Colts at Ravens - Notes and Quotes 10/11/21


Head Coach John Harbaugh

(opening statement) "Well, that was exciting. Did everybody get their money's worth tonight? [I'm] just so proud of these guys, Marquise [Brown], Lamar [Jackson], Calais [Campbell] and all the guys. Shoutout to the Colts. The Colts, I have a lot of respect for them; I told Coach [Frank] Reich that. I told many of their coaches that, [defensive coordinator] Coach [Matt] Eberflus. They do a great job, and it's a really good football team. Our fans, our fans were just off the charts. Our fans were incredible, and they stuck with us. It was a frustrating game, and our fans stuck with us throughout the course of the game. That really … That's a big deal to players and coaches, I promise you. It really gives you a lot of energy – it really helps. We have great fans in Baltimore. OK, what questions do you have?"

(on what was going through his head trailing 19 points in the third quarter) "I'm doing math, along with my man [football research coach] Daniel Stern, trying to figure out when we score, what we're going to do and trying to talk to the coaches about what we're going to do to try to get back in. You're not giving up. We have … First of all, we have Lamar Jackson. Next of all, we have a bunch of guys just like Lamar Jackson, with heart, spirit, soul, persistence and all the other things – faith. Faith and favor, man, they're tied together."

(on QB Lamar Jackson's passing performance) "It's one of the greatest performances I've ever seen. And it wasn't easy. It wasn't like we came out just up and down the field. We had to overcome and fight through some things. He was under pressure, and he created plays with his feet. He threw the ball away when he had to throw it away. Once we started … When we were in that situation you're talking about, we went into our fast mode, no huddle, two-minute-type mode and just came alive – all of our guys did. All the guys who made plays and the offensive line, but it starts with Lamar [Jackson]. He deserves the credit."

(on TE Mark Andrews' performance) "Mark [Andrews] is one of the guys that we got him the ball, and he was one of the playmakers. I told the guys last night how it was almost just like … I'm so happy about our playmakers. I said, 'We have ... Look at who we have for playmakers. Playmakers are going to make plays,' and they did – Mark Andrews, Marquise [Brown], Lamar [Jackson], the running backs [and] all the guys – Sammy [Watkins] before he went out."

(on if he saw DE Calais Campbell's blocked FG) "No, because I was back talking to Lamar [Jackson] and the quarterbacks back there, right? I think I was. I came back and said, 'What happened? What happened?' I found out that Broderick Washington … We had moved him to the position just outside of Calais [Campbell], and I told Calais, in particular, to the coaches all week, he was going to block a field goal, because he was going to make it happen with his rush, and he was going to free up Calais. That's exactly what happened, right Calais? Calais is just a superstar in whatever he does, and he made a play for us on special teams. Every one of those plays had to be made, obviously, for us to win the game."

(on why the Colts' offense was able to keep the defense off balance) "They had a great gameplan. [Head coach] Frank Reich is a great coach. Carson Wentz, for all the criticism he takes, he's a great quarterback. He was on rhythm. They kept us off balance with screens, with inside runs, with outside runs [and] controlled passes. We did a good job of attacking what we were in when we were in it. They had single coverage, and we attacked it. And quite frankly, they executed better than us. We didn't play as well as we can. Calais [Campbell] will tell you that; all the guys will. We have to improve in a lot of ways. We didn't do all the things that we needed to do, and we just have to get better. It's a long season, and we have a lot of work to do, for sure."

(on what it says about the offense that they can beat teams, both in the passing game and the run game) "That's just that. It's exactly what it says. I think it … Like I've said, it's not a narrative that we're thinking about. We're trying to win the next game whatever way we can. We didn't doubt that we could throw the ball. We didn't doubt any of our guys' ability to make plays in the passing game. We're just trying to be as good as we can be from one week to the next. We have to get better next week; these guys know it. We have to keep improving."

(on what he expects going into each game after multiple crazy games) (laughter) "Yes – expect the unexpected. We were talking in the locker room about which one of these crazy games is the one that was the best one, and we decided the next one. We said it'll be the next one."

