. So, for all those out there that didn't get one, you're missing out on a really warm sweatshirt."

How much have you reminded the guys about the last game with Cleveland? Or did they need to be reminded about what happened, and how you guys have taken off since? _(Jerry Coleman) _"Yes, we look at the tape, in terms of just getting ready for this game. So, that's how we do it."

Can you talk about the problems RB Nick Chubb presents to the defense? (Mike Preston)"Both of their backs, the way they use them, obviously, they've done a really good job with Kareem Hunt and Nick [Chubb] both together. Nick hurt us badly in the first game. They do a good job of blocking. They do a good job of scheming up the run game. But also, he's really special. He's really fast. He's really big, and he can accelerate with the best of them. He's a tackle-breaker. He has good one-cut ability, laterally, to make a guy miss, and he can lower his pads. So, I really do believe he's one of the best backs in football. Kareem Hunt complements him really well, very talented. He's another starting-level back. They're a little different in their style, and they use them accordingly. So, we'll have to have all hands on deck to stop those two guys."

What about your big run stoppers in the middle? The two big guys [DT Michael Pierce and DT Brandon Williams], do you think they've played [well] this year? Were you surprised that none of those guys made the Pro Bowl? I know you had a number of guys on the team, but still. (Mike Preston)"Michael [Pierce] made it as a first alternate, maybe. They were both alternates, weren't they?" (Executive vice president of public and community relations Kevin Byrne: "Not first, but they were close, Michael and Brandon [Williams].") "OK, they're in that range. I don't know. I never get surprised, really. It seems like it's always … Who didn't make it is always a concern. I would've voted for them if you were allowed to vote for your own guys. I don't think you're allowed to vote for your own guys, are you?"(Byrne: "No.")"It's not like voting for president or something. But yes, I would have voted for them."

You've always been very good on the road, but this year, exceptionally well on the road. To have success on the road, is it more than just having a really good team to play on the road, or does it go beyond that? (Jamison Hensley) "It goes to how you play on the road. So, all of that goes into it, but the bottom line is how you play. There are a lot of factors that go into how you play. How good you are is a big part of that, for sure. But yes, it's more than that. You have to go out and actually do it. You have to play winning football. The old adage about packing your defense and special teams and ball security and all those things and the run game are really important, and we've done that so far, and we have to do it again this week."

With two receivers like WR Jarvis Landry and WR Odell Beckham Jr., two guys who are game-breakers, how tough is it to match up with two guys that can break open a game with that talent? (Todd Karpovich)"It is tough, because they both bring different things to the table. It's not just them. You have two running backs that can do it. They have vertical threats at tight end, as well. And they have a couple good young receivers. So, when those tight ends can run seam routes – they got us with a seam route last game when we didn't play coverage the right way – they get those guys on over routes. They can single them up outside. They can put 80 [Jarvis Landry] in there anywhere they want. He's just a tough route-runner, contested-catch guy, a heck of a blocker, too. Both of those guys can throw. So, those are all the problems that all those guys present that we're going to have to deal with. Now, I do think we're uniquely situated to deal with them, because we have some guys that can really cover and can play, and we're going to match them up, and it's going to be our guys against their guys, man and zone coverage, and see how we do."

Are T Ronnie Stanley and LB Chris Board available or are they still in [concussion] protocol? (Jeff Zrebiec)"They will be practicing today, to my understanding. Yes, I believe they're cleared. I haven't heard that per se, but I believe they're cleared to practice. If you don't see them out there, you'll know that I was wrong." (laughter)

Do you like the fact that football plays out the way it plays out? In the fact that, I know you have bigger fish to fry, but the "pundits," to use your word, were predicting Cleveland to win the division, to go on, maybe, to the Super Bowl. And the way things have turned out is you guys have ended up winning the division and just taking care of your own business, keeping your heads down. Is there something to be said about not listening to all the outside noise? (Jerry Coleman) "Sure, there's a lot to be said. Pundits and the prognosticators, don't forget about those guys, too. (laughter) They should be included in that group. Who do I prefer more, or like less? They're both in the same category. They're OK, but I don't listen to them. Most people understand that, that are in football."

