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C.J. Mosley Takes Advice From Ray Lewis


C.J. Mosley heard a rumble from fans during Monday night's practice and looked to find out the reason for all the buzz.

He turned around and spotted legendary linebacker Ray Lewis making his way to the field for a surprise visit to M&T Bank Stadium. After the hoopla from Lewis' entrance died down, the former linebacker mingled with some of his old teammates and also talked with the young newcomers who have joined the Ravens since he retired.

One of those players was Mosley. The two linebackers spoke briefly, and Lewis offered some advice to the young defender largely tasked with filling his shoes. 

"Honestly first of all, we have a motto around here and that's play like a Raven," Lewis said when asked what advice he had for Mosley and fellow linebacker Arthur Brown.

"And the second part of that is to understand that this is your profession. Leave your legacy on the field. Give it everything you got and understand that whatever you need to know, know it better than the coaches know it, and you'll be playing for a long time."

Monday wasn't the first time that Lewis and Mosley met. They also talked last summer when Mosley was heading into his senior year at Alabama, and Monday's message was similar to what Lewis told him last year.

"He gave me a few pointers on how to sustain myself and get ready for this type of season that I'm going to go through," Mosley said. "I was just learning and listening to one of the greatest, so he's just passing the knowledge down."

Lewis has spoken highly of Mosley before, specifically when he was broadcasting for ESPN during the draft.

"I think this is a great pick for Ozzie Newsome and the Baltimore Ravens," Lewis said on the draft broadcast. "This is a leader at the position of linebacker. I left there a couple years ago, but when you watch this kid play football, his instinct is what impresses me the most."

Comparisons to Lewis started immediately after the Ravens drafted Mosley with the No. 17 pick this year. Mosley has made it clear since then that he's not trying to become the next Lewis, but knows there are big expectations coming after a future Hall of Famer.

"To me that's another great player that I looked up to," Mosley said. "Now since I'm here I'm kind of in his shoes and I have to learn from him to try to do my best to keep this standard going."

The Ravens practiced in front of fans and the future Hall of Famer at the stadium Monday night.

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