WR Marquise Brown

(on where this game ranks on the crazy game levels) "I couldn't even tell you because it's been so many. It's up there though. We fought back, and it was an amazing thing to be a part of."

(on if anything was said to change the mindset in the fourth quarter) "Yes, we knew ... We were driving down the field, we had that turnover, time was going against us. It was time to go, go, go, and we were able to pull it off."

(on when he thinks they realized the tide was starting to change) "For the offense, I just knew what we had. For our defense, with stuff not going their way, for them to fight and fight, it just boosts our offense. We thought, 'Let's go do it for these guys, they're laying it out for us,' and that's what we did."

(on Lamar Jackson's performance tonight) "Man, he's amazing. It never surprises me. When we were down, we wanted to iron it up, [figure out] what we had to do to come back and win, and it all happened how we said it was going to happen."

(on if Jackson said it was going to happen like this) "I sat with him when they scored, and he said, 'Alright if we score, then if they kick a field goal, we'll end up having to score.' That's how we talked it out. We wanted to get a touchdown before the end of the third, but we didn't, so we knew we had to just press it in the fourth [quarter]."

(on the team facing the adversity of the fumble on the 1-yard line and not folding) "It's just the faith we have in each other. And we knew, we've been in that situation before. When we played in the playoffs, you know we had that fumble, and we still ended up fighting back, almost to win the game. When [Lamar Jackson's fumble] happened, we knew we weren't out of it. We just had to go execute."

(on what was going through his head prior to his game-winning touchdown) "I was like, 'I hope he comes to me right here.' I was happy he did."

(on when the Ravens won the coin toss, if he felt like it was just a matter of time that they would win the game) "Yes, I 100 percent knew we were going to score."

QB Lamar Jackson

(on if he had any doubt that he would score a touchdown in overtime after winning the coin toss) "I'm going to be honest; no. There wasn't a doubt in my mind. Our team, we hit that peak that we needed at the right time [in] the second half, and we just knew it was one play at a time. That's all we kept saying in the huddle – 'One play at a time. Don't get too hyped over [if] we get 20 yards on this play. Just take our time.' And that's what we did."

(on his confidence even when the team was down) "Before 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] came in, 'Snoop' [Tyler Huntley] was on the sideline, [and] we were like, 'Big block this here. Big block this here, and we're going to have a chance to score [when] we're down by eight.' They end up blocking it. We were like, 'Yeah, we got what we needed.' That was God on our side, and we came out with the victory."

(on what he was thinking after the fumble) "I'm thinking about that touchdown I could have had to 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown]. Then, I think about the fumble. I'm like, 'Dang, [those are] two touchdowns right there.' We'll be in the game still, [and] that's all I'm thinking about on the sideline. But I've got faith in our defense, too, at the same time. I know they're going to give us a stop; we just need to put points on the board. That's what happened."

(on what clicked for the offense) "The time going down. We're down, [and] we've got to go. That's what it was."

(on having the highest completion percentage in NFL history for a player with a 400-yard performance, and if he felt like he was in the zone) "Dang! (laughter)Yes, I was … I'm not going to really share something. I was just locked in. I was just calm. Everything was just moving slow, and I was just taking it a play at a time. That's what it was."

(on how he stayed so confident after the fumble at the goal line) "Because I didn't really think it was a fumble. I was really about to stretch out, and he did a really good job, and they got the ball back. I was ticked off. We needed that touchdown. I was just praying we'd get another opportunity in my head. I didn't really want to show everybody I'm praying. It's good to pray now, but I was just like, 'Man, we just need another opportunity, because I know what we can do.' We had them right there, and I missed them, and we ended up getting it back, and we made it happen."

(on if the trying victories can create a special type of spirit around the team) "I mean, it can, but we don't want to be in games like this. We would like to hit the ground running, and keep it going. We don't want to be battling, going to OT, hoping for field goal misses, hoping for field goal blocks, putting our defense out there with no points – stuff like that. Hopefully, we just hit the ground running and do what we're supposed to do."

(on how impressed he is with WR Marquise Brown) "I'm not impressed. I know what he's going to do. I said this already: I know what 'Hollywood' [Marquise Brown] can do. It was other people saying, 'Oh, how do you …' But I know what he can do. 'Primetime' – that's his name for a reason."

