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What the Patriots Said After Loss to Ravens

OLB Matthew Judon
OLB Matthew Judon

HC Bill Belichick

(opening statement)

"All right. I mean, we all saw it here. We certainly had our chances today. We weren't able to take advantage of some of them. The Ravens made more plays than we did. They're a good team. They were able to take advantage of our mistakes. We weren't able to capitalize on I would say probably as many of theirs, so. All the way across the board, just a few plays here and there that we need to play better, need to coach better, need to do better. But, you know, certainly made too many mistakes today to be able to win."

(on the Ravens' 70-plus yard drives)

"We had a couple opportunities to get off the field on third down, but they are a good first- and second-down team. That's really where they hurt us the most. They had a couple of third down conversions that kept those drives going. We had some stops, we had some turnovers. We just weren't able to capitalize on those when we got them. That's really just total team football."

(on the fourth quarter turnovers)

"Yeah, you're not going to win turning the ball over in the fourth quarter. You're behind, you got to be aggressive. But still on those, we got to do a better job than we did on those plays, for sure."

(on the Ravens' run game with Lamar Jackson)

"I don't think there were any new plays. They ran their C gap plays. Lamar did a good job on keeping some of those, not keeping those, the option choices that he made. We lost leverage, missed a couple of tackles there, so... Combination of all those things."

OLB Matthew Judon

(on trying to tackle Jackson)

"I mean, we all see it in how shifty he is. The dipping and ducking, we all see it, and you respect a guy like that. He's just slippery. When you get there, you got to get him down. [Deatrich] Wise [Jr.] did a hell of a job at that, we just have to be better on a couple more situations. Especially me, got to get him down when I get there."

(on the Ravens' three second half touchdowns)

"All three of those drives, they had explosive plays, running the ball and passing the ball. We've got to stop that. We've got to play better defense and execute better. We'll watch it on film, but I know that's the big thing, the explosive plays."

DB Devin McCourty

(on sacking Jackson four times and intercepting him once)

"Yeah, I mean, that's the thing when playing against him. Stat-wise, overall, can look like you did some good things, but he changes games with a couple different plays. Some of those QB run plays at the end of the game were huge for them, changing the field, big gains. That's the thing, when you play against a team like this, an offense like this, we battled, we had some really good possessions, we had some good I would say back-to-back drives where we were able to get off the field. We had good moments. But against a team like this, an offense like that, it's 60 minutes consistently of trying to show up, doing a good job with some of the sudden change opportunities we had. One of the things we'll walk away with is just playing better in the red area."

(on the Ravens' tight end heavy offense)

"Yeah, I mean, it's an offense – I said it earlier in the week. It's like when you play the triple option in college, it's an offense that you don't see every week. It's the play-action, it's the threat of the QB run, the pistol formations you don't see all the time, then it's the tight end streaking across the middle. You have so much to look at, and that's what makes it tough. You put a good player in the middle of it like Andrews, who is fast, puts a lot of pressure on the defense because of his speed at tight end. He's a bigger guy. Especially in the red area. We talk about tight ends show up big-time in the red area. Lamar Jackson is also more dangerous in the red area to run the ball and score. That's what I was saying, we'll walk away and feel if we could have played a little bit better in the red area, turned some of those touchdowns into field goals, it could have helped us out a lot."

(on limiting the Ravens' big plays)

"Yeah, again, it goes back to the red area. When you play an explosive offense, you want to try to force them to drive the field. You got to show up in the red area when they do do that. Like I said, they're going to make some plays, and they did that. Andrews had a catch over me that was tough. Duvernay had a tough catch in the corner of the end zone. I think just playing better in the red area, kicking field goals, you got to limit. Give up 37 points, it's going to be tough to win in this league."

DL Deatrich Wise Jr.

(on what the Ravens did to prevent more sacks after the Patriots' hot start)

"They did a great job in their protection. They definitely made some game plan changes at the halftime with slides and extra guys chipping the ends which gave him just .2 more seconds to get the ball off. But I think that was probably it."

WR Nelson Agholor

(on his fourth quarter fumble)

"That was tough. The most important thing is ball security. That loses games and I had an opportunity at the end to make a play and it could have been a big play. At the end of the day, a guy comes out of nowhere and makes a good play and it is the balls you don't see so you have to make sure you are holding it secure enough where no one can dislodge it."

(on losing the ball on a key play)

"That's play mentality. You don't play with fear, you play with confidence, and you play to be explosive. When you make explosive plays you just have to run away from everyone. That guy came out of nowhere and made a great play and I hate to be on the other side of a play like that, but I have to pay respect to a guy who can make a good play like that."

WR Davante Parker

"Mac [Jones] was just putting the ball in the right spot. I'm just in the right area at the right time. I'm just coming down with it, making plays. Just doing what I can to help the team."

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