Baltimore Ravens Transcripts: Week 3 At Jacksonville (Sept. 21)

Head Coach John Harbaugh

Opening statement:"Hey, everybody. Good seeing you guys and gals. Everybody looks great, and we're working hard on Jacksonville."

WR Mike Wallace has scored all three TDs and seems like a great addition to this team. (David Ginsburg)"Mike has been everything we expected and hoped for. [He] works really hard.  He's a better player than he was yesterday and a month ago and when he first got here. He just works really hard. He continues to improve, and he's played really well."

DT Timmy Jernigan is someone who has had a couple of sacks in the first two games. What steps forward has he made this year? (Garrett Downing)"The pass rush is a big – you referenced the pass rush in your question – that's probably the biggest thing. He's really pushing the pocket inside. We've had a couple of guys – two or three guys – doing that in there and doing a really good job. He's also been a factor in the run game. He's playing the base runs better – the base techniques better. He always has his knack. He's an athletic guy and can disrupt as well."

In regards to DT Timmy Jernigan, he committed a bad penalty at Kansas City last year, but have you seen a bit more maturity from him this year? (Joe Platania) "I just think Timmy is playing really well. He's worked hard. He's improved as a football player. It's important to him. He wants to be a great player. That's what he works for every day, and it's paying off."

The run game is not where you want it to be, but is it good enough for the offense to keep going forward and have the success you want?* (Pete Gilbert)* "The answer to that is 'yes.' You can win in a lot of different ways. You win to your strengths. You win to you opponents' weaknesses and minimizing their strengths. Every game stands on its own two feet. Some games you're going to run for a lot of yards; some games you're not. Just generally speaking, we want to improve our run game. We want that to be a factor. We want people to have to deal with it. That's what's important for us right now."

Is there a general update on RB Kenneth Dixon that you would be willing to share? (Morgan Adsit) "The only thing I can really say – it's going to be too vague, probably, for everybody to want to hear – but he's working hard, and he's getting closer. It's one of those injuries. Everyone knows what the injury was, so you have a timeline on that. He seems to be on schedule. I'm looking forward to getting him back."


QB Joe Flacco

On what he feels like they still need to work on in the passing game: "A lot of things. We have a lot of guys we are playing with for the first time, and we are growing together. The biggest thing is that we are still winning. We still have to clean up little things and be in the right spot at all times and eliminate pre-snap penalties that can get you out of rhythm a little bit – stuff like that."

On where he is in the process of building chemistry with the new wide receivers:"I think I'm pretty good. I feel good about it. All those other things are just getting reps at it and going out there on Sunday and feeling the game and making the plays. I think that is going to come as we get into the season, and as we play and get more used to the things that we are doing, and we figure out what we are really good at. That is the biggest thing – just honing in on what we do best and allowing those guys to go do it."

On if he expects the Jaguars to be desperate and do some things they don't usually do: "I don't know. I think once the game settles in, you get a lot of what you expect to get. There are certain situations where you have to expect them to turn up the pressure a little bit, and they are going to be at home and excited to go. I think with teams like this, you have to go out there, and you have to really put pressure on yourselves to get off to a good start so they can't pin their ears back and do a lot of those things that you might not be ready for. Really, it lets them play at 100 miles per hour, and we want to get out in front and kind of slow them down a little bit. We want to get them into what they do and what we expect. We have played this team … I think we have played this team each of the last two years, and the thing I know about them is that they are very tough. They have made it tough on us to move the ball; everything that we have done has been kind of methodical. When you can play physical and you can play really fast, it bodes well for any defense, but I think these guys are really good at doing it."

On if he is thinking about how tough it was to lose last year vs. the Jaguars: "No. It is totally in the past – that game, that year. We are full-go, ready for this week. Last time we went down there [in 2011], we didn't play well. It was a little while ago, but we went down there on what I think was a Monday night and did not play well at all. Those guys were ready to go, and we will definitely expect that."

On his thoughts on Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey:"He is a good player. I think he does … You don't have a ton of film on him yet, to be honest with you. But you look at what you can. At the end of the day, once it comes down to Sunday, I'm going to have faith in my guys to go win and do the job. But he is definitely a good player. He is a physical guy that can run with people, and I think he is going to be a good player in the league."

On why he and WR Mike Wallace have been able to build chemistry so quickly:"That is a tough question. I always try to say when you have good players, it is not that hard to make connections like that. I think that Mike has gone out there and he has gotten a handful of opportunities. It has been up to him to win on those. The [touchdown in the] first game was a man-to-man opportunity for him, and he won. The first touchdown the other day was a man-to-man opportunity for him; he won. The second one was a little bit different than that. He was kind of in the right place at the right time. He did a good job for what he did, but those first two, it was all up to him to beat man-to-man [coverage], and that is what he did. That is what it comes down to – the fact that you can see how talented of a player he is. It makes my job a little bit easier, especially since we haven't worked a lot together."

