You Said It! - Fans' Season Recap


On an unexpected and exciting football season…

Thank you Baltimore Ravens! To the players: what a great and unexpected season. Coach Harbaugh, thank you for putting this coaching staff together. They made watching the offense fun! Who would have thought in August we would have made it to the AFC Championship game? Every week we gathered to see what excitement this team would bring. We supported them and will continue to do that. Excitement is in the air for next year and the other teams will remember what our name is: Ravens!

Victor Tosti
Baltimore, MD**

On the gratitude for playing as a team and leading by example…

Thank you for teaching all of us how to play as a team. Thank you for teaching our young kids the value of learning from the past and quickly moving forward. Thank you for not making excuses, taking your lumps and leading by example. The lessons our community can learn is a winning formula that is often over looked, especially when times are bad. The entire organization stood up, was accountable and proved that anything is possible. To each and every player, coach and member of the staff, THANK YOU for a terrific season and I pray this brings many more to come!!! God speed for a healthy recovery to all those injured and God bless O.J. Bringance. He is in each of our hearts and minds! Have a great offseason, get some rest, and we'll see you next year.

**Chris H.New Freedom, PA

On a respected rivalry with the Steelers

I am very proud of the Ravens. A first-year coach coupled with a first-year quarterback gives us something to look forward to. Although I am disappointed with the loss against Pittsburgh, I am proud to say that I am a Ravens fan due to the way the team, from top to bottom, handles themselves – win or lose. One must take their hat off to the Steelers. They beat us three times. This makes for a continued bitter rivalry, but with respect from both sides. Initially, I said I would root for the Cardinals in the Super Bowl, but the Steelers won with class. Keep the Lombardi Trophy in our division/conference. Thank you for a fine season and I very much look forward to next year!

Pat O'Hara
Baltimore, MD**

On a respected rivalry with the Ravens (from a Steelers fan)...

First off, as a Steelers fan, let me start by saying my prayers are with Willis McGaheeand a full recovery. He is a great back and we never want to see an injury like that happen, regardless of who it is. Second, I want to say that I give much respect to Coach Harbaugh, Ray Lewis and the entire Ravens team. As a die-hard Steelers fan, it's hard to care for the Ravens in any way, but I cannot give anything but respect to your club. You were the team I feared the most going in. You have a great quarterback who will guide your team for years to come. Ours is a rivalry I look forward to each year and I want to congratulate you on a great year that not many, including myself, expected you to have.

Much love and respect!

Steeler Todd Oldenburg *Banning, PA*

On incorrectly predicting a poor 2008 Ravens campaign…

In the beginning of the year, I predicted the Ravens to have a 5-11 season and I was very disappointed that we let Brian Billick go. I sold my PSL's and decided that the Ravens were done for three or more years. I also thought we had an old defense and that our offense was going to be another disappointment. How can someone be so wrong? Maybe I did not see the think tank working, but I was truly wrong. Cam Cameron, John Harbaugh and Rex Ryan* *were spectacular on play calling, the boys played with their hearts, even though they got beat up in training camp. What a season! Go Ravens! Thank you for brining me back.

Ron Herd
Baltimore, MD

On looking forward to the 2009 season with a core group of players…

Congratulations on a great season. We are proud of each and every player, coach, and person in the Ravens' organization. You gave us a season we never expected and could not have imagined. I guess there will be some coaches and players who may not be back with us next season. Best of luck to those who move on to bigger and better opportunities. But, let's hope not too many go. This is one group that should remain intact as best you can and have the chance to make another run together. Enjoy the offseason. You've earned some rest.

Steve Bassett
Laurel, MD*

On Ed Reed taking time to talk to fans after the AFC Championship game...

I just wanted to let everyone know how great Ed Reed is, not just as a player, but as a person. When the players couldn't make it to the mall after the AFC Championship game (due to flight and weather conditions) a few of us went to the Ravens practice facility to show our support. At 3 a.m., Ed got out of his car to come greet us to tell us thank you! He is the true defensive MVP!

Nickie Kerns
Baltimore, MD

On a new era of Ravens football…

Rookie head coach and rookie quarterback. Who would have imagined at the beginning of the season that the Ravens would play their way to the final four? Though we lost, the Ravens gave the Steelers a vicious run for their money. This is not the end, it's the beginning of a new era in NFL football. The era of Joe Flacco and Jim Harbaugh leading the Purple Reign. This fan could not be more proud of her team.

Josette Mitchell
Baltimore, MD

On the AFC Championship game…

The Ravens had an excellent season, and have brought hope back to Baltimore. Coach Harbaugh has done an outstanding job and the players have made me proud to be a Ravens fan.

As for the AFC Championship game, I have a couple of comments. Prior to the game I felt that Willis McGahee, Todd Heap and Haloti Ngata would have to have big games for us to win. McGahee and Ngata were great. I am sure that Heap performed his assignments, but did not play a big role in the passing game. I see so many other teams use their TE in the short passing game, and with great success. I was hoping to see that happen last Sunday.

I feel bad in pointing out one thing or person for a loss of a game, but I honestly feel that Daren Stone's personal foul cost the Ravens a trip to the Super Bowl. I also feel that the officials missed two helmet to helmet hits (both by Steelers). One on Ivy, and the other on McGahee.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful season. Thank you McGahee for playing hard and I will keep you in my prayers.

Christopher Bolton
Gwynn Oak, MD

On the job the front office has played in bringing in talent and staying focused on Super Bowl XLIV…

Certainly the Ravens fans have nothing to be ashamed of. Even in an era of change, this year's Ravens have demonstrated that they are a championship team. Let me extend my sincere thanks to the front office. They continue realize a vision of having the best and brightest players by looking for talent that will be compatible with the Ravens' organization and philosophy. Thank you to the players who continue to play game after game with intensity, teamwork, and passion. Championship teams are not born or bought, but are made with the right chemistry of players and their unselfish sacrifice. The new head coach and quarterback, assistant coaches, relentless defense, protective offense, dependable special teams, and upper management have demonstrated they have the right stuff and ought to be commended. We have enjoyed the 2008 football season. We liked what we saw and look forward for the 2009 season. Remain focused on the ultimate prize (Super Bowl XLIV) in 2009 as champions. May God bless you all and your families in the coming football season.

Lenny Foust* *Columbia, MD

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