Front Office Staff




  • Ron Shapiro Special Advisor to the Owner
  • Lisa Dixon Director of Special Events / Special Assistant to the Owner & President


  • Brandon Etheridge General Counsel
  • Kristin Stortini Assistant General Counsel


  • Jeff Goering Sr. Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
  • Jim Coller Vice President of Finance
  • Reba Koppelman Director of Finance
  • Dana Cline Sr. Payables Manager
  • Liz McCroskey Accounting Manager
  • Kelly Lekas Receptionist
  • Valarie Wideman Receptionist

Human Resources

  • Elizabeth Mearman Vice President of Human Resources
  • Julie Tambussi Sr. Human Resources Generalist
  • Jillian Black Payroll Manager
  • Lindsay Pinckney Human Resources Coordinator
  • Patti Holtery Sr. Payroll Specialist

Information Technology

  • Bill Jankowski Vice President of Information Technology
  • Nick Fusee Vice President of Networking and Hardware
  • Jeremy Parks Sr. Database Architect
  • Evan Woodard IT Security Manager
  • Kevin Boyle IT Coordinator

Public Relations

  • Kevin Byrne Executive Vice President - Public & Community Relations
  • Chad Steele Vice President of Public Relations
  • Patrick Gleason Director Of Public Relations
  • Tom Valente Public Relations Manager
  • Marisol Renner Sr. Publications and Public Relations Specialist

Community Relations

  • Heather Darney Director of Community Relations/Executive Director, Ravens Foundation
  • Kelly Tallant Community Relations Manager
  • Keenan Harrell Community Relations Coordinator



  • Bob Eller Sr. Vice President of Operations
  • Joan Fennekohl Director of Team Travel
  • Keith Mathews Director of Facilities Maintenance
  • Matt Klug Facilities Maintenance Manager
  • Marlon McLean Facilities Assistant
  • David Ghostlaw Team Operations Coordinator

Team Services

  • Bud Reinecke Sr. Manager of Team Services
  • Jerry Bolling Assistant Manager of Team Services
  • Joe Heller Assistant Manager of Team Services
  • Dennis Brothers Team Services Assistant
  • Avon Bryant Team Services Assistant
  • David Camak Team Services Assistant
  • Bobby Chesney Team Services Assistant
  • Tom Curtis Team Services Assistant
  • Deonard Davis Team Services Assistant
  • Louis Dixon Team Services Assistant
  • James Fulton Team Services Assistant
  • Jerome Gilmore Team Services Assistant
  • James Howard Team Services Assistant
  • Kirsten Koenig Team Services Assistant
  • Terry Lewis Team Services Assistant
  • John Swann Team Services Assistant
  • Frank Thomas Team Services Assistant
  • Jawan Yancey Team Services Assistant


  • Darren Sanders VP of Security
  • Craig Singleterry Sr. Manager of Security
  • Melvin Cross Security
  • Jesse Oden Security
  • Frank Fornoff Security

Field and Grounds

  • Don Follett Head Groundskeeper/Sr. Director of Fields & Grounds
  • Bryan Filkins Sr. Manager/Assistant Head Groundskeeper/Equipment Assistant
  • Sean Kauffman Sr. Manager/Assistant Head Groundskeeper
  • P.J. Petel Fields & Grounds Supervisor/Equipment Assistant
  • Will Ranney Groundskeeper/Equipment Assistant
  • Sean Kane Groundskeeper
  • Jarod Knopp Groundskeeper
  • Justin Syharath Groundskeeper

Corporate Sales & Business Development

  • Kevin Rochlitz Sr. Vice President Corporate Sales & Business Development
  • Theresa Abato Vice President of Suite Sales & Service
  • Aaron Cline Director of Sales
  • Dan Condon Corporate Sales Sr. Account Executive
  • Trey Bennett Corporate Sales Account Executive
  • Chris Wack Corporate Sales Account Executive

Client Services

  • Kate Kasabula Director of Client Services
  • Cindy Bauman Media & Client Services Manager
  • Molly Sjurson Client Services Manager
  • Matt Kempel Client Services Coordinator
  • Jillian Magnotta Client Services Coordinator
  • Mattie Wood Client Services Representative


Suite Sales &Service

  • Theresa Abato Vice President of Suite Sales & Service
  • Josh Hartman Director of Suite Sales and Business Development
  • Hayward Caswell Suite Services Coordinator


  • Brad Downs Vice President of Marketing
  • Kim Ferguson Director of Activation & Fan Development
  • Ilsa Marden Director of Events & Game Entertainment
  • Ken Lisse Sr. Designer
  • Laura Humphreys Sr. Manager, Marketing & Partnership Activation
  • Deandra Duggans Manager, Advertising & Branding
  • Katie Bollinger Manager, Marketing and Fan Development
  • Matt Little Manager, Marketing & Football Outreach
  • Nick Prevas Graphic Design Manager
  • Anneliese Bruce Graphic Designer
  • Jordyn Johnson Coordinator, Events & Entertainment
  • Adam Rudel Coordinator, Marketing & Football Outreach
  • Rob Tune Coordinator, Entertainment & Events
  • Brandon Williams Mascot Coordinator
  • Tina Galdieri Cheer Coordinator
  • John Ziemann Marching Ravens President

