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On Analyzing How to Beat the Steelers "D"...

Everyone knows when you play the Steelers, there will be a lot of punts. But certain plays have been proven to work against the Steelers' weak points on defense (if there are any).

Max protect passes – If we catch them in blitz situations we need to pick it up by keeping the tight ends or backs in to help pick up the blitz. One-on-one, it's hard to cover a wide receiver. The only problem is the Steelers don't all-out blitz much. We have to recognize when they do.

Double moves – Against an aggressive defense and a safety (Troy Polamalu) who plays mostly in the box, their defense can't have much cover two. So when you have Derrick Mason, who is one of the best route runners, you can run your sluggo's, hitch-and-go's and stop fades. Hopefully, we will get behind the corner and hook up for points that will come rarely in this game.

Off-tackle and Stretch – With Le'Ron McClain's ankle injury, the burden may fall on Willis McGahee and Ray Rice. We need to get off-tackle plays to get the edge, or at least get away from their backside pursuit (which is relentless with James Harrison and Lawrence Timmons). McGahee is a slasher, so running stretch plays often will give him great opportunities to cut back and pick up some yardage.

Screens and Draws – These are simple plays for Joe Flacco. In obvious passing situations, run the draw so there is no pressure on Flacco (who doesn't feel pressure anyway, lol) and we need to run different screen plays. Everyone knows the half back screen, but we have players that defenders won't think will run a screen play so defenders ignore them. Lorenzo Neal, Le'Ron McClain, and Todd Heap can all run screens behind blockers without all the attention on Ray Rice and Willis McGahee.

Also this week, I believe that if we can stop the short slants of Hines Ward, and obviously the scrambling of Ben Roethlisberger, I think we can pull out a win.

PurpleClaws of FlurryPosted in the Official Baltimore Ravens Message Boards

On Analyzing How to Beat the Steelers "D" Cont'd...

I don't think stretch plays will work; their "D" is too fast. I think we neutralize the edge rush by running right at it, bring the edge rusher up the field and let Lorenzo Neal open the gap. Grind out 5 yards at a pop. Also, you will never stop the Hines Ward slants, but you can neutralize those by hitting him quickly and being sure to bring him down at the point of attack. Keep the receivers in front of you, unlike the home game when Frank Walker allowed his receiver to break one for a big yardage pickup. I definitely agree that when we get to Ben Roethlisberger we need to bring him down. We can't allow him to scramble and make plays down field.

I like McGahee in this game. He feels he has something to prove. He broke a couple big runs down the stretch against Jacksonville and Miami and he appears to be running a bit tougher inside than he was earlier in the season. I also agree that San Diego exposed some weaknesses. I loved that route down the seam that Darren Sproles ran. That was a sweet play and can probably work again. I could see Rice doing the same thing, as quick as he is.

cwd1972Posted in the Official Baltimore Ravens Message Boards

On meeting the team at BWI Airport…

Thank you Ravens! Thank you so much for bringing the spirit and life back into this city. All too often Baltimore is not painted in the best light, but now it is just painted in purple! [Saturday] night I went to BWI to welcome you home from Tennessee, and it was such an amazing experience. Not only were the hundreds of fans taking pictures and cheering for you, but you were taking pictures and cheering for us. Whatever happens for the rest of the season, we all are so proud of you, and have had so much fun cheering you on. Bring on Pittsburgh!

JenBaltimore, MD

On comparing the Ravens and Steelers...

Ravensmania is running wild! And why not? The Ravens are the 2nd best team in the NFL! The Ravens are my kind of team – physical, hard-hitting, snot-knocking brutes that play the game the way it was intended. The only problem is there's another team just like them...they are the only other team that is a notch above them – the Steelers. This will be a great game, but unfortunately for the Ravens, they will come up short.....again.

Ron Pearce (Steelers Fan) *Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania *

On Working with the Media: Coach Harbaugh Might Be Scheming... (Hopefully)

Going over past pressers, it seems like John Harbaugh has been consistently "fuzzy." When all reports seemed to indicate that "CMac" and Dawan Landry were going to have to go on IR, Harbaugh kept saying that the Ravens were "hopeful." The same held true for Rice and Antwan Barnes. That being said, those statements really served no purpose as they had no impact on the upcoming games.

I think we just have to take what "Harbs" is saying at face value; the MRI probably revealed an injury that would normally cause a player to take a few weeks off, but given the magnitude of this game, Suggs is likely pushing hard to play. There is no deceit, but he isn't giving away too much either.

This game has an added incentive for Sizzle because it may very well be his final game going into free agency. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure he wants to win more than anything else, but playing every game in your career, and then missing your last contest before hitting the market would be deflating.

Posted in the Official Baltimore Ravens Message Boards

On Who Got It Wrong This Season? Ravens Confessional...

I must admit I predicted a 6-10 season. I figured that the rookies (head coach, offensive line, quarterback) would be on a major learning curve. I thought the only wins would come against the teams our defense could handle. The rest of the league would run and pass all over us because our defense was supposed to be old and slow. I also figured that our offense would look like the same old 12 points per game team it always looks like, and maybe evern worse because of our running back situation. is most certainly safe to say I was COMPLETELY wrong. Pessimism and Ravens fandom came hand-in-hand this season at the I feel they can beat anyone.

Tighthead420Posted in the Official Baltimore Ravens Message Boards

On Who Got It Wrong This Season? Ravens Confessional Cont'd

Joe Flacco – He started off badly with 1 TD and 7 INTs. I wanted Troy Smith and was preparing for the worst.

David Pittman – I thought he would be our future number 2 or even number 1 corner in time. Gone.

Antwan Barnes – I picked him (with Derrick Martin) as our breakout players. It doesn't look like he runs a 4.4.

Jared Gaither – I bashed him for some inconsistency, but he has been a monster. Two and a half sacks allowed on the year (39 as a team). He looked like a bulldozer on some drive blocks. Inside or outside, he was blowing through the Jags' D-linemen. On one play he went through a tackle and linebacker and drove them 10 yards into the endzone and pancaked a few guys. I was impressed.

Mark Clayton – I was calling him a bust, but he is really blowing up.

Chris Chester – He is so much better than I thought he would be. Has been amazing pulling, he's fast and can seal off multiple defenders.

Jim Leonhard – I thought he was far too small, but at times, has been our most reliable tackler.

Haruki Nakamura – I thought he would take over at SS and would never look back, but he has tackling issues, especially in the open.

BloodRavenPosted in the Official Baltimore Ravens Message Boards

On meeting the team at BWI airport…

I am from Baltimore. The past 40 years, I have seen teams from Baltimore that I have been proud of, from the Colts to the Ravens. I must say I have never been more proud of any team then the one we have today.

These men have fought an uphill battle this whole season. They never backed down to any opponent, coming back from seemingly impossible odds to win. They have brought us, the fans, together with them in this journey with their courage and dedication. We the fans want to tell them thank you. You inspire us!

Joe StuartNorthern Virginia

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