On how much determination he has seen from WR Mike Wallace:"I don't know. I don't care about too much of that. I know that he is very confident, and we want to keep him that way. I want to keep him juiced up, keep feeding him the ball, and the more he continues to feel like that, it is going to be better for our team."

On what the offense needs to do to get faster starts:"Just clean up the little things that usually can hurt teams early in the year. I think we can run the ball a little bit better to get us some more yardage and throw the ball better, catch the ball better, and then, [get better with] some pre-snap penalties."

On if defenses might start focusing more on WR Mike Wallace and TE Dennis Pitta: "A little bit, yes. But we have other guys. You aren't going to ignore Steve [Smith Sr.], and you aren't going to ignore the other guys that we have, so it will be tough for people."

On how it feels to start out 2-0 and not have to dig themselves out of a hole:"All the wins count the same. It doesn't matter when you get them. You keep stacking them. It is definitely a good feeling, but it is still early in the year. We have to go out there and prove it for 14 more weeks and then so on."

DT Timmy Jernigan

On how he feels he has improved this year:"I feel like I have made a lot of the right steps. But of course, after every week, you go back and watch the film, and you can see many areas where you can get better."

On how encouraged he is with his performance so far this season:"I feel good about where I am at. But I really feel like my coaches are doing a great job by not letting my head get blown up. Not even just them, I am not letting that happen. I'm staying humble. I know that my first two years were … I wouldn't say that they were a struggle, but they could have been better. I am embracing it, and I am trying to make up for it."

On if he thinks part of his growth was just maturing as a person: "Most definitely, I think as a person and as a player, just coming along. That is the thing about being a professional athlete. It is tough. And especially playing for the Ravens, there is a certain way things are supposed to be done here all the time. As I get older, things are becoming easier to me."

On the 85-yard run they allowed to Browns RB Isaiah Crowell: "They did a great job of positioning us on the right side on the long run. He did a good job of just breaking the tackles and doing the rest of it himself. It was frustrating; you never want that to happen, especially playing here. Stopping the run is our No. 1 priority. We definitely went back [and studied that], and we are making sure the defense is getting cleaned up now."

On if there has been an emphasis on getting more interior pass rush with some of the edge rushers, such as OLB Elvis Dumervil and OLB Za'Darius Smith, injured:"I'm just coming out and just giving it my all and everything I've got each and every play. I know that they are going to be fine. They are going to come along. The season is still early; there are going to be more opportunities. I have no doubt that at any given game those guys can just break out and have two- or three-sack games."

On what he learned from former Ravens assistant coach Clarence Brooks, who passed away over the weekend, following a battle with esophageal and stomach cancer:"I learned a lot – just his mindset of the game. What he meant to this program, and especially to this defense, it is hard to put it into words. He taught me a lot. I learned a whole bunch from him. I will continue to carry the things that he taught me forever."

On how much better a player he would be if he could play in games with his jersey pulled up and his stomach out like he does in practice (laughter): "I don't know if that will make me a better player. It will be interesting to see."

On if he would play with his stomach out if he was allowed to: (laughter) "I would, definitely, no doubt about it."

CB Jimmy Smith

On what is unique about Jacksonville's wide receivers:"They're good, talented receivers that are aggressive getting the ball. [They] make a lot of catches and have a lot of yards. They're just as good as any top receiver in the league."

On if the Ravens should be prepared for the unexpected against an 0-2 team:"It's the NFL, you don't take anybody lightly. Obviously, in the first 15 minutes of that last game [at Cleveland], we saw what happened. It really doesn't matter what the record is. It's really any given Sunday. We know that rule."

On if he has seen any film of Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey coming out of the draft:  "I didn't watch film on him. No, not really. I've seen what coach has showed us in the meetings, but he seems like a good player. I haven't really seen him do too much yet."

On how to prevent a start like last week's game at Cleveland: "You have to weather the storm. Things like that in the NFL happen. Things got out of hand really quick, but obviously, it's the way you bounce back and be resilient against that type of storm. It's really just discipline and settling down. After the first couple of plays happened, nobody really panicked, but people just had to settle. The nerves were going a little bit too much. Once we settled in, it was a different ball game."

