Baltimore Ravens PSL Wait List

Are You On The List?
Are You On The List?

Are You On The List?

Limited to 3,000 members.

Membership Benefits


The List Information

What is The List?

PSLs are sold out through the Ravens. The List was created as a means for interested buyers to get access to PSLs at face value when they become available. If you, a friend, or family member aren’t quite ready to purchase PSLs, The List is a great way to reserve your spot and start saving while earning benefits in the meantime. If you are already a PSL Owner, it presents an opportunity to add seats down the road, assist with relocation, or refer a friend or family member who is interested in becoming a PSL Owner.

What is a PSL?

In order to purchase Ravens Season Tickets in M&T Bank Stadium, the purchase of a PERMANENT SEAT LICENSE (PSL) is required. A Permanent Seat License is a one-time purchase that transfers the ownership rights of the seat(s) from the team to the individual licensee. It is a contractual agreement between the team and the PSL Owner and, as long as the tickets are renewed each season, you maintain ownership of your PSL(s). You can pass your PSL(s) down to family members, friends, or sell them to another individual.

The List Basics

  • An initial payment of $50 per seat is required to join.
  • A flat $25 annual maintenance fee is required to stay on _The List _(due in October)
  • A maximum of 6 seats are allowed per position (gives you the opportunity to purchase up to 6 PSLs when position is called)
  • All monies paid towards The List will be applied towards your eventual PSL purchase and are non-refundable. Funds cannot be used towards the purchase of PSLs outside of The List.
  • Seating options become available each year if existing PSL owners fail to renew.
  • Similar to a PSL, you have contractual ownership of your position on The List.
  • Your position may be used to purchase PSLs for a family member or friend.
  • The List is a “Closed List” (limited to 3000 members).
  • Your position on The List can be sold or transferred either privately or via the Official Baltimore Ravens PSL and Wait List Marketplace (powered by STR).
  • When The List is at capacity, the same number of new members will be added each year as were helped the previous year.

The List Benefits

  • An assigned position on The List updated annually.
  • The opportunity to purchase face value Permanent Seat Licenses and Season Tickets when they become available and your position is next in line to receive an offer.
  • 10% Ravens Team Store discount on gameday and online at
  • Inclusion in an exclusive annual drawing for one pair of complimentary season tickets (does not include PSLs).
  • Opportunity to enter an exclusive lottery to attend training camp practices.
  • Receive the annual Ravens Yearbook and weekly Ravens Call E-Newsletters.
  • Ticket availability notifications, including preseason/postseason ticket offers when applicable.
  • Options to purchase tickets for non-Ravens events at M&T Bank Stadium when available.

Seating Offers

  • We will offer three different seating/pricing options.
  • Season ticket money will be due up front for any PSL(s) purchased.
  • A PSL payment plan will be available.
  • Seating options may be deferred once. If you do not accept the seating options presented with the first offer you may decline and remain on The List until another seating offer is made. When a second offer is made, you must purchase PSLs or otherwise will be dropped from The List or moved to the end.
  • Offers will be made by phone typically between the months of June and August each year.

Already a PSL Owner?

  • The List is a method to purchase additional PSLs.
  • The List is a method to obtain a new PSL location (Ravens will not exchange or buy back existing PSLs).
  • Your position can be used to purchase PSLs for a family member or friend.