What The Buccaneers Said After Loss


Head Coach Lovie Smith

(Opening statement)
"1-5 says we're not a good football team, and we're not a good football team. It's kind of as simple as that. … We* *weren't able to get anything going to match some of their drives early on. So it's total domination on their part."

(On the the long passes down the field by Baltimore)
"There is only so much you can do. You can roll up and double cover, or whether it's three quarters or man, it's the same thing, you are one-on-one on the outside. But, we knew going in that that would be tough duty. We need to do some other things better like stopping the run on that first drive and letting them get momentum. And then, offensively, matching that. So, yeah, that was the case but we need to be strong in other areas."

(On the lack of pressure on the quarterback)
"It's disappointing. Some of it was play-action and we allowed them to get the run going. That's what hurt us as much as anything. Those kind of things show up a little bit, if you can get the opponent into a passing game, and we were unable to do that."

QB Mike Glennon

(On the Buccaneers offensive line)
"The Ravens have a great defense, first of all. Our offensive line has done great all year. The two weeks that I have played – against Pittsburgh and against New Orleans – we gave up one sack each game and those teams are ones that have pro bowlers all over the place. Obviously, we didn't play as well today, but we have a really good offensive line. The bottom line is that the Ravens played better than us and there is nothing else really to say. They out-executed us; they out-played us and obviously the score showed it."

LB LaVonte David

(On what the Ravens did well in the first half)
"Execute. There wasn't any tricky stuff. Their offense just played better than our defense."

WR Mike Evans

(On why Baltimore was able to get off to such a great start)
"They played a great game. We didn't play as well. They started fast and we started slow. We were in the hole early, had to fight back – they just played better than us."

CB Alterraun Verner

(On where things went wrong)
"It's always hard to evaluate myself after the game, but it just seemed like we couldn't make a play to get off the field or do anything. They ran the ball, they threw the ball, Flacco could do everything he wanted. Today shows us that there is a lot of self-evaluation that you gotta do, deep down looking into, because, like you said, it seemed like nobody was immune. Everybody did a little something, myself included, and so you just gotta press on and that's all you can do."

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