Does it bring you a sense of fulfillment when you prove them wrong? (Jerry Coleman) "A lot of things bring me fulfillment. Someday, you and I can sit down and chat about all that deep stuff on a personal level. That'd be great." (laughter)

You see QB Baker Mayfield with the commercials during the games. I don't know if you do, but I do. If QB Lamar Jackson was approached to do a bunch of commercials, would he have to clear that with you, or is that something he can do on his own? (Kirk McEwen) "I haven't even thought about that. That's a really good question, probably for the offseason. Maybe we'll give that some thought, because I assume that will probably come up. But right now, we're just thinking about the Browns."

When you look back at that Week 4 matchup with Cleveland, I think RB Nick Chubb went for 160-plus [yards] on the ground. Was it the middle part of the defense that needed cleaning up that day? Was it the front? What do you see? (Bobby Trosset) "Eighty-some [yards] of it were the one run on the toss, pin-and-pull sweep. So, you can cut that in half. It's still a high number, in my mind, but didn't we visit that game after that game? We talked about it afterwards. So, whatever I said after that game that was the issue, that stands. I really haven't thought about it in those terms. I'm looking forward now in how we're going to play it this Sunday."

I imagine some teams maybe take for granted the backup quarterback. For QB Robert Griffin III to be the QB that is on that 'look squad' and able to imitate so many opposing quarterbacks, just how useful has he been for you guys?_ (Jonas Shaffer)"He's been great. That's a great point. He does get frustrated when he plays more of the non-mobile quarterback. He overacts just a little bit on that to make it clear that he could've gotten out of that situation if we had given him the opportunity to do it. _(laughter) But he has fun with it, is my point. He enjoys it. He tries to play it out like the opposing quarterback would play it out. And he does a great job. And Trace [McSorley] does the same thing, so we have both those guys doing that. You try to have all the guys who are playing those roles, whether it be kick coverage or defense or whatever, to try to emulate who we're preparing for. The quarterback is probably the most important one that way, because he drives the offense, so he does a great job."

On a week when your special teams unit struggled a little bit in the previous game, do you change the preparation for this game? Do you go back to basics, in a way, spend more time? Or is it more just business as usual and just hammering down a few points? (Jeff Zrebiec)"We keep coaching. It's no different than offense or defense. You're not going to change everything you do. We do good things, and we just didn't play really well [vs. the Jets]. That's it. We go to work, and we'll be better this game."

A lot of people point to the defense since that [Week 4] game and the turnaround. "Wink" [defensive coordinator Don Martindale] will always say, "It's the players, players, players." How much, though, does the coaching staff, how much does that have to do with it? (Jamison Hensley) "We're not looking for pats on the back right now. Maybe that's a bad way to say it, but it's really not something we're thinking about. Of course, the coaches are important, the players are important. I'm proud of all of those guys. As a head coach, I'm very proud of all those guys. But the season is still going on. So, the rest of the story isn't written, yet. As you guys have pointed out two different times, they scorched us last game. So, we have to stop these guys before we start talking about who deserves credit for anything."

RB Mark Ingram II

On being voted to his third Pro Bowl and how happy he is about making the decision to sign with the Ravens:"I'm excited. God is good. The Lord blessed me to be in a great position, where I'm in a great organization around great teammates and a great coaching staff. So, I thank the Lord for bringing me here. I thank my teammates, my coaches, every single fan or anybody who voted for me, my peers around the league. It's a special accomplishment. I don't take it for granted. I'm thankful. God is good. I appreciate it. But we're just working, man. All my teammates, we deserved it. All our guys around the league, they deserved it. It's tough. So, just to earn the respect of your peers, the coaches around the league and all the fans, I'm thankful for it."

On his memories of the few days after the Week 4 loss to the Browns and if that adds an extra layer of incentives this week: "That was our last loss, and it wasn't good. I don't think we're that team anymore. We're a better team. We kind of grew a lot from that moment. We were 2-2, and we pretty much said that our season could go one of two ways: We can change it and we can have success, or we can fold and fail. So, we came together, and we just went back to the drawing board. We kept working one day at a time, grinding one day at a time, one game at a time, and here we are, 10 wins later. Ten wins later, right? So, we feel like we're a different team, and we know that they have a lot of great talent on their side. We just have to learn our gameplan and go out there on the road against a division rival and execute. We're just trying to keep it going."