(on what he says to critics who say this is a run-first team, and they struggle when they have to pass the ball) "We've got one win down – not running; we threw the ball. So, like you said."

(on what it means to have a career-high in passing yards and the Ravens' single-game passing yards record) "That's pretty cool. We got the win. That's all I really care about – for real."

(on throwing up his helmet) "I shouldn't have done that. I shouldn't have done that.(laughter)I shouldn't have done that – for real. I've got to have more [restraint], but I was just excited. [We were] in overtime. We had an overtime win in the league and stuff like that. It was pretty cool. I shouldn't have done that though."

(on if he believes this was the best game of his career) "I don't know. We got the win. That's all I care about."

(on joining QB Dan Marino as the youngest QBs to 34 wins before turning 25) "I'm up there with the guys. Those [are] legends. I appreciate that. It's an honor to be up there with those guys, but I'm focused on winning. But I appreciate that accolade."

OLB Odafe Oweh

(on the excitement of the win and coming from behind) "This team is just resilient. We don't flinch. That's our motto for the year; we just don't flinch. We've been through a lot of adversity from the preseason until now, and it feels so good for us to keep pushing and win like that. We've definitely got favor on our side."

(on the defense stepping up in the fourth quarter to get the stops they needed to help with the comeback) "Like I said, we just have that 'don't flinch' mentality. We knew that they were going to try to make plays, and we were going to have to hunker down and really try to stop them. When adversity hit, we strapped our boots up, and we got it done."

(on making some key, impact plays early in his NFL career) "Man, I'm just giving all glory to God. I'm just happy that I can contribute to the team, and I'm just continuing to try and get better. The game is starting to get a little bit slower, and I'm just continuing to try to get better. I'm watching film, the vets are teaching me, but it definitely feels good to make plays early."

(on QB Lamar Jackson leading this team to victory today) "He does it every day in practice. He's 'G.O.A.T.E.D.,' man. We're just watching history right there. It's an honor to see that. He carried the team. He has the 'no flinch' mentality – they went through adversity as well. They bounced back and brought it home for us."

S Chuck Clark

(on the Colts' offense driving down the field on the first couple of possessions) "I think it was just us not getting off the field, probably making tackles in space, trying to stop the screen game – that was it. But once we kind of settled in, [we] got off the field one time, [and] kept it going. The offense started to move the ball for us, and things started clicking."

(on tonight's win) "Coach [John Harbaugh] actually just came by and asked … He was like, 'Which win do y'all think was better – the 'KC,' the [Detroit] Lions, or this [Indianapolis Colts] one.' It's a great feeling in the locker room after that. Honestly, we were just like, 'The next one.' It's the next win, we're on to the next baby."

(on his thoughts when the team won the coin toss in overtime) "Kind of a little bit what Calais [Campbell] just said – anything can happen in ball. But in my head, I was like, 'Man, I already know we're about to win.' We got the right players on offense. Once we got going, it's over with, for real."

(on if these close wins can create a special feeling around the team) "I think just with us, it feels like that bond. No matter what happens, we can fight, dig deep in those tough moments – regardless of what happens. And I definitely think down the road it's going to build character, build relationships. I think it's going to be a platform for us for sure."

(on how much he admires how QB Lamar Jackson stays poised in the midst of adversity, and if that's an overlooked quality about Jackson) "Definitely. I think that by any player, just keeping your composure. You're in a stadium full of many thousands of people. You're hearing things on the sidelines. With [Lamar Jackson], he takes so much criticism, so much scrutiny. To be able to keep his composure and lead us like that, it's crazy."

(on how relieved he was that CB Tavon Young's unsportsmanlike conduct penalty didn't end up affecting the outcome of the game) "It was a great feeling. We all laugh about it – relief. It didn't make a difference. It's just a building point for us, a learning point, for everybody."

TE Mark Andrews

(on which was a more rewarding win, Ravens vs. Colts or Oklahoma vs. Texas) "Big boomer sooner. I had an Oklahoma shirt. It had [Michael] Jordan [logo] on it, so I couldn't wear it. But yes, man – boomer sooner. But this was crazy. [It was a] great team win. Everybody [was] making big plays. This was just another testament to this team and what we're able to do and the belief that we have every game."

