Demarcus Robinson Makes Big First Impression

WR Demarcus Robinson

The Ravens have seen more big plays from Demarcus Robinson than they'd like in a different uniform. Saturday night, they saw their first from him in purple and black.

Playing in Saturday night's preseason finale less than a week after being signed, Robinson showed that he's ready for an early role in the offense with four receptions for 135 yards and a touchdown. He had two long caches on double moves.

"It was a pretty good debut for Demarcus Robinson," Head Coach John Harbaugh said with a smile.

First, Robinson scored a 67-yard touchdown after a nasty inside-outside double move left the Commanders cornerback in the dust, then high-stepped into the end zone.

Robinson broke out the double move again in the third quarter and again got wide open. This time, Brown hit him for a catch and run of 52 yards.

"It's not the first time he's run those routes," Harbaugh said with a laugh. "He ran an all-go, and then he ran an out and up, so those are routes he's run. But, it wasn't just that. He had a couple other catches on basic offensive, passing game routes, and he executed very well. That's what we expected. That's what we thought we were getting. To see him go out there and do it in the purple and black uniform is kind of nice to see."

Robinson signed with the Ravens Monday after being released by the Las Vegas Raiders. He played the last six seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, including 42 starts. Robinson scored two long touchdowns against the Ravens. Looking for a big-bodied receiver who can also stretch the defense, Baltimore pounced on Robinson when he became available.

Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman said this week that Robinson's preparation has been "very impressive" and that he could be involved in the offense "a little bit quicker than you might anticipate normally."

"I'm just going out there trying to compete. I'm trying to make a roster spot so I can be here for a long time," Robinson said. "I'm just trying to get prepared [and] learn the playbook as quickly as I can so I can get on the field and make plays. I guess [I know] enough to go out there and make a couple plays. I'm not going to say I know everything, so I still have a lot of learning to do."

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