On how big it will be if they beat Cleveland to secure the No. 1 seed:"It's huge. It's huge. Anytime you can lock a one seed, you get a first-round bye and you know you're at home. That's huge, and it's a huge advantage for us. It's something that we're going to be focusing on accomplishing this week."

On QB Lamar Jackson calling him the heart of the team and if he sensed some leadership was needed when he arrived in Baltimore: "I didn't really sense that I needed to be like some crazy leader or anything. I know they have great leaders and guys who have been here for a number of years who know the program and tradition and the culture here. And those guys just accepted me. They welcomed me with open arms. They allowed me to be myself. My coaches and the front office, everybody just told me to be myself. And that's essentially what I do. I don't try to do anything out of the ordinary. I just try to be myself, love all my teammates, love all my coaches, and be the best person I can be, treat them with respect, treat them with love, and just work my butt off. That means the most to me, when my quarterback and my other teammates say that about me. That's what I do it for, for my Lord and Savior, for my teammates, for my family, and everyone who believes in me. So, for him to say that, it means a lot to me. I just try to be myself, and that's it."

On what it is about this locker room that is so special:"I think it just goes from the front office. They assembled a group of great guys, a group of guys who understand the value of hard work, understand the value of winning the day, understand the value of treating with respect, treating people the right way. And I think when you have a group of guys who are all on the same page, everyone genuinely likes each other, respects each other, you just mesh well together. We have a good group of veterans, young guys, guys who have been playing four and five years. We just have a great mix of guys, full ranges from rookies to guys who have been playing 13, 14 years. Just the entire team has been meshing very well. When you have a special team like that, and the camaraderie – your guys are tight in the locker room but also tight outside the locker room – your guys fight for each other on the field really hard. So, that's been good for us."

On what stands out to him about John Harbaugh: "He's a players' coach. He's always asking the players how we think, how we feel about situations, addressing us, asking us things. We give him feedback, and it's just transparency. He takes care of us, and he's a player's coach. He makes you want to fight hard for him. When a coach allows you to be yourself and shows that he believes in you and cares about you, you want to fight for him that much harder. So, he's a players' coach, and I love Coach 'Harbs' [John Harbaugh]. It's a blessing to be here with him."

On how impressed he is with QB Lamar Jackson and what he does in deciphering defenses at just 22 years old:"I'm super impressed with him, just his ability to diagnose coverages, diagnose defenses, get us out of [tough situations]. Sometimes, when we have one play, and if it's a bad look, we go the other way. Just for him being able to diagnose that and get us out of a bad play and into a good play, it just shows a lot about his growth as a QB. And it's only his second year. He's going to continue to improve. He's going to continue to make bounds and leaps on top of that. So, yes, I'm impressed. But he's just smart. He has everything you need – physically, mentally, everything. He's a special player, and he's going to only continue to improve."

On if his performance this year has made a statement that he is still a 100-percent solid running back: "Yes, I feel like people say that when you're 30, I guess you're like dead or something. (laughter) But I think my best football is still ahead of me. I turn 30 at the end of this week, and I feel like my best football is still ahead of me. So, I just work my butt off. I have great teammates, a tremendous offensive line, receivers that are the best in the league at blocking downfield, tight ends, fullback, every single person, the coaches putting all of us in the right position to have success. I can't have a season like I've had – the touchdowns, the yards – without a great support cast. So, I just have to thank those guys for supporting me and believing in me, and I just try to make the best out of my number being called whenever it's called."

On how he handled the four days off after the Jets game as a veteran: "I just rested. I tried to take advantage of it, got away from the game a little bit, spent time with my family, spent time with some of my close friends. Just rest and recover, try to take advantage of those extra three days, and just let my body heal and let my body recover so I can be 100 percent, I can be fresh and ready to go for this week and going through the stretch of the playoffs."

On if he is wearing a throwback Starter jacket: "Yes, it's a little something. Shout out to my man Carl Banks. He blessed me with the Starter jacket. Fresh, it's clean. Takes me back a little bit. It's getting a little chilly, so I brought it out."

