Baltimore Ravens Digital Tickets

A New Way of Ticketing at M&T Bank Stadium

A New Way of Ticketing at M&T Bank Stadium

Why Go Digital?

Introducing Ravens Digital Tickets

Learn how to access and manage your Ravens tickets.

Simple, Smart, Secure

• Digital Tickets are part of an NFL initiative that involves all 32 teams and includes a move to RFID in 2019

• Digital ticketing opens the door to do more for fans down the road

• Reduced risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit, or forgotten tickets

• Digital tickets allow fans to quickly and easily send tickets to guests, even minutes before kickoff

• More efficient access to M&T Bank Stadium

Two Ways to Get in the Gates

Mobile Tickets via Smartphone

Mobile Tickets via Smartphone

Save your tickets to your phone and scan your phone at the gate!

Mobile tickets are best for those that are sharing season tickets or those that are bringing different guests to the games and want to easily send tickets to friends.​

PSL Owner Card

PSL Owner Card

Use your card just like a ticket and scan the barcode at the gates at every game! PSL Owners do not need to load any games onto the card – the entire season is already on the card! PSL Owners have one card for each seat. 

The PSL Owner Ticket Card is best for those that are coming to every home game.​ The PSL Owner’s name is listed on the card, but guests may also use the card.

How To Video Tutorials

How To Access Your Digital Tickets

How To Send Your Digital Tickets

How To Sell Your Digital Tickets


Download the Ravens App

The first step to digital ticketing is to download the Ravens mobile app.

How Do I Access My Tickets via Mobile?

1. Launch the Ravens app

2.Choose "TICKETS" in the bottom menu, then scroll and choose "Manage My Tickets"

3. "SIGN-IN TO MY RAVENS ACCOUNT" with your email address and password (same as your online account)

4. Select the game you want to manage

5. Save your mobile tickets: iPhone users can save to Apple Wallet and Android users can save to phone or save to Google Pay.

6. Show your mobile ticket at the gate!


How to Send Your Tickets to Your Guest

Once you have signed in to your account, select the game you wish to send.

1. Select "SEND"

2. Choose the tickets you want to send then select the "SEND" button.

3. Either select a recipient from your contacts or manually enter the information.

4. Tap “Send Tickets.” If you are sending via email, the process is complete. If you are sending via text, the app will open your messaging app and you must click send to complete the transfer.

How to Sell Your Tickets

Once you have signed into your account, select the game you wish to sell.

1. Select "SELL"

2. Choose the tickets you want to sell then select the "SET PRICE" button. (Follow the prompts to finalize sell.)

How to Claim Tickets That Were Sent to You

If you are receiving tickets from a friend, you will first need to claim the tickets. You will receive an email with a link directing you to log in to your Ravens Ticketmaster account or create a new account. You will use a browser to claim the tickets: safari or chrome on a mobile device or any browser on a desktop computer. After claiming the tickets, you will download the Baltimore Ravens Mobile App to access your mobile tickets!

How to Log in for the First Time to Manage Tickets in the Ravens App

1. When opening the Ravens app, you may see some customization options. These options are not related to your ticket account, but you can update your preferences for the App. Tap “Tickets” at the bottom. Then, tap “Manage Tickets.”

2. Enter your email and password. Then tap “log in.” If you need to retrieve your log in information, call 410-261-RAVE (7283) or tap “Forgot Password.” If you need to create an account, tap “Create New Account.” (Scroll down to view instructions on creating a new account). Please note that all PSL Owners have existing accounts.

3. Then you will be asked if you want to link a Ticketmaster account. You can skip this step by tapping “No Thanks.”

4. After logging in the first time, the App will store your credentials and you can tap Manage Tickets anytime to view and manage tickets!


How to Create a New Ravens Ticket Account

PSL Owner accounts have already been created. Please use the “Forgot Password” link or call the ticket office at 410-261-RAVE (7283) to retrieve log in credentials.

For those accepting tickets for the first time, click the “Create Account” option. In the app, there is currently a redirect issue. You will first be taken to the “Forgot Password” page by accident. Make sure to click “Back to Signup,” at the bottom of the screen. Then you will be able to create your account.


Getting Ready For Gameday

1. Download the Ravens app

2. Save your mobile tickets: iPhone users can save to Apple Wallet and Android users can save to phone or save to Google Pay. 

3. Charge your phone!

Ravens Account Manager

You can also send, sell, or donate tickets online using your Ravens Account Manager. For more information and How To Guides, visit the PSL Owner FAQ Page.