Eric Weddle's 'Hopes And Dreams' Of Super Bowl Start Now


When the Ravens signed Eric Weddle this offseason, the veteran safety explained that the Ravens sold him on a winning culture during their recruiting pitch.

As a three-time Pro Bowler, there were plenty of other teams vying for his services, but Baltimore had already left a lasting impression.

"I've always envied their success," Weddle said the day he signed his contract.

As Weddle walked off the field Thursday after his first training camp practice in Baltimore, he talked more about his goal to help the Ravens get back to the NFL's pinnacle.

"All of your hopes and dreams start right now – to have a chance at the ultimate goal: winning a Super Bowl," Weddle said. "Gosh, I can't tell or express the excitement you have coming back."

The Ravens signed the 31-year-old safety to help re-shape their secondary as a field general in the back end of the defense. He's a proven leader who has quickly taken command and effectively become the quarterback of the secondary.

The Ravens have sought a difference maker at safety since Ed Reed's departure after the 2012 season, and the hope is for Weddle to be that kind of game changer.

"We want to be a great defense and it starts by all 11 playing together, all on the same page, all playing as one, knowing what to do, executing your assignment, and playing together, and being all in," Weddle said. "We're going to be a great group this year." 

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