(on how he would describe QB Lamar Jackson's performance) "Incredible. He was throwing darts, man. He's absolutely slinging it. He's seeing the game really, really well. He's just, like I said, throwing darts."

(on if this two-game stretch is as good as he's seen QB Lamar Jackson play, particularly passing the ball) "I mean, yes. He's always growing. He's always getting better. A game like this, he's just so efficient. He just sees the game so well. He leads guys and puts them in the right spot [and] puts the ball in the right spot. Some of the throws he's able to make today, it's just like, he makes our job easy."

(on what he'd say to the people who said QB Lamar Jackson couldn't lead a comeback with his arm) "I think that's … You can't say that anymore. (laughter) Look at the last couple of games, he's just calm, composed, and he's a leader, man. That's what we all look to. There were mistakes. There were a couple mistakes that were made, but he just keeps on coming [and] keeps on going. Like I said, there's that belief that even though we're down 22-3 or whatever it was, we were going to still be able to get in this game and make something work."

(on what went through his head when they won the coin toss in overtime) "Man, let's just go do what we've been doing. Let's just go drive the ball like we've been doing the last four or five drives that we had had. I think that we were super confident already going into it, just [with] what we had done. So, [I was] just excited that we were able to have the chance to go and win it, and that's what we did. Everybody, again, made big plays. It wasn't just one person; everybody is stepping up [and] making big plays. That's hard for a defense to stop. So, it was really good to see."

(on what QB Lamar Jackson said in the huddle before the last drive in overtime) "Just calm, composed and he was just telling us, 'Go. Let's go. Let's go do our thing. Let's go do what we've been doing,' and that's what we did. We didn't change anything from the last couple of drives; we just kept on going."

(on his one-handed catch and what he saw on his two-point conversion attempts) "Again, Lamar [Jackson] makes my job so easy. I'm just trying to get open, find zones [and] find different things. I know that he's going to be able to put me in a good spot, and that's what he did. Just being able to come and make big plays when they matter and catch the ball. So, again, everybody did that. There were a lot of guys that stepped up and made big plays and made big catches when we needed it. Again, it wasn't just one guy."

(on if his connection with QB Lamar Jackson is getting stronger) "I think we're growing. We're getting smarter. We're getting better. We're getting more mature – all those different things that happen over the years, again, when you have that connection. We've always had it. When you have guys that are all around you that are making big plays, it's hard to stop that as a defense. So, I think just us being able to have playmakers all over the field, which we did, the receiving room – all those guys balled out. So, that makes my job easier too."

(on his two touchdowns and two successful two-point conversion attempts) "It felt good. It felt good. … My grandma passed this week, and I wanted to play for her. So, it felt really good."

(on if a series of crazy wins can create a feeling that carries forward) "No doubt. I think you see teams … Some teams are on the right end of it, [and] some teams aren't. We're fortunate to be on the right end. We have a lot of things that we can continue to work on. But whenever you have that belief, you know as a team that the game is never out of reach, [and] it's never out of hand. So, for us, it's good to see. It's fun. These games have been … I think they're taking a couple years off my life, but it's been fun."

(on why the offense struggled in the first half) "I think we did some really good things early on in the game. I just think we have to finish early. I don't think that we were stopped completely. I think we did a good job of moving the ball around. There were things that I think we should have taken advantage of, and I think as the game went on, we started clicking and finding those rhythms."

(on what changed being down 16 points in the fourth quarter to launch the comeback) "Like I said, it's belief. It's guys flying around, making plays [and] stepping up, and that's what they did. That's what it takes in that moment. It's not easy being in that situation, but when you have guys that believe in themselves [and] believe in each other … It was a team win. Everybody did their jobs, and we're fortunate to come out on the right end. Again, you look at that blocked field goal; if we don't have that, we don't have a game. So, just things like that, everything was just kind of going our way."

