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Dolphins miffed by comments about Cameron

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) -Cam Cameron had the Miami Dolphins fired up Wednesday, something that rarely happened when he was their coach.

Defensive end Vonnie Holliday and running back Ronnie Brown took exception to the way Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh assessed Cameron's single season in Miami last year.

After the Dolphins went 1-15, Cameron was fired before being hired as offensive coordinator on Harbaugh's new staff in Baltimore. Cameron returns to Miami on Sunday when the Ravens play the Dolphins (2-3).

He was an effective coach in Miami last year,'' Harbaugh told South Florida reporters in a conference call Wednesday.Even though the results weren't what people were hoping for, he did a great job there with what he had to work with.''

Several Miami players who were with the team last year listened to a tape of Harbaugh's comment and took note of the final phrase.

```With what he had to work with' - I guess that's the key, huh?'' Holliday said. ``What did we have to work with as players? ...

``I'm surprised he would say that - a little bulletin-board material.''

More than half the roster has turned over since last year, but Holliday said credit for any improvement starts with new football czar Bill Parcells and new head coach Tony Sparano.

We have a direction and a plan in place, and that's largely attributable to coach Parcells and coach Sparano,'' Holliday said.That's a big difference in leadership.''

Holliday and Brown said Harbaugh's comment would serve as extra motivation Sunday.

I was on the offensive side of the ball, so I kind of feel (he was) talking about that,'' Brown said.I'm going to show them and to do what I do.''

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