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Accessible seats

Questions regarding ADA seating at M&T Bank Stadium can be directed to the ADA Seating Coordinator by calling 410-261-RAVE (7283).

Accessible Seating Policies

Ticket Information

In order to provide accessible seats to as many individuals who need them as possible and protect the rights of our disabled guests, the Ravens request that accessible seats not be resold without adhering to Ravens' policies.

  • The purpose of this policy is to protect the rights of our disabled guests.
  • If an individual is unable to attend a game in their accessible seats, they are encouraged to contact the Ravens Accessible Seating Coordinator at 410-261-RAVE (7283), who will provide options, even within a few days of gameday.
  • PSL Owners interested in selling their PSL(s) in an accessible seating area are encouraged to contact the Ravens Ticket Office at (410) 261-RAVE (7283) prior to any PSL sale. The Ravens Accessible Seating Coordinator will provide options.
  • The Ravens reserve the right to cancel seats if it becomes apparent that the seats are not being used by the person(s) for whom they are intended under the ADA and this Policy.
  • The Ravens may not sell accessible seats to an individual based on repeated misuse or nonuse of the seats. A letter will be sent to the individual to this effect.

The Ravens request that all owners and purchasers of accessible seats complete a Disability Needs Form on an annual basis.

  • Completion of this form will enable the Ravens to provide a reasonable accommodation to eligible guests based on both an individual's request and the Ravens' assessment of individual needs.
  • PSL Owners with disabled seating must complete this form prior to the distribution of season tickets.
  • Single game ticket buyers will be asked to complete this form upon their request to purchase tickets.

Download the PSL Owner Disability Needs Form here »
Download the Non-PSL Owner Single Game Disability Needs Form here »

As a standard operating procedure, the Ravens make visual inspections of all accessible seating areas during every home game.

  • Seats are monitored closely during each game to ensure proper usage and comfortable accommodations for all guests at M&T Bank Stadium.
  • The Ravens encourage disabled guests to contact us at 410-261-7283 if they are unable to attend select games throughout a given season - the Ravens Accessible Seating Coordinator will provide options.
  • The Ravens reserve the right to provide alternative seating, should it become apparent that the seats are not being used by the person(s) for whom they are intended under the ADA and this Policy.

A single individual or entity may purchase no more than four (4) total PSL's in the accessible seating area: one (1) disabled guest and up to three (3) companions.

  • As noted in the Permanent Seat License Agreement: "Licensor may limit the number of Seat Licenses licensed to any one individual or entity in its sole discretion."
  • Due to the high demand for accessible seating, we limit the number of ADA PSL's to four (4) in order to provide the opportunity for accessible seating to as many guests in need as possible.
  • PSL's and season tickets are currently sold out and a PSL wait list exists; therefore this Policy will apply to future purchases. Present PSL Owners of less than four (4) total PSL's in all seating areas will not be permitted to increase the number of their seats without joining the PSL wait list.

Single game ticket limit per household: 2 tickets per game; total of 2 games

  • All single game seating will be assigned initially based on a ticket lottery unless inventory is available at the completion of the lottery.
  • This ticket limit is consistent with the policy for all single game ticket buyers for Ravens games at M&T Bank Stadium.
  • Due to the limited supply of individual game tickets, having a limit allows a greater opportunity to more people to attend events.

If availability exists, PSL Owners may exchange non-ADA seating for ADA seating. All ADA ticket exchanges and seating accommodation requests must be completed by the Friday before a home game at 12:00 p.m.

  • In the case of a Tuesday - Saturday home game, ticket exchanges or seating accommodation requests must be completed no later than the day before the game at 12:00 p.m. (No later than Wednesday at 12:00 p.m. for a Thursday game.)
  • The Ravens Ticket Office should be contacted as soon as it is apparent that a seating accommodation or change is needed so that the Ravens Ticket Office and Stadium Operations Departments have adequate time to make the necessary ticket and seating arrangements. The earlier the request is made, the more likely it will be accommodated.
  • Any relocation or accommodation request made after the time specified in this Policy will not be guaranteed. Guests arriving at the stadium on gameday in possession of tickets for non-accessible seating with the expectation of being accommodated in an accessible seating area may be turned away due to lack of available inventory.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Ravens are not required to provide accessible seats in the event of a sellout.

  • Disabled guests have no greater right to obtain tickets to a sold out game than do non-disabled guests.
  • If general seating is sold out and ADA seating remains, available equal access seating may be released for general public sale.

PSL Owners may be entitled to exchange out an entire season of tickets, based on circumstance, need and available accommodations.

  • The requestor will be required to complete a Disability Needs Form. The individual will not be allowed to exchange their tickets until this form is completed and received by the Ravens Ticket Office.
  • Exchanging for the entire season can only occur on a 1:1 ratio: If an individual needs to relocate, they can exchange their one ticket for one accessible seat for the season. If they have a companion, their companion must exchange their one ticket for one accessible seat for the season as well.
  • All ticket exchanges are valid for the specified season only. Exchanges do not carry over to the following season, and the original seats will be returned to the PSL account.