On how he feels about someday being a TV reporter:"It's cool, it's pretty cool. Give me the mic and let me interview some people. I like it. It's pretty cool. Y'all be careful, I'm coming." (laughter)

QB Lamar Jackson

On if it annoys him to look back on the Week 4 loss to Cleveland: "Any loss would annoy me, bother me, so it definitely did. That was the last loss we had, so we definitely want to come in and get a victory. We know they want to sweep us. We're the Ravens, and we're having so much success this year. And that's what everybody wants to do: beat us. We just have to go into Cleveland and have a good game."

On being elected to the Pro Bowl: "Yes, that's pretty cool. [It's a] huge accomplishment, but that's a team award at the end of the day, because you can't get individualized without your team working so hard and having so much success. And we had a great group of number of guys in the Pro Bowl. It's amazing."

On if he would consider this season a disappointment if the team doesn't win the Super Bowl: "I'm not even going to put that in my head, what you just said. That's the biggest goal. That's what everyone plays the game for. Everyone wants to get to the big dance. And we're having such a great year – that's where we have to get to. There aren't any 'ifs', 'ands' or 'buts' about it. That's the goal ever since OTAs, [training] camp. We're trying to get to that Super Bowl, so I'm not going to put anything else in my mind about not going there."

On what RB Mark Ingram II means to this team: "He means a lot to us. He's the heart of the team, to me. Each and every game, each and every practice, each and every day it's just Mark [Ingram II]. And what you guys see on TV is what you get throughout the days, behind the scenes. That's Mark, and we love it. He helps us out a lot. He brings the groove to the team, the excitement." 

On what's going through his head when the offense gets down into the red zone:"Get in the end zone, find a way to get in the end zone. Don't take any sacks. Don't force anything. If it's not there, don't try to force it, because we have a great kicker. So, just keep it close. But I'm trying to score each and every time we're down there. We didn't really have a lot of success my rookie season in the red zone. We'd drive the ball down the field and get stopped, stuff like that, having 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] come out and kick a lot of field goals. But this year we emphasized that a lot going into the season. We want to be 100 percent in the red zone. I don't think we are, but we're pretty good, like you were saying. We just have to keep it going." 

On if his arm angles help in a tight area like the red zone: "My linemen help, not the arm angles. They do a great job of sustaining their blocks. People just find a way to get open, and we just make it happen."

On the chemistry he has with his offensive linemen: "Oh man, it's dope. We had our center [Matt Skura] go down against the Rams, but Pat Mekari came in and did a great job. He's been on it like he's Matt [Skura]. His head is in the books, [from] what I've seen. Our linemen have just been doing a great job this year. We just have to keep it going. I'm proud of them. I'm happy those guys [Ronnie Stanley and Marshal Yanda] are in the Pro Bowl. They deserve it, well deserved. I feel like 'O.B.' [Orlando Brown Jr.] should have been on the first one [roster], not a reserve, but we're trying to get to bigger things." 

On the way his offensive linemen care about him:"Yes, they do. I love it. I care about them, as well. I wish I could block for them sometimes. (laughter) They've been doing such a great job for us, but it's our job. But at the same time, it's a brotherhood. That's our family when we're out there on that field, when we're inside the building, and that's how they see me. That's how I see them."

On what happened to the quarter that he found on the field during the Jets game: "Somebody took my quarter, to be honest. I was so caught up in the game I forgot about my quarter. (laughter) So, whoever has it, I might need it back. (laughter)(Reporter: "Is it your lucky quarter?") "Actually, I found it, so it probably is. It was on tails, and I say, 'Tails never fails,' so it might be a lucky quarter." (laughter)

On how things have changed around him this season when it comes to accolades and the noise and attention that comes with that: "I try to block out all the noise, whether it's a positive or negative. I don't try to get caught up into it, just like I didn't at the beginning of the season. People are hopping on our bandwagon now, but we all knew what we had with ourselves in the building. But, like I said, I block it out. I play ball. That's all I'm here for."

