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What the Dolphins Said After Their Loss to the Ravens 

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) is sacked by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Odafe Oweh (99) during the second half of an NFL football game in Baltimore, Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) is sacked by Baltimore Ravens linebacker Odafe Oweh (99) during the second half of an NFL football game in Baltimore, Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023.

Head Coach Mike McDaniel

On providing an update regarding Bradley Chubb's injury:

"We will have to get more information tomorrow (Monday). One of my least favorite things in this sport and for my role is seeing a competitor go down and then have to get a cart. It's pretty emotional just in general but, we don't really have the information exactly what it is. We'll be able to find out tomorrow."

On the decision to play starters late in a lopsided game:

"It's me. In hindsight, I would absolutely not have one of them out there if I had known that he was going to get hurt, for sure. That's a known part of the job that I understand fully. It doesn't look smart at all. The thinking behind it is the same as it kind of was last year against this team in this place, where I think we were down 35-14 at the beginning of the fourth quarter. When you are as close of a team as we are, and you know the players inside and out, there's times in football games where it's not about winning or losing or if we can come back. It's about finishing the football game and having a taste of what our expectations were going into it. The team was very confident in themselves going into the game, with good reason. Our expectations fell very short. Hats off to the Ravens for really taking it to us. The guys were very frustrated. I think that my role on gameday is; the players wanted to go back in and play and finish the right way heading into next week. I have the ability to tell them no on everything in this situation. There's plenty of decisions that I'll cross examine. I do that every week. The intent is always purposeful, and I made the call that the guys that went out there wanted to be out there.  It's not an exact science."

On the defense allowing six touchdown passes:

"Really for me, we pride ourselves on, 'If you're going to score, you're going to have to earn it.' What I mean by that is we haven't had a run in touchdown or that many run in touchdowns as we had in this game, which is a function of tackling. It's to their credit. They had a good game plan and for their players, that are pretty good, in space. I'm confident saying before watching the film, we're not going to be happy with the way we tackled in open space. We have to get down to the bottom of that. I'm very confident that we will."

On his thoughts about the Ravens throwing for touchdowns with a big lead:

"I don't really have any thoughts in terms of the opposing team's decision making. When you have a lead of multiple scores, you're free to do whatever you want. We have to defend it, and we didn't."

On the decision to make Raheem Mostert inactive:

"That surprised me. This time, he didn't progress as much as he had in the past. He still wanted to go and didn't want to hear that we were going to put him down. It was the best decision for the Dolphins and him because it just didn't respond."

QB Tua Tagovailoa

On his shoulder:

"Shoulder is good, shoulder is good. Just a little sore, that's all."

On if the Ravens showed something different than what they saw on tape:

"Not necessarily. We just needed to execute, and they did a better job."

On his two interceptions:

"The first one, I sort of held my eyes a little long on the first interception. Then with the second interception, because of the score, they didn't really need to do much. They try to keep everything in front of them – they were dropping, and that was just a poor decision on my part trying to throw it over a 'backer to get that to Tyreek when I could've just checked the ball down. So, I've got to be better on that part."

On taking advantage of the Ravens' secondary injuries:

"We had a gameplan, and we stuck to our gameplan of what we wanted to do. There were opportunities that presented themselves, and we took those shots. But it's just staying consistent, being able to sustain drives for us offensively. We need to be able to finish."

WR Tyreek Hill

On his emotions after today's result:

"Well, it sucks, man. But the reality of it in our world, you've got to be able to move past it. Speaking for myself, I played probably one of the worst games of my career. As a leader of this team, I can't put that on tape. I've just got to erase it and move forward."

On the dropped touchdown pass on the second drive:

"That's definitely like a concentration thing. I will say, I never get that wide open. The ball just floated so long. It was just like, 'Get here' to me. I just have to make the play, man."

On if they were aware of the injuries in the Ravens' secondary:

"Yeah, we were trying to take advantage of it. But just like every team we play, they seem to find their way to Cover 2. Watching film, the Ravens ran Cover 2, but it wasn't that much. But towards the end of the game, whenever their corners went out, they fell in love with Cover 2. Whatever the case may be, we've just got to do a better job on that."

On if he noticed any additional focus on him with Jaylen Waddle out of the game:

"It's my job to make every play. Those guys had a great gameplan. Whatever it was to double me, whatever it was, those guys did a great job."

RB De'Von Achane

On how he deals with a large loss like this:

"We need to correct all the mistakes and we need to move on. We have another opponent next week, so we've got to put it past, we can't dwell on it."

On the defensive adjustments the Ravens made:

"We started out hot, we did a lot of runs. We did a lot of screen plays, they just went and made adjustments. They came out and they were ready to play."

DT Zach Sieler

On how the game played out versus what he expected:

"It was just what you expect. The Ravens are going to play hard-nose football. They're going to run the ball They did that, so obviously, we couldn't stop them good enough today."

On the Ravens rotating offensive linemen:

"It's more to prepare for and to be ready for multiple different guys in similar spots. But, at the end of the day, it comes down to your technique and your fundamentals, and we just didn't do that today."

On his emotions playing a big game in Baltimore after starting his career there:

"It's always a huge game to me, no matter what. No hard feelings towards Baltimore. It's just that I was here, so it always feels good to come here and play my best ball and show out. And sadly, me and my team weren't able to do it today."

DT Christian Wilkins

On the late touchdown pass Baltimore threw to Charlie Kolar:

"It is what it is. You know, regardless of what they call in that situation and whatever the situation is, we've got to be ready to defend that."

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