On if last week's comeback against Cleveland will serve as a learning experience in the long term:"Absolutely. It's one week at a time. It will show you how fast things can turn. It's not a one-week-wonder-type of situation where we feel high and mighty one week and then down the next. We know what type of defense we have. We know what we're capable of. Obviously, we showed some of it, and we also showed what we're vulnerable, too, I guess, in a sense. We have to stay focused if we want to attain the goals that we want."


WR Mike Wallace

On how he feels about his contributions so far: "I feel good so far. We have been winning football games. That is all that really matters. As long as we keep getting wins, that is all that really matters."

On if coming to the Ravens has worked out perfectly: "Yes, most definitely. I've been on a team with some great guys so far – a lot of parts, a lot of camaraderie with guys just hanging together, putting it all on the line for each other [and] having each other's back. That is what I wanted to be a part of."

On if he had any reservations about playing with the Ravens, knowing that he had prior battles with some of the guys:"No. Zero. I honestly had no doubt. It is football. You are going to have some beef on the field, but I'm one of the guys that when you leave, unless it is just too serious, you just leave it on the field. Mostly that is where it was at with this team. It was just football-type things like that. When I got here, I had no doubt it would be a great fit. I knew from afar that it was a great organization. It was easy for me to come in and just go with the flow."

On if there is anything he has been surprised about with the organization:"Nope. Everything is how I expected it to be. [It is] a hardworking organization, guys are serious, but at the same time, they have a lot of fun, too. They enjoy the process, and that is great to be a part of."

On if he came to the Ravens with a chip on his shoulder:"Yes. Most definitely. It is going to be there until I finish and I'm done with football. I've seen the highs, and I've seen the lows, and I see how fast things can change on you. Just like you guys sitting here talking to me; I don't buy into any of this. I just do it because I have to. It is cool; you guys are some nice people, so I don't have a problem doing it. But at the same time, I don't buy into anything anymore. You could be here today, and the next week you could be gone. I just take it for what it is worth, and I try to enjoy the moment. Every single day I come to work, I enjoy it and try to have fun with my teammates."

On how important it is to stretch the field and how that has developed:"It is coming along. But we definitely have not been stretching the field the way we envisioned – the way any of us [have envisioned], the coaches, the players, anybody. I think we could do a much better job, and we are going to get there. It just takes time. [In 2015], Steve [Smith Sr.] missed half the year, Breshad [Perriman] missed the whole year, and I wasn't here. Kamar [Aiken] was the only guy really here with Joe [Flacco] throughout last year. Chris [Moore] is a new guy – Devin [Hester Sr.] – our whole receiving corps is really new guys, except for Kamar. It takes time to just be exactly what we want to be, but I think we have guys who work really hard every single day and strive to get to where they want to."

On if his mentality of not buying in to what other people are saying is a new mentality: "Yes, most definitely. I came in as a third-round pick. I got a lot of love once I started making plays. Then you don't make a couple plays, and it all turns around on you. I don't have a problem with it. I just take it for what it is; it is all business. You don't buy into too much stuff. This is the league, and things can change every day. I just take it for what it is worth every single day. Today is a new day. I try to be positive, no matter what happened yesterday or last week. I try to go with a new approach, but the same approach every day, and that is to be better every single day."

G Marshal Yanda

On the run game so far:"I think it's a work in progress. Obviously, we would want to run the ball better in those first two games. We just need to keep working at it. It's something that we're working hard at every day. It's something that's important to us as a team and as an O-line. I think that it's going to get better, and we're grinding at it. We're missing some things here and there, a block here, a missed assignment there. We're 2-0, and we're happy about it, but we definitely need to get the run game going. We understand that, and we're working hard toward getting that going."

On not abandoning the run when it hasn't been as successful as they would like:"I think that Marc [Trestman] has called them when he can, and we're still getting those runs. Obviously, those last two games we've had some four-minute drives in the fourth quarter where we've got to run the ball and run it pretty good. You just run the play that's called in the game. You do that to the best of your ability, and that's all you can do. We'll look at it on Monday. We'll look at the tape and then decide what we need to work on and keep grinding. We understand it's a long season, and will keep working at it."

On facing DT Timmy Jernigan in practice and the problems he presents for blockers: "Timmy is an athletic three-technique. He's a lighter guy, but he's explosive. He's just an athletic guy that can move. Sometimes guys get in there and can't be as shifty as him. He uses his shiftiness to his advantage. Timmy works at it. He's a hard-working guy, and it's good to see that things are paying off for him, and he's making plays on Sunday."

On how much the run game has changed since last year: "I feel like the run game changes every year. It's not always going to be exactly the same. We're not running as much, but we are definitely doing more than just the stretch-zones scheme. When Gary [Kubiak] was here, we were doing that exclusively. We're definitely trying to switch it up and do a little bit more gap scheme, a little bit more tight zone along with the stretch. We're definitely throwing a few wrinkles in there, not just all zone."