On how this Ravens team is different from the one in Week 4: "It's a lot different. Our chemistry is different. Our mind is different. When we go out there on that field, we dive in. The whole team, all 22, offense, defense. I shouldn't say '22,' because special teams is included. But all 33 of us, we dive in, and we want to win. And when we're out there on that field, it's different. It's different from practice, because we all know what we're doing. We're beating the defenders to the punch sometimes. We're just playing great games. We have to keep it going."

On if the team came together after the loss to the Browns in Week 4: "Yes, absolutely. We played Miami [in Week 1]. We had a great game, but people started saying, 'It was just Miami.' We played Arizona [in Week 2]. We played an alright game. It could have been better, but that was a great team we played against. Then we go to the Chiefs [in Week 3]. We lose. Then the Browns come to us. We lose. So, it's like, 'We have to tighten up. We know what we have. We just have to play ball. We can't go out there playing not our full potential.' So, we talked to each other. We got with one another. We played the Steelers, a divisional game. [We] came out with 'Tuck' [Justin Tucker] winning the game, and after that I was like, 'We can't have "Tuck" kicking any game-winning field goals.' And it ended up happening with the 49ers, but it was different. It was a different game, the weather, this and that. But we just put it on one another to just be dialed in. Everybody do their jobs, and we'll have a lot of success. And that's what's been going on now."

On how much the better the offense is when WR Marquise Brown is involved: "When he's not involved, he's making the offense better, because there'll be two defenders guarding him sometimes. He's so fast, and he runs great routes. And he's not even 100 [percent] to his full potential, so he plays a big part in our offense. And we have to do a better job at getting him the ball."

On if winning the Heisman Trophy or being elected to the Pro Bowl meant more to him:"It was different situations. I was in college for one, and I'm in the league for another. Both of them are important. I didn't really think I would get the Heisman. Growing up everybody wanted to do it, but when I won, I was just so startled. I think I cursed when I won it. (laughter) When he announced my name, it was crazy. And then for the Pro Bowl, I've been seeing that I had the most votes and stuff like that. So, I'm happy to have it, because a lot of people want to get the Pro Bowl, but that's not my main focus. So, it comes with it."

On if his apparel line is all sold out or if there's anything left: "No, (laughter) I had to restock. But every time I put the stuff out, it's like sold out. And then I see the fans, and they're like, 'Man, as soon as you put it up, it was gone.' I'm like, 'Dang!' I love the support, though. I really love the support, but I'm going to try to get it restocked as fast as I can. Everybody is working. I have everybody working, so it's going pretty good." (Reporter: "Is your mom working behind the scenes on that?") "She's working behind the scenes as well, yes." (Reporter: "You have the coach wearing the merchandise around and promoting it.") "I love it. I love it." (Reporter: "Does he [John Harbaugh] get a cut?") "No, that's me." (laughter)

On if there's something or someone who keeps him humble: "The Lord. The Lord. I give Him all his praise, the glory, the honor, because without him I could have been doing anything. It's crazy. I'll be thinking about it, talking to Him throughout the day like, 'Man, appreciate you. I thank you.' Because, when you feel like you're bigger than the Lord, that's when all that success dies. It goes away. You have to let Him know He's the reason you're having that much success. I appreciate that from Him, and I have my family around me, my teammates – great teammates, coaching staff. We just have to keep it going and let the Lord know He's No. 1."

On what improvements the team has made since the last time it faced the Browns: "Running the ball, throwing the ball, protecting better – especially throwing the ball. We have increased in everything, just all-around team effort. We've just been going at it. We compete our butts off with one another to make each other better, because we know we have a great offense and a great defense. So, when we face anyone outside of the building, we know it's game over. We know what we can do, so we've just been having success at all attributes. So, we're just going to keep it going."

OLB Matthew Judon

On if the loss to the Browns in Week 4 feels like a lifetime ago: "Yes, it does. It feels like forever ago, and so, we can't really dwell on that old game. But we have to go back and watch what we did wrong and what they had success with. But yes, I think the makeup of this team is different. The energy and the feel is different, but it's one game at a time. It's one game each week, and we just have to become 1-0 this week. And whatever we have to do, every man possible out there has to do whatever they have to do to become 1-0."

On the first call he made after he found out that he made the Pro Bowl: "First call was to my wife. Our spouses go through this game with us. You, obviously, know how long and brutal and time demanding that the NFL season is on us, and she's pregnant right now. So, she's going through it double, so that was the first call, man. It was pretty special, and she cried for the both of us. It was pretty special."