(on if he did anything to honor his grandmother after her passing) "Just again, I was playing for her. I was sad that I wasn't able to be there for her, but she means a lot to me. Growing up, she lived like a block away. So, I'd run to her house [and] ride to her house. All of our family is praying for her, and they were super sad. I'm glad I was able to play for her, man. She's the biggest Ravens fan ever. She's really good at technology, and she looked up every article you all have ever written. So, I know she was looking down on me watching, and I'm extremely blessed to have had her in my life."

DE Calais Campbell

(on if he's going to be flexing all the way home, after flexing to the sideline following his field goal block) (laughter)"I just might. It feels good getting a win. You fight hard, and you prepare so much to be in a situation like that, and it feels good to be able to find a way to win that ball game. That blocked kick – I've got to give so much love to the guys around me. I don't even know if Coach [John Harbaugh] even knows this, but Broderick Washington was the one that said, 'Let's call that play,' because we have like six different blocks in every week, and that was a particular block that we knew had a chance to win. But the guys around me, getting the opportunity. And I know with Lamar [Jackson] out there, it's just like give him an opportunity. He's in the zone, he's balling; just give him an opportunity. I'm proud of what we did. [We've] still got a lot to clean up, but man, it feels good to win."

(on if DT Broderick Washington said in practice that this particular block formation would work in the game, and if he called the stunt at the line)"Yes, yes. So, coach made a great decision to put him in at a position he doesn't normally play, just to create more space in there and give us an opportunity. And then, when the coach made that decision, Broderick [Washington] told me all week; he said, 'Man, we're going to get a block.' He said, 'I promise you; I'm going to get a good push. You just get through there, and I'm just going to give you some space to go get a block.' He told me that pretty much every day. And then, today … I was on the field, but then I was told that he called the play, because we have six different blocks we can do, and we tried a bunch of them. So, when he called the swim, coach went with it, and man, great call."

(on why he believes these tough victories can create a special belief within the team)"Football is such a momentum-based game, and you start to believe, just create that character, and really, it reveals character – just who we are. The front office did a great job bringing in the kind of guys who never quit, who have so much heart and fight in them. The way we prepare, we know what we're capable of doing. And we made a lot of mistakes out there today and put ourselves in a big hole, but we knew [to] just keep playing football. All of those things are forgotten; it's always about the next play in front of us. And we believe. And I really, truly believe when wins like this happen, especially … That's three of them now. Three of them where it just could have been anybody's ball game, and we fought hard and made play after play to win it late. In the other one that we lost, it went down to the wire, and we made some plays to give ourselves a chance. When you create that kind of confidence, that kind of belief, it really builds that character you need to have a chance at the end of the year."

(on what it's like to have a QB like Lamar Jackson)(laughter)"Man, it's special. He's just scratching the surface on how good he can be. I think he's still 24 years old. (laughter)I mean, this is crazy – what he's capable of doing. I know he's notorious for what he can do with his legs, and I feel like he got a lot of disrespect on his arm talent, and I think a lot of people are eating their words right now, and it feels good to see, because I see it in practice. I saw it in practice all last year; I see it in practice all this year, and it's just great to see it come out in big games, big moments, on Monday Night Football. Man, it doesn't get any bigger than this. It's huge."

(on if there is a feeling that with QB Lamar Jackson, no matter what the score is, the team is never really out of it) "Of course, of course. I feel like our team, the guys we have, we know that there's always a chance, but Lamar [Jackson] is the one that makes it go. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it; when he's on the field, we know we can score quick and in a hurry in a lot of different ways. He's definitely that No. 1 guy. You need that quarterback. But we've got a lot of belief in everybody in this building. Every guy in that locker room, I've got respect and love for, [and] I know that they're going to fight hard to win a ball game."

(on if he felt the Ravens were going to score and win the game after winning the coin toss in overtime)"Well, not me. I know, each play, you've got to earn it. Those guys are good players, too, and they've got playmakers that could have made a play [at] any given time. So, I just tell my guys, 'Be ready,' but I was enjoying the show. I saw Lamar [Jackson] locked in, but we've got to finish, and he did. It was fun to see. But for me, I don't … I take it one play at a time, and it's not over until it's over. You've just got to keep fighting, keep believing."

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