On if they have abandoned the zone scheme: "No. It's still in there. That's still what we want to do. We're just trying to find more effective ways to run it versus those looks and try to give us the best possibility."

On if last year's bizarre loss to Jacksonville matters to the team heading into this week's game: "No matter what, good or bad, the year before has passed. Obviously, the guys that were in the locker room last year during that game understand how we lost that game. In the end, it was a tough way to lose a game, but I feel like every game is important as hell, and you have to work you tail off. No matter what happened last year, we have to put our best foot forward this year and take care of this year. We understand how we lost, but there's no chip on our shoulder on how things went last year. This is a new year, and we're attacking it. We're going to respect them, go down there and try to get a win."

On if he hopes the referees don't have an influence on the result of the game: "Obviously, you don't want that with any game, but you understand that they're human, too, and they make mistakes. Things aren't always going to be perfect out there. I would say, for us, don't let it get to the point of leaving it up to the officials to make the game. We need to play a better game where it doesn't come down to that. That's what [coaches] told us: 'Don't let it come down to that.' We do our job. Put it on us rather than them."

On how rookies T Ronnie Stanley and G Alex Lewis are handling the responsibility of starting on the left side of the line: "They're rookies, they're young guys, and they're going to make young guy mistakes. I feel like they're playing well for young guys. They're going to go through some growing pains as a young player. I look back on when I was a young player, and you understand there are certain plays where they haven't necessarily seen those looks before, and they might get edged a little bit here and there. They've both been playing really well and fighting through. They're both guys that can handle it. It's not too big for either of them. Alex, with his dad and him being an [former NFL] offensive lineman, I think that really helps him. It's not too big for him either. They're playing off of one another, they're working hard every day out in practice, and that's important.  They're getting better. It's good to see."


Head Coach Gus Bradley

What's the sense of urgency level for you guys wanting to get going after a slow start?"I think we didn't play very well, obviously, in San Diego. The sense of urgency to come back and get right, I think that's anticipated with our guys. Sunday can't come soon enough. I think it's healthy that we get back on the field and get back to practice. There were some things that showed up that we have to get corrected in order to perform at a high level. That's our mindset; it's really on today and what we have to do to get some of these things corrected."

Two guys the Ravens were interested in during the draft landed with you all. What have CB Jalen Ramsey and LB Myles Jack brought to your team? "Jalen Ramsey had a very good training camp and a couple of games thus far. He plays corner. He has the length, the size and the speed, and he also has the versatility to play nickel. He's a bigger-body nickel. He's done a really good job for us. Myles Jack, right now he's playing backup MIKE and backup WILL. He's learning two spots and special teams. He's progressing. We're constantly trying to find ways to speed this up to where he can go in there and the players trust him at a high level, and he's getting closer to that. We got him in some last week. We'll see how he practices this week and where he's at with understanding everything."

It was well documented that the Ravens were trying to move up to get Ramsey. Did you feel fortunate that he was there when you were on the clock? "Yes. There were a lot of good players up there, but when he dropped to us, it was a no-brainer. We knew exactly what we wanted to do. Now, having him in our camp and having him on our team … [He is] just the ultimate competitor [and is] really driven. Like I said, [he is] highly-competitive, a great teammate, and he's going to have a really, really bright future."

Were you guys worried about the Ravens jumping up ahead of you to grab him? "I didn't know that. It wasn't brought to my attention through our GM. If that was the case, I'm glad it worked out for us."

LB Arthur Brown was here the last couple of years. What has he brought to you guys? "Arthur has been great. We're trying to speed up his learning, as far as transition for the defense. He's playing more of an outside linebacker spot for us on the line of scrimmage, so that's been a change for him. We felt like he could learn that the quickest and then also get him active on special teams. He's done a really, really good job. I just talked to our special teams coach, and he really likes what he's brought to our special teams and the level he's playing at. He's starting to understand that position and our defense as well, too."

A lot of teams were scared off by LB Myles Jack's medical stuff that came up last minute. What were you told about that? What was your comfort level with him medically? "Obviously, when you watch his tape, you really like him – the way he can cover in space and the way he can play in the box. When we talked to our medical guys, I think there was … We were looking at him with the first pick. We decided when Jalen came up to go with Jalen Ramsey. Then we got to the second day, and he was available. That night, I know we all talked. We made a few more phone calls and our doctors; we understood the whole situation clearly. We just felt strong about him as a player, as a person and the information we got back on his knee. When you have a caliber of player like that in the second round, you have to take advantage of it."