If disabled seating is available the week of a game, tickets may be purchased by phone, but must be picked up by the purchaser at the lobby of the Ravens Ticket Office on or before game day.

  • Individuals must show proper photo identification to pick up tickets.
  • The purchaser will be required to complete a Disability Needs Form. It is suggested that this form be completed in advance and placed on file.
  • The Ravens encourage anyone interested in purchasing single game tickets in an accessible area to contact the Ravens Ticket Office as soon as possible - this will increase the chance of obtaining tickets, in addition to providing more seating and pricing options.

Individuals who are interested in purchasing accessible single game tickets, but are not PSL Owners, can contact the Ravens Ticket Office at (410) 261-RAVE (7283) on the same date and time that all other single game Ravens tickets go on sale to the general public (typically late July.)

  • Individuals who contact the Ravens prior to the date of the general public sale to request tickets will be told to call back on the sale date set by the Ravens.
  • There will be no exceptions to this policy.


Parking Information

  • M&T Bank Stadium has more than 100 parking spaces for disabled patrons.
  • Disabled parking spaces are located in lots B, C, and R, which is located underneath Russell Street.
  • All disabled parking is sold on a first-come, first-served basis on the day of the game.
  • Disabled parking passes cannot be purchased in advance.
  • Access to disabled parking spaces is limited to vehicles with disabled license plates or valid disabled hangtags. A valid Ravens game ticket must be presented as well. In addition, the person to whom the disabled tag was issued must be in the vehicle and may be asked to provide a state MVA disabled registration card.

Click here to view stadium and parking lot diagram

Drop-Off Area

  • A drop-off area for disabled guests is located along the Northbound Russell Street Service Drive on the West side of M&T Bank Stadium between Gates D & E.
  • Disabled guests can be dropped off at this location, prior to parking the vehicle, and picked up after the game.
  • Upon entering the Service Drive, inform the SP+ attendant that you would like to utilize the disabled drop-off area.

Assisted Listening Devices

  • There are Assisted Listening Devices available at any Guest Services Center (Sections 100, 127, 525, or 553)
  • One is a relay feed of the PA announcements and the other is a Ravens radio feed.

Closed Captioning

  • Closed Captioning is available on the LED boards below Ravens Vision
  • Caption Colorado provides closed captioning for the hearing impaired at Ravens’ home games via personal text-enabled cell phones and smart phones, or a courtesy handset acquired on game day.
  • Courtesy handsets can be acquired on game day at any Guest Services Location (Sections 100, 127, 525, or 553), or at Club Level Concierge Desks (204, 224, 229, or 250) inside M&T Bank Stadium.
  • Guests can also enable their personal device. However, it must be done prior to the game. Please follow these easy steps…
    1. Go to www.mobilecap.net
    2. When prompted, enter your name and event id: 1016
    3. The program will start running automatically.
    4. Remember to log out after the event!


  • There are four banks of elevators in M&T Bank Stadium, two on the North side and two on the South side, serving all levels of the stadium.
  • North side elevators are located near sections 102 and 151 and South side elevators are located near sections 124 and 129.
  • These elevators are for the exclusive use of Suite Owners and guests with disabilities requiring the use of an elevator, and may be accessed via the interior stadium concourse.


  • All gates are accessible and guests with disabilities can enter M&T Bank Stadium via any of six (6) primary entry gates: Gates A, B, C, D, E, F, A1, A2 and the Media Gate (South side of the stadium). Medical needs lines exist at all main gates (A, B, C, D)

Escalators (Club Level Only)

  • There are two (2) escalators in M&T Bank Stadium, one on the North side (near section 150) and one on the South side (near section 127).
  • Escalators only service the Club Level and thus only guests holding a Club Level ticket may utilize the escalators.

Guest Services Centers

  • Guest Service Centers are located on the Lower Level concourse (Sections 100 and 127), Upper Level concourse (Sections 525 and 553), and at the Club Level concierge desks (Sections 204, 224, 229, or 250).

Mobility Devices

  • Wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs and scooters are permitted inside M&T Bank Stadium.
  • Guests may check their mobility device at any Guest Services Center (Sections 100, 127, 525 and 553) and pick it up at the conclusion of the event.
  • A limited number of wheelchairs are also available at Guest Services. These wheelchairs are intended for transport only and not for utilization throughout an event.
  • Segways are not permitted inside M&T Bank Stadium


  • There are 64 restrooms located throughout M&T Bank Stadium. All are equipped with accommodations for disabled guests.

Service Animals

  • Only service animals are allowed in M&T Bank Stadium.
  • Emotional support animals are not permitted.

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