Fan Guide 3

ATM Machines

Nine (9) M&T Bank ATM machines are located throughout the stadium. Four ATM machines are located on the lower level concourse (Sections 107, 117, 134 and 146), three are located on the Club Level concourse (Sections 226 and 249) and two are located on the upper level concourse (Sections 502 and 530).


Banners are permitted provided they are not commercial, political, offensive, or in poor taste. Banners may not obstruct the view of any fans; cover existing stadium signage including fascia walls/field walls or markings; or present any safety hazard. Banners or flags may not be attached to a pole.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking - The designated bicycle parking area at M&T Bank Stadium is conveniently located along the Gwynns Falls Trail, between gates B & C. The area is marked with a large reflective sign and is monitored by security personnel during Ravens games.

Cameras/Video Equipment

Small still photography cameras are permitted in the stadium during Ravens games. Small pocket sized digital cameras with a zoom lens 6 inches or shorter are permitted. Larger 35mm cameras cannot exceed 3 inches in length. Please refrain from using flash photography. Video cameras are strictly prohibited. NFL policy prohibits the video taping of any Ravens game unless written authorization has been obtained from the Baltimore Ravens.

Charging Stations

Charging stations for mobile phones and devices are available, courtesy of Verizon. Charging stations are available at sections 100, 117, 132, 144, 500, 516, 526, & 551. On the Club Level, charging stations are available in the Northeast and Southwest elevator lobbies.

Children - Age 2 and Under

Children age 2 and under may be held in an adult's lap and are not required to have a ticket to the game.

Closed Captioning

The Ravens have teamed up with Home Team Captions and Caption Colorado to provide closed captioning for deaf and hard of hearing individuals at all home games. Closed captioning for the public address system is available on the ribbon boards around the seating bowl, as well as in the Ravens' official mobile app. Closed captioning for the Ravens' radio broadcast is also available in the official mobile app.

Captioning is available via personal smartphones or a courtesy handset acquired on gameday. Deaf and hard of hearing guests can enable their personal device at any time by following these easy steps:

For the Ravens' Radio Broadcast:​

  • When prompted, enter your name and event ID 1016.
  • The program will start running automatically.
  • Please remember to log out after the event.

The courtesy handsets can be acquired on game day at any Guest Services Location (Section 100, 127, 500, or 527), or at the Club Level Concierge Desks (Sections 202, 223, 229, or 250) inside M&T Bank Stadium.

Club Level Re-Entry Policy

The Club Level is exclusive to club and suite level ticket holders. You must have a valid game day ticket for entry. When leaving the Club Level, a Club Level re-entry pass must be obtained. This pass will be required along with the Club Level game ticket to re-enter the Club Level.

Club Lounge Availability

Club lounges are available for non-gameday events and offer great views of the city. This exclusive facility is available for weddings, social events, business meetings and other functions. Contact Aramark at 410-230-8004 to book your event.


Ravens fans can expect outstanding quality and value when seeking refreshments. Aramark, a nationally recognized leader in stadium concessions, provides an extensive assortment of dining options, ranging from standard stadium fare to local favorites. There are 44 concession stands located on the lower and upper levels and 11 stands on the Club Level. Aramark accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover.

Credit Cards

The Ravens accept Visa, MasterCard or American Express. Visa is the preferred card of the Baltimore Ravens and is welcomed wherever payment cards are accepted. Whether you're purchasing game tickets, breezing through the concession line or buying that special piece of merchandise, for game day, Visa is the way to go!

Designated Drivers

Fans of legal drinking age who hold a valid driver's license are eligible to become designated drivers. For pledging not to drink alcoholic beverages during the game and for accepting responsibility for driving other members of their group home, designated drivers receive a redeemable coupon for use at the concession stands for one free O'Doul's non-alcoholic beer or Coca-Cola fountain soda product during the game. Sign up at any Guest Services Center or on the Club Level at any one of the four concierge desks.



The Ravens will eject any person whose behavior is unacceptable or illegal in nature. Game tickets are collected without refund and the offender(s) will be escorted from M&T Bank Stadium. Offenders are subject to possible legal consequences of their actions and PSL Owners will be notified regarding any incidents with guests holding tickets for their seats. Such incidents will be reviewed in conjunction with past PSL account history and patterns of inappropriate behavior could result in the loss of rights to PSL's and Season Tickets. See Text for Help for more information on stadium assistance related to unacceptable behavior and PSL Incident Review for additional information on the incident review process.

Fans arrested or ejected from the stadium will be prohibited from attending future Ravens games until they have completed an online fan conduct class and they submit a letter of apology to the Ravens regardless of the results of the review process. Unauthorized fans who jump onto the field surface at any point during the game are considered trespassers and will be arrested.


There are two banks of elevators located on both the North and South sides of the stadium for use by suite patrons, holding either suite tickets or passes, and disabled persons. Only guests with suite-level tickets may enter the elevator lobbies from the exterior of the stadium. Disabled persons may enter elevator lobbies from the interior concourse. Elevators are located at sections 102, 124, 129, and 151.

Escalators (Club Only)

There are two private escalators that provide ticket holders access to the Club Level located near sections 128 and 148. A club level ticket or suite ticket is required to access this level.


Five (5) first aid stations are located throughout the stadium. Union Memorial Hospital provides medical services two (2) hours prior to the game, during the game and up to 30 minutes after the game ends. In the event of a medical emergency, please notify the nearest Ravens personnel. First aid locations are: Lower Level Concourse: Sections 100 & 127; Club Level: Section 203; Upper Level and Upper Suite Level: Sections 518 & 545.

Flexible Scheduling

As part of NBC's agreement to televise Sunday night football, flexible scheduling will be utilized for Sunday start times in weeks 5-17. This allows the NFL to bring more attractive match-ups to a national audience late in the season, and allows teams having breakout years to play their way onto the Sunday night schedule. The NFL will announce the Sunday night match-up as well as games moving to 4:15 p.m. ET, no later than twelve (12) days prior to the scheduled games. For week 17, the required notice goes to 6 days prior to the scheduled games. We suggest that you monitor our site,, and other media sources to confirm game times throughout the season.

Gate Entry to M&T Bank Stadium

Entry gates are Gate A (North), Gate B (East), Gate C (Southeast) or Gate D (Southwest), Media Gate (South), Hamburg Gate (Northwest) and two gates on the West side of the stadium. Suite entrances are exclusively for use by fans holding suite level tickets. Gates open to the public 2 hours prior to kickoff. Tickets will be scanned using bar code readers upon entry to ensure authenticity.

Getting to M&T Bank Stadium

Two great options are MTA public transportation and the Ravens Ride bus service. For light rail service, subway or bus routes call the MTA at 410-539-5000 or 1-866-RIDE-MTA or visit Get more information on parking here.