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Trying to Predict the Ravens' 2024 Schedule

QB Lamar Jackson
QB Lamar Jackson

The NFL schedule will drop at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday, but the waiting game is the worst.

Thus, I've played the game of trying to predict the schedule. I know I'll get at least the season opener right, but we'll see if I nail any more.

Make no mistake. This is not based on any insider knowledge. I do not have a copy of the Ravens' 2024 schedule.

Here's my best guess, with some thoughts below:

Week 1, Sept. 5: @ Kansas City Chiefs (Thursday Night Football)

Week 2, Sept. 15: vs. Cleveland Browns

The league often likes to get at least one divisional game early on the schedule. Last year, the Ravens had three in the first five weeks.

Week 3, Sept. 22: @ New York Giants

Some predictions can be made based on the Baltimore Orioles' schedule. The league avoids conflicts with the two teams sharing parking lots. When factoring that in, it makes sense for the Ravens to be away, home, away, home in September.

Week 4, Sept. 29: vs. Las Vegas Raiders

Week 5, Oct. 6: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (Sunday Night Football)

With the Steelers' addition of Russell Wilson, this bloodbath rivalry has even more TV appeal.

Week 6, Oct. 13: @ Cincinnati Bengals

Week 7, Oct. 20: @ Houston Texans

Week 8, Oct. 27: vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Week 9, Nov. 4: vs. Buffalo Bills (Monday Night Football)

Lamar Jackson vs. Josh Allen is too juicy not to give to a national audience.

Week 10, Nov. 10: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week 11, Nov. 17: vs. Denver Broncos

Week 12 – BYE

This is a late bye. With a wacky schedule coming up, including a holiday game, Baltimore gets some late rest before the stretch run.

Week 13, Dec. 1 – @ Cleveland Browns

Week 14, Dec. 8 – @ Dallas Cowboys

Week 15, Dec. 15 – vs. Washington Commanders

Week 16, Dec. 19 – vs. Cincinnati Bengals (Thursday Night Football)

With a Christmas game next up on a Wednesday, the league builds in a little more rest on the front end with a Thursday night game.

Week 17, Dec. 25 – @ Los Angeles Chargers (Christmas)

The rematch between the Harbaugh brothers has to fall on one of the holidays, right? The Ravens had a jolly Christmas in San Francisco last year and guess is the league has them opening presents on the road once again.

Week 18, TBD – @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Ravens have ended the regular season with a divisional game for 14 straight years. In what will likely be a hotly contested AFC North, they do so once again.

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