On how special it is to have success and get recognition after there were some doubts about the pass rush this offseason following the departure of OLB Terrell Suggs: "You play this game to be recognized, and the individual goals, they mean something because it's your story. But as a team, what we've done so far and the lack of pass rush that you all were talking about, I think you all are not talking about it anymore. You all are actually talking about how fun it is to watch this defense and how we get off the field on fourth down. So, every story has to be written. And we love 'Sizz' [Terrell Suggs] and everything that he did for us, but he left. And it hurt some of us, but we had to press forward. And I think that's what we did – the likes of me, Tyus [Bowser], Jihad [Ward], Jaylon [Ferguson] and some of those interior guys. We just stepped up, and we kept grinding. And even when we weren't doing so well, so hot, at the beginning of the year, we just kept pressing forward. And now it turned out for us. And I just get the individual credit, but everybody in the outside linebacker room with me, they helped me – all my teammates, all the coaches, every training staff that we put in in here, every lift we did, every person in the training room to get me back out there on the field when I had nicks and [bruises]. It's not just a 'me' award, man. It's everybody in this building, and I'm so appreciative of the fans, coaches and my players. They voted me in, man. So, that was crazy, and I'm just happy."

On if he felt any uncertainty about how the season would go after the Week 4 loss to the Browns: "No, no. We knew what we had in the locker room, and I think we just [came together]. Shout out to the G.M. [Eric DeCosta] and upstairs for making those moves. They saw flaws or little weaknesses that we had, and they righted the ship. They got some people in here that helped us. There are some people that are Ravens that haven't lost yet, and we want to continue that trend. But the people that were here through those two losses, those two long weeks ... And we heard all the talk and all the chit-chatter [about] how bad we were, and we heard that. We just gelled together as a team, and we came together as a team. I think that's what helped us and sparked this run that we're on right now. A lot of people think that it's fake or it's just for the cameras. We love each other like that when there are no cameras around, when you all aren't around. That's how we love each other, and that's how we speak to each other, and that's how we encourage one another. I think it's just showing on the football field, and it's showing when we play – how we encourage one another."


(Conference Call with Baltimore Media)

What have you seen different from the Ravens since you guys last played them? (Kevin Richardson) "I think, of course, the additions of the leadership it seems like and the ability to just immerse themselves into the system there. It's created a great advantage for those guys on an everyday basis."

Would you guys take a lot of pride in not only being one of the only teams to beat them but in sweeping them for the season? Is that a big incentive for you guys this week? (Childs Walker) "Well, I think the more incentive for us is to go out and play well. We want to play the best that we can play and just kind of worry about ourselves and how we're preparing and how we'll play."

Obviously, you guys prepared for QB Lamar Jackson almost three months ago. How do you view him differently now than you did before he really put together this great run? (Aaron Kasinitz)"Lamar [Jackson] is having a historic season. He's put a lot of work into that and effort, and guys are playing well around him. They're playing well as a team, and he just continues to get better and better."

How detrimental has all this outside stuff been to you guys winning games? It seems like it's always something else and very little has to do with the results on Sunday. (Jeff Zrebiec) "You're exactly right, and that's what we preach about blocking out the noise from the outside. So, that's what we've been preaching, and hopefully our guys have taken heed to it from the standpoint of, 'You can only control what you can control, and you control how you prepare and how you play on Sundays.'" 

A lot of the Ravens today were talking to us about kind of where they were mentally coming out of that Week 4 game. When you think back to where you guys were, was everybody just as optimistic as could be coming off of that win at that point? (Childs Walker) "Again, whether it's bad or good, we try to stay in the moment and just realize that everything we do is in the moment, and we can't do anything about the future or the past. And I think we kept that same mindset leaving that game." 

RB Mark Ingram II ran for 71 yards against you guys last time. Are you at all surprised at how much he still has in the tank [as he's] about to turn 30 years old? (David Ginsburg) "Oh, there's no doubt. Mark [Ingram II], he runs hard. He runs physical. He's hard to tackle. He's tough. Mark has all the attributes of a great running back."