Stadium Operations

  • Roy Sommerhof Sr. Vice President of Stadium Operations
  • John Cline Director of Event Operations
  • Jobie Waldt, FMA Director of Stadium Operations
  • Evan Cohen Stadium Operations Manager

Guest Experience

  • Rich Tamayo Director of Guest Experience
  • Collen Helak Guest Experience Manager
  • Moe Shoots Guest Experience Coordinator

Ticket Sales & Operations

  • Baker Koppelman Sr. Vice President of Ticket Sales & Operations
  • Adam Mazalewski Director of Ticket Operations
  • Dennis Fryer Director of Ticket Sales & Hospitality
  • T.J. a'Becket Ticket Operations & Distribution Manager
  • Eric Hubbs Ticket Sales & Hospitality Coordinator
  • Whitney Fox Customer Service & Club Level Manager
  • Ciara Kavanagh PSL Owner Rewards & Ticket Sales Coordinator
  • Gwen Sieck Ticket Sales Representative
  • Corey Chwazik Ticket Sales Representative
  • Lucas Grabbe Ticket Sales Representative


  • Chris Inouye Director of Retail
  • Megan Malek Retail Manager


Media Group

  • Michelle Andres Sr. Vice President of Digital Media & Broadcasting
  • Jay O'Brien Vice President of Broadcasting & Gameday Productions
  • Steve Groff Director of Broadcast Technical Operations
  • Dave Lang Director of Digital Media
  • Matt Brevet Director of Production
  • Eddie Coughlan Sr. Cinematographer
  • Garrett Downing Social Media Manager/Digital Host
  • Phil Cunningham Producer
  • Ryan Mink Editorial Manager
  • Nick Modisett Cinematographer
  • Cody Williams Manager of Business Intelligence & Digital Sponsorships
  • John Eisenberg Columnist
  • Erin Herbert Digital Media Manager
  • Brittany Jorge Motion Graphics Coordinator
  • Brent Airey Motion Graphics Designer
  • Clifton Brown Staff Writer
  • David Heringer Social Media Graphic Designer
  • Cassie Calvert Social Media Coordinator
  • Jessie Knaak Producer
  • Jack Dana Broadcasting Media Coordinator
  • Jeff Atkinson Cinematographer
  • Mark Mariaca Audio Engineer
  • Phil Hoffmann Team Photographer
  • Shawn Hubbard Team Photographer

Player Personnel

  • Eric DeCosta Assistant General Manager
  • Pat Moriarty Senior Vice President of Football Administration
  • Vincent Newsome Director of Pro Personnel
  • Joe Hortiz Director of College Scouting
  • Jessica Markison Director of Football Administration
  • George Kokinis Senior Personnel Assistant
  • Harry Swayne Director of Player Engagement
  • O.J. Brigance Senior Advisor to Player Engagement
  • Chad Alexander Assistant Director of Pro Personnel
  • Jameel McClain Assistant Director of Player Engagement
  • Milt Hendrickson National Scout
  • Lonnie Young National Scout
  • Mark Azevedo Northeast Area Scout
  • Brandon Berning Midwest/Southwest Area Scout
  • David Blackburn West Area Scout
  • Dwaune Jones Midwest Area Scout
  • Andrew Raphael Southeast Area Scout
  • Bobby Vega East Area Scout
  • Kevin Weidl Southeast/Southwest Area Scout
  • Joey Cleary College & Pro Scout
  • David McDonald Football Systems Developer
  • Corey Krawiec Manager, Player Evaluation & Analytics
  • Q Attenoukon Player Personnel Assistant
  • Corey Frazier Player Personnel Assistant
  • Chas Stallard Player Personnel Assistant
  • Patrick Williams Player Personnel Assistant
  • Zachary Orr Player Personnel & Coaching Administrative Assistant
  • Maggie Litz Domanowski Player Personnel Administrative Assistant
  • Johnny Shelton Team Chaplain

Athletic Training & Medical

  • Ron Medlin Head Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Kevin Domboski Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Collin Francis Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Michael Blankenship Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer/ Physical Therapist
  • Duane Brooks Assistant Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Kim Niggel Medical Services Assistant


  • William Sheridan Equipment Manager
  • Kenico Hines Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Tom Wood Assistant Equipment Manager
  • Kathy Braun Seamstress
  • Michele Geiman Seamstress
  • Kathy Resnik Seamstress
  • Natalie Shaffer Seamstress
  • Annette Tennant Seamstress

Football Video Operations

  • Jon Dubé Vice President of Football Video Operations
  • Mark Bienvenu Director of Football Video Operations
  • Collin Ferguson Football Video Operations Manager
  • Kevin Wilkins Football Video Coordinator