You guys played the Ravens last year. What dimension has WR Mike Wallace added to their offense? "They're a team that will take shots. When you have that speed on the perimeter, it's something that you're aware of. We understand they like to get their run game going and they like to establish their run game. If you bring up too many people in the box, that's when they take their shot. When they have that kind of speed on the perimeter, you're well aware of it, and it forces you to make some decisions defensively of how you want to stop the run and cover some of these deep-ball threats."

Last year at M&T Bank Stadium, there was a crazy game with a crazy ending with you guys. The NFL said that they missed the false start on the final play, which would have negated the field goal. You guys were the victims of some missed calls in your first game against the Packers. What are your memories of last year? Are you hoping for a game where the officials aren't involved this week?"I think everybody … As far as the officiating, they've got a tough job. I think as coach you're just looking for consistency with officiating. There's going to be games where mistakes are made with coaching as well as officiating. That's just part of it, and you move on from it. Hopefully this game … I know what we're anticipating. I know Baltimore is extremely well-coached. They're going to be mentally tough. They're going to be physically tough. They're going to bring that mentality down here to Jacksonville. They're very clear on their objective and how they want to do it. It's important for us to understand that. They have a lot of pride in this team, [which] is performing at a high level right now. We have to be ready in all aspects of the game."

What is RB Chris Ivory's status? I know you guys have had a little trouble running the football, and he has had some success in the past. "We'll see. He'll get a chance. I think he's going to probably practice today a little bit, as far as individual. We'll see where he's at from there. It will be day-to-day as we watch him."

When you watch film of the Ravens, how much has DT Timmy Jernigan grabbed your attention? "He is doing good. I was watching him on Tuesday starting off in the morning with our guys. Some of the things that he does up front – his quickness, his speed, his hand strength – he's just disruptive. I think their whole defensive line is good. Brandon Williams is playing pretty good for them, too. He was a guy they picked up. They're just exactly what you would anticipate with a Baltimore team. They're playing very, very good defensively. Offensively, they're getting the running game going. They're taking some shots, and they use some intermediate passing to keep you off balance. They're playing really well, and their record shows it."

QB Blake Bortles

On the sense of urgency heading into the next game at 0-2:"We have to do something so we don't go 0-3. It's been really disappointing the first two weeks. I thought we did some good things offensively [in] Week 1. Obviously, [we] just weren't able to finish – left a lot of plays out on the field. And then last week was just an embarrassment. [I'm] still looking [and] believe that we have the right guys in the locker room and the right guys here in this building to be successful and be efficient. We have to continue to work on that. We have to continue to work on consistency, taking care of the football on my part, and finding ways to move the ball, stay on the field and put up points."

On the expectations for the team to improve drastically this season: "I'm not sure. I'm not sure if maybe we got a false sense of confidence in the preseason because we had some success. I think reality hit, and it hit pretty quick and hard. What people say in the offseason and tell you how you're going to be means nothing. You still have to go play and be successful. We're going through that, and we're trying to figure it out. We're going to continue to work on our process and what we do throughout the week in order to get ready for Sunday."

On what he should be concerned about if OLB Elvis Dumervil plays on Sunday:"Obviously, he's a really good player. I got the chance to play against him the last year, maybe my rookie year as well. Actually, yeah, I guess my rookie year as well. [He is an] extremely good player, extremely good pass rusher and can really do some good things. He's definitely a guy you have to look out for."

On how offenses have to adjust their blocking schemes with OLB Terrell Suggs and OLB Elvis Dumervil in the game: "You're going to have to be good and stout. With those two guys coming off the edge, they put you in one-on-one matchups up front with the offensive line. That's kind of what they want to do. You have to play well. You have to get help when you can from the backs and the tight ends with chips. Your offensive line has to play pretty good in order to slow those two down."

On how happy he is for WR Breshad Perriman returning healthy from injury: "I'm excited for him. I look forward to seeing him and Kamar [Aiken], as well. I think Breshad is, obviously, an unbelievable talent, an unbelievable player. He comes from great bloodlines and has the ability to be a star, I think, in this league. I know he's just getting healthy, but I'm excited. I'm excited for what he can do. I'm excited to watch him play, and I really do think he'll have a bright future and play for a really long time."

On Perriman's comments that Bortles made things easy for him in college with his accuracy: "He considers accuracy just him jumping over people.* (laughter) *We had a really good group of wide receivers my last year at UCF that did a good job. He led that group and was the stud of that group. They were fun to throw to. He was fun to throw to. He made a ton of plays. We racked up a ton of yards. They definitely made my life way more easier than I made theirs."

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